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  1. <Entering alias> <Alias accepted> <Enter secret> <Secret enabled> <Access granted to clone database> (Yes I know its a lore character photo, you try finding a photo of a Dathomir Zabrak that isn't a Sith) Full Name: Gax Kel'Tsaar Known Alias’/Nicknames: Gax Previous Occupation: Youngling, Tribe Child Current Occupation: Jedi Padawan Known Languages: Galactic Basic, Zabraki and parts of the Dathomiri Sub Language Hobbies: Soap Carving, Competition, Dueling and Combat. Alignment: Jedi Order. Mental State: STABLE Mental Disabilities: N/A Likes: Soap Carving, Practicing Tribal Combat. Dueling and Combat Dislikes: Liars, Cowards and the Sith. Personality: Warrior. Gax will seek people to speak with, He loves conversation and often speaks to his peers about Honor and glory in combat and death. Physical State: Above Average Strength, Super Cardio due to the Zabrak's two hearts. Age: 21 Weight: 90Kg Build: Humanoid Appearance: Typical of a Zabrak, Gax has a crown of horns on his head, short in length due to his age. a deep grey/black complexion with traditional Zabrak Yellow Tattoos. Rank: Padawan Master (current or previous): Obi-Wan Kenobi Lightsaber details: Thick and symmetrical wooden cylinder, with Iron binding rings rapped around it, a copper colored metal protruding then end with a guard. the saber color reflection Gax's pathway; Guardian. Combat style: Form I: Shii-Cho, III: Soresu. And Devout Follow of Jar'Kai, From V and Saber Staff Froms. Gax’s Warrior/Savage nature is not often brought to question, his young life on Dathomir often is. He shows small cracks in his calm Steely exterior to see within a man desperate for reason and direction. _ Gax was born on Dathomir destined to be a tribal warrior and servant of the dark. He never heard or seen of his Night-Sister mother and his father a long-dead Dathomiri Warrior. attempting to seek peace and a connection with others even at a young age.was impossible for a Zabrak born on Dathomir. Not all was hopeless for him however for he’d come used to reaching out in these times of quiet and finding a connection with something, …The Force. _ Gax's father was a legend among his tribe, he had a Rancor Kill count of 14 the highest in the current Era. Living up to such a legend like that was impossible that was the runt of the litter and an outcast from his tribe. After his father was a sacrifice in a Voodoo Night-Sister Ritual, Gax was left to fend for himself at the age of 5. Gax Trained himself with the traditional Zabrak Quarter-Staff and became Skilled in it. enough to defend himself from his fellow Dathomiri. _ Gax spotted a figure in robes sprinting toward him and he readied his staff to strike the figure. The figure had just about reached Gax's readied stance, and a sharp crack zipped through the air just scraping his cheek. He had just been shot at. The robed figure had picked up Gax and hurried away with him making massive jumps unnatural for any humanoid. all Gax could do was squirm but his instincts and an outside force warmed him and encouraged him to trust the figure. _ After a While the figure landed in an alcove probably old Rancor nest, Gax stood up in front of the Robed man. the figure took his hood off and a face of bandages and goggles peered at him, "My name is A'Sharad Hett..." A'Sharad Hett - Liked. Hett rescued Gax from Dathomir pretty much saving him from a life of hell and darkness. Obi-Wan - Best Friend. Obi-Wan was willing to take in a troubled child and teach him the ways of the force under his wing. Azazel - Friend. Azazel is a fellow Zabrak and a excellent Jedi knight, Azazel has taught Gax many things. Knoot Ucell - Dislike. Knoot regularly beats him in training with form I to Gax's disgust. @Maxonok @Truce's Rj @Azazel Thorin/Ozzy @Knotts
  2. # ... Entering alias # ... Alias accepted # ... Enter secret # ... Secret enabled # ... Access granted to Jedi Archives GENERAL INFORMATION Full Name: Knoot Uccell Known nicknames: Frog, Greenfish Previous Occupation: Jedi Padawan Current Occupation: Jedi Knight/Lorekeeper Known Languages: Galactic basic Hobbies: Dueling and talking with people Alignment: Jedi Order PSYCHOLOGICAL INFORMATION Mental State: Sane Mental Disabilities: lack of connection to the force Likes: Dueling, Studying the history of the order Dislikes: Consular duties, learning about the force, using the force Personality: Unremarkable and uninterested in most subjects apart from dueling PHYSICAL INFORMATION Physical State: Average Age: 20 Weight: 71kg Build: Average Disabilities: N/A Appearance: Green skin, black eyes JEDI INFORMATION Rank: Knight Masters: Hosk kal,Verlon Merlo,Rann learrn, Jari janl,Gary Felman Combat style: Shii Cho,Djem So,Makashi,Zero