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Found 6 results

  1. I'm happy to announce that Gateway Gaming will be having another Chess tournament. A big thanks to @s8n @Spirit and @Coric for supporting the tournament with prizes. It will be a knockout style tournament which will utilise the new OCC Chess gamemode. An example of the tournament style is here: https://gyazo.com/67edc711c6ed9f043d87473622b7d2fd The prizes for placing in the top 3 will be: 1st place = Jedi or $75 Donation store credit 2nd place = 30000 Ingame credits 3rd place = 15000 Ingame credits For a nice tournament ladder layout I'm hoping for 32 players total. To express your interest please comment on this post and join the discord linked below https://discord.gg/R8Kvb9B The discord is used for organising game times and general annoucements during the tournament. You have until Wednesday the 10th to express interest. There will be another annoucement made with a finalised ladder and further details Wednesday the 10th or earlier if the slots fill up. Expression of Interest List: 1. Buck 2. Flanks 3. Babatunde 4. Linguine 5. Pasha 6. Rhino 7. Jackman 8. Sas 9. RJI 10. Shua 11. Jarr 12. Goatward 13. Beowulf 14. Xao 15. Aldis 16. John 17. Raccoon 18. Centurion 19. Cenhelm Oxford 20. Tanker 21. Cappa 22. Ack 23. Kandy 24. Bullet 25. Jamway 26. Toblerone 27. Sloth 28. Aphasic 29. Bongus 30. Pepsi 31. Sacker 32. Veldt
  2. Hey everyone! A new idea for the Games Nights I proposed a while back, but rather than relying on Battlefront 2's not so active community I have decided to change the game to Squad! Squad is a FPS Tactical Shooter that pits two teams of 40 players against each other on large maps. There are vehicles, different roles to choose from and a really cool base building system that lets you create a F.O.B essentially anywhere! Squad is also much cheaper than Battlefront 2, but that is on G2A, a online service that people use to purchase games for cheaper. I've used G2A many times and never encountered issues, but obviously use caution when buying anything online. There are different prices for the game listed but the lowest I've seen so far is like $25 AUD, which is much better than it's $56 AUD price tag on Steam. Really hope people get interest in this cause the game is awesome and it'd be sick to kick around with some of you bastards! Hey everyone, quick edit to the post! I believe that Humble Bundle currently have Squad in their Bundle for this month! It’s a $12 subscription that gets you other games with it too, and you can just pay once then unsubscribe to get the games! My Steam ID: https://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198079643305/ - Add me on Steam if you are interested in coming and joining in! Origin ID: ApocoRaven - Add for StarWars Battlefront 2!
  3. I have been thinking for awhile about hosting a tournament for Gateway players, I've decided to start small and host a chess tourny using a knockout style. This post is for player interest. Please comment if you have interest in being in the tournament, you will be added to the list to compete. For those who have asked it is hosted in-game, a schedule and times will be worked out, spectators will be allowed for those interested. It will likely go over multiple days. You have until Wednesday to put your name forward There is a reward for the finalists of the tournament. The reward has been provided by @Simba Thank you for your generosity. 1st place = $25 Steam Card 2nd place = $10 Steam Card 3rd place = $5 Steam Card So players understand the style of knockout I've created this example. [URL]https://gyazo.com/f41760676d8ee5d6e8ccdafa7e2b670d[/URL] Chess tournament expression of interest list: 1 - Nexoit 2 - Argo 3 - Splash 4 - Rippa 5 - Kyroe 6 - Thire 7 - Andy 8 - Bismark 9 - Rover 10 - Storm 11 - Dank 12 - Snow 13 - Blowpa 14 - Miller 15 - Icarus 16 - Spirit 17 - Centurion 18 - Dan 19 - Stone / Jeff 20 - Goatward 21 - Sevens 22 - Linguine 23 - Otis 24 - Gforce 25 - Rein 26 - Rhino 27 - Bueno 28 - hambo 29 - Jarr 30 - Buck 31 - Crossfire 32 - Vyve
  4. Nexoit

    GG Apex Legends

    For those within the community that play Apex legends and are looking for a hub to find others who also play to group up and make a squad with I have made a discord! https://discord.gg/KysDMFA
  5. So I found this app called 'TutuApp' that lets you get paid games for free. You have to go on the internet and type TutuApp.vip, then click on your type of phone and then click on the free version, after that click on the download button and wait for it to download, then once downloaded you have to go into settings, general, devise management then click on what ever they called it and trust the app. If you did not understand me go onto YouTube and type up 'how to install tutu app'.
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