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Found 2 results

  1. # ... Entering alias # ... Alias accepted # ... Enter secret # ... Secret enabled # ... Access granted to clone database GENERAL INFORMATION Full Name: CT 1219 Known Alias’/Nicknames: Haruki Previous Occupation: Private Unassigned Current Occupation: Master Sergeant Of 13th Iron Battalion Known Languages: Galactic Basic, Twe'leki and limited Togruti Hobbies: Enjoys Reading/Learning, Study of other Religions and Designing the bunks Alignment: Grand Army Of The Republic PSYCHOLOGICAL INFORMATION Mental State: Driven and Determined But Kind And Understanding Mental Disabilities: Plagued by Nightmares Of A Failing Future Likes (optional): His Brothers In Arms, Reading, Designing, Fighting and Good Jedi Dislikes (optional): Clankers And Kaminoans PHYSICAL INFORMATION/DISABILITIES Physical State: Is Still Strong Due To His Determination But Prefers A Firearm Age: 8 (16) Weight: 87kg Build: Athletic But Lankier Than His Brothers Disabilities: Has Slight Hearing Issues Early In The Morning Due To Dakka BACKSTORY When CT1219 Was Just A Cadet He Enjoyed the Luxuries of the Republic Library in his spare time and studied to learn as much as he could on distant planets, Vehicles, Peoples And Cultures. As A Cadet He Failed His Final Test Only Once Before Completing His Cadet Training And Being Accepted Into The Core Clone Unit [UA] On His First Mission He Was Sent To Small Moon Within The Same Sector As Naboo As They Travelled through Hyperspace, CT1219 Found Himself Once again Starring Down the Barrel of a Large Book That He Had Kept On His Person Since His 1st failed Cadet Trial. Arriving Out Of Hyperspace He Looked Down At This Moons Surface And Prepared For Assault. Landing On The Surface Of The Moon Was The Easiest Part Of The Mission, Stepping Out Of The Laat CT1219 Looked Around Through His Macro Binoculars And Sighted the First Sign Of Combat After A Long Arduous Trek And Battle CT1219 Was Left One Of The Few Surviving Troops They Had Been Ambushed By The CIS But Managed To Hold Them Off Long Enough For EVAC. Returning To Base He Was Honoured For Completing His Mission And Surviving Before Being Sent Of To Task Force Gateway. Joining Task Force Gateway Was The Best Thing To Happen To CT1219 In His Short Life. Shortly After Joining Task Force Gateway He Met Three 13th Iron Battalion Troopers, And Quickly Formed A Friend Ship, As They Shared Stories And Listened To Music Over A Glass Of Whiskey Each. Shortly After This Friendship Was Formed CT1219 Was Recruited to Join The 13th By A Mixture Of The Three He Had Met, And The Then Commander Tune, As CT1219 Received His Freshly Painted Yellow And White Armour, A Name Was Asked From Him, Without Hesitation He Drew The First Thing That Came To Mind "Haruki". This Was The Name Of The Main Character Of The Novel He Had Held So Dear Through all These Missions, The Main Character Was A Young Human Man From a Planet Far Far Away, He Was A Samurai A Class Of Warriors From A Time Period Long, Long Ago, These Samurai Were Like Jedi But Without Lightsabres, And Some Say They Were More Noble And Honourable Than Most Jedi. CT1219 Now Known As Haruki Took This Name In His Stride And Served Many Long And Hard Battles With The 13th Before joining There Heavy Weapons Unit "Cerberus". This Trooper Still Lives On To This Day His Armour Smelling Slightly Of Smoke From An Explosion, And With A New Goal, An Objective On The Horizon _*_*_*_* _*_*_* RELATIONSHIPS Dead| Some Of His Cadet Brothers Who Didn't Make It through the Kaminoan Tests Death Wish | Corrupt Senators, Soldiers, Kaminoans and Similar Beings Hatred || CIS Droids and Geonosians Disliked | CIS Senators Untrusted | Republic Senators Indifferent | Some Jedi And Other Regiments Acquaintance | Clones And Republic Staff Liked | Citizens Of The Republic, 187th, 91st and Good Jedi Friend | 13th Members, Regimental Jedi And Pilot Best Friend(s) CT 6421 "Spritz" CT 2417 "Silence" CT 5200 "Slash" . The First Clones He Had Truly Bonded With Outside Of Kamino in another sense the first brothers he had.
  2. Steam ID (Use the steam ID doing "status" in console gives you in-game): 76561198832827744 Steam Profile Link: https://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198832827744/ Current in-game alias: 1109 Toxic Time Played (Hours): 103 hours (Gmod) 30ish hours (Gatewa) i think.. Are you a donator? (YES/NO) but i will soon enough PAC3 Questions Have you used PAC3 before? no i have not. but id like to learn how Why do you want access to PAC3? So i can learn how to use it for myself, and i think it will make a difference for my roleplay Experience. How is using PAC3 going to enhance your time on the server? It can be something i can have to use for when i would like to try out different (APPROPRIATE) things online. Thank You.
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