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Found 3 results

  1. Hello Gateway! I wanted to ask everyone an very simple question, so at the very start of Captain Andy. I did a Campagin regarding about the Beast "Monster" After 3 or 4 months after that Campagin. I did another one, "Return of the Beast" with Captain Andy getting killed. Here the question, I've been thinking about doing another Beast Campagin. "Revenge of the Beast" The question is, would you like to have another Beast Campagin or Andy can scrap this Beast Campagin and do something different.
  2. Polis Massa Bunks Suggestion Thread Purpose: Temporary Base Map with the intention of being used as a temporary base for specific types of events. Focus on HORROR, Player Discovery and exploration, and Security. Please suggest ideas for a good layout for bunks. I am accepting images on a grid that can show a layout, top down images of bunks created with props, or simple criteria for amount of space and rooms. Suggestions on detail props would also be good. Due to the potential use as a "temporary" base map I am willing to make bunks permanently assigned to a regiment and decorating it based on their request so if Commanders want to get in contact for specific requests in this regard I am all ears, its just not exactly what ill be working on right now. Here is my current layout which should be reminiscent of the Coruscant map bunks: PS: If @Chunky could please contact me about CG checkpoints, Detainment areas, etc. that'd be great. If @Cryo @Yoho or @Corvus could please contact me about Debrief, Commander Meeting area, and Map Necessities that'd be great.
  3. So, i've been playing on this server for awhile now and never did this but i mean i may as well do it. I use to play on GG back in phase 1 then stopped playing for about 6 months. During that time playing on GG it gave me some of the best gaming memories and i made heaps of new friends. Just recently I've gotten back into the server with a group of my friends and we started the grind. Most people know me as sketchy or quantum but also recently i got doom. So if anyone wants to have a chat with me just come ask, i'm friendly I plan to stay here for awhile. I can't wait to meet new people and see all the epic events to come! P.S - events recently have been amazing
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