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Found 31 results

  1. # ... Entering alias # ... Alias accepted # ... Enter secret # ... Secret enabled # ... Access granted to Jedi Archives GENERAL INFORMATION Full Name: Ukla Sudime. Known Alias’/Nicknames: Ukla Sudime/Murphy. Previous Occupation: Youngling. Current Occupation: Padawan. Known Languages: Rodese, Galactic Basic. Hobbies: Dueling, Meditation, Gardening. Alignment: Jedi. PSYCHOLOGICAL INFORMATION Mental State: Happy. Mental Disabilities: None. Likes: Clones, Jedi, Animals, Droids. Dislikes: Battle Droids, Separatists, Rodia. Personality: Kind, Peaceful, Truthful. PHYSICAL INFORMATION Physical State: Able To Walk, Fit. Age: 16. Weight: 54 KG. Build: Strong Not Ripped. Disabilities: None. Appearance: Beautiful, Blue Eyes, Green Skin, JEDI INFORMATION Rank: Padawan. Master (current or previous): A'sharad Hett Lightsaber details: Blue Crystal, Dark Metal Grey Pommel, Half Black Half Grey Hand Grip, Silver Control, Dark Grey Focusing Ring, Black Main Hilt, Silver Emitter. Combat style: From I Shii Cho. BACKSTORY Childhood Ukla Sudime would most of the time enjoy playing games with the Rodian children on his home planet Rodia. His mother was a very caring kind woman who raised Ukla very well, Ukla Sudime also had a baby sister named La Geell who would scream, cry and kick she was a very loud child. Ukla was most scared of his father, his father would always hurt Ukla whenever he did something wrong such as if Ukla would water the plants too much or run outside without footwear but Ukla still loved him very much. Ukla’s friend group consisted of 4 Rodians, the activities they would enjoy are tag, hide and seek and sometimes fishing which would be Ukla’s least favourite saying he is a peaceful person. Ukla’s hobbies would be playing with his toy spaceships, swimming in the swamps of Rodia, cooking food and playing with his baby sister La Geell. Ukla has always been a strong person. He could climb trees very high and also whenever he would get into a rumble he would most of the time win. Ukla’s house was fully made of concrete with smooth edges. When you would walk into his home you would see the living room, then there is a small hallway leading to the kitchen. There was only one bedroom in Ukla’s house and that would be his parents, Ukla and La Geell would have to sleep on the torn up couches. The family owned one pet, that pet being a Kowakian Monkey Lizard named Otogo. Ukla was 7 when his village was attacked by separatist droids. He was horrified and took cover in the swamps immediately. The warriors of the town tried to fight off the droids but the droids were too advanced they shot down his friends with no hesitation he was shocked and realised he needed to at least save his baby sister. Ukla climbed through his window and grabbed his baby sister and wanted to check on his parents. As he stood up he heard a loud thump at the door and begun crying, the door fell down and 2 B2 battle droids walked in with 3 B1’s following from behind Ukla’s father attempted to fight the droids but was shot in the chest twice, he would fall down and it would make a loud THUMP Ukla hid behind his couch holding his baby sister while sobbing Ukla’s mother was trying to get out of the window and escape but she was shot three times in the back before she fell down motionless Ukla stood up and got so angry with the droids that he channeled all his power so a blast would happen sending the droids out of the house and being torn into pieces. Ukla runs to go check on his parents, he feels his fathers pulse..nothing. He checked his mother’s nothing again Ukla trembled to the ground and began bursting into tears holding his mother. A Rodian warrior would run into the home to see Ukla and his baby sister in the house. The warrior would take them out to the cheif. Rescue from Rodia The Rodian chief would ask for a Jedi to come save the village. Shortly after a Jedi Master would arrive this Jedi being A’sharad Hett. The Jedi would land with his Jedi starfighter, the chief would approach him and show him all of the survivors, there would only be 12 of them left. A’sharad would see the dead bodies of the Rodians being piled up and burnt, he would feel sick. A’sharad would notice Ukla but would think nothing of him. He would look at the others and feel horrible for them. A’sharad would get back in his starfighter and scout around for any more CIS forces, a small droid group marching towards the village, Hett would try to be un-noticed while flying and to get back to the village. When he would arrive again he would talk to the chief about the droids coming their way. Hett would look at Ukla again but sense something this time something different, he could tell he was a force sensitive child and was different. He approached Ukla and would bend down, his soft cape would be flowing in the wind. Hett would say to Ukla “I believe you are a force sensitive child, you seem to be different.” Ukla would look at him and say “Force sensitive child what? What are you talking about?” Hett would stand up and bring Ukla around the corner. “You have the possibility to become a Jedi. Are you willing to do so?” Hett would say camly, “A Jedi..? YES!” Ukla would yell “Well we can send some troops to take care of your village and we can go to Coruscant. I will have to talk to the council first if this is all okay with them.” Hett would say. After talking to the council Hett would call in some troops to Rodia to defend the village. After a few hours a LAAT would arrive and pick up A’sharad and the future Jedi, Ukla would be anxious thinking how hard it will be to become a Jedi, Ukla would think of his sister’s future and how hard it would be for her. Him and A’sharad would eventually arrive at Coruscant, Ukla would follow behind him trying to keep up but A’sharad would be fast. They would finally get to the council room and Ukla would meet the council, seeing Mace windu, Grand Master Yoda, Kit Fisto and many more jedi for the first time was amazing. He would be given a test by the council, they would ask if the object on the screen is a speeder, ship, or droid. The correct answer would be speeder, Ukla would first answer Ship, Ukla could tell it was a vehicle. Mace windu would say “Try again, Rodian.” Ukla was certain it was a speeder, he would confidently say “Speeder.” Mace would say “Correct, you are going to have to leave now, youngling.” Ukla would think to himself “Youngling? Am I a Jedi now?” After a few minutes Ukla was called back into the room. Yoda would say to Ukla “Ukla Sudime, the council has decided Jedi you are now.” Ukla would be proud of himself and would feel he could take anything on in the world. RELATIONSHIPS Tays Ichor, A'sharad Hett Dead| Death Wish | Hatred || Disliked | Untrusted | Indifferent | Acquaintance | Liked | Friend | Best Friend |
  2. # ... Entering alias # ... Alias accepted # ... Enter secret # ... Secret enabled # ... Access granted to Jedi Archives GENERAL INFORMATION Full Name: Snow Maraa Known Alias’/Nicknames: Gazza Previous Occupation: Jedi Youngling Current Occupation: Jedi Padawan Known Languages: Galactic Basic Hobbies: Training, Dueling Alignment: Jedi Order PSYCHOLOGICAL INFORMATION Mental State: Calm, Slightly annoyed Mental Disabilities: None Likes: Master Shujae, Dislikes: Clones Personality: Calming, Slightly Annoyed PHYSICAL INFORMATION Physical State: Fit Age: 19 Weight: 70Kg Build: Muscular Disabilities: None Appearance: Handsome JEDI INFORMATION Rank: Padawan Master (current or previous): Commander Shujae Lightsaber details: Blue Kyber Crystal, One sided Combat style: Form IV Ataru Basic BACKSTORY Not available RELATIONSHIPS Best Friend- Master Shujae Friend- Senior Guardsman G-37
  3. # ... Entering alias # ... Alias accepted # ... Enter secret # ... Secret enabled # ... Access granted to Jedi Archives GENERAL INFORMATION Full Name: Meraya Known Alias’/Nicknames: N/A Previous Occupation: N/A Current Occupation: Jedi Padawan Known Languages: Basic Hobbies: Force Experimentation and Meditation Alignment: Light Side & The Republic PSYCHOLOGICAL INFORMATION Mental State: Stable Mental Disabilities: N/A Likes: Weaponry, Vehicles and Force Powers Dislikes: Restriction of Freedoms and Oppression of Learning Personality: Quiet, Driven and Determined yet also slightly mischievous PHYSICAL INFORMATION Physical State: Athletic Age: 17 Weight: 49kg Build: Lithe Disabilities: N/A Appearance: Dark-haired Chiss with a slender yet muscular build JEDI INFORMATION Rank: Padawan Master (current or previous): None yet Lightsaber details: Yellow Crystal, Single Hilt 8 Combat style: Form 1 - Shii-Cho Backstory: Being born in the ascendancy, Meraya had very little knowledge of the Republic and its ways. This all changed when her family moved to Coruscant while she was still very young, being so close to the Jedi Temple they quickly found her and brought her into the order, her parents willingly allowed her to join the Jedi as they knew it would be preferable for the child to grow up and hone her abilities amongst the order than in the shady streets of the Republic capital. She quickly took to life amongst the order, in particular she enjoyed lightsaber training, the nature of combat allowing her to simultaneously utilise her analytical mind and hone her physical prowess, she of course also enjoyed attempting to utilise the force in new and creative ways, though many of these attempts ended in failure due to her rather middling skill with the force. While in her youngling training she spent much of her time looking out of the windows of the Jedi temple to the streets of Coruscant below, this quickly lead her to become fascinated by the many various makes and models of speeders that she would see every day, in her downtime she would request and study pictures and blueprints of speeders, this interest in engineering quickly expanded to other subjects, spaceships, personal devices and eventually, weapons. During her gathering she chose to pursue the path of the sentinel, wanting to become someone who helps the everyday citizens of the republic but simultaneously not wanting to be someone in the spotlight. This contradictory desire fitting perfectly with the teachings of the way of the sentinel, the mysterious yellow-bladed 'ninjas' of the order, protecting the Jedi and the Republic from the shadows in a more proactive way than either the consulars or the guardians. RELATIONSHIPS Dead| Death Wish | Hatred || Disliked | Untrusted | Indifferent | Acquaintance | Liked | Friend | Best Friend
  4. # ... Entering alias # ... Alias accepted # ... Enter secret # ... Secret enabled # ... Access granted to Jedi Archives GENERAL INFORMATION Full Name: Aola Hopps Known Alias’/Nicknames: Hopps Previous Occupation: Slave, Youngling Current Occupation: Jedi Order Known Languages: Galactic Basic, Ryl and Dosh Hobbies: Meditation and Study Alignment: The Republic PSYCHOLOGICAL INFORMATION Mental State: Normal / Stable Mental Disabilities: Borderline Personality Disorder (BPD) Likes: Defending Others, Improving Skills Dislikes: Slavers, Pirates and The Hutts Personality: Logistician PHYSICAL INFORMATION Physical State: Healthy Age: 17 Weight: 42kg Build: Athletic Disabilities: N/A Appearance: Shorter Human Female JEDI INFORMATION Rank: Padawan Master (current or previous): N/A Lightsaber details: A Basic Hilt, with a Yellow Crystal Combat style: Shii Cho BACKSTORY The Begining Aola Hopps was Born on Nal Hutta. Her Widowed Mother, who was a Slave Died During Child Birth, Leaving Aola to be Cared for by a Family of Twi'leks. The Twi'leks were also slaves, but cared for her as one of their own. Giving her the name Aola. Which means Flower in Ryl and Her Last name Hopps, which was her Deceased Mothers Surname. At The Age Of 2 A Passing Jedi Sentinel Could Sense Aolas Connection With The Force. The Sentinel decided to Purchase Aola from the Hutts Slavers cheaply. Not informing them for the Reason of Purchase. The Family of Twi'leks Happily Handed Aola over to the Care of the Sentinel, Wishing that Her Upbringing will be Brighter in the Hands of the Jedi. The Hutt who Owned the Slave Pens was Informed of the Jedi's Purchase and Immediately Knew the Reason for the Sentinels Purchase. The Hutt and his Body Guards Intercepted the Sentinels Departure to Coruscant, Demanding the Sentinel to pay an Absurd Price for Aola, to which the Sentinel Refused, saying the Deal has already been Concluded, before Boarding the Ship. The Hutt infuriated, but lacking man power to Threaten the Jedi with, watches as the Jedi Boards, shouting that he'll get what he is owed. Aola Hopps Arrived at the the Jedi Temple on Coruscant, Straight from Bal Hutta. She was Immediately listed as a Jedi Youngling and was Trained Until They Achieved the Rank of Padawan. Aola was Eager to Meet the Sentinel who Purchased her from the Hutts, Requesting that the Sentinel would be Her Master if they was Willing to take on a Student, Only to Discover that the Jedi Sentinel Died a Year Prior To her Promotion of Padawan. The Sentinel died to IG-100 Magnaguards While Defending Republic Officials. It Was Later Discovered That the Hutter Aola was Purchased From, Oiled Corrupted Republic Senators for Information on the Jedi Sentinels Current Mission, to then Inform the Separatists of the High Priority Targets Gathering. All To Ensure The Sentinels Demise for Crossing the Hutts. Padawan In Training Training as Kit Fistos Padawan, Aola Hopps Received In-depth Training for Mobility, Combat and Meditation. After months of training she was then tasked with crafting her first Hilt for her LightSaber. Crafting her Saber Hilt, she gave it a Earthy Feel and Look, using Wood Harvested from Felucia. The Saber was Decorated with Dark and Bright Wood, while its insides were used up to date Lightsaber Components. Successfully crafting the lightsaber she could sense her Masters Trust in her abilities growing. A few months pass of Training and Combat Assignments with Clone Trooper Forces. When she was summoned to the Jedi Council by Kit Fisto. Kit Fisto was Tasked to Assign and Force to Search and Confirm Claims for a Light Saber User Spotted with a Holocron near a Small Cave System. Kit Assigned Aola to Retrieve the Holocron, with