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Found 4 results

  1. # ... Entering alias # ... Alias accepted # ... Enter secret # ... Secret enabled # ... Access granted to clone database Raid on Polis Matza Operational Overview The Marauder Company (Vaapad Battalion, Graul Brigade, 187th Legion) was commissioned to assault a Separatist supply and research station within the Polis Mazta asteroid field designated Site Copperhead in order to secure [EXPUNGED] alongside disrupting Separatist activities in the region of operations. Aerial deployment will be conducted to ensure shock and awe is maintained. The site is to be secured externally via an auxiliary starfighter hanger. Once secure, and Separatist security forces have been diverted, reinforcements will enter the facility spaceport and ascertaining [EXPUNGED] prior to scuttling the facility and destroying all material that cannot be transported. 1st Platoon will secure this external this hanger, eliminating Separatist security forces garrisoned outside the facility and within the hanger itself, ensuring security forces are drawn away from other Republic elements on the ground. During this time 2nd Platoon will be breaching the complex via the main spaceport to allow 3rd and 4th Platoons successfully land unopposed. With the elimination and procurement of the auxiliary hanger, 1st Platoon is to man still defensive structures and ward off encroaching CIS QRF, with the possibility of local spaceborne Commerce Guild forces responding. Unusual thermal readings have been detected in the subterranean caverns around the facility, approach with caution. In the event of imminent/catastrophic defeat, withdraw to the interior of the facility with necessary fleet support on standby for bombardment and decimation of the complex. After Action Report - 1st Platoon Upon touchdown on the surface of Polis Matza, platoon attack pattern was initiated. High ground was secured by 2nd Squad, with 4th Squad maintaining a holding entrenched position. Through light dust haze 1st and 3rd Squads made contact with Separatist forces via forward assault, utilising already existing craters as hard cover during their advance. One times Separatist AAT was present and deployed, however no defensive structured had been constructed for the vehicle. Anti tank rockets disabled and destroyed the tank. Despite being lightly entrenched the remainder of external Separatist security were neutralised. Forward breaching elements assaulted the shielded hanger, encountering deactivated vulture droid fighters and a small contingent of Separatist security and maintenance personnel. All CIS troops were considered hostile and promptly killed in a brief firefight. The hanger now secure, Platoon Command signalled the completion of their objective with the first beach head into Site Copperhead held. All 1st Platoon elements would be redirected into defensive positions to hold against the possible hostile reinforcements. However tremors of previously unknown origin would occur, being felt be all 1st Platoon elements. Independent biotic contacts would commence a surprise assault on 1st Platoon positions. Both 2nd and 4th Squads were entirely annihilated during the unrelenting assault. Initial deployment of myrmeleontidae shock troops were held back, with explosives piercing their carapace exterior. However soon heavier insectoids would exit the burrowed breaching points. Autopsy reports have shown the forward protrusion of the creatures being capable to shatter several long and flat bones, predominantly the rib cage, cranium, femur, humerus and tibia, however such strikes were survivable. With the collapse of the forward line, all remnant forces would move inside the hanger in a last stand scenario. Though due to the killzone created by debris and the hanger door, concentrated firepower of remaining 1st Platoon elements stemmed the tide of biotics. Melee combat was initiated by self selected troopers due to expenditure of ammunition or weapon breakage. 1st Platoon would hold against the biotic threat, however they would suffer a 72% casualty rate, with 63% being KIA and the remainder wounded. Word would come from 3rd platoon that [EXPUNGED] had been successfully secure and demolition primed on the facility. CASEVAC was instructed on 1st Platoon's position to remove the immovable wounded, with still standing elements withdrawing inside to the spaceport to extraction prior to the destruction of the complex. Post operation awards for gallantry recommendation(s): - CT-8876 - CT-7506 - CT-8621 Operational Footage - 1st Platoon [REPORT END]
