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Found 8 results

  1. Alright gentlemen I have a proposition for you all. How about we use the poll function for choosing a map to be added in the rotation. Like say a poll was created and the top maps were Anaxes 40% | Jania 20% | Titan 15% | V5 10% | other maps make up other % We could have a majority of days be the top voted map followed by minorities based on percentage. That way the players who actually play the server for serious can decide what map they wanna be on and can plan patrols and other RP based on those days. And if a map gets picked to many times, it could be removed from voting for a month. Any thoughts? I would seriously like to see this implemented as it would boost server player base involvement in the decisions of the server. Or do you guys not care about that?
  2. Chess Tournament v2 - Semi Finals, Bronze, Grand Final Details The chess tournament is nearing an end with only 4 competitors remaining. Shua Centurion Buck Aldis The roster for the games can be found: https://challonge.com/81ogys30 I'd like to thank all who competed during the tournament. Without you there would be no tourny and I hope you have all found enjoyment from participating. The remaining games are going to be a little different than the previous: They will all be hosted within an arena The Grand final and Bronze match will be best of 3 Betting will be allowed on each match with the best of 3 being only bettable as an overal outcome, not individual wins. Bet payouts will be 1:1 Competitors cannot bet on a match they are within. The betting system will be explained on the day at the arena. The matches will all be hosted back to back after the 6:30 event Thursday the 11th of June. The remaining competitors are competing for: 1st place = Jedi or $75 Donation store credit 2nd place = 30000 Ingame credits 3rd place = 15000 Ingame credits Come and support those who are playing and potentially win (or lose) some credits. Cheers
  3. ARC has fundamental flaws and nobody is willing to challenge them for change DISCLAIMER: I am FULLY expecting nothing to come of this post. This isn't even in the suggestions section because In no respect of existence would any of this ever change. I just wanna hear what the community has to say, and probably more importantly what ARC has to say. Tell me I have a defeatist attitude, sure, but can you say with a straight face in a completely serious tone that ARC would ever face a loss to their kit or reputation? I do not want changes, I want to win. A win in my books is ARC admitting there's no reason that they are that OP. Salutations everybody! Today I grace these forums with an opportunity for discussion about the ARC troopers of this server. I'd like to make it clear beforehand that this post is open for discussion, nothing I say is an actual fact, only opinions followed with as much evidence as possible from lore, common sense, and the bounds of reason. Also let it be known, that if you decide to disagree, I expect the same level of evidence and reasoning. It has challenged my mind for so long why ARC is so overpowered and I really hope some of you can answer these questions with something other than "It's just server lore dude". If there is ONE thing I wanna know the answer to, It is this: What reasoning do we have to make ARC so OP other than them being a favorite of the server and RHC? If the general admission is that there is no reason, then that is what I wanted all along. I am totally aware in every aspect that they are supposed to be elite, but it has pushed the bounds of reason past where they should be going, and If I'm going to be disallowed buying captain breaker while being in shiny because it's "unreasonable", you can bet your bottom dime I'm going to fight "reason" to the end. With that out of the way, I offer a slew of questions that I would love answered by all you community members. 1. As long as I've been on the server, the ARC have by default have had the best equipment. Every time a regiment is changed or added, ARCs kits have been edited to be functionally superior. (For example, the RC gun was recently nerfed, just so the Westar could be better) Why? ARC are elite by nature of course, but their equipment in lore was a farcry to what is on the server, especially in comparison to the other regiments. Shouldn't they be proportionally overpowered? The DC-15 is a piece of shit for lack of a better word, so why is the Westar so much better? 2. Why is the grappling hook exclusive to ARC? Come to think of it I don't think I've really ever seen an ARC using one in any form of lore. It takes away a really great tool from all of the other squads and branches, just to reserve it for ARC. Yes I am LIVID that I didn't have one as Crosshair, but my motivation for this point is more around why? What is the overlaying reasoning for them to have one and nobody else? I'm pretty sure Fives used one in space that one time but my point stands, you don't think ARC and go right onto thinking grapple hook. Exclusivity makes nobody happy, making something rare doesn't make it valuable. Having a great functional ability is what brings value in this case, and to close it off to a select group of 15 people, seems unfair and unreasonable. 3. There were 100 AARC in total. Proportionally to the server there is a possible 15/85 players. 691,200,000 was the supposed size of the GAR. Who thought 15 slots was a good idea? 4. In some forms of Lore, weren't Republic Commandos of an equal or higher standard than ARC? It would be an unrealistic change to switch them around or something, but getting this community to admit there's no reason to have ARC the way it is is my goal here. 5. Why do they Pac3 themselves to be so much taller? WE ARE CLONES i.e we are identical in every aspect in a CLONE army. Sure you can be as genetically enhanced as possible, but extra training from jango and a lack of inhibition does not make you 3 feet taller. It looks ridiculous. There is more I could have said, but I think my point gets across. I really hope you can all give me a better idea of why! Thankyou all for reading if you got this far : )