the Assistance of Jedi Knight Kyofusho. As Kit Fisto Wished to see how far his Padawans Training has Gone. Approching the Coordiance of the Sighting Jedi Padawan Aola Sense a Dark Presence and Quickly Located where it was Emitting from, the Cave Entrance. Entering the cave with Jedi Knight Kyofusho following behind, letting the Padawan take lead, as requested by Fisto. Reaching the end of the cave, Padawan Aola could feel a draft of wind, coming from the cracks in the cave walls. Using the force, Padawan Aola and Jedi Knight Kyofusho pull down the Cave wall, unearthing Fresh Soil and Revealing an Ancient Sith Ruin. It was a Large Cave like Room, with an Alter at the Far Side of the Room. The Holocron was Sitting Ontop of the Alter, and was Clearly Sith. Towering over the Alter was a Stone Statue of a Sith Warrior. Uneasy, Padawan Aola Approaches the Alter with her LightSaber still On her Hip. A Deep Voice Speaks to Her, Demanding Why She Has Come. The Voice Emitting from between the Alter and the Statue. Aola stops her approach just meters away from the Holocron, noticing a Misty Outline of a Figure from where the voice was coming from. Greeting the Voice, she informs him of her Reason for the Arrival. How it was an Order from the Jedi Temple to Retrieve the Holocron. Angers by the News, the Room became cold, as gusts of wind pushed most mist through the room. The voice spoke again. The mist Forming around his Body, making him more visible as his eyes began to Glow Red. "I am Sith, Young Jedi. And I have been Guarding this Holocron for Centuries. All who attempt to take the Holocron will Die At My Blade." Grabbing her LightSaber from her Belt, she says. "This Holocron is Far to Dangerous to be left Here. It must be taken to the Jedi's Holocron Vault. Surrender the Holocron, or I'll have to take it by Force." With a Gust of Smoky Mist the Sith Stands Before the Jedi, Shrouded in Black with Red Glowing Eyes. He Upholsters his 2 Lightsabers Igniting them with Red Blades. Padawan Aola and Jedi Knight Kyofusho Ignite their Sabers in response. "You Shall Perish." Says the Sith before he lunges forward at the Jedi. With Agile Skill, the Sith Warrior fought the Jedi at the same time. Using 1 Saber for each Jedi. Jedi Knight Kyofusho successfully lands a Hit on the Siths Leg, parting the Mist of his Leg. The Sith Slams the Ground with his Fist, Sending out a Shock Wave of Force, Causing both Jedi to Lose their Footing. He Slices at Padawan Aola With both of his Sabers, which she managed to block, but fell over from the force of the strike. Jedi Knight Kyofusho forced leaped at the Sith. The Sith Spun around, Force Pushing Jedi Knight Kyofusho Across the Room and Into a Wall, Falling to the Ground Unresponsive. The Sith Warrior Injured from Jedi Knight Kyofusho Previous attack Stands before Jedi Padawan Aola, who's gotten back to her feet. "Your Master is Weak, Young Jedi. Join Me, and I'll Train You As My Sith Apprentice." Says the Sith Warrior. "I will never yield to Darkness, Sith." Say Padawan Aola, as she Enters a Defensive Stance. "Path of The Fool? So Be It!" Striking each Lightsaber as separate Blows, Padawan Aola Blocks each attack. She slowly walks backwards, away from where Jedi Knight Kyofusho is Laying. Sparks of the Sabers Striking rained down on the floor as the Sith forced Aola back, Unable to Break her Defence with Quick Strikes, she holds his Lightsabers side by side, striking them at the same time in the same place, Over powering and knocking her Lightsaber out of Hand. "And So You Die." Said the Sith as he raised his Sabers to Strike down Padawan Aola when Jedi Knight Kyofusho suddenly Sliced the Sith across his back, Not realising the Padawan was just playing for Time. The Sith Back Handed Kyofusho away. Using the force Aola picks her Saber back up and slices across the Siths Hands, causing his Sabers to Disappear. The Sith Unarmed and Defeated said, "Slice Me Do-" But before he could Finish, Aola sliced her saber Diagonally down from his Shoulder to his Hip, causing his to Mist Disperse. His voice now going Quiet, Says. "And so your journey to the dark side begins, young Jedi." The Cave System Begins to Collaps, Jedi Padawan Aola and Jedi Knight Kyofusho, grab the Sith Holocron and Flee the Caves. Returning to the Jedi Temple, she presents Kit Fisto with the Sith Holocron and Informs him of their Encounter with a Sith Spirit who was the Holocrons Guardian. Getting the Missions Report, he Orders the Holocron to the Vault and before Praising and Dismissing his Padawan. (Story Continues)
  5. # ... Entering alias # ... Alias accepted # ... Enter secret # ... Secret enabled # ... Access granted to Jedi Archives GENERAL INFORMATION Full Name: Terror Race: Togruta Previous Occupation: None Current Occupation: Jedi Known Languages: Togrut & Galactic Basic Hobbies: Chess Alignment: Jedi Order PSYCHOLOGICAL INFORMATION Mental State: 2 Sided Mental Disabilities: None Likes: Dualing, Chess Dislikes: Chains, Cuffs, Shock Collars Personality: Clown PHYSICAL INFORMATION Physical State: Springy Age: 17 Weight: 82kg Build: Solid, but flexible Disabilities: None JEDI INFORMATION Rank: Padawan Master (current or previous): None Lightsaber details: Standard Saber Combat style: Basic, but formidable BACKSTORY Raised in a colony on the world of Kiros in the Expansion Region, his people and him were enslaved by the Zygerrians (20BBY) they were pushed to the limit by their slavers, churning endlessly for toil with no reward. Food became a rarity and crying was a commodity. A male Togruta who had back-talked a slaver was choked and thrown into the wall by a Zygerrian, beat until the brink of death until a Sith'ari spirit came to him and said "This is no place to die, take your vengeance, use your last will of strength to make them plead for your mercy." And so he did just that. The Sith'ari spirit had used it's sage healing affects on the teen and his wounds healed, but only for one last stand. He stood up and summoned a a massive force field that could hurl a Gundark, called Force Destruction, destroying the cell and all slavers nearby. He crawled out of the rubble and into a light be hadn't seen in a long time. Only to Force Scream using the crying of his people as a anchor for his power. He made his way to the nearby slaver checkpoint where a large tower stood, atop this tower was the sector commander of the Zygerrian Slavers, and with a burst of vengence he ran through the doors into the lobby and used the force to tear apart all guards in that room, body parts flung in all directions and blood covered the halls, a power surge that pushed him further; self-destruction was his chosen path. Using Waves of Darkness he was able to drive the next 3 floors of slavers to jump out of their windows to there deaths. One floor was left before the top of the tower. On that floor was his old girlfriend... [FLASHBACK STORY] Before the Zygerrians came Terror had a girlfriend, a kind girl, with lot's of spirit and intelligence, he loved her dearly, they were split when enslaved beliving each other were dead. [BACK TO MAIN STORY] He stood there, startled, he didn't want her to see him like this: blood dripping of his clothes, a nose bleed and bright yellow eyes. But she wasn't alone, in his path was the sector commander, a ruthless tyrant, a fiend and a coward, armed with a lightwip and shock collar, the commander put the shock collar on her, but this wasn't an ordinary shock collar, it was modified for extreme purpose: to cause death. Terror rushed them and reached out his hand to grab the commander with the force and snapped his neck, but as he did the commander dropped the trigger for the collar and it activated, electrocuting the girl and watching on Terror passed out, his mission was complete, he had taken his vengeance, the Sith'ari spirit was done with it's host. Baster fire came from outside and explosions; The Republic had arrived. Clones and Jedi poured into the building sensing a powerful entity, when the Jedi reached the top they found a teen, bleeding, crying, the sight of his beloved had ripped all feeling of emotion and poured it out his eyes. The Jedi knew the feeling of a Sith, but lying in front of them was not a Sith, but a boy. The 2 Jedi Consulars conducted an exorcism (yes that's a real thing) on the young boy to remove any trace of the Sith'ari and they succeeded but with a cost, he would not be able to forget what he did, what he saw and he would not lose his midichlorian count. 917th helped put the teen into a bacta tank and took him back to the Jedi Temple where he would receive healing, treatment and training to become a Jedi. The clones who went up the tower saw the aftermath of what had occurred, the mess, they decided to throw a name sticker on his bacta tank "TERROR". What became of his future is unknown. RELATIONSHIPS Dead| Girlfriend | Hatred Zygerrians | Untrusted ARC | Indifferent 501st | Liked Fellow Padawans | Friend 327th Star Corps & 917th Medical Corps | Best Friends 7th Sky Corps
  6. # ... Entering alias # ... Alias accepted # ... Enter secret # ... Secret enabled # ... Access granted to Jedi Archives GENERAL INFORMATION Full Name: Ruhig Jager Known Alias’/Nicknames: Little Wolf Previous Occupation:N/A Current Occupation: Jedi Knight Known Languages: Galactic Basic, basic Shistavanen Hobbies: Hunting, standing higher than everyone, swimming, cooking Alignment: Jedi Order PSYCHOLOGICAL INFORMATION Mental State: Stable if a little unhinged when height is mentioned. Mental Disabilities: Has difficulty learning other languages Likes: Being higher than others, all kinds of meat, barbeques, other Shistavanen, fishing Dislikes: Being bellow others, having his height mentioned Personality: Quite and subdued at most times but can act aggressive at times. PHYSICAL INFORMATION Physical State: Healthy Age: 20 Weight: 52 kg Build: Shorter than most of my kind but still well muscled Disabilities:N/A Appearance: Has a coat of brown fur covering him with deep piercing yellow eyes with some extra pointy and large ears. He wears a thick set of green and black jedi robes for more protection with some reinforced gloves and large boots. JEDI INFORMATION Rank: Knight Master (current or previous): Master Truce Lightsaber details: My primary blade is thick hilted with some leather wrapping around the grip and a red buttone to activate it and my secondary blade or my shoto blade is made from wood from my home world. Combat style: Uses jarkai for the most part but likes to spice it up by switching back to a single saber sometimes favoring Ataru and Mikashi switching between the two to throw opponents of guard and exploit weaknesses in their fighting style. BACKSTORY I was born in 40BBY on the planet of Uvena Prime within the Uvena System located in the Seswenna Sector which is a part of the Outer Rim Territories. My village was located on the outskirts of a large forest which my clan claimed ownership of large swaths of with a few other smaller clans located throughout forest under my clans protection. When I was born there was a large comet that seemed to light up the whole sky, despite how beautiful the comet was this was seen as a bad sign by my clan. Too add to the misfortune was the fact that while the rest of my litter had no problems with their births mine was filled with complications which led to the death of my birth mother. This combined with the timing of the comet led my whole clan including my blood related family to believe I was a cursed child so I was only given the bare minimum care a young pup should receive. So I was shunned and left out of the spoils of many hunts and while my blood brothers and sisters grew large from the protein they gained I was left with the scraps and sometimes not even that. I was shunned for my supposed cursedness but not exiled for it as I stayed out of the way of most of the clan not causing many issues which led most of the clan to forget I even existed. This was beneficial as I was not harassed or attacked but it also meant I had stay out of the village at most times and away from the watchers so I was forced to sleep in the forest in a large hollowed out tree trunk that was small enough for me to fit in but not for large enough for any night time predators to fit into. I also had to do my own hunting only really being able to catch small birds and other small rodents by silently stalking them. This along with my ability to able to walk through the village nearly unnoticed led to me being given my real name Ruhig Jager which means silent hunter, which was much better than the nickname the other pups of the village called me which was 'little wolf' because I was shorter than all of them even the females. It was like this for about 4 and a half years until one day while I was exploring the forest I ended up wondering into an Arachne nest, they were not native to Uvena Prime but they had been smuggled in by and off-world trader which they escaped from. They attacked me onsite and tried to wrap me up in their webs but because of my size I avoided them and managed to run away but with nowhere safe to run and not being able to escape their 8 or some of them even having 10 scuttling legs I had no choice but to run to the village. The watchers were surprised to see me but their shock immediately turned to terror when they saw what was following me and they quickly sounded the alarm and all the hunters and warriors took up their weapons to drive them off. After the attack 3 hunters and 2 warriors had been badly poisoned and a spider that had gotten into the village attacked one of my brothers and the poison quickly killed him. This was a tragedy for the village and I was blamed for the deaths and injuries even accused of purposefully leading the Arachne here too get revenge for being shunned by the clan. I may not have been exiled before but this event led my whole clan to consider me as a enemy and I was driven from the village and chased deep into the forest. I was regretful for my actions and even believed my clan deserved to kill me for what I'd done but I kept on living despite it . My time spent on Uvena Prime was not enjoyable or fun time but it helped me grow as a hunter and allowed me to sever my connection to the village more easily. Three