Lightsaber details: Green Kyber crystal encased within a standard hilt wrapped in Gundark leather, sporting a Azirit plate engraved with imagery of the domes of Rodia inlaid with gold BACKSTORY in 40BBY Knoot Uccellis Born on Rodia in 38BBY Jedi recruiter Feirefiz Verlus reported the findings of his search of the planet Rodia, the report stated The Jedi recruiter had found 2 force-sensitive infants in the town of Krilf, the parent of one of the infants had refused to hand over her child, the report further states the recruiter used the force to convince the mother to surrender her child to the Jedi order. in 32BBY Knoot Uccell had been assigned into Wolf clan along with 7 other younglings In 30BBY a report is made by Jedi master Jari Janl expressing his hopes for the younglings in wolf clan in 27BBY Jedi clan wolf underwent the gathering guided by Jedi padawan Zandar Mellz, All member of wolf clan would obtained their Kyber crystals from the Jedi temple of Ilum, The members of clan wolf crafted their sabers aboard the Paladin-class corvette "Crucible" under the guidance of the Mark IV architect droid "Huyang". in 25BBY Knoot Uccell underwent the padawan trails, During the force control demonstration Knoot Uccell was unable to show a basic understand and use of the force, Due to Knoot Uccell constant failures at controlling the force the young Jedi feared not being chosen as a Padawan, During the Dueling Demonstration Knoot Uccell defeated all opponents using the masterful blade work of Form 1 shii Cho, the young Jedi was assigned to Jedi Master Hosk Kal in the hope that the Jedi master would improve the young Jedi's control of the force, Knoot Uccell would practice meditation every day under the supervision of his new master. in 22BBY the clone wars started leading to the deployment of Jedi Master Hosk Kal as a General in the grand army of the republic, Knoot Uccell was deemed unfit for active service due to his lack of control of the force, During the early months of the clone wars Knoot Uccell studied under Verlon Merlo, The teachings of the Jedi blade master leading to Knoot's refinement of Shii Cho an adoption of Djem So, the young Jedi would study dueling an Jedi theology spending little time to the spiritual aspects of his masters training preferring instead to refine the dueling skills the padawan had used to reach his current rank, Due to the lacking interest shown in the force Knoot Uccell would be reassigned to Jedi historian Rann learrn the pair would visit many old Jedi temples during this time period, the pair would discover a hidden training hall inside a already discovered Jedi temple on the planet of Perlo 4, the discovery of the training hall would lead Knoot Uccello to construct a lightsaber in the style of the old Shii Cho masters. in 21BBY Knoot was deemed capable for active service an deployed along side the 501st 3rd infantry company under the command of Captain CT-11-4782 and Jedi general jari janl, the young jedi would be granted the rank of commander an was advised to learn the art of war from CT-11-4782 before the companies next deployment, the unit aboard the republic destory "Protector" would rondavoo with republic destroyer "Watcher" near the CIS world of Cerlo, during preparations for the jump to hyperspace Jedi Padawan Knoot Uccell would meet an familiarize himself with tactics of the 3rd infantry company, The Unit would successfully jump to the rondavoo point and under the orders of jedi General Jari janl Republic destroyers "Protector" and "Watcher" would begin deployment of Fighter escorts for the LAAT'S, Jedi Pawdawan Knoot Uccell along with CT-11-4782 an the troopers of the 3rd infantry company would begin the forward push along the rocky terrain of Cerlo, During the march 1st platoon reported Droid forces had setup a roadblock 1 klick ahead of the main unit, Jedi general Jari janl ordered the company to divert half the companies force to the roadblock well the other half joined with 4th company to begin the siege of military base Bravo , CT-11-4782 took command of 2nd and 4th platoons leading them around droid forces, Jedi Commander Knoot Uccell Continued leading the remaining platoons along the main road till the unit came into conflict with the droid forces at the road block, during the engagement Jedi commander Knoot Uccell was unable to deflect the incoming fire, the unit was unable to advance due to the state of Jedi commander Knoot Uccell who had been hit in the chest well advancing with 1st platoon, 1st platoon leader Lieutenant CT-07-5936 informed General Jari janl of the current state of the remaining units still assaulting the droids on the road, the unit was advised to retreat with the wounded and abandon the dead, Lieutenant CT-07-5936 following orders