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  1. # ... Entering alias # ... Alias accepted # ... Enter secret # ... Secret enabled # ... Access granted to clone database GENERAL INFORMATION Full Name: CT-9043 'Snook' Known Alias’/Nicknames: Snook, 9043 Previous Occupation: 327th Star Corps Bacta Company Medic Current Occupation: 327th Star Corps Trooper Known Languages: Galactic Basic, Droid, Kaminoan, Jawaese (little) Hobbies: Taking down clankers and playing holochess Alignment: Grand Army of the Republic PSYCHOLOGICAL INFORMATION Mental State: [REDACTED] Mental Disabilities: [REDACTED] Likes (optional): Holochess, learning new languages, battles, banter. Dislikes (optional): Separatists, boredom, 917th Medical Division. PHYSICAL INFORMATION/DISABILITIES Physical State: Fit Age: 12 Weight: 85 kg Build: Medium Disabilities: Profound deafness RELATIONSHIPS Dead | Death Wish | Hatred | Disliked | Untrusted | Indifferent | Acquaintance | Liked | Friend | Best Friend | Commander Bly: As his mentor, Snook looks up dearly onto Bly whom he trusts with his life. When Snook was out of action for several cycles after a battle, Bly stuck with him to make sure he would fight for the 327th again. Sergeant Deviss: Snook loves nothing more than a bit of banter, especially against Deviss as he is seen as the punching bag of the regiment. However, Snook still thinks he is a cool guy to be around. 2nd Lieutenant Tyto: Snook enjoys being around Tyto, as his sense of humour and his charisma makes him a great guy to be around. Snook enjoys having a laugh with Tyto, and when the lasers start flying he will stand by him. 917th Medical Division: Snook heavily dislikes the division as he believes they stole his job, leading to his transfer from Bacta into standard infantry. Snook believes that there are too many 917th and they take up all of the field medic jobs, leaving nothing behind for the regimental medics.
  2. # ... Entering alias # ... Alias accepted # ... Enter secret # ... Secret enabled # ... Access granted to clone database GENERAL INFORMATION Full Name: CT-5456 Known Alias'/Nicknames: Strawberry Previous Occupation: 717th Rescue Corps, 612th Attack Battalion, Shadow Company. Current Occupation: 13th Iron Battalion. Known Languages: Galactic Basic. Hobbies: Visting the Mess Hall, Writing reports on Missions. Alignment: Galactic Republic PSYCHOLOGICAL INFORMATION Mental State: N/A Mental Disabilities: N/A PHYSICAL INFORMATION/DISABILITIES Physical State: Fit Age: 13 Weight: 82kg Disabilities: N/A Backstory: Strawberry was trained and raised in Kamino. He was picked to become Medic in the field. As he was selected to become 717th. 717th didn't treat Strawberry with respect. He was later transfered by 717th Commander to 612th Attack Battalion to become a Combat Medic. Strawberry was beginning to like 612th. He was able to treat his brothers in the heat of battles. As the war grew, he was told to use his skills somewhere else. He was heading over Kashyyyk to assist 41st Eilte Corps when his LAAT was shot down. During the crashed, Strawberry was able to patch himself up. His LAAT was in the enemy lines. Lucky for Strawberry. Shadow Company has came to the rescue. With the help of Shadow Company, Strawberry was happy to join them. Strawberry spends his time in Shadow, he started to feel strange vibe in Shadow Company. Suddenly he was called to Command. And was told to move to Planet Bracca to assist with 13th Iron Battalion. As Strawberry aboard the LAAT was he was send off to join with 13th Iron Battlion. -More to come- RELATIONSHIPS Dead| Death Wish | Hatred || Disliked | Untrusted | Indifferent | Acquaintance | Liked | Friend | Best Friend | Will be updated once 13th Iron Battalion get added.