and a half years later I'd managed to survive in the depths of the forest and was now a very young wolf I hadn't grown all that much but moving through the forest had made me physically strong and nimble able to leap from tree to tree almost seamlessly allowing me run around and split of single Arachne and kill them with a swift and decisive flow to their thorax. They were not pleasant tasting but when I could sneak a few of their eggs out they were good eating and they filled me up at least. On my eighth birthday or some thing close to it while what looked like that same comet as when I was born from what I'd been told, a Republic ship arrived near my village but only one man exited the ship, the village elders went to meet him and tried to get him to leave but he refused saying that he was looking for someone the elders assured him that the being he was looking for was not here and the stranger agreed and to the elders confusion and shock he started to wonder towards the forest. They tried to warn him of the dangers of the forest and that there were feral members of our kind in there, but he simply waved away their concerns grabbing a metal tube at his waist and stating that "I shall be fine as long as I have this, thank you for your time elders". Deep into the night in my small cave that I'd claimed I sensed a large presence approaching my cave I quickly grabbed my weapons and headed outside to confront it. To my horror it was The Mother Arachne a humongous Arachne that hunted above all the others I immediately attempted to flee remembering the stories about some of our strongest warriors being cut down and devoured by her scything legs and gnashing jaws. I attempted to flee but the smaller Arachne had the area surrounded leaving no escape only allowing retreat into my cave which would be the end of me. Instead I chose to face her, using my superior speed and agility I was able to avoid most of her attacks but without access to the trees which the other Arachne were guarding I wasn't able to properly get into her blind spot. After only a few minutes I was exhausted and had a few deep scratches from her legs, one of her legs caught me off guard and pierced my leg pinning me to the ground unable to avoid her any longer and with my weapons only aggravating her further I closed my eyes and waited for my death. The Mother Arachne though seemed to hesitate and even started to shake which really hurt with her leg still pinning me down until she seem ed to forget me and turned to the forest where a group of Arachne were sent flying by an unseen force. The Mother Arachne turned to face this force and charged at it, I did not see the thing because of The Mother Arachne's hulking form but I did see a sudden and bright blue light from behind her which seemed to light up the whole forest for a second blinding The Mother Arachne and before she could recover this light severed her two front legs sending here face first into the ground and before she could get back up the light drove deep into her head and she stopped moving only convulsing a few times before laying still. This sent the rest f the Arachne running back to their webs screeching the whole way. the smell of burnt flesh filled the air and when I looked at her legs they were cut clean off almost like there was no resistance. Now diminished but still bright the light dissappeared with a whoosh sound leaving only darkness for a second before the light of the comet illuminated the are in its blue glow I could see the unseen force clearly now he was a middle aged human wearing a set of robes with an unknown symbol on them. He approached with long powerful steps I tried to crawl away, sensing my fear the man slowed his pace and lowered his profile coming down closer to me when he spoke I cold barely understand him but he seemed to want to help. With no real reason to avoid him I let him approach, he knelt down and waved his hand over my leg and almost immediately the pain dissipated now recognizing his speech I realized he was talking Galactic Basic. Which I'd actually learned better than my own language because I traded with and hung around a few traders who wandered through our village because they didn't seem to hate me. He was saying while he was not a healer he was able to relieve my pain and said he could patch me up properly if I came with him, unsure if I wanted to go with him the man then explained that he was a Knight in a order of peacekeepers and had actually come looking for me. Shocked by this he explained that he had seen me in a vision and had come searching for me although he said while I was close to the right size I was a little older than what he saw in his vision but that the order would still accept me. I fell into deep thought and thought about how my own clan hated me and some of them event wanting me dead, how I was a cursed child and that I brought about nothing but suffering and disappointment to my people. I then looked at the comet that had supposedly cursed me and wondered if it went by other planets and there were cursed children there too. On the spot I made up my mind to follow this man and become a member of this order he talked about he seemed pleased but also said that it may not be as easy as my life had been and even said it could be harder but I just asked him where his ship was located and he led me of. Passing the village as we left I saw the members of my village some looking at me with pity and others with pure hatred but the man took my hand and said "They are not your people anymore and could not harm or judge you now, now you are part of the Jedi Order and some day maybe even some day a Knight of the Republic". We then left the planet with the blue comet still hanging in the sky. My life at the temple was initially as lonely as my life on Uvena Prime the knight who had brought me in said had to leave again on a mission from the Jedi Council which he said were the leaders of the order and so someone else would take up my training. I was put into another class with other younglings some who were much younger than me but were still more trained than me and they would tease me with their powers and call me names like back on my home planet like 'Little Wolf' which I hated and even lashed out at some of them which led to punishments form the masters. To get back at them I would stalk them and jump down on them form above or from deep in the shadows scaring them but with none of the masters able to catch me in the act and me denying it my punishments grew less. My actual training initially did not go well, I struggled to get a proper connection to the force and while physically I was able to keep up with the classes easily I fell behind when it came to my force abilities. That was until I young knight took interest in me and when he was not lurking in the Coruscant under city he would train me, he said he felt a connection between us because of both being shorter than everyone else and mocked for it and he said that when I was older he would be happy to have me as his padawan. I then took to my classes with renewed vigour and tenacity aiming for becoming Knight Truces padawan and quickly excelled in my classes even surpassing some of the other younglings and after my gathering and my path as a sentinel was chosen I found Knight Truce again except he had become a master in that time. Congratulating me he accepted me as his padawan and begun my real training in the ways of the force. When I was nineteen the Clone Wars begun because of this I was able to pass my trials easily as the standards had been lowered because of the need for more knights to aid in the war and once I was a knight I fought along the sides of many clones who while seeming suspicious and untrustworthy at first due to their almost unknown and sudden origins I quickly came to trust and rely on some of them even knowing some as friends. At the start of the war I was assigned to the 12th sector army or Cerulean Spear Command which was in Sector 12 or also known as the Maldrood Oversector. It contained the Outer Perlemian Route which was one of the galaxies most important hyperspace lanes, and it was important to the war because it contained the Separatist capital on Raxus Secondus and also the Foundry of the confederacy which was a region that was the driving force behind the separatists war machine. Our job was quite simple in theory we were to capture these extremely valuable targets at all cost and hold our own territory in the sector, though sadly we did not have much friendly territory in the sector to start of with This forced us to operate in a small cluster around Mon Calamari and a small cluster of loyalist worlds in the Mid Rim not really giving us much to work with. One of the early battles of the theater being the battle of Rhen Var, the planet had a small supply base on it and a listening outpost I was on it doing an inspection to make sure it was ready for a possible attack when the Seperatists struck with such an overwhelming force that we were forced to evacuate nearly immediately with what we could. Master Kenobi informed the council of the taking of the planet the Seperatists reason for taking the planet with such a large force were initially unknown to us as it was not a very important planet in the grand scheme. Soon after we found out that the reason was that there was a jedi temple on the planet that apparently contained information on an ancient sith weapon known as the Dark Reaper which Master Kenobi and the council feared Count Dooku was close to restoring. During the initial landing an Acllimator carrying experimental AT-XT walkers was shot down by heavy surface sire and the CIS attempted to swarm the ship after its crash to make sure nothing was recoverable. Skywalker was ordered to move to the site by Master Kenobi using a group of Sabre-class fighter tanks (TX-130's) to swiftly secure the site and help extract the rest of the salvageable walkers he then moved to destroy a CIS refueling station nearby the site. Meanwhile at the Rhen Var Harbor I was put in charge of a clone task force where we were tasked with infiltrating and recapturing a sensor station. We successfully infiltrated the station and cleared out its garrison of droids with no real problems, I then left a small detachment to guard the post and using info gathered from the station the rest of the detachment moved to a staging area the CIS had set up at the remote Citadel to organise reinforcements to be sent to the Jedi Monument. Along the way while moving through a steep canyon my detachment came under fire and was halted in the canyon with heavy fire coming in from above a grabbed a small group of clones and ordered the rest to bunker down as best they could. We moved up the cliffs I used my claws to climb the canyon cause while it was steep there were still plenty of handholds carved out and after we reached the top suffering some casualities on the way up we set about destroying the CIS emplaced there. After the detachment was freed my detachment rejoined Master Kenobi's and Skywalkers and assaulted the Jedi Monument, Skywalker used some LAAT/i gunships to destroy a group of CIS Hardcell transport ships. Master Kenobi ordered for 2 squadrons of LAAT/c gunships to drop of ATTE's to provide protection to 2 SPHA-T's artillery walkers that were eliminating a Lucrehulk-class core ship. I was put in charge of our ground forces and led the clones to take the outiside of the temple after they were destroyed SKywalker grabbed a Sabre tank and went inside the Jedi Monumnet where he gathered the intel Dooku came for. After that the battle was declared won and Skywalker and Master Kenobi left the planet and I returned to Cerulean Spear Command on Lantilles to reorganize before heading out to another battle. Later on I assisted with the retreat from Renvar and Lyanna where Republice forces had been fighting like hell for months to hold the planets and while they had won many victories they were at a heavy cost, the losses to their forces had gotten so bad they could no longer hold the planets so evacuation was ordered in anticipation for the inevitable CIS counter attacks. After that I was part of a battle to capture a key Seperatist stronghold along the Perlemian route and after suffering massive casualities to successfully capture it we were pushed back by fresh droid forces being pumped out of the Foundry of the Confederacy. After these defeats I was reassigned to be with Taskforce Gateway a force of clones from many legions, regiments including some like the 501st Legion, Dooms Unit, 327th Star Corps and many more the taskforce even had a total of 6 Republic Commando squads and a group of Alpha Arcs assigned to it. I thought that this force must be heavily favoured by the Chancellor to have so many different elements of the Grand Army of the Republic assigned to it and even clearly having a lot of freedom with its operations. It seemed an odd force but one that seemed to get results although sometimes failing spectacularly I was excited to be apart even gettind assigned to the 7th Sky Corps as one of its regimental jedi. RELATIONSHIPS Master Truce: The master who trained me and accepted me Knight Kos: While unstable at times Kos is a fellow padwan trained by Master Truce and is always willing to help. Colonel Darling: A good trooper and a source of humour and enjoyment Commander Cody and the 7th Sky Corps: A very good assortment of clones with Commander Cody himself leading them who is a splendid commander. Dead| Death Wish | Hatred || Disliked | Untrusted | Indifferent | Acquaintance | Liked | Friend | Best Friend |