boarded all wounded troopers atop the units AT-TE, the unit would mange to escape with minimal casualties due to the efforts of CT-07-5936, taking the main road back to the landing zone the unit was met with no opposition along the trek back, once returning to the landing zone CT-07-5936 ordered the wounded troopers transported to the 12th medical platoon, after 2 months of fighting on the planet of Cerlo the CIS surrendered allowing republic forces to take the remaining towns and outposts, Commander Knoot Uccell would spend the remainder of the campaign in recovery, after General Jari Janl reviewed the combat reports from the troopers of the 1st an 3rd platoons the general began training the Padawan more studiously training the young jedi in blaster deflection, the young jedi found the motions wrong due to the padawans past as a lightsaber duelist. Early in 20BBY Knoot Uccell was promoted to the rank of Jedi knight after completion of the Trials Of Knighthood. in 20BBY Knoot Uccell during personal leave would travel to the Jedi temple on coruscant to visit the retired Jedi general Jari janl, During the visit jari janl would inform Knoot Uccell of the newest group of younglings undergoing their Padawan trials, Knoot Uccell had abstained from view the trials since they had already completed the dueling classes 2 days before his arrival, During Knoot Uccell's final day of personal leave had been summoned to the council chamber by grand master yoda, Knoot Uccell during the meeting stood before grand master Yoda and 3 other member of the high council the meaning behind the meeting soon became clear as the grand master began talking about the purpose of a Padawan learner, Knoot Uccell would state his desire to not take a Padawan due to his role as a general in the grand army of the republic, the grand master would assign Jedi Knight Knoot Uccell as the mentor of Anos Voidigoad, Knoot Uccell would met Anos Voidigoad aboard the Republic destroyer "Protector" one week after being assigned as the master of the young Jedi, Knoot Uccell would take the first day introducing Anos Voidigoad to the members of the 3rd infantry company aboard the "protector". in 20BBY The 3rd infantry company was deployed to the planet of Neevda under orders to protect the planet from the CIS, The unit aboard the PROTECTOR would jump to hyperspace, arriving minutes before 3 CIS Destroyers appeared on the protectors radar, The protector during the brief encounter sent out a destress signal under order of Jedi general Knoot Uccell, the Protector would sustain damage to its engines forcing the Protector to crash land on the planet surface, During the Protectors entry into atmosphere the troopers of the 3rd infantry company were boarded into the Protectors escape pods, The troopers would land on the planet surface in escape pods upon landing the 3rd infantry company troopers began regrouping at the ancient abandoned city Of Ne'a, The 3rd infantry company began preparing the city for the battle soon coming, Scouts from 1st platoon reported droid lander 3 klicks from Ne'a with this information the ARF troopers of 1st platoon were ordered to return to Ne'a, Droid forces would reach Ne'a 6 hours after the troopers had reinforced the city minimal defensive capability, the Battle started when Ne'a was sighed by the droids then blaster bolts began to fly, the troopers of 3rd and 4th platoon held the main entrance with CT-11-4782 "Knotts" and General Knoot Uccell leading the defense, The 2nd and 1st platoon were stationed in the cities few remaining buildings as support for the ground units protecting the main entrance, The troopers of the 3rd infantry company held the city till the droids halted their advance as the burning green sun began to set, During the night the troopers of 2nd and 1st platoons were assigned with guard duty with Commander Anos Voidgoad acting as commanding officer well General Knoot Uccell and Captain "Knotts" rested, the 2nd platoon reported droid contacts shortly after first light leading to the 4th platoon rushing to reinforce the 2nd platoon with General Knoot Uccell Along with Captain "Knotts" and Commander Anos Voidigoad following behind, The company was able to hold the perimeter till droid bombers began bombing near Ne'a forcing the unit to take cover in the builds, to retreat inside the buildings, After the bombing 2nd 3rd and 4th platoons returned to defending the main entrance during this time Commander Anos Voidigoad would take command of the 1st platoon, The units of the 3rd infantry held the city of Ne'a for 102 hours after the crash landing of the republic destroyer "Protector" the casualty report for the battle at Ne'a states The naval members aboard the Protector, All members KIA The medical personnel aboard