  3. # ... Entering alias # ... Alias accepted # ... Enter secret # ... Secret enabled # ... Access granted to clone database GENERAL INFORMATION Full Name: CT-3919 Known Alias'/Nicknames: (Still to be determined) Previous Occupation: Clone Cadet Current Occupation: 13th Iron Battalion. Known Languages: Galactic Basic. Hobbies: Spending time with his fellow 13th and cleaning his weapon. Alignment: Galactic Republic PSYCHOLOGICAL INFORMATION Mental State: N/A Mental Disabilities: N/A PHYSICAL INFORMATION/DISABILITIES Physical State: Fit Age: 13 Weight: 82kg Disabilities: N/A Backstory: 3919 was born and raised on Kamino. Although he never saw combat during the first battle of Geonosis he had stories of what it was like from the surviving clones. While training on Kamino 3919 was always interested in weapons that rocked his shoulder when he fired making sure to pick the biggest weapon available. During his final test in front of his trainers and Jedi General Shaak Ti, 3919 had his shoulder dislocated after attempting to climb the tower to the flag, while the simulation was about to be called off due to his peers thinking 3919 wouldn't be able to complete it, 3919 full of adrenaline and with the support of one of his brothers climbed the tower with his shoulder still dislocated. When he finally got to the top the pain finally kicked in causing the clone to grasp his arm in an attempt to soothe the pain, One of his brothers then placed his shoulder back into its socket and helped him to med-bay. With the completion of his training into a soldier, 3919 was assigned to the 13th Iron Battalion under the command of Jedi General Jaro Topal along side his young padawan learner Cal Kestus. -More to come- RELATIONSHIPS Dead| Death Wish | Hatred || Disliked | Untrusted | Indifferent | Acquaintance | Liked | Friend | Best Friend | Kal Jaro 13th Iron Battalion
  4. NOTE: I replaced the original post with a google doc link to the same biography so that I can edit my character biography much easier. https://docs.google.com/document/d/1p7TlXa07D7EKKBFOe4F9H3zkSyNWP8Ku3_td5zUs0eE/edit?usp=sharing
  5. # ... Entering alias # ... Alias accepted # ... Enter secret # ... Secret enabled # ... Access granted to clone database PSYCHOLOGICAL INFORMATION Mental State: Mental State is Mixed, Photographic Memory Mental Disabilities: Lacks Fear, Quick to Self Anger/Self Pity Likes: Swimming, Training, Battling, Alcohol Dislikes: Droids, Quarren, Laziness Personality: Brazen, Semi-Intelligent, Honest, Loyal, Rushes Everything PHYSICAL INFORMATION Physical State: Decent Condition Age: 25 Weight: 70.8kg Build: Lean and Skinny Disabilities: Voice Box was born Damaged Appearance: Plain Jedi Robe, Green Eyes JEDI INFORMATION Rank: Padawan Master (current or previous): Master Kruger Zakila, Commander Xainash Lightsaber details: Standard Padawan Hilt, Blue Crystal Combat style: Aggressive/Defensive BACKSTORY Hermes was born a Mon-Calamarian on Mon Cala. In his first 5 years of birth he had already seen tragedy strike his family. His father had been assassinated by a Bounty Hunter in front of his eyes. His mother hid Hermes under the floor while she was assassinated as well. Hermes was hidden under the floorboard, screaming for his mother until a Jedi known as Master Kruger Zakila came to investigate the Bounty Hunters doings and heard Hermes screaming. Master Kruger Zakila took him to Coruscant as he sensed the force within Hermes. The council deemed Hermes a suitable prospect to become a Jedi Youngling. Hermes didn't know any of this until he was much older and sensed the memories through Meditation. Hermes was excellent at Combat, which he loved, and he was average in the ways of the force. When Hermes became 20, he was ready to undertake his Gathering Trials. He was nervous, because he had never been tested in his life. His palms were sweating and if he failed, he would have to wait another year. Grand Master Yoda called him into his quarters. Grand Master Yoda told Hermes to recite what a Jedi Guardian, Consular and Sentinel do for the Jedi Order. Hermes answered these with ease as he loved reading and had a photographic memory. Hermes was then asked to protect himself against 3 training droids with shock lasers with his lightsaber. Hermes excelled in this as he was gifted with a lightsaber. Hermes was then asked to lift Grand Master Yoda's Desk. This was Hermes biggest weakness, His ability to lift objects with the Force Hermes tried as much as he could, but couldn't lift it more than 5cm. Hermes was about to cry when Grand Master Yoda said that it didn't matter if he failed this one, he had done exceptionally well in the others. Grand Master Yoda then asked when Path would Hermes like to study. Hermes had thought about this and he had decided he was best suited to become a Guardian/ Grand Master Yoda gifted Hermes his Padawan Hilt and Blue Crystal and Hermes was promoted to Padawan
