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Found 4 results

  1. Steam ID:76561198176952725 Steam Profile Link: https://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198176952725/ Current in-game alias: Senior Chief Kirk Time Played (Hours): on Gmod 1,615 hours on the server since i came back 18.93. Are you a donator? No not currently hoping to be soon PAC3 Questions Have you used PAC3 before? Yes although im not well versed in animations i can make outfits and role play heavy action groups Why do you want access to PAC3? I feel it will give me more freedom to flush out my character, and give more visual aid to my rp situations and further enhance my time on the server How is using PAC3 going to enhance your time on the server? i feel it will help in RP situations say calling in for back up or just look good in general for all of navy giving me more oppotunities for roleplay. PAC3 Examples: now i know sword isnt a weapon in game but i used to have it for ceremonial purposes and can be removed when not in that situation, furthermore the hologram plays a selected soundbite im sure you know about it i would show but i have no idea how to video it in game. thank you for your time.
  2. Steam ID: STEAM_0:0:454453819 Steam Profile Link: https://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198869173366/ Current in-game alias: 41st Elite Corps DSGT 9021 Remy Time played (hours): 273 Hours on Garry's Mod and 125 Hours Gateway Are you a donator? (Yes/No) No PAC Questions Have you used PAC3 before? Before joining the server I had never used PAC before, but through hours of experimenting in singleplayer and talking to members of the community with experience I have built up a basic to intermediate knowledge of the program. Why do you want access to PAC3? I want to separate myself from the regular 41st Support troopers and create a unique character on the server. As well as using it to improve roleplay scenarios and interactions with the community. After learning about PAC and what is possible with it, I want to further explore the animations and the customisation options available so that I can develop my identity on the server. How is using PAC3 going to enhance your time on the server? I feel that with access to PAC3 on the server it would significantly boost experience by providing more ways for me to roleplay, express my character and interact with the community. With PAC I would be able to create more roleplay opportunities for myself and others involved with the RP. It would also aid in developing my role as a medic on the server. If given access to PAC I would be able to customise my trooper and express my identity in ways I couldn't without it. Overall, with access to PAC it would improve my time on the server and help share my love for Star Wars. PAC3 Examples Commlink on wrist (when typing): https://gyazo.com/ff26895f2f824c5ce645eca5fd411c10 Hologram: https://gyazo.com/43d4045338b164d1e76598c8f6591d49 Arms Crossed (in front): https://gyazo.com/bdcc8f2267442a2880fc4d36352966ce Custom sitting position: https://gyazo.com/c2f46df00707e507bff16c09e0e3d00f Custom noclip animation: https://gyazo.com/f839a4dca1782e6dd36cd5468a23c1eb Hologram ID: https://gyazo.com/54f424873523ba7518bab51ccfbfee08 Custom Medic Model: https://gyazo.com/171df3a275543776d911b97932bcf39d https://gyazo.com/5aa79785a79d8544d0a6a2673972065f https://gyazo.com/2287072a4444a972ffa0583ac7d4d27a https://gyazo.com/60d7a95e2d630de895dfda0dc69f1316 Prone animation: https://gyazo.com/f6bdfddaaea711a64a99dc00b59d14e7 https://gyazo.com/95e824939b5946864e554371b6f2fc04 Special Thanks to Cappa and Frostiey for helping me with my PAC problems. Thanks for viewing my application, any feedback would be appreciated
  3. Steam ID: # 849 "BOT Cappa" STEAM_0:1:211888750 19:03 99 0 active Steam Profile Link: https://steamcommunity.com/id/CappaCappa/ Current in-game alias: 3618 Cappa Time Played (Hours): 39 Are you a donator? No Have you used PAC3 before? Before I joined the server I had never used PAC. Once I found out that it was obtainable without donating I knew that I wanted it. I learned how to use PAC from youtube, my regiment players and other people who had been accepted. I took the time to learn the layout and the basic use of PAC. Why do you want access to PAC3? I want to use PAC to stand out. I attempted to make some PACs which were original whereas others were just "following the trend" ~s8n. My goal is to look different and show that I worked hard to make and achieve the overall look I would have. How is using PAC3 going to enhance your time on the server? Most of my PACs are directly related to my role as a medic on the server. One of those being a CPR animation PAC and a stretcher to carry wounded players. Although I haven't quite figured out how to make the animation move to the correct spots, I have attempted and only got as far as the basic movement. Other than that my main goal is to enhance Role play purposes. Examples: https://gyazo.com/5727f7e185510a989b61a24143b6b384 https://gyazo.com/3aad1db54d4b8da36807b3456ab0b8b5 https://gyazo.com/e52b011d716d3c06601a42b40c685438 https://gyazo.com/e623ed3850ad94817b6b207ccd2f54ec Here's the stretcher I was talking about. https://gyazo.com/35bd6c293471e3b1a8a10e2973c5333b https://gyazo.com/e3d27299cbad471b626c2aef938d24ab Here's my typing PAC. It opens whenever I start typing. https://gyazo.com/2a2c08297ed70feb4709453a4f01a9c2 https://gyazo.com/9d6dd25e5229f9cc79f7fa6ec33fc646 https://gyazo.com/c884f837724a508d40df99ad0adbf845 Last but not least the CPR PAC. The idea was that the arms would move up and down but due to my lack of understanding with the custom animations I was unable to complete it. Hope the idea still gets across. That's all. Thanks for reading folks. If anyone has any idea on how to use custom animations and would like to teach me and show me how to use it, it would help me a lot as I am keen to learn -Cappa
  4. Requirements Steam ID (Use the steam ID doing "status" in console gives you in-game): # 632 "TrenTylite" STEAM_0:1:205540806 10:03 231 0 active Steam Profile Link: https://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198371347341/ Current in-game alias: TrenTylite Time Played (Hours): Gmod:137 Are you a donator? (YES/NO) NO PAC3 Questions Have you used PAC3 before? No but I hope to change this on this server. Why do you want access to PAC3? To edit my character(s) to better fit my roleplay during my time on this server. How is using PAC3 going to enhance your time on the server? It will (in my opinion) make my experience much more fun and allow me to properly expand my character(s). PAC3 Examples: None yet.
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