  4. Nexoit

    Good deal

    Humble monthly has a good deal going at the moment for those interested. Pay $12 and you get Assassins Creed Origins as well as 4 random games. The 4 random games probably aren't to special but $12 for origins is a good deal. https://www.humblebundle.com/monthly?hmb_source=humble_home&hmb_medium=product_tile&hmb_campaign=mosaic_section_1_layout_index_1_layout_type_twos_tile_index_1_c_may_2019_monthly Keep in mind its not a constant monthly fee, you can do a one off payment and then cancel the subscription. I've done it many times. Enjoy
  5. Hey guys/gals, been thinking we need an area to express any questions or issues regarding PAC on the server and/or in general. PAC can be intimidating to new users and I think its important that everyone has a place to discuss and resolve any issues together. I've been using PAC since 2014, and would be happy to offer help where i can, I also encourage anyone with solutions and insight to help each other out in this centralised PAC 3 support thread. Feel free to drop questions, answers, helpful threads and videos, as well as anything else PAC related here. Current Sections: Head Swaps (Head Hacking) Helmet Under Arm Toggleable events
  6. Hey guys, Subnautica is free until Christmas! Good game I enjoyed it, its free so you may as well give it a go https://www.epicgames.com/store/en-US/product/subnautica/home
  7. do 3D waifus exist, and if they do, how did they evolve from 2D?
  8. Basic Information Steam Name: Sableye Steam ID: http://steamcommunity.com/id/crimsonn12 Steam Community: In game alias: 4505 Noceur Age: 18 Time Played: Approx. 500 hours Questions: How will you bring new and creative event ideas to the server?: Without sounding too cocky, I've already been doing that with simulation dupes, and I wish to further that kind of activity by becoming an EM. Have you participated in many of our Events?: Every single one save for a few since joining up with Gateway Gaming. Are you familiar with Gmod's wide range of NPC tools?: Semi-familiar but I know all the basics. Willing to learn tips and tricks as I'm completely aware I don't know everything. Are you aware of how much a Gmod server can take or how unstable Gmod truly is: I've a basic idea as I've noticed plenty a time when spawning in large duplication's and/or a lot of Droids, the server tends to tilt a bit; and as such I've tried to avoid that with my simulation dupes. Do you understand that you are not allowed to abuse your ULX rank outside of events: Coming from a background of moderating as Player Relations Staff in an MMO, I full well know not to abuse any priveledge I may receive with my role as EM. Do you have any event experience e.g. played a key character in an event before: Two reoccurring characters in Cally/Insert Name Here/Cyar'ka's events. Namely Republic Administrator Sabel, and Republic Scientist Alvin. On a scale of 1-10, how much lore knowledge do you have: 6. Basic with tidbits leaning towards medical equipment, lesser known regiments and what's shown on the episodic Netflix show, but I am willing to learn more. I joined the server with no Star Wars knowledge whatsoever, and have worked my way up to Combat Medic status in Barron's personal squad, performing semi-complex medical, lore friendly roleplay; I'm a fast learner and don't tend to forget things I've taken a serious interest in. Make a comment regarding the recent events on our server and how they have inspired you to become an event master: Well, to be honest taking part in Cally's events is part my motivation as to why I want to become an EM; I constantly expressed interest in serious/heavy roleplay to Barron, and instantly took up the opportunity to act the part of an Event Character in Cally's events when he approached me about it. My inspiration is taken from my eagerness to roleplay, learn, and the Gateway Gaming community simply put. Do you understand that most events rely mainly on improvisation and mainly nothing goes to plan (ever): Yes, I know this too well.. (ARC has knocked my character out cold more than a few times when I've had plans of my own, as a character and as such, threw away said plans in favor of going with the flow and finding good opportunities to act out certain behaviors and the like). So yes, simply put I am aware that barely anything goes to plans due to the fact that the players enjoy creative freedom with their roleplays (Poor Republic Administrator Sabel...) just as much as the EM's enjoy hosting for said players. Are you confident that you can do proper fully fledged briefings and debriefings: As I've a slight speech impediment, I don't tend to enjoy giving long talks, but when focused and prepared, I am capable; although however much I'm not