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Found 1 result

  1. Public ARC Screenings. On the 16th of October (Friday after the 8:30). Alpha Class - Advanced Recon Commandos (ARC) will be holding public ARC screenings on the main sever. Those that wish to join ARC will have a chance to showcase their skills and abilities in order to prove themselves worthy of the position. The screenings will consist of Climbswep, Jetpack, Live Breaching, and Roleplay. After the screenings are complete a small number of people will be chosen to participate in the ARC Traineeship which will further develop their skills and test them to see if they are worthy of achieving the role of ARC Trooper. This will be your only opportunity to join ARC now as screenings only occur once every 2-3 months. Word of Warning: The traineeship is NOT a casual experience. Strict expectations are put in place throughout the entire traineeship period. Many participants have pulled out of the trainee period due to the nature of the traineeship. Notice for Beta/Null ARC. Anyone that currently holds a Beta ARC or Null ARC position on another character will be allowed to keep that character if they make it into the traineeship. If you are to pass the traineeship you will have to formally resign from that position in order to become a member of Alpha ARC. Information. Friday, October 16th. After the 8:30 Event, (~9:30 PM - AEST.) Anyone attempting the screenings must have at least reached the rank of Sergeant/Petty Officer at some point on the server to be allowed to participate in the screenings. Background checks will be done if you are trying to participate on a character that isn't SGT+. My details if you wish to contact me about any questions: (Do not ask ARC about how many trainees will be taken into the traineeship.) Discord: Bullet#6290 In-game Alias: ARC Commander A-17 'Alpha' Current ARC Roster This will be the only time that the screening will be held (in a long ass time), and it is expected those who are interested will congregate outside the designated training area at the time specified. If you are unable to make the scheduled time, better luck next time. Simply having skill alone is not enough to succeed. Your attitude and behaviours throughout the past few months will be assessed throughout the entirety. Whilst in the screening, all Alpha ARC personnel have complete authority over proceedings. Good Luck.
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