the "Protector",38 out of the 41 KIA The Troopers of the 3rd infantry company in Ne'a 1st ARF Platoon 2 out of 41 members KIA, 2nd Infantry Platoon 12 of 41 members KIA, 3rd infantry company 27 out of 41 KIA, 4th infantry Platoon 11 of 41 KIA. RELATIONSHIPS Dead| Death Wish | Hatred || Disliked | Untrusted | Indifferent | Acquaintance | Liked | Friend | Best Friend | Jedi Order: The order is a sign of hope for the young jedi Jedi General Hosk Kal: Being his first master the young Jedi views him as one of the greatest Jedi in the order Jedi Blade-Master Verlon Merlo: Being the main reason the young Jedi has spent most of his young life learning an mastering Shii Cho Rann Learn: Teaching the young jedi the value of the history Jedi General Jari Janl: Serving under him during the Cerlo campaign the young Jedi views him as a true leader Jedi knight Gary Felman: After being deemed too focused in his pursuit of mastering Shii Cho the young Jedi was reassigned to the Jedi knight Gary Felman to learn more about the force Jedi Knight Charls: Serving as a Padawan at the same time as Knoot Uccell Jedi Knight Tomas Orell: Serving as a Padawan at the same time as Knoot Uccell Jedi Padawan Anos Voidigoad: Being the Padawan of Knoot Uccell, the master cares greatly about his student Jedi Padawan Lacerta Filius: Meeting him during a visit to the jedi temple the massive lizard had a habit of standing out Jedi Padawan Alicia Clessid: Meeting the young jedi during a visit to the jedi temple, Knoot Uccell views the diplomat path as a noble one but stating its lack of combat training shouldn't be the weapon of a jedi during war Padawan Jett Malone: Meeting during a dueling class in the jedi temple the young jedi didn't last long Padawan Edward Proudmoore: Meeting the young Umbaran jedi briefly before leave the temple Republic: The young Jedi feels the republic are the hero's standing against the evil CIS 3rd Infantry Company: The young Jedi views the troopers in the 3rd infantry company as brave men 3rd Infantry Captain CT-11-4782 "Knotts": Leading the 3rd infantry company under the command of Jedi general Knoot Uccell, 3rd Infantry lieutenant CT-07-5936 "Hammest": Leading 1st Platoon during the clone wars CT-07-5936 was the undisputed 2nd in command of the 3rd infantry company
  3. GENERAL INFORMATION Full Name: Teebar Tinks Known Alias’/Nicknames: Tee, dumb dumb Previous Occupation: Slave Miner Current Occupation: Jedi Padawan Known Languages: Galatic Basic, Gunganese Hobbies: Watching saber fights, practicing with the force Alignment: Good PSYCHOLOGICAL INFORMATION Mental State: Scared by stable Mental Disabilities: PTSD Likes: My master, sweet food Dislikes: saber training, using form one Personality: More academic than combative, prefers researching rather than being on the front lines but will do it if necessary PHYSICAL INFORMATION Physical State: Fit Age: 19 Weight: 75kg Build: Slim but built Disabilities: None Appearance: Standard Gungan appearance JEDI INFORMATION Rank: Padawan Master (current or previous): Commander Zalmon Sparrow Lightsaber details: Only knows form one (probably why I really despise saber combat honestly) Combat style: More defensive (form one lol) BACKSTORY I like almost all other gungans am originally from the planet Naboo where I lived for a short time in the under water city of Otoh Gunga. However my parents (specifically my father ) was seen as a herectic, wishing to open Otoh up more and encourage the Gungan people to spread out in the galaxy he was seen as dangerous by the council and was forced into exile. Gungan politics is incredibly harsh so both I and my mother were forced out with him. Only 2 days after our exile I would look at my parents for the last time, on Tatooine my family sold me to slavers in order to make it there. From there I was taken alongside some other slaves to the Hosnian prime system. I would attempt to find friends, anything to help distract me from my new life but any friends I did make would not last long. We were forced to mine the planets natural minerals all day every day. The constant intake of new slaves meant they didn't have to worry about taking care of us. It was worse for me as I deprived of water most of the time and I only got a little bit at the start and end of the day. After only two weeks I was extremely malnourished and was on the brink of death. However by the will of the force something remarkable happened. The day was marked by torrential rainfall and all mining operations had to cease. The rainfall got so bad and violent that all the outside facilities such as the slave quarters were beginning to fall apart . Instead of taking the risk of some of the slaves escaping, the slavers and the company that hired them made the calculation to