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Found 6 results

  1. [Offline...] [Standby...] [Loading...] [Password: *****] [Access Granted] [Loading Info...] ONLY LEVEL 3+ ACCESS ONLY, DO NOT ACCESS THE INFO IF LOWER [Please insert Access Card] [Loading...] [Granted] Destruction of Juggernaut These are the most unusual enemy we've ever faced in the Clone Wars Era. At first, we thought this was some type of CIS Plan or attack. But as our Republic Intelligence digs into this attack. We discover we're dealing with a new threat to the Republic. We've already faced some of its attacks. With the Droid attack on Jania Base. They also stole from the CIS, some type of prototype that the CIS was working on. This enemy has large firepower and large enemy forces. These threats will not be taken lightly, as this is a threat against the Republic. I'm gathering the Task Force, we're to ship off soon. This so calls Juggernaut, will be taken down. In the Republic name. General Legacy signing off... [Standby...] [Offline...] -------------------------------------------------OOC----------------------------------------------------- Big Shoutout to @Buck :) for creating the photo above. I'm no good at art, so thank you Buck. I've been working on this Campaign for some time, and I'm happy to say it will be hosted on 01/08/2020. The Campaign will start at 1:00, going down to 2:30, 4:30, 6:30, 8:30. I'd hope to see you there at Saturday and come play Destruction of Juggernaut! Any questions, leave a comment! Thanks!
  2. [Offline...] [Standby...] [Loading...] [Password: *****] [Access Granted] [Loading Info...] ONLY LEVEL 3+ ACCESS ONLY, DO NOT ACCESS THE INFO IF LOWER [Please insert Access Card] [Loading...] [Granted] Wraith Of Tyrian These unknown species came out of no where! With Advisor Void was doing attack against CIS Mining Station. Unidenified Vessels came out of hyperspace and begins their attack on the CIS Fleet. At first we thought their were on our side. But it started attacking us, we had to retreat. We were outmatch against them. But with the help of the ION Cannon, we started to push them back and hold them off. Until we cut off what we believed to be the Leader of Tyrian. Well, we.. we were wrong. They retreated back, but they came back with large forces and destruction weapons were created. We managed to push them off at one their Second Core planet. We have capture the planet, with a hyperspace course to the Planet of Tyrannian is known as their homeworld. We send in special task forces to capture one of the ship. This is the recording we got from the task force. [Standby...] [Loading...] [Loading Video File "458-Tyrian"] This is the only footage we have on the Leader or the King even. We've located one of the moon, next to the planet. We're sending our attack forces to capture the outpost on the moon. Creating a Outpost to begin our attack on the Planet of Tyrannian. Until then, General Legacy signing out. [Standby...] [Offline...] -----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------OOC--------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Big Shoutout to @Buck :) for making and directing the trailer. Couldn't have done it without him. Credits to @Bullet, @Dempsey, @Joe, @Corvus, @Tyrell (Kofar3), @Sas, @EvilJammyJack, @Ganit, @Tenty, @14 for helping out the Trailer and playing their parts, big help! This has been in the work for quite some time. With that said, I'm pleased to say that it's coming out at 09/05/2020. This Campaign will be starting at 1:00 with it going down to 2:30, 4:30, 6:30, 8:30. I hope to see you there at Saturday and join with me on Wraith Of Tyrian! Edited January 21 by Andy
  3. [Offline...] [Standby...] [Loading...] [Password: *****] [Access Granted] [Loading Info...] ONLY LEVEL 3+ ACCESS ONLY, DO NOT ACCESS THE INFO IF LOWER [Please insert Access Card] [Loading...] [Granted] Revenge Of The Beast Troopers, due to the outbreak of this beast, roaming around Courscant. We've managed to take care of it and return to another planet. Keeping contained. But with this said, it... It just woke up too soon, too quick. That Beast destoryed everything! The Opertaion Center! The Medbay! Everything! Beast has escape, roaming on this planet. We expect it to produce more of her kind... Now, we've send in a Republic Squad known as Dark Squad. Squad Leader was recording at the time