the best speaker when it comes to briefings, I am willing to pick up pointers and learn. Scenarios: 1. An event doesn't go to plan and General Grievous is crushed by an elevator. Players are laughing at you. What do you do? Go with it, improvise a surprise attack to which the players are forced to push back away from the General's "corpses" location, and roleplay through that the General has been recovered from underneath the elevator throughout the event, although broken, his heart is still functioning and is taken back behind enemy lines to retreat and recover, and be put back together, as it is shown in lore that the General is able to "build" himself again, sending a second in command to take the role of the General in his absence; making sure the players are not able to push to the General's location in time for his recovery. 2. A user is bad mouthing your events. How do you react? Ask a moderator in either in admin chat, over Teamspeak, or otherwise through PM to deal with him if he is disrupting the enjoyment of other players. I am not a moderator, simply someone hosting events and people are entitled to their own opinion and therefore I must accept that. 3. You have to go AFK in the middle of an event you are running and there are no backups available. What should you have done to avoid this? Plan ahead, make sure my schedule is clear as some events can go on for an hour, perhaps more. Players expect a constant, immerseful, fun event and if I've other IRL obligations to tend to while it is my turn to host events, that is simply poor planning and really shouldn't be happening for someone in an EM position. However if it is an emergency IRL priority that I was not expecting, that cannot be helped and is a slightly different story; I will try wrap it up with something not too hasty or poorly thought out, apologize to the players and tend to whichever emergency came up. To conclude your app. you are required to create and design your own event. This includes planets, maps and stage actions. Include lots of detail in your event design. You are required to involve PassiveRP elements. Map: gm_lunarbase *Long briefing, backstory* Somewhere within the last 48 hours, one of our major FOB/outposts on a moon of the planet known as Ceberul, located dangerously close to neutral territory, more specifically no-mans-land, has been somehow hit by meteors despite the very fact that the moon itself is quite a distance away from the planets belt. The reason it took so long for us to receive word of this, is because the communications tower was struck first by the meteors with almost fatal precision, to which we can only fear for the remaining casualties... taking out two engineers on the outpost, KIA almost immediately. The only reason we know of this incident is due to the swift actions of the remaining engineer, Apprentice Jancor. Had it not been for his fast thinking and rapid knowledge of the outposts systems, he would not've been able to jerry-rig a device capable of reaching the next communications outpost along the line and to which, contact us as we are the nearest Republic ship capable of providing relief efforts to the station! We don't know for sure what to expect on that moon, but from the sounds of it it doesn't sound like it's a situation that'll call for drastic firepower, so you'll be going in as relief, reinforcement and medical aide; to defend the outpost until the engineers get it up and running again. *Short briefing* Troopers! We've received word from an outpost on one of the planet Ceberul's moons asking for relief efforts to be sent their way. Seeing as we're the closest Republic Vessel, we've got the job. This is the last transmission we received from the location. There is a hologram of the Engineer, shoddy and not the best connection Hello.. I'm Apprentice Engineer Jancor. Engineer... or what's left of us.. on the moon outpost bordering what you Troopers call no-mans-land. We've been hit hard by space debris; asteroids and the like.. we don't know how much damage exactly but most of the outpost has been hit, the communications tower went first. We've casualties, we need medical aide.. and Troop to reinforce the outpost until we get things up and running again. I-I don't know how long this transmission will last... I jerry rigged this up you see, so just hurry. Transmission cuts out, Troopers are ordered dual column *Stage 1* Troopers land on the moon, approach the outpost of which is manned by a few Troopers, one wounded Event Character (preferably a Trooper), and the Apprentice Engineer to direct the players. No hostile contact and no major fortifications to man as it's not a military outpost, more for communication. They converse with the Engineer, said Engineer reveals that to get everything up and running he's going to require time and the means to do so, aka. LAAT transport to get him and his equipment from Point A to Point B to travel to the power station, outpost etc. Any regiment is free to roleplay and assist with this providing their CO allows it. The outpost will be the lunar base platform and what's underneath. Few small walls, barricades, elevated platforms but nothing solid or fortress-like. The power station will be built a slight ways away from the elevator shaft in the map, using steel-like building materials, antenna, ropes as wires, and a few consoles to access. The major outpost/FOB itself will be the underground area of the lunar base. The equipment