just let us die. Since there was no one to guard us anymore I took the opportunity to escape, with my ability to breath under water I would one by one carry the other slaves to a nearby cave system that ran parallel to the mine shaft system we were working on. There was no other way out of the cave except the entrance so we were forced to wait it out. After two days there was no sign of the storm dissipating and extreme bouts of hunger were beginning to set in. So I set out in an attempt to find something to eat for the group, I was the only amphibious person in the group so I had to do it alone. Due to the storm the water levels were large but devoid of life. The streams were too powerful for any normal aquatic life to swim around in. After two hours of searching and searching I came across a holo pad near the city Darropolis containing a single large ship. I recognized the republic symbol on the ship as I made my way slowly to the ship. Connecting to the holopad was a large building. Despite the torrential rainfall the shields on the building completely protected it, fortunately the opening to the ship was open and with no one around I snuck aboard in an attempt to find food. I frantically search the ship, in a complete panic as it had already been two days and people were starving when I left. I however started to feel weird, my body felt weightless and before I could realize what was happening a mysterious figure spoke out to me "I sense much fear in you young one" I was confused and scared, my body floating off the ground "who's there" I shouted "You look beyond malnourished and dazed, are you after food" The figure begin to slowly walk towards me, I could not see their face but the person was clothed in a brown robe. "please you have to help my friends, the rainfall has them trapped in a caver system to the east and they have food " I demanded of the mysterious individual. "It's amazing you have gone this long without food and yet have this much will and strength, Don't worry about your friends. I will send a search party after them" Towards the end of the sentence his voice began to blur, the hunger has finally gotten to me and all sense of reality was draining. I had so little energy left I fainted on the spot. ONE WEEK LATER: I woke in a comfy bed, tucked in sheets with my left arm extended out with a drip on it. Although dizzy I felt much better than I did when I fainted. "you look better young one" The same voice as on the ship spoke out to me, I looked next to me to see a jedi Knight. "Did you find my friends" I anxiously shouted "Haha first thing you think of when you wake up is others, I am impressed. not to worry little young. We found the other slaves in the cave system. no need to worry" I sunk back into the bed, relieved. "It's quite incredible you saved all those people and tried to find food without having eaten yourself in days" I wasn't sure how to respond. I didn't really think about it. "Until you told me you would find them I didn't really feel affected by the hunger, i just powered through it. " I said quietly, still drained from the experience. "I sense a great deal of potential from you young one, I know you just woke up but if you are interested I would like to take you to Coruscant" I was extremely confused "Why do you want me to go to Coruscant? " "Well to be trained as a jedi of course haha" The knight said in a warm and friendly manner "I sense much potential in the force from you young one. With training you could become a fantastic jedi" Anxious at first to accept the offer, the idea of being a slave for the rest of my life was not an option and a desire to help all people in my situation gave me the confidence needed "I want to help all children who like me are forced into slavery and death, I accept your offer " I exclaimed with a big grin on my face RELATIONSHIPS Dead| Death Wish | Hatred || Disliked | Untrusted | Indifferent | Acquaintance | Liked | Friend | Best Friend | Jedi Knight Valbourne The jedi knight that saved me, I am forever indebted to him for giving me the opportunity to help others in my situation. I consider every life I save a thanks to him for the opportunity he gave me. Commander Sparrow My current master and teacher, I am eager to learn everything I can from him in the hopes of being half the jedi he is some day