  6. Access Jedi Archives. # ... Starting System analysis. # ... Start up complete. # … Enter Alias: Padawan Riffatolious Jaf’lian Jawrelious. # … Alias Accepted. # … Enter Password: ********. # ... Password Accepted. # ... Access granted to clone database, Welcome back Padawan Riff Jawrelious. # ... Search: MENTAL INFORMATION. # ... ACCESSING MENTAL INFORMATION. # ... MENTAL FILE DETECTED. Mental State: Mentally Stable at this time. Mental Disabilities: No Mental Disabilities Detected. Preferred names: Riff J. Jaws Nickname: Jaws Likes: Bodies of water, studying Jedi archives, learning of ancient Jedi rivals such as both Sith and Mandalorian cultures, hand to hand combat, lightsaber dueling. Dislikes: Betrayal, Battle Droids, Count Dooku, Ewoks, Mon Calamari / Quarren. Personality: Jaws' personality is quite aggressive due to the deaths of both his parents, and the fall of his home, Jaws can seemingly lose control when things take a drastic turn (e.g. a friend dying) but, during the time at the Jedi academy he has learned to be fast and agile. He still doesn't attach to people easily and finds it hard to make friends. At the start of the Clone Wars, Clones were presented to him as nothing but utilities to use in the war, this was mostly due to the mass death of his species during the battle of Karkaris from both CIS Droids and Republic Clone soldiers. Nonetheless, Jaws has expanded his way of thinking and still fights side by side the clones during battles and may grow fond of a small handful of soldiers over the course of the war. # ... Search: PHYSICAL INFORMATION. # ... ACCESSING PHYSICAL INFORMATION. # ... PHYSICAL FILE DETECTED. Physical State: Fit Age: 18 Weight: 90 kgs Build: Ectomorphic body type. Disabilities: No Physical disabilities detected. Appearance: Jaws is a young Karkarodonian from the planet of Karkaris. He is a very agile amphibian that is quiet but fit. He has sharp teeth capable of ripping through most skins to the bone, and his powerful jaw allows for very strong grips to most objects. Jaws has Sharp claws and webbing on his hands and feet making him very fast and dangerous in water and wet conditions. Jaws has gills slightly under his strong jawline allowing him to breathe underwater easily while also being able to breathe on land thanks to a repository system placed in his throat by the Jedi as a young child. The Clothing worn by Jaws resembles a wet suit used by most Jedi, however a bit more suited for Karkarodon species, it reaches from just below the knee to his shoulders making it much easier than it already is to swim and run. Jaws also has a sacred knife inserted into his wetsuit on the right shoulder, as a traditional totem handed down through the ages of his people, it’s to symbolise that they are hunter, not prey. # ... Search: JEDI ORDER FILE. # ... ACCESSING ORDER FILE. # ... ORDER FILE DETECTED. Rank: Padawan Master (current or previous): No master designated. Lightsaber details: Jaws wields a standard Yellow bladed, silver hilt saber, with black and white adjustment and activation buttons. Combat style: Jaws uses an aggressive stance and is focused on attack, however does occasionally hold a defensive stance when required. # ... Search: BACKGROUND FILE. # ... ACCESSING BACKGROUND FILE. # ... BACKGROUND FILE DETECTED. Jaws' had a peaceful family in the grand city "Tanoga City" in his home world of Karkaris. His father was leader of the Kings royal guard and his mother was one of the Queen's most trustworthy aids. Karkaris was neutral and did not want to join any wars, especially the recent war between the Republic and Separatists. However, a Karkarodon by the name Riff Tamson insisted that we must align our planet with the Confederacy of Independent Systems. Riff Tamson pleaded to the King on several occasions, however to no success. Riff Tamson then pleaded to Count Dooku, and with a small community of Karkarodon people the Separatists invaded in 22BBY. By the end of the invasion, The King was overthrown and executed along with the royal family and staff, meaning both Jaws’ parents had perished. Jaws had become an orphan at such a young age with little to no memory of his parents, all he had was the sacred family heirloom which he continues to hold today... The planetary war went for several weeks, eventually leaving the Separatists in command of the planet. Nearly weeks after being abandoned by all, a Jedi Master that had traveled to Karkaris for the battle, found Jaws cold, hungry, and alone, the Jedi Master could sense something, something special. He took Jaws back to his Venator, and after further testing of the young Karkarodons blood, He had discovered an overwhelming amount of Midi-chlorians. This young one is force sensitive. After the republics full withdrawal of Karkaris, The Jedi master had Jaws enrolled into the Jedi Order. And continues to pledge himself to the order till this very day. Relationships No Relations at this time.