  7. # ... Entering alias # ... Alias accepted # ... Enter secret # ... Secret enabled # ... Access granted to Jedi Archives PROFILE PICTURE GENERAL INFORMATION Full Name: Jack Ocheron Previous Occupation: N/A Current Occupation: Jedi Padawan Known Languages (Spoken): Galactic Basic, Bocce, Rudimentary understanding of other common dialects Known Languages (Written): Aurebesh PHYSICAL INFORMATION Physical State: Fit Species: Atoan/Human Age: 18 Weight: 74 kg Height: 1.83 Meters Disabilities/Physical Anomalies: Two hearts due to Atoan heritage. Appearance: Donning standard brown Jedi Robes, covering a burgundy vest typical of Jedi Padawans. Clipped across his chest is a belt carrying various satchels of salvaged technology and droid parts. Mostly crammed in these satchels without rhyme or reason. Jack's face is relatively smooth, with little wearing from natural elements serving as indicators to his spacer upbringing, Jack possess fair, mid-length hair and faded brown eyes. Clipped onto the back of his hair is the Jedi Padawan braid. JEDI INFORMATION Rank: Jedi Padawan Master(s): Knight Sooker Lightsaber details: Jack possess one main saber fabricated formally from a lightsaber crafting session with Kit Fisto. A vibrant red and white hilt atypical of the standard metallic silver saber, the saber hilt is purposely lightweight, with the hilt itself being flexible in one's hand. The saber holds a deep blue kyber crystal and possesses heavy duty regulators designed for a great-saber. The heavy duty regulators and light hilt cause the saber to 'kick' on ignition, however the increased durability that these parts give are considered a warranted trade-off for Jack. Jack's second saber is an unregistered second saber crafted with a mash of ship and scavenged droid parts. The saber is rudimentary in design, with exposed parts and wires. The covering is limited and the saber evidently shows that it is still a work in progress, the kyber crystal is a yellow kyber crystal. Which was originally earned during his gathering. Combat style: Jack employs a large variety of forms, being taught form II as a response to the re-emergence of the Sith, he also employs elements of form IV and VI when in combat, resulting in a widely-varied, unpredictable yet unrefined fighting style. BACKSTORY Born as the youngest on a space-station to parents of security contractors, Jack's family moved frequently around from station to station. Jack was exposed to a wide-variety of what the Galaxy had to offer from early on. With an industrious family, Jack was left to his own devices by the time he could walk only monitored by a somewhat under-powered droid. Accompanied by the various droids of the station Jack quickly gained a natural affinity for the way that droids worked, able to operate and perform general upkeep checks on nearby droids. Jack was found by a Jedi Recruiter at the age of five, who was visiting his residing space-station as a supply-stop. Found by using the force to suspend objects as he tinkered with droids, his parents sold by the idea that the Jedi Order could provide a stable and comfortable life for the child and develop his abilities. Further enticed by the hefty sum that was offered for the child, the child was swept away into a life of the Jedi Order. Placed in Bear Clan, Jack's initiate period saw him quickly placed into the tutelage of the Artisans, finding himself being taught the mechanisms of how the temple and the items of the Jedi Order worked internally. Jack's gathering saw him, to the surprise of little following the path of The Sentinel. Learning further into developing into an Artisan. Through this time, Jack developed a sense of bravado, his combat training often becoming slight performances, with minor boasting and a quickly evolving wit. Jack now has a mock overconfidence, often making light jokes of otherwise serious situations, regardless of the reception. Otherwise, he possesses a strong belief in his own abilities and will be sure to let others know of this.
  8. <Entering alias> <Alias accepted> <Enter secret> <Secret enabled> <Access granted to clone database> (Yes I know its a lore character photo, you try finding a photo of a Dathomir Zabrak that isn't a Sith) Full Name: Gax Kel'Tsaar Known Alias’/Nicknames: Gax Previous Occupation: Youngling, Tribe Child Current Occupation: Jedi Padawan Known Languages: Galactic Basic, Zabraki and parts of the Dathomiri Sub Language Hobbies: Soap Carving, Competition, Dueling and Combat. Alignment: Jedi Order. Mental State: STABLE Mental Disabilities: N/A Likes: Soap Carving, Practicing Tribal Combat. Dueling and Combat Dislikes: Liars, Cowards and the Sith. Personality: Warrior. Gax will seek people to speak with, He loves conversation and often speaks to his peers about Honor and glory in combat and death. Physical State: Above Average Strength, Super Cardio due to the Zabrak's two hearts. Age: 21 Weight: 90Kg Build: Humanoid Appearance: Typical of a Zabrak, Gax has a crown of horns on his head, short in length due to his age. a deep grey/black complexion with traditional Zabrak Yellow Tattoos. Rank: Padawan Master (current or previous): Obi-Wan Kenobi Lightsaber details: Thick and symmetrical wooden cylinder, with Iron binding rings rapped around it, a copper colored metal protruding then end with a guard. the saber color reflection Gax's pathway; Guardian. Combat style: Form I: Shii-Cho, III: Soresu. And Devout Follow of Jar'Kai, From V and Saber Staff Froms. Gax’s Warrior/Savage nature is not often brought to question, his young life on Dathomir often is. He shows small cracks in his calm Steely exterior to see within a man desperate for reason and direction. _ Gax was born on Dathomir destined to be a tribal warrior and servant of the dark. He never heard or seen of his Night-Sister mother and his father a long-dead Dathomiri Warrior. attempting to seek peace and a connection with others even at a young age.was impossible for a Zabrak born on Dathomir. Not all was hopeless for him however for he’d come used to reaching out in these times of quiet and finding a connection with something, …The Force. _ Gax's father was a legend among his tribe, he had a Rancor Kill count of 14 the highest in the current Era. Living up to such a legend like that was impossible that was the runt of the litter and an outcast from his tribe. After his father was a sacrifice in a Voodoo Night-Sister Ritual, Gax was left to fend for himself at the age of 5. Gax Trained himself with the traditional Zabrak Quarter-Staff and became Skilled in it. enough to defend himself from his fellow Dathomiri. _ Gax spotted a figure in robes sprinting toward him and he readied his staff to strike the figure. The figure had just about reached Gax's readied stance, and a sharp crack zipped through the air just scraping his cheek. He had just been shot at. The robed figure had picked up Gax and hurried away with him making massive jumps unnatural for any humanoid. all Gax could do was squirm but his instincts and an outside force warmed him and encouraged him to trust the figure. _ After a While the figure landed in an alcove probably old Rancor nest, Gax stood up in front of the Robed man. the figure took his hood off and a face of bandages and goggles peered at him, "My name is A'Sharad Hett..." A'Sharad Hett - Liked. Hett rescued Gax from Dathomir pretty much saving him from a life of hell and darkness. Obi-Wan - Best Friend. Obi-Wan was willing to take in a troubled child and teach him the ways of the force under his wing. Azazel - Friend. Azazel is a fellow Zabrak and a excellent Jedi knight, Azazel has taught Gax many things. Knoot Ucell - Dislike. Knoot regularly beats him in training with form I to Gax's disgust. @Maxonok @Truce's Rj @Azazel Thorin/Ozzy @Knotts
  9. GENERAL INFORMATION Full Name: Miskas Known Alias’/Nicknames: N/A Previous Occupation: N/A Current Occupation: Jedi Padwan Known Languages: Galactic Basic, Tarasinese, Tarasin Skintone Language, some Wookie and Trandoshan Hobbies: Sitting and meditating in high places, hunting and camping Alignment: The Jedi Order PSYCHOLOGICAL INFORMATION Mental State: Mostly stable Mental Disabilities: PTSD Likes: High places preferably in trees, vegetarian meals but sometimes meat for the enjoyment, camping in the wilderness Dislikes: Criminals, slavers, crashing Personality:Quite and a bit anti-social, but believes in justice PHYSICAL INFORMATION Physical State: Healthy and fit Age: 22 Weight: 70kg Build: Slim but muscular a little bit shorter than average Disabilities: N/A Appearance: Rough looking with slightly tanned skin and a few scars on my face and body A rough idea of what im meant to look like JEDI INFORMATION Rank: Padawan Master (current or previous): General Truce Lightsaber details: Has a yellow sentinel kyber crystal and a simple wooden hilt that fits comfortably into the palm of my hand Combat style: Form 4 and 2 switching between the two depending on the opponent and situation. BACKSTORY I was born in 45BBY in the Cularin system, on the planet of Cularin. Cularin is covered mostly in jungles and mountain ranges, the natives of the planet are the force sensitive Tarasin who have an entire language based around their natural ability to change colours.The majority of the planets population were human and lived in large platform cities above the jungle. I lived my early childhood on the platform city of Tindark. Tindark was home to the Metatheran Cartel and the SoroSuub’s offices and despite receiving a lot of local traffic it was a rather quite city. I was an only child and was raised from birth by my father only, my mother had died due to complications with the birth. My father was a police officer in Tindarks police force, they were not the best equipped but they made up for it by having high presence, sometimes even dressing up civvies and having them patrol around. My mother was apparently the sweet and considerate one so my father was mostly lost on what to do with me so he raised me to follow in his footsteps since it was the only thing he really knew to do. One day shortly after my 8th birthday my father had been investigating into a rival cartel that was moving in on the Metatheran Cartel. He said we were going to take a shuttle to another city that apparently had someone who could take care of me while he was busy with his work and he said as soon as he was done I could come back. At some point during the trip our ship experienced engine failure and we crashed into the jungle. As everyone on the shuttle was recovering from the crash another ship landed in the jungle that the crash had cleared. Before they found us my father made me hide in a luggage compartment. I couldn’t see much except through a small gap that I left open, I heard them approach with large lumbering footsteps and they must’ve had claws because I could hear them tapping on the ground when they walked. The creatures spoke in a guttural raspy voices in a language I didn’t understand and the only part of them I was able to see were scales. Well whatever they said didn’t matter because I heard my father spit on them, this angered them greatly. I heard a sound that was like flesh being torn and then my father gasping and choking on something that made a wet noise like when you gargle. I stayed in there until I heard their ship leave and emerged from the luggage compartment, the first thing I see is father lying in a pool of blood. I cried until I didn’t have any more tears to shed, then after I was done I buried my father as well as I could and gathered up any supplies from the ship I could find. I set out in the direction I thought Tindark was but was quickly confused by the jungle. I lost track of how many times the sun rose and fell my supplies eventually ran out and I was starving and exhausted. I passed out on the jungle floor from exhaustion, the last thing I see is a small ray of sunlight through a gap in the jungle canopy. The first thing I see when I open my eyes is a green scaled face with a surprised expression on its face. I immediately start panicking and try to get up and run away but I fall flat on my face, a few more the creatures come in after hearing the commotion and help me back into bed. Once I had a proper look at them I realized these are the native Tarasins, I hadn’t really seen one before. They weren’t especially rare on the planet living in their own community in the jungle. They were rarely seen in the cities due to the fact they found living in places not like their native villages too intimidating and suffered from anxiety when it came to leaving their homes. They nurse me back to full health and allow me to live in their village but only if I helped with gathering supplies from the jungle. It was during one of these gathering trips that I came across a Kilassin one of the compact and denser one of their kind. It was lumbering through the forest and saw me as easy prey to consume, it charged me a few times and I just managed to avoid it. After the first few I lose focus for a second and trip on a root stretching from one of the trees. I can’t stop it so instead I reach out with every fiber of my being in a desperate attempt to make it stop. It doesn’t completely stop but instead turns slightly and avoids me and instead of simply charging me again it seems to lose interest and just wanders off into the jungles. One of the hunters sees this and when we get back to the village tells everyone about how I scared the beast off with just my bare hands. One of the Tarasin elders however immediately realized that this was the force and shortly after the incident approached me and told me that I had used the force to scare the creature away. He asked me if I wanted to hone and perfect my abilities and offered to teach me the basics of using the force. So for the next five years he trained me to use and connect with the force and when I was thirteen he said it was time I leave and be trained by proper masters. Due to their natural connection to the force the Tarasins made excellent Jedi even having their own temple. The elder instead of sending me there decided I should go to the temple on Coruscant to be amongst my own and people and to see more of what the galaxy could offer. I left Cularin and was taken to Coruscant and what I didn’t know at the time I would not see my home planet again for more than 10 years. After arriving at The Jedi Temple I had trouble fitting into the strange atmosphere in the temple and would usually sit by myself and meditate in the highest areas I could find. This antisocial behaviour made it hard to find a master who would accept me and train me. Eventually however Master Truce took me under his wing and made me his padawan he seemed to understand my loneliness of being in a new place and not knowing who to turn too. RELATIONSHIPS General Truce: My master who the ways of the Jedi and accepted me. Knight Kostis: My masters previous apprentice we get along well most of the time Knight Tiberius: A good friend who has helped me grow Dead| Death Wish | Hatred || Disliked | Untrusted | Indifferent | Acquaintance | Liked | Friend | Best Friend |