  4. # ... Entering alias # ... Alias accepted # ... Enter secret # ... Secret enabled # ... Access granted to clone database PSYCHOLOGICAL INFORMATION Mental State: Mental State is Mixed, Photographic Memory Mental Disabilities: Lacks Fear, Quick to Self Anger/Self Pity Likes: Swimming, Training, Battling, Alcohol Dislikes: Droids, Quarren, Laziness Personality: Brazen, Semi-Intelligent, Honest, Loyal, Rushes Everything PHYSICAL INFORMATION Physical State: Decent Condition Age: 25 Weight: 70.8kg Build: Lean and Skinny Disabilities: Voice Box was born Damaged Appearance: Plain Jedi Robe, Green Eyes JEDI INFORMATION Rank: Padawan Master (current or previous): Master Kruger Zakila, Commander Xainash Lightsaber details: Standard Padawan Hilt, Blue Crystal Combat style: Aggressive/Defensive BACKSTORY Hermes was born a Mon-Calamarian on Mon Cala. In his first 5 years of birth he had already seen tragedy strike his family. His father had been assassinated by a Bounty Hunter in front of his eyes. His mother hid Hermes under the floor while she was assassinated as well. Hermes was hidden under the floorboard, screaming for his mother until a Jedi known as Master Kruger Zakila came to investigate the Bounty Hunters doings and heard Hermes screaming. Master Kruger Zakila took him to Coruscant as he sensed the force within Hermes. The council deemed Hermes a suitable prospect to become a Jedi Youngling. Hermes didn't know any of this until he was much older and sensed the memories through Meditation. Hermes was excellent at Combat, which he loved, and he was average in the ways of the force. When Hermes became 20, he was ready to undertake his Gathering Trials. He was nervous, because he had never been tested in his life. His palms were sweating and if he failed, he would have to wait another year. Grand Master Yoda called him into his quarters. Grand Master Yoda told Hermes to recite what a Jedi Guardian, Consular and Sentinel do for the Jedi Order. Hermes answered these with ease as he loved reading and had a photographic memory. Hermes was then asked to protect himself against 3 training droids with shock lasers with his lightsaber. Hermes excelled in this as he was gifted with a lightsaber. Hermes was then asked to lift Grand Master Yoda's Desk. This was Hermes biggest weakness, His ability to lift objects with the Force Hermes tried as much as he could, but couldn't lift it more than 5cm. Hermes was about to cry when Grand Master Yoda said that it didn't matter if he failed this one, he had done exceptionally well in the others. Grand Master Yoda then asked when Path would Hermes like to study. Hermes had thought about this and he had decided he was best suited to become a Guardian/ Grand Master Yoda gifted Hermes his Padawan Hilt and Blue Crystal and Hermes was promoted to Padawan
  5. https://docs.google.com/document/d/1N0lP0BPMckQu6JDQ4UrWiF2KwsAIEJKIqBn5tPuB2xk/edit?usp=sharing
  6. # ... Entering alias # ... Alias accepted # ... Enter secret # ... Secret enabled # ... Access granted to clone database PSYCHOLOGICAL INFORMATION Name: Vythe Farnax. Species: Zarbrak Mental State: Stable. Mental Disabilities: Can be quick to show when he is annoyed. Likes: Jedi, Ancient Things, His Brother. Dislikes: Most Clones, Being Ordered Around. Personality: Vythe is quiet but very rude to most Clones. PHYSICAL INFORMATION Physical State: Not overly muscular but fast. Age: 18 Weight: 180kg Build: Somewhat Muscular Disabilities: None. Appearance: Vythe is tall and has quite large horns on his head. JEDI INFORMATION Rank: Padawan. Master: None yet. Lightsaber details: Vythe's lightsaber is yellow with a strange hilt that is wood and carved beautifully. Combat style: Vythe's preferred style of combat is defensive. BACKSTORY Vythe Farnax was born into a wealthy family and had three brothers, Shylon and Zyrathe, he was very close to his brothers and enjoyed plying with them with what they then thought were strange powers to lift things, this led to his brother accidentally killing his brother Shylon and abandoning his home. Vythe has always felt this was partly his fault because he did not go out there and watch over them as the older brother. Vythe was later when he was around 10 brought to the Jedi council to be decided if he was too old to become a Jedi but it was ruled that he was to become a Jedi. After a while with the Jedi Vythe had heard of another new Jedi who was the same species as him, it was Zyrathe! Vythe was overjoyed at this as he had missed his brother and forgave him. They are now close friends and brothers again. RELATIONSHIPS Dead| Death Wish | Hatred || Disliked | Untrusted | Indifferent | Acquaintance | Liked | Friend | Best Friend | Dead: Vythe Shylon, killed by Zyrathe. wishes no-one dead unless they are sith. Death Wish: Vythe wishes no-one dead unless they are sith. Hatred: Sith. Disliked: Vythe does not like clones, as he finds them incompetent. Indifferent: Vythe does not care much about his people. Acquaintance: Vythe enjoys company with troopers like Knotts and others. Liked: Vythe respects ARC troopers for their courage. Friend: Vythe considers Quinlan Vos a friend as well as Serbith. Best Friend: His brother Zyrathe.