  2. # ... Entering alias # ... Alias accepted # ... Enter secret # ... Secret enabled # ... Access granted to clone database Anapat Ambush [AUDIO] Alrighty uh, 10/3601 with the preliminary audio report. Callsign Theta-2 deploying to the mesa world of Anapat for a deep strike raid prior to the invasion with the rest of the legion. With me is uh, who do we got with me, myself, 7506, 5083, 2985, 8252 and 4862. We are currently prepping for the deployment itself, hopefully we don't run ourselves into too much trouble, Seppies in this sector have a-[EXPUNGED]. Regardless I'm sure these boys will do fine. *Indistinct chatter in the background* They're a little green, besides Flanks, but they've been through the simulators, they'll do the boss proud. We're just finishing up with the packing, soft shells chucked a fit when we wanted to requisition thermobarics. Not our fault it's best used against fortifications. Either way the Battalion Commander stepped in, we got what we needed. 52, Mesric, will be will be carrying the stuff, weighs as much as a damn bantha, that's what you get for being a Corporal I spose'. [AUDIO CORRUPTED]. Launcher is in the hands of Coffin, should be interesting to see if the Seppies bothered to entrench their armour. Probe droids say it'll be light work, barely a ferrocrete bunker in sight. I know that's a bunch of mahogany. Can never trust these spooks running the intel ops, that's why they send us, double check their reports in person with our own recon. Those navy guys, black and red creep the hell out of me. [EXPUNGED]. Soypro is just excited to see some combat, lunatic. Guess he never saw the slaughter in Polis Matza, hope he'll never experience anything like it. *Commlink begins to blink* Looks like they're calling us to head planetside. Hope our efforts aren't for nothing this time. [AUDIO END] [AUDIO] The bloody intelligence was wrong, again. They dropped us right into a nest. Permacrete emplacements, they knew the invasion was coming. At site [EXPUNGED] we found leaked documents, flimsiplast, Seppies must of snuck the battleplans right out of our HQ. We lost Cresh, GSW. Medic couldn't save him, struck vital organs. He's in an unmarked grave now. Regardless, Objectives Barve, Lancer, Fire Brand, Gonzo and Mynock successfully destroyed. At this time we are awaiting extraction. We're in a village 5.25 kilometres South East of Kaval, Mesric is severely injured. *Eruption of blaster fire and indiscernible shouting* Situation is bishwag! Separatist auxiliaries have been shelling our position for some time now. Stupid fedejiks. We destroyed several reserve ammo dumps, acquisitioned some of their explosives-- [AUDIO CORRUPTED] Coffin hit that building with HEAT! Level that flack! [AUDIO CORRUPTED]. Flanks grabbed an E-5C off one of the Seppies. Even after myself and 83 launched a counterattack into a side street these haar'chaks they haven't stopped. We're dropping 'dets straight straight out the upper windows now. We are unable to expedite at this time, Mother of Moons we better get our damn CASEVAC! We have guys dying down here and the gunships are a no show! We have to hold out until they arrive, if they arrive. *Deafening blast followed by the sound of scattering debris* We need an extraction! Theta-2 to Command we need a CASEVAC! [AUDIO END] [REPORT END]
  3. # ... Receiving Mission Report # ... Mission Report Received From D-1984 # ... Accessing Mission Report This is D-1984 reporting in for the mission I have just completed. Today is Primeday, month 3rd,9th day and I have no idea what planet we just lost. Briefing was called at the normal time today, I lined up with both Boss and Scorch, I think Sev was off ship today doing something confidential and or sleeping. The mission we had was to oversee the final excavation of the valuable resources at the drilling site while fending off the attacking droids that were going to take over the planet. Unfortunately there would be no way to save the planet from them as they have been growing quite fast recently, no idea what they would want with a backwater planet like that but that's not my job. We were deployed with no issues apart from a slightly bumpy landing which was no biggie. After we landed we headed straight to the drill which was where we were to set up a perimeter to keep it safe from the invading droids. The first encounter was good with no casualties on our side, the only attack that really killed a lot of clones was a barrage attack that no one was expecting. Around half way through the drilling process a couple cargo shuttles arrived on the landing pad so we could transport all the materials, the laats couldn’t move them so we had some people use BARC speeders to carry them. Of course there were a couple battles to protect the shuttles and another couple to defend the drill but nothing overly exciting had happened. The only really noteworthy event that occurred was 4 munis showing up and deploying a lot of cis troops, which were of course easily wiped out. After all the materials had been delivered we had to prepare for evac and defend the one last droid attack on our laats which went smoothly for us. Evac was successful and no clones were left behind # ... Closing Mission Report. # ... Shutting down system.
  4. https://docs.google.com/document/d/1PGqLJI_MEiiIf8eWMLoaQowyLOAdyxlrwl2ZrNnOtSc/edit?usp=sharing
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