  10. I'm happy to announce that Gateway Gaming will be having another Chess tournament. A big thanks to @s8n @Spirit and @Coric for supporting the tournament with prizes. It will be a knockout style tournament which will utilise the new OCC Chess gamemode. An example of the tournament style is here: https://gyazo.com/67edc711c6ed9f043d87473622b7d2fd The prizes for placing in the top 3 will be: 1st place = Jedi or $75 Donation store credit 2nd place = 30000 Ingame credits 3rd place = 15000 Ingame credits For a nice tournament ladder layout I'm hoping for 32 players total. To express your interest please comment on this post and join the discord linked below https://discord.gg/R8Kvb9B The discord is used for organising game times and general annoucements during the tournament. You have until Wednesday the 10th to express interest. There will be another annoucement made with a finalised ladder and further details Wednesday the 10th or earlier if the slots fill up. Expression of Interest List: 1. Buck 2. Flanks 3. Babatunde 4. Linguine 5. Pasha 6. Rhino 7. Jackman 8. Sas 9. RJI 10. Shua 11. Jarr 12. Goatward 13. Beowulf 14. Xao 15. Aldis 16. John 17. Raccoon 18. Centurion 19. Cenhelm Oxford 20. Tanker 21. Cappa 22. Ack 23. Kandy 24. Bullet 25. Jamway 26. Toblerone 27. Sloth 28. Aphasic 29. Bongus 30. Pepsi 31. Sacker 32. Veldt
  11. So, I found some addons that I was testing, and I got little bit out of hand with it. So I made this for fun, it took almost an hour to make. Hope you like it. Background Story: CIS Invasion on Naboo. CIS begins they attack on the ground below, Jedi Knight Andy Usca most hold against the wave before reinforcements can arrived. With one of the Acclamator coming down. With all hope seems to be gone, Knight Andy Usca wasn't willing to give up so easily. Holding against the waves of droids and Droidekas,
  12. # ... Entering alias # ... Alias accepted # ... Enter secret # ... Secret enabled # ... Access granted to Jedi Archives GENERAL INFORMATION Full Name: Toby Lerone Known Alias’/Nicknames: Toblerone Previous Occupation: Senator Understudy, Moister and Massiff Farmer Current Occupation: Jedi Known Languages: Quarrenese, Nautolan, Basic Hobbies: Politics, Debating, Research Alignment: Consular PSYCHOLOGICAL INFORMATION Mental State: Stable Mental Disabilities: None Likes: Republic, Jedi Order, The People of Mon Cal Dislikes: Tusken Raiders, Karkadons, Droids Personality: Argumentative and strongly opinionated PHYSICAL INFORMATION Physical State: Moderately fit Age: 21 Weight: 90kg Build: Averagely built Disabilities: Massif Scars on Right leg Appearance: Dark Brown Quarren with dark patches scattered on head. JEDI INFORMATION Rank: Padawan Master (current or previous): Master Pea Lightsaber details: Single lightsaber with Brown and Gold Hilt featuring a Emerald Green lightsaber crystal Combat style: Defensive BACKSTORY Toby Lerone was born on Mon Cal into a relatively rich family. He was one of two children to the Lerone family. This included his father Shmitler Lerone, Usually referred to as Papa Shmitler by his children. His Mother, Braun Lerone. He also had a brother, Hess Lerone. Toby Lerone spent his first few years on Mon Cal learning skills of his father, a prominent Senator at the time. He learnt many skills growing up following his fathers work as he spent a lot of time at his fathers side, giving him a great grasp on politics and negotiation. His father was a strong Separatist figure which somewhat indoctrinated Toby Lerone into the Seperatist ways. When Toby Lerone was 12 years of age, The Clone Wars was brought to his planet, With the murder of the King of Mon Cal, Yos Kolina, by Separatist Karkadon, Riff Tamson. Led to His father becoming one of the candidates to replace the king, putting himself and his family in danger during this time of political turmoil on Mon Cal. When the separatist invasion began and the Republic responded, His family was caught in the cross fire. While with his father in his fathers senate chambers, The separatists began their attack on the Mon Calamari. During this Assault, a strike force of aquatic droids were sent to sweep the Senate building to eliminate any and all civilians inside, including Toby Lerone and his Father. When droids finally breached their chambers, they immediately began firing at the two Quarren hunkered down in their office. Toby, watching as a barrage of blaster fire filled the room, let out a strong energy, pushing the desk he was cowered behind and a strong current of water towards the droids, crushing them against a wall. His Father sat witness, stunned to what had just happened, quickly ushered Toby out of the building. After these events in the senate building, Shmitler quickly arranged a shuttle off-world for himself and his family, worried that now that Toby had shown his Force sensitivities and that the Republic would soon respond to the Separatist attack on the Mon Calamari, which would lead to a multiple of problems for himself and Toby. Toby Lerone and his father successfully made it off-world but Frall and Hess were captured by the Separatist, where they would eventaully be freed when the world was liberated by the Republic. Toby and his Father fled to the world of Tatooine where they would spend a few years. In these years, Shmitler negotiated for a small rundown moisture farm on the outskirts of Mos Doba, a small developing town. In these years, Toby and his Father would repair the moisture farm and begin trading in water and eventually trained Massiffs, which there were a plethora of in the dunes of Tatooine as well as the many Tusken Raiders which usually caused trouble for the pair. In this time, Toby would continue to start showing more and more refined force skills, while also refining his diplomacy skills as his father quickly used his local trade influence and political knowledge to further his ranks in Mos Doba. Toby and His father, which was a Newly anointed leader of Mos Doba, Went on a diplomatic mission to Mos Espa, Capital of Tatooine. During this trip, Two Jedi, Master Pea and Knight Sni'Kell, were also on a diplomatic mission to quell the black market presence on Tatooine. Master Pea felt a disturbance, Toby. He could feel his strong force presence and immediately changed his mission to resolving this discrepancy he found in the force. Toby and his Father were out at a local gathering in which they encountered the two jedi for the first time. Toby instantly was entranced by their power with words and actions, as well as their presence in the force. His father was quite the opposite, knowing them as Jedi, servants of the Republic and enemies of the separatists, however when Master Pea offered Toby the chance to come to Coruscant and begin his Journey to becoming a Jedi, His father could not stop his son in this Adventure. Toby Lerone would further go on to use his knowledge in Politics and Negotiation to quickly become useful in the Galactic Civil war, being dispatched to assist in negotiations with Separatist and the criminal underworld, as he was influential in both circles due to his past interacting with both of them. Toby would continue under the tutorship of Master Pea while also bonding with many other Jedi due to his fascination with other species and their histories. Toby also interacted with Navy often, as he would usually accompany them on missions to different planets for various diplomatic purposes. RELATIONSHIPS Dead| Death Wish | Hatred || Disliked | Untrusted | Indifferent | Acquaintance | Liked | Friend | Best Friend | Family - Papa Shmitler, Frall Lerone, Hess Lerone Dead - None Death Wish - None Hatred - Terece Yondar Disliked - Tusken Raiders Untrusted - Karkadons Indifferent - None Acquaintance - Navy Members Liked - Kirth Griss, Hav Remdor Friend - Pea, Sni'Kell Best Friend - None
  13. Os Olsojigin // Accessing Jedi Archives // // Password Accepted // // Accessing File 'Os Olsojigin' // // Welcome // ------------------------------------------------ GENERAL INFORMATION Name: Os 'Khan' Olsojigin Age: 19 Sex: Male Nickname: Acroheart Birth Date: 7/12/45 BBY Status: Active Species: Human Ethnicity: Unknown Affiliations: The Jedi Order Rank: Padawan Master: Katrull Lightsaber Details: A light green dual bladed lightsaber made out of bone Fighting Style: Form II Makashi, Form IV Ataru and Form VI Niman ------------------------------------------------ PSYCHOLOGICAL INFORMATION Mental State: Stable Mental Disabilities: INVALID Likes/Interests: Os likes to ride animals, often being able to bond with them rather quickly. Os also is interested in learning about his origins, specifically what planet he came from. Dislikes: The greedy, people who think they're better due to their blood rather than merit. Personality: Os is a very calm person, however, is not afraid to stand his ground when provoked. Os also is very talkative, rambling about anything that comes to his mind. ------------------------------------------------ PSYCHICAL INFORMATION Physical State: Tall, broad shouldered Weight: 80 Appearance: Os is a tall, with long hair tied up in a bun. He has a lighter, paler, yellowish skin tone with his eyes being slightly squinted. Os also has a fabulous moustache. ------------------------------------------------ SKILLS Skills: Os Olsojigin is a famed strategist and tactician on the battlefield. Os also is also relatively decent when duelling opponents. Os can also use a wide variety of force abilities. ------------------------------------------------ HISTORY / BACKSTORY Birthplace: Unknown Homeworld: Unknown Family: Unknown Os 'Khan' Olsojigin was said to be born in a planet located in the Outer Rim, one which has not been documented in the archives. There is a heated debate to where he originated, but it is universally accepted that he came from a nomadic tribe from one these planets. Os remembers that he grew up with beats double his size, and where the planet was split in conflict with another unknown group, but that is all he could recall. In his early life all that is known that Os was very close to animals, and was an exceptional mount rider. During these times he remembers a great fiery blaze that consumed the village he was growing up in, killing his most favoured mount. Soon after this event, a mysterious man took Os from his home planet, and left him on the door step of the Jedi Temple. The Jedi senses that this child at the doorstep had a strong connection with the force, and as such, took him in as a youngling to train to become a Jedi. As a youngling, Os Olsojigin isolated from the rest of the younglings, as he felt that he differentiated so much from the rest of them that he could not get along with anyone. Through time however, he was able to get to know various younglings, and would become friends with some here and there. His youngling period was tough, having to learn use force abilities and learn how to wield a lightsaber. For some reason however, he learnt how to use the force rather quickly. Os believes that this force may have had a connection to how he got along with animals so well, and how he was easily able to bond with his mounts. After trial after trial, Os was able to achieve the rank of Padawan, and was assigned to Knight Katrull, a male Trandoshan Jedi. Os was able to get along with Katrull relatively well. They both came from somewhat tribal origins, and they both had stories of their people, or so what they could remember of them. Os remembers the time where they tamed a horde of beasts, showing that others also had this ability to tame the wildlife. Os heavily developed his combat skills under his master, and could now rival some of the fellow Padawans. Under Katrull, Os Olsojigin was able to show his strategical and tactical skills on the battlefield, achieving great victories for the Republic. Os Olsojigin has continued to train over the years, and now looks to become a Jedi Knight... ------------------------------------------------ // Logging Out // // Access Revoked //
  14. # ... Entering alias # ... Alias accepted # ... Enter secret # ... Secret enabled # ... Access granted to Jedi Archives GENERAL INFORMATION Full Name: Truce, last name unknown Known Alias’/Nicknames: Truce Previous Occupation: Padawan Current Occupation: Jedi Knght Known Languages: Galactic basic Hobbies: Stealing and having things of value Alignment: A Knight of the Jedi Order, of the consulate path PSYCHOLOGICAL INFORMATION Mental State: Questionable at best Mental Disabilities: ADHD Likes: The colour green, stealing things Dislikes: Authority, Coruscant guard Personality: Judgmental, Honest, Energetic PHYSICAL INFORMATION Physical State: Healthy Age: 23 Weight: 62kg Build: Slim muscular Disabilities: NA Appearance: Shorter than the average male human JEDI INFORMATION Rank: Kinght Master (current or previous): Master Andy Usca Lightsaber details: Green Great Sabre Combat style: Aggressive, Defensive BACKSTORY Born on Coruscant in the underground city, parents were killed during a turf war leaving him to be raised on the street as a street kid. In order to survive he stole and lied to stay alive in the underground and whenever he got into a fight with the gangsters and thieves of the under city he would shout out truce to try and defuse the situation so much that people started calling him by that name. Sometimes when he stole form a shopkeeper and was caught he would unconsciously jedi mind trick them into letting him go although not always successfully. Truce was 10 years old when one day he was doing his usual excuses after getting caught stealing again when this time when he jedi mind tricked the shopkeeper there was someone else watching. A jedi knight who happened to be wandering through that part of the city saw what he was doing and immediately realized that it was the force at work. He approached the child and asked him if he wanted to go somewhere, where he would get free food and a warm bed, where he would be able to make many friends and most importantly learn to use his latent gifts to help others.