  7. Name: Alor Theros Age: 22 Gender: Male Birthplace: Unknown Farmstead Birth Date: 09/25/40 BBY Homeworld: Saleucami Family: Herk Theros - Father - Unknown Suli Theros - Mother - Unknown Kari Theros - Younger Sister - Alive Familial Background: Alor came from a traditional, farming family who long have been working on their farm on Saleucami which has been passed generation to generation of the Theros family. His father was young when he met Alor's mother at a farmers market where Suli had come with her family to help with their stall. The two connected very quickly when they began to know each other. They eventually married and soon after the Theros family farm became theirs which soon after came Alor and a few years later, Kari who quickly became a loved edition to the family and after the jedi order came for Alor, she became the family heir. Character Background: When Alor was only three years old his father had contacted the Jedi order as Alor had shown signs of being force sensitive around the farm on various occasions. After the order had come for Alor and his family had said their goodbyes Alor was then taken somewhere off world presumably to Coruscant to the Jedi temple but along the way the ship carrying him went missing and what happened was unknown but a few weeks later he appeared with the those who had went to find him in a spaceport on Tatooine where he was taken to the temple from. He started off as a quiet youngling who was very private as it was believed he had experienced something strange during the period he was missing. After he passed his Padawan trials he started to pursue his path of a Jedi as a Consular which he had become chosen to be after he found his crystal during his trials. It is believed that the visions he experiences have something to do with his missing period as it unknown what conspired during that period of time as it seemed like Alor had some form of amnesia when he was found again. About the Character Personality: Alor is a kind person who has been humbled by many years of Jedi training in the temple. Alor is generally a happy go lucky type of person who tries to help others around him as he feels like he can do much better as a Jedi by doing helpful things to those around him. Alor is very distant about his past as he occasionally has visions about strange places which are familiar to him yet unknown at the same time and this can cause his curiosity to be caught as he can be very adventurous but also collected at the same time due to past experiences. Hobbies/Interests: Going through the Jedi records and learning things about the consular of the past and the discoveries they made during their times. Listening to music from many different cultures and planets. Enjoys flying ships as he feels it gives him better control of his curiosity as he gets to see the galaxy. Habits: Alor has a habit of fidgeting with his hands when he isn't doing anything as he is a very energetic person. He also is known to tap his foot while in mid conversation. Goals/Motivations/Dreams: Alors dream is to become a Jedi Master who can always be relied on for help not just by Jedi but others as well. His motivation comes from the fact he doesn't remember much about his past but what he does wasn't pleasant so he wants others to experience better. Rank: Master Apprentice(s): Padawan Barco Row
  8. # ... Entering alias # ... Alias accepted # ... Enter secret # ... Secret enabled # ... Access granted to clone database PSYCHOLOGICAL INFORMATION Mental State: Stable Mental Disabilities: N/A Likes: Deep Meditation, Gambling, Shaving, Clone Army, Gardening Dislikes: Duels, Battles, Self absorbed Jedi Personality: Passive Aggressive, Agitated easily PHYSICAL INFORMATION/DISABILITIES Physical State: Fit due to rigorous training Age: 22 Weight: 81kg Build: Slim-Lean Disabilities: N/A Appearance: Black & White Robes, Clean Shaven, Bald Model: models/player/jedi/pantoran.mdl IMG JEDI INFORMATION Rank: Padawan Master: Coleman Trebor Lightsaber details: Green Kyber Crystal, Standard Sabre Combat style: Makashi BACKSTORY Pyros was bought up on his home world of Pantora and was scouted as a force sensitive individual, he was taken to the Jedi Temple on Coruscant by Jedi Master Coleman Trebor. He was trained as a youngling until he was old enough to become the Jedi Master's Padawan. However, during the young Padawan's first battle (1st battle of Geonosis) he was kept relatively safe in the back lines whilst his Master was apart of the initial assualt. Pyros later discovers that his Master fell to the hands of Count Dooku and Jango Fett., this made Pyros furious as he broke down into a emotional fit, striking at an old spider droid carcass with his saber. His fellow Jedi had seen how this affected him and sent him back to Coruscant for rehabilitation. A few months after the incident Pyros hadn't been assigned a new Master but instead placed on a republic Venator and assigned to the small Jedi detachment within it. Pyros soon developed a gambling addiction in the Venator's common room, his days were spent gambling until he met an Advanced Recon Commando who surprised him by having tremendous knowledge of the force, he even meditated in hopes to become force sensitive himself. Pyros knew that would never happen as none of the clones were capable, however he still made friends with this ARC Trooper. Pyros used the ARC Troopers dedication to boost his own confidence as he soon began the rigorous Jedi routine his old Master had taught him. RELATIONSHIPS Dead| Death Wish | Hatred || Disliked | Untrusted | Indifferent | Acquaintance | Liked | Friend | Best Friend Jedi Master Coleman Trebor The Jedi Master that Pyros so well respected, Pyros was sent into an emotion fit following his death. After months of rehabilitation and an unlikely clone trooper Pyros was able to move past his death and resume the training his late Master taught him. High General Mace Windu Pyros struggled to respect the High General as he failed to trust him. His old Master was in the High General's care whilst he died. This instantly made Pyros feel uneasy whenever he was around the High General. Alpha ARC A-72 The Advanced Recon Trooper that Pyros met during his dark days of gambling, The ARC trooper had displayed tremendous knowledge of the force and the Jedi. Pyros did not question how he knew so much instead choosing to take a page from the troopers book and not waste the gift he was granted with. The ARC Trooper had high hopes of one day becoming force sensitive so two often meditated together. Pyros considered A-72 a dear friend. Count Dooku One of the men responsible for not only causing the 1st Battle of Geonosis, but killing his old Master. Pyros wanted nothing more to see this man impaled on the end of his saber, but her knew he were far too weak. Pyros hopes one day to avenge his Master by cutting down the traitor. Jango Fett The Second man responsible for his Masters death, and whilst High General Mace Windu assured him he cut him down Pyros would not believe to. He needed to see the evidence, he began to question the Jedi order, but he knew that if he did it would not end well.
