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Found 1 result

  1. The tazer equipment being used by CG is too strong. Every rule they create is %100 enforced all the time. Why? Not because they know the layout of the map and can guess where one might hide, not because of overwhelming numbers(which they have), not because of operations where they hunt down someone that hopped an almighty barrier or touched some grass. Its %100 because their tazer is too strong. They are able to tazer lock people for what? 4-8 seconds per shot? Even if they were a little too far away for them to cuff you after the first shot they just continue the stun with a second shot. They then lock people up in cuffs that are either too easy or too difficult to break out of, which is why they always break the first set, which is usually the easy one to get out of. EVEN IF you somehow break out of your cuffs while in your cell there's literally ZERO chance of staging some kind of escape because, once more, they just insta switch to their tazer and lock you in place. These guys are supposed to act as civil protection does on darkrp/seriousrp servers and yet unlike similar iterations of a police force CG differs in one main aspect: Difficulty. Why is there literally zero difficulty involved in their regiment collum of RP? Its no wonder more and more we see 7+ people on at one time as CG. Yes, you could point to an active command staff but Id look to people just being tired of constantly being arrested by CG for simple transgressions. I'm not saying its impossible to have fun when they are online, its very easy to have fun, what I am saying is that its extremely easy for them to ruin that fun for BS rules and regulations nobody else had a say in. An example of this would be on Banican, we were trying to do shield training outside of the training areas (because all the claimable locations were claimed) and we ended up all getting arrested for having equipment out. We were off in a corner and were only visible to CG in CG only locations ie the walls and upper terrace. To sum it up: Tazer on CG should be nerfed in both stun time and frequency between shots. There should be a level of skill involved in their role past just aiming. PS: This post is not ment as an offense to anyone in CG currently or in the past. Just an honest opinion from someone who basically played CP Chief on DarkRP for a year straight. There needs to be room for players to create roleplayable moments.
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