  15. Jedi Padawan Skyda GENERAL INFORMATION Full Name: Skyda Known Alias’/Nicknames: n/a Previous Occupation: Unknown. Current Occupation: Padawan to the Jedi Order. Known Languages: Galactic Universal, Manderlorian (Average, but well versed) Hobbies: Studying ancient Jedi history, in particular the Jedi/Mando wars. Alignment: Lawfully Neutral PSYCHOLOGICAL INFORMATION Mental State: Stable Mental Disabilities: None. Likes: History and old weapon crafting. Dislikes: Slavers and Death watch. Personality: Level headed, tinkerer, easily entertained and Loyal to his fellow Jedi. PHYSICAL INFORMATION Physical State: Agile Age: 20 Weight: 94kgs Build: Average Disabilities: None (plans to change when I can) Appearance: Standard Robes with modified belt to fit his custom made saber. JEDI INFORMATION Rank: Padawan Master (previous): Master Xainash Light saber details: Normal Saber, Made of 1 part Jedi 2 parts ancient Sith. Combat style: Defensive Preference BACKSTORY The Jedi that took him into the Jedi order had passed before he was given the chance to learn about it, but from a genome test he found large traces of mandalorian blood, while not pure blood, likely that 1 of his biological parents was, and the other from another system. That was about as much as he wished to learn about his past, seeing as how its lost for him, looking to the future that is yet to happen using the knowledge of the past to guide him, accepting his role in the galaxy, he takes every stride to further the Jedi for good and clear the galaxy of its corruption. On his way though life, even when taught not to develop relationships, in a way his one weakness, his loyalty grew out from the Jedi order and into his fellow Jedi. This makes him stronger, but even when he doesn't display it, he knows someone could take advantage of it. RELATIONSHIPS Dead | Parents Hatred | Slavers Acquaintance | 38th Armored and 327th Sky Corp Best Friends | Tiberius and Pablo
  16. Access Jedi Archives. # ... Starting System analysis. # ... Start up complete. # … Enter Alias: Padawan Riffatolious Julian Jawrelious. # … Alias Accepted. # … Enter Password: ********. # ... Password Accepted. # ... Access granted to clone database, Welcome back Padawan Riff Jawrelious. # ... Search: MENTAL INFORMATION. # ... ACCESSING MENTAL INFORMATION. # ... MENTAL FILE DETECTED. Mental State: Mentally Stable at this time. Mental Disabilities: No Mental Disabilities Detected. Preferred names: Riff J. Jaws Nickname: Jaws Likes: Bodies of water, studying Jedi archives, learning of ancient Jedi rivals such as both Sith and Mandalorian cultures, hand to hand combat, lightsaber dueling. Dislikes: Betrayal, Battle Droids, Count Dooku, Ewoks, Mon Calamari / Quarren. Personality: Jaws' personality is quite aggressive due to the deaths of both his parents, and the fall of his home, Jaws can seemingly lose control when things take a drastic turn (e.g. a friend dying) but, during the time at the Jedi academy he has learned to be fast and agile. He still doesn't attach to people easily and finds it hard to make friends. At the start of the Clone Wars, Clones were presented to him as nothing but utilities to use in the war, this was mostly due to the mass death of his species during the battle of Karkaris from both CIS Droids and Republic Clone soldiers. Nonetheless, Jaws has expanded his way of thinking and still fights side by side the clones during battles and may grow fond of a small handful of soldiers over the course of the war. # ... Search: PHYSICAL INFORMATION. # ... ACCESSING PHYSICAL INFORMATION. # ... PHYSICAL FILE DETECTED. Physical State: Fit Age: 18 Weight: 90 kgs Build: Ectomorphic body type. Disabilities: No Physical disabilities detected. Appearance: Jaws is a young Karkarodonian from the planet of Karkaris. He is a very agile amphibian that is quiet but fit. He has sharp teeth capable of ripping through most skins to the bone, and his powerful jaw allows for very strong grips to most objects. Jaws has Sharp claws and webbing on his hands and feet making him very fast and dangerous in water and wet conditions. Jaws has gills slightly under his strong jawline allowing him to breathe underwater easily while also being able to breathe on land thanks to a repository system placed in his throat by the Jedi as a young child. The Clothing worn by Jaws resembles a wet suit used by most Jedi, however a bit more suited for Karkarodon species, it reaches from just below the knee to his shoulders making it much easier than it already is to swim and run. Jaws also has a sacred knife inserted into his wetsuit on the right shoulder, as a traditional totem handed down through the ages of his people, it’s to symbolise that they are hunter, not prey. # ... Search: JEDI ORDER FILE. # ... ACCESSING ORDER FILE. # ... ORDER FILE DETECTED. Rank: Padawan Master (current or previous): No master designated. Lightsaber details: Jaws wields a standard Yellow bladed, silver hilt saber, with black and white adjustment and activation buttons. Combat style: Jaws uses an aggressive stance and is focused on attack, however does occasionally hold a defensive stance when required. # ... Search: BACKGROUND FILE. # ... ACCESSING BACKGROUND FILE. # ... BACKGROUND FILE DETECTED. Jaws' had a peaceful family in the grand city "Tanoga City" in his home world of Karkaris. His father was leader of the Kings royal guard and his mother was one of the Queen's most trustworthy aids. Karkaris was neutral and did not want to join any wars, especially the recent war between the Republic and Separatists. However, a Karkarodon by the name Riff Tamson insisted that we must align our planet with the Confederacy of Independent Systems. Riff Tamson pleaded to the King on several occasions, however to no success. Riff Tamson then pleaded to Count Dooku, and with a small community of Karkarodon people the Separatists invaded in 22BBY. By the end of the invasion, The King was overthrown and executed along with the royal family and staff, meaning both Jaws’ parents had perished. Jaws had become an orphan at such a young age with little to no memory of his parents, all he had was the sacred family heirloom which he continues to hold today... The planetary war went for several weeks, eventually leaving the Separatists in command of the planet. Nearly weeks after being abandoned by all, a Jedi Master that had traveled to Karkaris for the battle, found Jaws cold, hungry, and alone, the Jedi Master could sense something, something special. He took Jaws back to his Venator, and after further testing of the young Karkarodons blood, He had discovered an overwhelming amount of Midi-chlorians. This young one is force sensitive. After the republics full withdrawal of Karkaris, The Jedi master had Jaws enrolled into the Jedi Order. During the start of the clone wars, a Mandalorian trainer by the name of Kal Skirata helped train the young Karkarodon until a moderate age when he begun his hand to hand combat within the order being far more advanced. He also trained along side of the NULL Class commandos before they left the army. Riff continues to pledge himself to the order till this very day. Relationships No Relations at this time.