will be scifi props, boxes and Combine props. *Stage 2* Once all the players get settled, they'll begin to notice more and more space rock rubble falling to the moon, to which the Engineer will find highly suspicious as it seems targetted closer to the outpost than anything else. To which he heads back inside the outpost to preform some longrange scans of the asteroid belt surrounding the planet, pinging an oddly solid, although sheltered from any accurate scans, object within the belt; instantly mentioning this to the Troopers as it seems too large to be a space rock. The area of which he'll be moving to check the scans in, will be within the base. *Stage 3* After a short while, Engineer figures it out; it's not a rock, it's a CIS Muni blasting scarily accurate, precise, targeted and timed explosives into the belt to rain down debris onto the Republic Outpost as to not be seen. The CIS are unhappy with the Republic presence in this part of the system and are trying to remain covert as they do not have a large force to take and hold the moon, so they are trying to destroy all the outposts via "natural" causes! Not very smart of them but after all, they are droids. All squads are made alert of the CIS presence, and prepare for combat. CG or otherwise a defensive regiment are requested by the Engineer to keep close to the outpost and continue to assist him in moving technical equipment to repair the comms tower The comms tower will be the little tower besides the elevator shaft, built around with fences, made a little higher with materials and a rope to make it look like a beacon once-- and if-- it is repaired. Said Muni's and future Landers have a weak jammer, which is capable of jamming and intercepting "casual" radio frequencies past their location, but not focused, powerful comms' devices aka. the Communications tower. The players will not know this and if they do try contact the Venator for support, it will respond with Venator: [sTATIC] *Stage 4* Combat ensues, the Engineer accidentally leaves his comms open as he is simply an Apprentice and nothing too smart or wise, and allows the CIS to discover that the Republic is aware of their location, promting the CIS to hastily move their Muni's and single large Lander to the moons surface to silence the Republic from letting their allies know that CIS are operating in the area. "U-Uh... we may have a problem here.. *Beckons a knowledgeable Trooper over* That isn't a rock... that's a CIS ship" (Note that throughout all this, the main objective is to get the comms tower up and running again to contact the Venator, the Engineer being the one working on said tower) As the CIS aren't in full force here, they'll be plentiful as there is a Lander and multiple Muni's, but nothing too well armored or armed. *Stage 5* Within all the conflict, the Engineer is critically wounded (if not executed/otherwise killed or injured prematurely), bleeding out and dying if a medic is not close enough to provide immediate attention; and having been caught offguard, the Republic are unable to hold the moon and are forced to retreat having little to no air support or reinforcements seeing as they were not prepared for such a large scale retaliation from the CIS in neutral territory in a relief mission. However, if ARC, RC or otherwise anybody with technical experitise are able to get the comms tower up and running again, Venator Turbolaser support becomes available and it soon becomes a win for the Republic rather than a forceful retreat. Engineer preferably dies tending to the comms tower, asking the Troopers as his dying wish, to fix the comms tower and get off this rock. *Stage 6* The conflict is over, the decisive outcome of the event is decided by whether or not the comms tower was fixed in time, and whether or not the Republic were forced to retreat. If the comms tower was fixed, they were able to get Venator support and pushed the CIS back, if not, then the Republic were forced to retreat to the LAATs, lose the outpost to the CIS and then to the Venator. Medical roleplay for the Engineer afterwards providing the character wants to take part in Venator RP after the event. *Debrief- comms tower not fixed* You did well out there Troopers. For better or for worse, we followed orders and did exactly as we were told. Unfortunately we could not hold the FOB and we were forced to retreat, but do not blame yourselves.. we were not prepared and unfortunately were taken by surprise by CIS occupation that we were not aware of... We are going to comms' ahead to high command and see if we can't retake that moon in the near future. Depending on the fate of the Engineer, give him a mention, if he survived, mention that he's currently in the medbay, if he died, show respects for the brave Apprentice Give placements. Debrief dismissed. *Debrief- comms tower fixed* You did well out there Troopers, we managed to get the comms tower up and running and rained down hell on those clankers who felt themselves cocky enough to try take us by surprise. Our forces are currently occupying the outpost, and neutral territory is now under control of the Republic. (Depending on the fate of the Engineer, give him a mention, if he survived, mention that he's currently in the medbay, if he died, show respects for the brave Apprentice). Give placements. Debrief dismissed. Small thanks to Zactron for assisting with the minor final touches.
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