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Found 2 results

  1. This will serve as a definitive index of all current PAC 3 limitations and restrictions. Please read through the entire thread before creating an application. Obtaining access to PAC3. Upon first joining the server, you will not have access to open the PAC ui or wear any existing outfits. This is a precaution to minimise any possible misuse or abuse of the addon. An application will need to be submitted in this section of the forum, transposing and fully completing this application format into your own thread. There is no set time period in which your application will be reviewed, applications are reviewed periodically when a satisfactory number of access slots are available to fill, this is for ease of monitoring those with PAC access. Please do not hassle myself or other staff as to when your PAC application will be considered. [*]Anyone may use their in-game Pointshop points to purchase and wear preconstructed PAC outfits from the server's Pointshop, regardless of whether or not you have PAC access. PAC rules and guidelines. Any and all PAC outfits you create and use on the server must be appropriate to a roleplay setting. Outfits must have some relation to Star Wars and the time period of the Clone Wars. and must not majorly overstep Lore boundaries or your character's role. (examples including but not limited to) No Imperial items or weapons to be used Clones cannot possess items such as Lightsabers, or jedi artifacts such as tomes or Kyber crystals. (only an example) Clones may not have illegal modifications to their armor without an appropriate RP reason*. Prosthetic limbs are permitted in moderation (no full body replacements) Do not alter or reskin armor to falsely resemble another regiment's armor.* (this will be touched on later) [*]PAC cannot be used to bypass the requirement for a donation. Troopers may not use PAC to change themselves to a trooper or character that would otherwise require a donation to the server or another form of in-game approval. For example (not limiting to) Clones using PAC to model themselves as lore clones, Appo, Thire, Kano etc. These characters have unique loadouts and all require a donation to the server. [*]Jedi using PAC to model themselves as lore jedi or council members. [*]PAC must be used appropriately at all times, and it may not be used to give yourself an unfair advantage over other players. Do not edit your entity size with PAC. Alpha ARC and Null ARC are permitted to edit their scale in moderation sue to their lore height difference. Scale, not Entity size, as it will affect your hitbox. [*]Do not alter your model's colour or transparency New entities will be used in the scenario that a character is represented as a hologram, it should not need to be done through PAC. [*]Do not alter your model's limb scales [*]Do not utilise PAC in any way that disrupts or annoys other players [*]Players cannot use PAC to give themselves outfit parts that would otherwise be rank restricted. Meaning Clones cannot give themselves outfit parts such as Kamas, Pauldrons, Rangefinders, Sunvisors etc if they are not Officer+ or of equal rank/role. [*]Players must not change important action animations with another. (especially Jedi) Animation binds are fine as long as they are not overriding the default animation of another weapon or action. e.g: Lightsaber animations, Reload animations. [*]This is because action recognition is important in the fairness of roleplay and gameplay. In the case of jedi, Lightsaber entities damage anything that comes into contact with the blade - Not just when the player presses the attack key. [*]Idle crossarm animations (etc.) are still acceptable, as long as they are not overriding another action animation. [*]Players cannot use PAC to replace their weapon models with ones that are otherwise not in their kit. Generic sci-fi weapons of the same weapon type is fine as long as the model is not of an actual useable weapon that you don't have in your kit. e.g: Replacing your sniper with this, this, or this is fine. [*]This is to prevent people from appearing to wield weapons that are otherwise not accessible for them and can thus cause confusion about what weapons the regiment and/or company actually gets. [*]Replacing your weapon model with a generic sci-fi gun of the same weapon type, while hides your weapon's true model, is not making you appear to be using a weapon outside of your kit as the model itself is not attached to any weapon. [*]Replacing your weapon model with one that you do have your kit is perfectly fine. [*]PAC3 outfits must not exceed an average render time of 2 milliseconds. An outfit's average render time be found just above the properties pane, just above the blue 'generic' header. [*]This is to reduce the load PAC3 has on the server as in the past users having outfits that were too demanding caused issues. [*]Players cannot import outside models or materials. Importing outside models or materials through channels such as Dropbox is strictly prohibited. [*]Imported models and materials are often quite straining and can cause issues for the server. Failure to comply with these guidelines whilst possessing access to PAC will result in an immediate strike and further infractions will mean a removal of PAC permissions and a blacklist from reapplying in the future. Keep an eye on this thread, it will be edited as more issues come to my attention.
  2. Hello everyone, It's that time of the year again, and with Christmas fast approaching next week, we're opening the floodgates on the use of Christmas themed PAC3 creations. From now until the 26th of December, you may wear any holiday themed outfits, as long as they follow the simple rules listed below. All PAC3 Creations must be small in scale (Nothing huge, flashy, obnoxious). All Christmas PACs need to be approved by myself, Astro the PAC Advisor, or another member of Management. All PACs must follow the regular PAC rules, located here. Have fun!
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