  17. https://docs.google.com/document/d/1N0lP0BPMckQu6JDQ4UrWiF2KwsAIEJKIqBn5tPuB2xk/edit?usp=sharing
  18. # ... Entering alias # ... Alias accepted # ... Enter secret # ... Secret enabled # ... Access granted to clone database PSYCHOLOGICAL INFORMATION Mental State: Somewhat disturbed. Mental Disabilities: None. Likes: Bright enjoys meeting new people, he loves nothing more than being around other people, in paticular clones. Dislikes: Bright dislikes being alone. Personality: Bright has a bubbly personality and is always doing something and running around, he is approchable and talkative. PHYSICAL INFORMATION Physical State: Bright is small and not very muscular, he relys on his force abilities. Age: 19. Species: Jawa. Gender: Male. Weight: 20 Kilograms. Height: 1 Meter Tall. Appearance: Bright's appearance is like any other Jawa's, he wears a hooded cloak and his yellow eyes showing in the place a face usually would be. JEDI INFORMATION Rank: Padawan. Master: Serbo, but currentley masterless. Lightsaber details: Bright's hilt is made of wood and is carved like a cutless, his blade is yellow. Combat style: Defensive due to his size. BACKSTORY Bright was born to a normal Jawa family, who lived a simple life. The normal life of any Jawa... He always seemed diffrent to all the other Jawa's but nobody could put their finger on it so he was outcasted by his so called friends. Bright tended to stay away from the other Jawa's and just concentrate on making some credits which he did very well, he was a great barginer. Bright and his family lived in the old sand crawler that they had been using for years, they had been left behind by some old miners who went out of buisnnes here ages ago, but this old sand crawler was home for Bright and he loved it. Things were going as they normally do and Bright had finally made a friend, her name was Stamiric and they loved being around each other. One day while working Bright encountered a strange man buying a part for his ship, of course Bright had the part and was willing to sell it to him but the price didn't sit well to the buyer who attempted to pull out a blaster on Bright, this was when Bright discovered his force abilities. He saw the man with the gun and saw Stamiric standing next to him and out of pure fear he somehow pulled the gun out of the mans hands and into his own, he was about to shoot the man until he felt a sudden feeling that that isn't the right thing to do. He pointed the gun at the man and told him to run or he would shoot, Stamiric looked in disbelief as to what she had just witnessed but decided to keep her mouth shut, the next day two men in dark brown cloaks came and said they were from the Jedi and were here to take him away to learn the way of the Jedi, Bright's parents could only agree to this. As he got onto their speeder he saw Stamiric being handed some credits by a man who he had not seen before, but alas it was time to go... After a long journey back to Corasuant he finally reached the Jedi Temple, it was amazing. Bright fought to hide his feelings but the two Jedi he was with could sense his fear and excitment so he had no point in hiding them... He reached the council room in front of all the council members and he was feeling a mix of fear and excitment but couldn't decide which was more powerful, Yoda stood up and came over to Bright and touched his head and grunted, Bright was confused but allowed Yoda to continue whatever it was he was doing. Bright was introduced to the Jedi and was allowed to become a youngling, this was an exciting time for Bright and he tried his hardest to acheive the best he could. He felt it was his duty to make something out of himself given the chance he was given to come this far. It wasn't easy but he made it into the Jedi Order. He was finally a Padawan, but to who? Bright was assigned to a master by the name of Sebith, he was of course a Bith something that greatly intreiged Bright as he had been reading about them and how smart they are. Bright thought he could learn a thing or two from this smart man and felt honoured to be given the privlage of being assigned to a Bith, Bright loved Serbith and the advantures and teaching he taught. It was a great time but like all good things they must come to an end... Serbith's end came by the hands of General Greivous who brutally cut down his master. Bright never forgot his old master but decided to progess in the future he must move on, which he did and was assigned to Master Shaak Ti who was a great master and he had no problems with her but still wished he could have his old master Serbith back, it wasn't until a little while later that Bright was taken away from yet another Master, this time it was because Shaak Ti was assigned elsewhere and Bright was tasked in finding a new master. RELATIONSHIPS Dead| Death Wish | Hatred || Disliked | Untrusted | Indifferent | Acquaintance | Liked | Friend | Best Friend | Dead: Serbo. Death Wish: Bright could never wish death on anyone, even his worse enemies. Hatred: Bright does not hate anyone as of yet. Disliked: Bright has a strong dislike of the sand people who killed his master but keeps it suppresed as he does not want to succome to feelings. Indiffrent: Normal citizens. Acquaintance: All jedi. Liked: Bright enjoys the company of the clone army. Friend: Bright calls the troopers of the navy his friends as they have always been kind to him Best Friend: Bright loves droids. Signing out...
  19. Karma Nautolan Character Name: Eji Karma Age: 24 Gender: Male Nickname: Karma Species: Nautolan Occupation: Jedi Height: 6’4” Weight: 180kg The Characters Appearance Karma is a Orange Nautolan from Glee Anselm, Large Purple eyes and has a small burn over his left hip from a lightsaber and a cut from that burn going down his left leg Clothes: Grey Bodysuit with a Red Robe with white Gauntlets to go with his Coruscant Guard comrades Background Karma had a normal childhood was raised in Glee Anselm until the Jedi order moved him to Coruscant at age 6 because he was a force sensitive child. Once arriving at the Jedi academy he saw another Nautolan called by Jedi Master Kit Fisto and Karma has always looked up to him as a father figure and respected him as he would like to be like him one day. Karma was on a mission one day where he was exploring illum for his own yellow Kyber Crystal he was attacked by one of Grievous Acolytes named Tia Hepyun. Karma is now a Padawan Following the path of a sentinel and wanting to become a Jedi Temple Guard and wants to see how far he will go to protect the Jedi order and the clones. Karma is wanting to learn more about his force abilities. Personality Karma is normally very relaxed and calm but when a life is on the line he can get very protective of others rather than saving himself he will put his life on the line to save others. Likes and Dislikes Likes: Jedi temple, Master Kit Fisto, Grand Master Yoda, Medics , Coruscant Guards, Massifs Dislikes: Jedi who don't follow the order, some Clones Talents Karma is very proficient in tracking people down and stopping them from hurting others, he is also very proficient in Form III (Soresu) Which he learnt from Master Obi-Wan Kenobi. Jedi Information Rank: Padawan Master: Currently None Lightsaber: Common Lightsaber hilt , With a yellow Kyber Crystal Combat Style: Form III (Soresu or Defensive)
  20. Name: Alor Theros Age: 22 Gender: Male Birthplace: Unknown Farmstead Birth Date: 09/25/40 BBY Homeworld: Saleucami Family: Herk Theros - Father - Unknown Suli Theros - Mother - Unknown Kari Theros - Younger Sister - Alive Familial Background: Alor came from a traditional, farming family who long have been working on their farm on Saleucami which has been passed generation to generation of the Theros family. His father was young when he met Alor's mother at a farmers market where Suli had come with her family to help with their stall. The two connected very quickly when they began to know each other. They eventually married and soon after the Theros family farm became theirs which soon after came Alor and a few years later, Kari who quickly became a loved edition to the family and after the jedi order came for Alor, she became the family heir. Character Background: When Alor was only three years old his father had contacted the Jedi order as Alor had shown signs of being force sensitive around the farm on various occasions. After the order had come for Alor and his family had said their goodbyes Alor was then taken somewhere off world presumably to Coruscant to the Jedi temple but along the way the ship carrying him went missing and what happened was unknown but a few weeks later he appeared with the those who had went to find him in a spaceport on Tatooine where he was taken to the temple from. He started off as a quiet youngling who was very private as it was believed he had experienced something strange during the period he was missing. After he passed his Padawan trials he started to pursue his path of a Jedi as a Consular which he had become chosen to be after he found his crystal during his trials. It is believed that the visions he experiences have something to do with his missing period as it unknown what conspired during that period of time as it seemed like Alor had some form of amnesia when he was found again. About the Character Personality: Alor is a kind person who has been humbled by many years of Jedi training in the temple. Alor is generally a happy go lucky type of person who tries to help others around him as he feels like he can do much better as a Jedi by doing helpful things to those around him. Alor is very distant about his past as he occasionally has visions about strange places which are familiar to him yet unknown at the same time and this can cause his curiosity to be caught as he can be very adventurous but also collected at the same time due to past experiences. Hobbies/Interests: Going through the Jedi records and learning things about the consular of the past and the discoveries they made during their times. Listening to music from many different cultures and planets. Enjoys flying ships as he feels it gives him better control of his curiosity as he gets to see the galaxy. Habits: Alor has a habit of fidgeting with his hands when he isn't doing anything as he is a very energetic person. He also is known to tap his foot while in mid conversation. Goals/Motivations/Dreams: Alors dream is to become a Jedi Master who can always be relied on for help not just by Jedi but others as well. His motivation comes from the fact he doesn't remember much about his past but what he does wasn't pleasant so he wants others to experience better. Rank: Master Apprentice(s): Padawan Barco Row
  21. Name: Hal Row Age: 22 Gender: Male Birthplace: Tatooine Birth Date: 06/22/BBY Home-world: Tatooine Family: Bal Row - Father - Alive/Active Mel Row - Mother - Alive/Active Dak Row - Brother - Alive/Active Jade Row - Sister - Alive/Active Kai Row - Cousin - Alive/Active Jai Row - Cousin - Alive/Active Beler Row - Uncle - Alive/Active Familial Background: The Row family originated from the planet of Rodia but moved to Naboo before Bal was born and moved to the planet of Tatooine when Bal was a young child. Bal met Mel when he was 12 years old and they made an instant connection. Hal was the middle child in his family having an older brother and a younger sister. The Row family were well off from when they first arrived on Tatooine as Bal's family had brought their entire savings with them. Bal runs a well off store near the Mos Eisley spaceport specializing in certain resources that could only be found on Tatooine. Character Background: Hal was brought to the temple after his uncle, Beler came to visit and noticed Hal had a connection to the force. After Beler brought Hal to the temple he met his cousins, Jai and Kai. Hal was a gifted child and was always known to be causing trouble within his fathers store and the surrounding region. The Row family was always proud of Hal's achievements and where his goals were in life from a young age. Hal was only 6 when he was found by a Jedi Master who was on a mission on Tatooine after rumors of a dangerous threat to the spaceport of Mos Eisley. The Jedi master told the Row family that they would be taking him to study the Jedi ways on Coruscant and that Hal would be much safer from potential dangers. The Row family agreed after a long debate because they wanted what was best for their son so they sent him with the Jedi with a few keepsakes to remember them by. Hal struggled at first being away from his family but eventually got thrown into his studies so he put his troubles to the back of his mind and focused on becoming a Jedi. Hal eventually returned to Tatooine and reconnected with his family who were proud of what he had become. Hal met his Uncle, Beler and 2 of his cousins, Jai and Kai after he arrived at the Jedi Temple and began his studies. About the Character Personality: Hal is generally a nice person and strives to help everyone that he possibly can. He is intelligent and has quite a interest in exploring and finding out the unknown or hidden things throughout his family, the Jedi order and any situations that come his way. Hobbies/Interests: Swimming, combat practice, learning about the history of the Jedi and the Republic. The origin of space travel and where his family came from.Enjoys leaping around the countryside when exploring. Habits: Is Impatient due to how he was raised and trained. Meditates a lot when not in battle and enjoys studying the Jedi Archives Goals/Motivations/Dreams: Wants to make Jedi Master some day and wants to Impress his former Masters. Aspires to become an adept in Lightsaber combat and to teach others his knowledge of the Jedi history and combat. Rank: Master, Trained as a Sentinel and in the art of the Saberstaff by Master Geso Le'go Master(s): Master Geso Le'go, Master Mace Windu and Master Yoda Apprentice(s): Jacara Umardar, Sparrow Barlas, Delt Acroheart and Rastus Vulkaran
