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Found 3 results

  1. _________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Your In-game Name: PVT 4587 Khai Your Steam Profile Link: https://steamcommunity.com/id/TheWildAustralian/ Your Steam ID (Find it here) STEAM_0:1:79609498 _________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Who banned you? Banned by Matty, however, the decision was made and heavily influenced by other members of staff. Length of the ban? 1 Week. Reason of the ban? Ban Reason: "Fail RP" Why should we unban you? The background to the sit was that I had just turned off the reactor. I personally feel that a 1 week ban is quite unjustified. A player that day only received a 3 day ban for impersonating a community banned player, and having no intent to RP. If anything, it shouldn't be a ban for FailRP, rather, a ban for NITRP. I hadn't killed myself to get out of the reactor room, I only ran out. The sit was, additionally, poorly handled with it occurring in full few of other players outside of the reactor room, not even teleporting me outside of the base to have a conversation. Phys-gunning other players away from the sit is also a poor reflection of the quality of the staff team. Staff who are uncloaking and then recloaking in full view of other players to talk to me is also poor I may have been staff, but a 1 week ban for turning off the reactor is a joke.
  2. Your In game name:Kangaroo Your steam id: 01106003360 Who banned you:RC 1136 Darman steam _0:0:62253448 Reason for ban:RDM time Permently why we should unban you: ( 1 Paragraph minimum ) i killed 1 person because he asked me to kill him to get him unstuck and he called an admin and the staff member decided to perma ban me (i have no idea why)
  3. This is Ulrik posting this for ratchet. the reason for this is because ratchet is banned from the forums. also, i have not edited this, only ratchet. if you comment I can relay this to ratchet and relay stuff he says to you. Also I have been given the authority by ganch to post this for ratchet if you want proof ratchet wrote this: http://imgur.com/a/3Z5vi if you are wondering why ratchet is banned from the forums it was when the whole tander thing happened and the whole group kinda well you know and their whole group got banned and that included ratchet I guess. anyway onto the appeal. everything else is the one and only ratchet Your In game name: Ratchet Your steam id: STEAM_0:0:43495118 Reason for ban: Reason - revealing players personal info information - time left - permaban banner - Marshal Commander Ganch why we should unban you: I believe i should be unbanned because the over the months I've been banned for I've taken time to reflect on what I've done and how I've grown as a person when it comes to making these types of "jokes" and how they're not funny and can hurt people during this time away from the server I sought out the person who I had hurt and before even making this made sure I had his permission to make it and apologise to him first so we're on good ground going forwards. Here is a link to the chat if you don't believe me https://imgur.com/a/VxoOr . Another reason I believe I should be unbanned is that I had spent many hours or even days on the server being a part of many different regiments including RC, 501st, and 212th plus Jedi if they even count. On Top of that I've also donated to the server to help it continue to run because I loved it and the community around it making many new friends and having a blast of a time. Due to these reasons I believe I should be unbanned
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