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Found 3 results

  1. Hello my name Jayee Also known previously as Medic: 7290 Twitch of GM Currently Warrant Officer 7290 'Keller' 7290 Twitch (Vanguard Company) am sneakerhead, am play r6 siege, am big brain hours 24/7 2 hours a week +1 to all the lads i have interacted with in gateway because i can Giv +1 pls
  2. Hello my name is The Trashy Boi, I am also known as Major Jet in GM, [S-C] 1224 In Pilots and Jamuhka Olsolorgin for my Jedi. The Gateway community is great just looking back at all the post from before i was on the server. I haven't dabbled with Forums until now. Hope i can help people on here. Have this brilliant picture below me.
  3. ANALYSIS OF CT-1518 'Snatcher' // Accessing Clone Database // // Password Accepted // // Accessing File 'CT-1518 '// // Welcome // General Information Designation: CT-1518 Nickname: 'Snatcher' Occupation: Galactic Marines Vanguard Company Trooper Known Languages: Basic Equipment Used: RT-97C Heavy Blaster Rifle, DC-15A, Detonator Specialties: Explosives, All Terrain Battle, Heavy Weaponry Psychological Information Psychological State: Stable Psychological Disabilities: INVALID Positive Psychological Traits: Adaptive Thinker Negative Psychological Traits: INVALID Likes: Snatching: Victory away from the CIS, kills away from his brothers, Slasher's knife. Also likes maintaining his equipment as well as bantering with his mates Dislikes: Those who get in his way during battle, sometimes Slasher (depending on Snatcher's mood) Physical Information Physical State: Average Physical Disabilities: INVALID Positive Physical Traits: Above Average Muscular System Negative Physical Traits: INVALID Age: 11 Weight: 84 Kg Relationships The Galactic Marines Bacara - Snatcher looks up to Bacara, being not only the clone commander of the Galactic Marines, but also being one of the most respected commanders, as well as feared. Bacara has drilled his troops to a great level of excellence, and with that, his soldier, Snatcher, shows great respect towards him. Snatcher also believes that if he follows in Bacara's footsteps he too could eventually lead a small force of clone troopers to honour, glory, and of course, victory. Jet - Snatcher respects Jet, as he is one of his superior officers and a very skilled trooper. Snatcher takes notes on Jet's performance on the battlefield, and aims to greatly improve his skills off of his. Hawk - Snatcher greatly respects Hawk. Hawk is the commanding of Vanguard Company, the unit Snatcher was assigned to. During their time on the battlefield, Snatcher has come to know Hawk, both his positives and negatives. Throughout the war, Hawk has assisted Snatcher in developing the skills that he lacks, and because of this, Snatcher greatly respects this specific brother. Slasher - Snatcher shows a rivalry attitude towards Slasher. Snatcher and Slasher, along with the deceased Stasher were apart of the same batch that entered the Galactic Marines together, all b becoming elite troopers of Vanguard Company. Snatcher always saw Slasher as a rival, but had a rather positive relationship with him. Their competition between each other caused them to develop greater skills than the average marine, and they always seeked to out-do each other in training sessions with the other troopers. Whilst they where rivals, they also were very close brothers, having been on every single mission together with Stasher, having now created a very strong bond. This bond was strengthened more when their fellow brother, Stasher was killed in action right in front of their eyes. Snatcher also cheekily tries to snatch away Slasher's knife, proving that Snatcher has the upper hand on him, though most of the time he fails at this and Slasher points his knife to Snatcher's neck. Stasher (KIA) - Snatcher showed a rivalry attitude to, but now shows sorrow to his fallen brother. Stasher was another great rival of Snatcher, but they were also extremely close as a trio with Slasher. Once again, Snatcher and Stasher were always competing, but at a lesser degree to Slasher and Stasher's rivalry. Stasher was always the weakest link amongst the three, however, with the support of his brethren they overcame many trials and ordeals. Unfortunately, Stasher was killed in action during on of his missions, where both Snatcher and Slasher was present. To this day, Snatcher feels that he could have done so much more in order to prevent his beloved brother's passing. // Logging Out // // Access Revoked //
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