  9. Name: Saire Rylo Age: 20 Gender: Male Sexual/Romantic Orientation: Hetero Nickname(s): Rylo, Lupus Birth Date: 14/05/BBY Status: Alive Species: Mammalian Ethnicity: Togruta (server content pack 1) Affiliations/Organizations: Jedi Order Occupation: Jedi The Character’s Appearance General Appearance: Overly tall for his age, Saire stand above most padawans, Having orange skin with white and blue Montrals and head tail. Height: 6"2 Weight: 90KG Tattoos/Birthmarks/Scars: N/A Accessories: N/A About the Character Personality: Saire is an aggressive fighting Jedi when the time comes but is always very kind and caring, but when he is any form of combat situation he can become very aggressive , Saire is generally a caring person and very respectful towards his masters. Favorites/ Hobbies : Dueling and honing his skills as a very aggressive fighter, Meditation Least Favorites: Waiting around, Leaping Interests: Saire is always itching for a duel, often asking Masters Kenobi and Skywalker for duels. Phobias/Fears: Saire isnt afraid of anything, normally very headstrong when encountered with a stressful situation Habits: Can become aggressive when dueling and get quite aggressive towards the other padawans and younglings Skills/Talents: An excellent duelist. Best Qualities: Mixed with his worst quality, Saires aggressiveness but ability to remain calm, Ability to overcome most situations, Worst Qualities: Mixed with his Best quality, Saires aggressiveness, Impatient Morality/Ethics: Saire's main goal is to become a very skilled and talented Jedi master. Saire will always respect his masters. Goals/Motivations/Dreams: To hopefully learn under Master Windu and become one of the best duelists within the galaxy, The Character’s Relationship With Others Reputation: The Masters can sense his aggressiveness and anger but understand his ability to remain calm and within the light. Friend(s): Rastus Gravox Mace windu Hal Shino Obi-wan kenobi Anakin Skywalker Nydo Genu Enemy(ies): ZYGERRIAN SLAVERS The Character’s Abilities Jedi?: Yes If Yes, Rank?: Padawan Color of Lightsaber: Blue Powers/Abilities: Fighting Style: Form 5 Shien, offensive Preferred Weapon(s): Lightsaber, hand-to-hand combat Knowledge: 7/10 Motivation: 9/10 Will to Act: 10/10 Agility: 9/10 Force Control: 7/10 Swordsmanship: 8/10 Hand-to-Hand Combat: 7/10 Piloting Skills: 5/10 Offense: 9/10 Defense: 5/10 Social Skills: 8/10 [Feel free to add/remove anything that may/may not pertain to your character.] The Character’s Familial/Biographical Information Birthplace: Kiros Homeworld: Kiros Family: Lauria Rylo (Mother, alive) Doiker Rylo (Father, Alive) Yup Rylo (Brother, Alive) Familial Background: Saires family was a very caring and nobal family within Kiros and were very respected within their community. Saire had a somewhat weak relationship with his aprents but none the less they would always go out around their community and do fun activities with each other. Saire will always love his family. Character Background: Saire started as a very young and aggressive child, His anger would always end up getting the better of him especially when playing with his brother. One more than one occasion, he's ended up hurting his brother with playing and training Saires father started to help Rhisum get rid of his aggressive attitude by making him meditate within the family home and teaching him on how to control his anger. Later during Saire's childhood, his father started teaching him to fight and training him to refine his abilities, One day Saire was approached sitting in his room trying to relax and calm down to rid his anger by two Jedis Anakin skywalker and Ahsoka Tano, They told Saire's parents that his was born force sensitive and was to be taken to the jedi temple to train with the jedi and become a youngling. They asked him to lift a few household objects. He started off having a difficult time lifting then when eventually he slightly levitated a Datapad on the table, confirming out he was force sensitive. Later that day he left with Anakin and Ahsoka to take him to the temple. During his 1st few days of training, the order realized how aggressive Saire could become during a mediation with the Jedi Master Luminara. A few years down the track Saire finally got the rank of Padawan and still continues to hone his abilities and train his dueling skills. He is still a very offensive dueling, letting his aggressiveness power him and allow him to power through the duel.
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