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Found 7 results

  1. Bright


    Yes hello I am Bright the man, the myth and the legend. I am a 41st ELITE corps trooper and i heal all of you noobs who keep getting hurt because you cant use cover. I'll run into your bullets to heal nerds. I'm the best med RPer and i'm obviously amazing. all jokes aside i love this community and i love you xoxoxoxoxoxooxoxox ps. ill be 41st BETA arc one day or navy who knows
  2. Okay, Hello there Gateway Gamers I am "Ratatouille" / Trainee 7802 in Shock currently. I have previously played Gateway before been off and on I am hoping to stay for a good amount of time, this time around and excited to meet you Boi's
  3. 2 - 3 years ago i used to play gateway all the time and only recently haven't gotten back into it I'm not as serious as i used to be, i have very small goals rather than becoming commander of a regiment again i look forward to having fun on my jedi role playing to the best of my imagination and enjoying myself, I'm also getting more invested into the community since I'm not able to play everyday due to medical issues, with this introduction i look forward to making friends with people among the community because this is the best community i have ever been apart of but. to really introduce myself, my name is AJ hi and thank you for reading haha Currently: Padawan Varhsin Roth CT 1129 -------------------------- Previously: 2nd Lieutenant Gree of 41st Elite Corps Warrant Officer Buck of 41 Elite Corps 1129 Vargus of 41st Guerrilla Warfare
  4. Hello everyone my name is Bruce, I hope you all will like me and we can become good friends in the future. I'm a 187th Legion trooper on Gateway and pretty much just joined 187th Legion, some people might know me already but not everyone, i try my best to role play well and i follow the server rules always. I'm friendly and I'm funny and my dream is that i can be apart of the server staff team someday, i enjoy helping others and creating fun and better environments for others and myself. I could use all the help i can get from everyone so that i can continue to enjoy my time on this wonderful server and in this lovely community. Thank you everyone
  5. Hello all! My name is Jekyll and this is my first time on Gateway Gaming servers. I'm a Star Wars RP veteran looking to get back into the community. Some of you may already know me from other servers and in that case, hey! I look forward to playing with you all, and making new friends.
  6. Hello there Gateway Gamers I am Quick just some guy joining back on the server after a bit and I am currently in the 501st.
  7. So, i've been playing on this server for awhile now and never did this but i mean i may as well do it. I use to play on GG back in phase 1 then stopped playing for about 6 months. During that time playing on GG it gave me some of the best gaming memories and i made heaps of new friends. Just recently I've gotten back into the server with a group of my friends and we started the grind. Most people know me as sketchy or quantum but also recently i got doom. So if anyone wants to have a chat with me just come ask, i'm friendly I plan to stay here for awhile. I can't wait to meet new people and see all the epic events to come! P.S - events recently have been amazing
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