  22. Introduction of Character Name: Jaid Jyruson Age: 23 Gender: Female Sexual/Romantic Orientation: Homosexual Nickname(s): JJ, Lady of Aid. Birth Date: 04/26/BBY Status: Alive Species: Human Ethnicity: Arab from Egypt Affiliations/Organizations: Jedi Order Occupation: Jedi Knight, Medic The Character’s Appearance General Appearance: Silk short black hair. roundish eyes. slim. average height. sharp lips. ( The Human Female Model. I cant find it in garrys mod but stooge's custom jedi uses it.) Height: 5' 9" Weight: 60 kg Tattoos/Birthmarks/Scars: " حكا سيدة الصحة " Wrote across the back of her head Translating to "Heka Lady of Health" Accessories: Handmade Necklaces, Bracelets from her homeworld About the Character Personality: Kind and creative out and in battle but also strict for reason. Favorites: Learning. Refining new skills. Teaching others her knowledge. Least Favorites: inpatient people. wasted time. unnecessary bloodshed. Hobbies/Interests: Medicine. Dueling. Using the force for Good. Phobias/Fears: Isolation. Losing connection to the force. the end of the Jedi order. Habits: Yelling random sounds. Being where she shouldn't be to gain knowledge. Skills/Talents: Negotiation, can make a convincing male voice. gift for healing. Best Qualities: Healing abilities. Quick Learning. Worst Qualities: Piloting/Flying. By standing a situation. Morality/Ethics: Heal those of much pain as she can. To share knowledge with each other. Goals/Motivations/Dreams: Goal to be High General on the Council. Too not have to set up a table and chair outside commanders meeting and eavesdrop anymore. The Character’s Relationship With Others Reputation: Willing Student. Helpful Ally. Friend(s): Jedi Knight (Quyel) Jyruson - Jedi Sentinel (Older Brother) Jedi Master Jyrus - Jedi Consular ( Father) Enemy(ies): Deathwatch CIS Count Dooku The Character’s Abilities Jedi?: Yes If Yes, Rank?: Knight Master(s): Jedi Master Jyrus Color of Lightsaber: Green Powers/Abilities: N/A Fighting Style: Versatile Preferred Weapon(s): Staff Saber (Pike like saber) Knowledge: 8/10 Motivation: 7/10 Will to Act: 8/10 Agility: 7/10 Force Control: 6/10 Swordsmanship: 5/10 Hand-to-Hand Combat: 4/10 Piloting Skills: 2/10 Offense: 4/10 Defense: 7/10 Social Skills: 9/10 Healing: 8/10 The Character’s Familial/Biographical Information Birthplace: Egypt Homeworld: Earth Family: Jedi Master Jyrus (Father/Deceased) Jedi Knight Jyruson (Brother/Active) Familial Background: To be develop in the future. Character Background: To unravel in the future. EDIT: You may delete custom jedi "Sheek Zuka" and replace it with this character to help with tidiness of f4 list
  23. Keshani Tundine Age: 19 Gender: Male Sexual/Romantic Orientation: Bisexual Nickname(s): Kesh, Big Kesh, Birth Date: 12/21 BBY Status: Alive Species: Human Ethnicity: [ Tatooinian Affiliations/Organizations: Jedi Order, Tatooine Elite (briefly), Tatooine Ghetto Occupation: Jedi General Appearance: Very well shaped cheekbones, with white hair complimenting his blue eyes, has a very buff physique, has a scar on his neck, on his back is his families Tatooine Heraldry. Height: 5ft10 Weight: 199lb / 89kg Tattoos/Birthmarks/Scars: has a scar on his neck, has his families old Heraldry on his back shaded in black Accessories: he has no accessories other than his familes Heirloom ring stored in his pocket. Personality: he always has a smug arrogant look on his face, but when he is in lightsaber duels his arrogance goes away, he sometimes makes jokes about other species, behind their back but still retains respect for them. he takes lightsaber duels and meditation very seriously above all else Favorites: Lightsaber Dueling Making smug jokes Running Relaxing observing missiles in the sky Least Favorites: Hates loosing duels Hobbies/Interests: Dueling, Running, acting tough hanging with his Padawan Friends Phobias/Fears: Fears, being left behind on a mission someday The thought of Tatooine, his family not being a good enough jedi Habits: Almost always has a smug look on his face sometimes laughs at the worst moments Skills/Talents: Hes very adept at Lightsaber duels is in touch with his emotions able to make really funny jokes Adept at Force leap Best Qualities: His best quality is lightsaber dueling, he values that the most his ability to stay in touch with his emotions Worst Qualities: sometimes laughs at the worst of times, which is a habit for him Bites on his tongue Morality/Ethics: believes anyone who threatens his order, or anyone in that case must be dealt with, has alot of pride in himslef and sometimes acts noble. Goals/Motivations/Dreams: to become as powerful at lightsaber dueling as he can The Character’s Relationship With Others Reputation: is neutral with everyone, while befriending one padawan and a youngling Friend(s): James orion, Koyel Syn Enemy(ies): Every single tusken raider alive Organization/Group: All Tribes on Tatooine consisting of Tusken raiders Jedi?: Yes If Yes, Rank?: Padawan Color of Lightsaber: Green Powers/Abilities: he has a trait where he goes fully rage, but in a controllable manner, happens when the Fight is becoming intense Strengths: His fighting style becomes a little bit better, meaning he can move around more thus reducing the fatigue when dueling. Weaknesses: if he does not Focus on his power then it is being used, he could get out of control... There has only been 1 case of this happening, but he vowed for that to never happen agan. Restrictions: Could get out of hand. Alternate Form(s): NA Fighting Style: Agressive, can switch to defence as a last resort Preferred Weapon(s): Lightsaber Knowledge: 7/10 Motivation: 8/10 Will to Act: 7/10 Agility: 7/10 Force Control: [How Well They Use the Force] 7/10 Swordsmanship: 10 /10 Hand-to-Hand Combat: 10 /10 Piloting Skills: 4/10 Offense: 10/10 Defense: 6 /10 Social Skills: 9/10 Familial/Biographical Information Birthplace: Inside of a secured compound Homeworld: Tatooine, Pol-Ethra Family: The Tundines, a rich Family Familial Background: His family the tundines were the Longest reigning rulers of a Tatoiine City, called Pos-Ethra with a population of about 400.000 People, their bloodline lasted 13 generations, until his whole entire family Was slaughtered by a massive band of Tusken raiders, the garrison outside of their compound was quickly slaughtered. his Mother and father Gave the Family Heirloom to Keshani, and took him to a safe location at the back of the compound, and running off to reason with the tusken raiders. They were all slaughtered and that left keshani the last of his bloodline. Character Background: he became a ghetto kid, he was thinking of selling his family heirloom to survive. Before he could sell it though , a jedi Knight by the name of Pol-Judith came and keshani had never seen a man like him before, he decided to beg help to the man, after a while the jedi knight observed him and saw potential and decided to bring him back to the jedi temple, where he would train to become a jedi. Keshani never saw Pol-Judith ever again, keshani developed a type of anger in his jedi duels, which made him excel in dueling, which got him to where he is today.
  24. Introduction of Character Name: (Authar/Xin Age:27 Gender: (Male) Sexual/Romantic Orientation: (Straight) Nickname(s): Nikolai Birth Date: MM/DD/BBY (Before Battle of Yavin) or ABY (After Battle Yavin) Status: (Alive) Species: (Human) Ethnicity: Mandalorian Affiliations/Organizations: (Jedi Order) Occupation: (Jedi Padawan) The Character’s Appearance General Appearance: 5"6 | Short black Hair, light blue Eyes Colour If possible the short black hair (Can it be upwards hair look?) Height: 5"5 Weight: Tattoos/Birthmarks/Scars: (Left Eye Blind) (1 Scar left side lipcut) Accessories: (Robotic left hand?) (Left leg robotic?) About the Character Personality: Very secretive and suspicious of everyone, including the Jedi Masters. Authur almost consistently shows that he works well alone, never needing any help. He always keep a low profile, so no one would bother him, while deceiving people to do what he wants, be it for personal gain or for his missions. He may seem unsociable, but he is actually somewhat outgoing. Favorites: nothing Least Favorites: Talking about his past Hobbies/Interests: Fighting/Training/SlicingAndDiceing Phobias/Fears: no fear (without fear life is meaningless) Habits: Learning new fighting/moves Skills/Talents: Art Of Combat Profesional (or expert if profesional cant do) Best Qualities: Selfless, Ougoing, Fighting Worst Qualities: Secretive, Somewhat unsociable Morality/Ethics: Never compromise allies and civilians Goals/Motivations/Dreams: To not go back to the lifestyle he had when he was young The Character’s Relationship With Others Reputation: Somewhat Sociable Friend(s): None that he Considers Enemy(ies): CIS The Character’s Abilities Jedi?: Yes If Yes, Rank?: Padawan Master(s): Apprentice(s): Color of Lightsaber: light Blue Powers/Abilities: (N/A Strengths: Quick witted with his use of powers Weaknesses: Often forgets that he even has powers Restrictions: When on the defense during lightsaber combat, unable to force leap Alternate Form(s): N/A Fighting Style: Form I (Shii-Cho) Preferred Weapon(s): Lightsaber (On a scale of 1 – 10; 1 being terrible and 10 being the best) Knowledge: 8/10 Motivation: 5/10 Will to Act: 8/10 Agility: 10/10 Force Control: 7/10 Swordsmanship: 7/10 Hand-to-Hand Combat: 7/10 Piloting Skills: 5/10 Offense: 8/10 Defense: 7/10 Social Skills: 4/10 [Feel free to add/remove anything that may/may not pertain to your character.] The Character’s Familial/Biographical Information Birthplace: Unknown Homeworld: Na Shadaa Family: Unkown Father (Status Unknown) Unkown Mother (Status Unknown) Familial Background: Unknown Character Background: Authur Nikolai was a young Force sensitive Human street urchin living on the streets of the on a planet called Na Shadaa Capital City trying to survive by crime until he was taken in by a Jedi after seeing him using the force to steal food to survive and was throughout his childhood, Authur would occasionally trigger "strange abilities", which allowed him to see into the future. At the time, Authur didn't know the true nature of these abilities, which, in truth, was the Force.
  25. # ... Entering alias # ... Alias accepted # ... Enter secret # ... Secret enabled # ... Access granted to clone database PSYCHOLOGICAL INFORMATION Mental State: Stable Mental Disabilities: N/A Likes: Deep Meditation, Gambling, Shaving, Clone Army, Gardening Dislikes: Duels, Battles, Self absorbed Jedi Personality: Passive Aggressive, Agitated easily PHYSICAL INFORMATION/DISABILITIES Physical State: Fit due to rigorous training Age: 22 Weight: 81kg Build: Slim-Lean Disabilities: N/A Appearance: Black & White Robes, Clean Shaven, Bald Model: models/player/jedi/pantoran.mdl IMG JEDI INFORMATION Rank: Padawan Master: Coleman Trebor Lightsaber details: Green Kyber Crystal, Standard Sabre Combat style: Makashi BACKSTORY Pyros was bought up on his home world of Pantora and was scouted as a force sensitive individual, he was taken to the Jedi Temple on Coruscant by Jedi Master Coleman Trebor. He was trained as a youngling until he was old enough to become the Jedi Master's Padawan. However, during the young Padawan's first battle (1st battle of Geonosis) he was kept relatively safe in the back lines whilst his Master was apart of the initial assualt. Pyros later discovers that his Master fell to the hands of Count Dooku and Jango Fett., this made Pyros furious as he broke down into a emotional fit, striking at an old spider droid carcass with his saber. His fellow Jedi had seen how this affected him and sent him back to Coruscant for rehabilitation. A few months after the incident Pyros hadn't been assigned a new Master but instead placed on a republic Venator and assigned to the small Jedi detachment within it. Pyros soon developed a gambling addiction in the Venator's common room, his days were spent gambling until he met an Advanced Recon Commando who surprised him by having tremendous knowledge of the force, he even meditated in hopes to become force sensitive himself. Pyros knew that would never happen as none of the clones were capable, however he still made friends with this ARC Trooper. Pyros used the ARC Troopers dedication to boost his own confidence as he soon began the rigorous Jedi routine his old Master had taught him. RELATIONSHIPS Dead| Death Wish | Hatred || Disliked | Untrusted | Indifferent | Acquaintance | Liked | Friend | Best Friend Jedi Master Coleman Trebor The Jedi Master that Pyros so well respected, Pyros was sent into an emotion fit following his death. After months of rehabilitation and an unlikely clone trooper Pyros was able to move past his death and resume the training his late Master taught him. High General Mace Windu Pyros struggled to respect the High General as he failed to trust him. His old Master was in the High General's care whilst he died. This instantly made Pyros feel uneasy whenever he was around the High General. Alpha ARC A-72 The Advanced Recon Trooper that Pyros met during his dark days of gambling, The ARC trooper had displayed tremendous knowledge of the force and the Jedi. Pyros did not question how he knew so much instead choosing to take a page from the troopers book and not waste the gift he was granted with. The ARC Trooper had high hopes of one day becoming force sensitive so two often meditated together. Pyros considered A-72 a dear friend. Count Dooku One of the men responsible for not only causing the 1st Battle of Geonosis, but killing his old Master. Pyros wanted nothing more to see this man impaled on the end of his saber, but her knew he were far too weak. Pyros hopes one day to avenge his Master by cutting down the traitor. Jango Fett The Second man responsible for his Masters death, and whilst High General Mace Windu assured him he cut him down Pyros would not believe to. He needed to see the evidence, he began to question the Jedi order, but he knew that if he did it would not end well.
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