at the planet. We've managed to collect the recording of it... [Standby...] [Loading...] [Loading Video File "Dark Squad Leader - 48"] We.. I... *Sigh* We've managed to located a source to this problem... Captain Andy... He was the Advisor with the Mission related to the Beast. He went insane in the end, however we've managed to locate the data sources. We've the other pieces but with that data sources. We may be able to clean this planet. But not only that, get rid of the Beasts for good. Hope this is the last of them... Captain Star signing out. -----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------OOC--------------------------------------------------------------------------------- BIG massive thanks to @Buck :) for making the Video. I couldn't done it without him, also thanks to @Jarr, @Rover and @Bullet for being apart of the video of RCs. With this said, This is the last of the Beast Campaign, there will be no more after this This Campaign will be happening on the 08/02/2020 with 4 Events, one starting at 2PM AEST. With the Rest at normal Event time. 4:30, 6:30, 8:30. And yes this will be on-base event. I hope you all are excited as I am, this story has came long way but as everything has come to a end. I'd hope to see you there!
  4. Hello Gateway! I wanted to ask everyone an very simple question, so at the very start of Captain Andy. I did a Campagin regarding about the Beast "Monster" After 3 or 4 months after that Campagin. I did another one, "Return of the Beast" with Captain Andy getting killed. Here the question, I've been thinking about doing another Beast Campagin. "Revenge of the Beast" The question is, would you like to have another Beast Campagin or Andy can scrap this Beast Campagin and do something different.
  5. [Offline...] [standby...] [Loading...] [Password: *****] [Access Granted] [Loading Info...] ONLY LEVEL 3+ ACCESS ONLY, DO NOT ACCESS THE INFO IF LOWER [Please insert Access Card] [Loading...] [Granted] The Return of the Beast Troopers, I'm not sure if you remember the mission known as 'Monster Terror'. We've been working on this project, that Space Station you saved was the station that orbit the Beast Planet. We've set up an outpost located on the surface of this terrifying planet. Commodore Vail is currently stationed on the planet. As you know, this Beast is quite powerful. Able to take down a whole army of clones. However, this project was to capture the Beast and use it against the CIS, hopefully ending this war. We're currently on the work with captured Beast, this one is young. Perfect opportunity to tame the beast. Myself, Captain Andy will be leading this project. However, we had some CIS at our doorstep. Commodore is calling reinforcement to hold them off. This mean, we will be living there as we work on the project. Until then, Captain Andy is signing out. *OOC* Hey! Now, you probably remember the last Campaign I did on the Monster. This time, I am giving him a return. This will be a 10 hours Campaign, however, the time is not set at the moment. The reason behind this is my life is quite busy. I'll update this once I'm no longer busy. This Campaign will happen, you can trust me on that. Message to the staff, Any EM's, Back-up EM's, Staff wish to join me and help me with this Campaign please contact me on discord, steam or Teamspeak. Your help would be appreciated. Any question about this Campaign, please ask away here.
  6. Captain Andy reporting in... Greetings troopers, there have been multiple raids across the Outer Rim Territories. The cause of these raids appear to be an extensive Crime Syndicate known as the Black Sun. The Black Sun has raided some of our outposts, stealing our supplies and escaping before we can counter-attack. We're unsure what they plan with the supplies, however, I had been able to track down all our supplies being kept at. We'll begin our deployment soon, until then troopers. Get yourself ready for it. Captain Andy signing out... OOC: This Campaign will begin on the 29/06/2019 at normal event schedule. If any CO's of a regiment are reading this please be sure to let your troopers know of this upcoming campaign. Because they do not want to miss this one, trust me. I hope to see you all there, any question about this campaign, please contact me on Teamspeak or discord or even in-game.
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