  7. # ... Entering alias # ... Alias accepted # ... Enter secret # ... Secret enabled # ... Access granted to clone database GENERAL INFORMATION Full Name: Khai Known Alias’/Nicknames: REDACTED Previous Occupation: REDACTED Current Occupation: Coruscant Guard Reaction Company CO Known Languages: Mando'a , Sy Bisti, Huttese and Meese Caulf. Hobbies: Practicing interrogation, learning new languages and reading up on the latest weaponry. Alignment: Chaotic Good. PSYCHOLOGICAL INFORMATION Mental State: Unstable. On the edge, all the time. Mental Disabilities: When Khai was tortured by Pirates, he suffered heavy amounts of brain trauma. ARC Medics did not realize this, or looked for any damage around the skull, and anesthetized Khai. This gave Khai minor brain damage, and increasing Khai's hatred of the Advanced Recon Commandos. Likes: Arresting those who are not following Republic Laws. Seeing ARC and Delta troopers dead or wounded Dislikes: Those who believe themselves above the law. Pirates, Pirate Pug, ARC, Monk'ees. PHYSICAL INFORMATION/DISABILITIES Physical State: Healthy and fit for fighting. Age: Physical / Mental age of 20, biological age of 10 years. Weight: 85kg Build: All rounder, not too heavy in any areas. Disabilities: When Khai and the medical bed he was on started taking fire, his escorts began using his medical bed, and Khai, as a shield. A thermal detonator blew an ARC trooper to shreds, sending plastoid-alloy composite shards into his left eye. It reduced Khai's eye to ribbons, and vision was cut. Khai was not seen as worth a replacement, so he fights on, fueled by his hate for Pirate Pug and DELTA Squad. BACKSTORY CG trooper Khai was first deployed as part of the Corusant Guard peacekeeping force stationed on Corusant. During his 5 years of service, he has become proficient in various trade languages, deciding that to learn the many languages of the Underworld as to best suite the environment, being able to understand those around him. Although mocked initially for his hobby of learning languages, Khai's knowledge of Mando'a , Sy Bisti and Meese Caulf has allowed him to adapt to the situations around him and enabled himself to develop a polite rapport with various citizens of Corusant. On a standard mission, 2nd LT Khai was searching a notorious pirates ship, Hondo Onaka, for any contraband. Little did he know, autopilot was loaded into the nav-comp, and the autopilot locked down all manual systems and took Khai to a small moon, by the name Ilrom. Once there, the pirates (to great glee) took Khai prisoner, attempting to torture any and all information, before using his scarred body as practice for new and up-coming pirates learning the skills and trade of torture. At least he didn't lose an eye or suffer much brain damage. When the Republic came to attack the moon, happening upon Khai, locked in an electro-shock chair with nipple clamps attached, ARC Medics took lead on treating Khai, while the remaining ARC's set up a perimeter. When the ARC Medics slightly halted the flow of bleeding with nipple clamps Pirate Pug had left around, they set up a makeshift medical gurney and took him outside. The path, however, was not clear. Instead of covering the wounded trooper, ARC flipped the medical bed, using Khai's body and the bed as a makeshift shield. In doing so, Khai caught the back-blast of an explosion, sending plastoid-alloy composite ARC shards into his left eye. Khai was eventually put under by the ARC Medics, the medics had not checked for any skull fractures or any head trauma, in putting Khai under, they caused Khai even greater brain damage, having a small aneurysm in his left frontal-lobe. Back on base, Khai took Pirate Pug into an interrogation cell. On the sly, Khai shot the Pirate Lieutenant Cuthulu in the face twice with the Republic Shotgun. Khai refused to let Lieutenent Aldis of 7th and Delta squad remove Pug from the CG confines, and was restrained by Delta squad while the Monk'ee, aided and abetted by Lieutenant Aldis and Delta Squad, made his escape in an LAAT. However, quick action lead by CF-99 Crosshair meant that the LAAT was shot down, leaving the status of Pirate Pug unknown. Khai never forgave the betrayal, and swore to never stop hunting down the scum Pirate Pug and traitorous Delta Squad. Relationships | Dead | Death Wish | Hatred | Disliked | Untrusted | Indifferent | Acquaintance | Liked | Friend | Best Friend | Death Wish:: Pirate Pug Pirate Pug was one of the many tasked to torturing information out of Khai. Pirate Pug was one of the more sadistic ones, his love of Nipple Clamps and electric shock torture led Khai to have his nipples clamped and electrical currents surging through his body on regularly occasions. Pug is of a species known as "Monk'ee", covered in disgusting, coarse fur. Death Wish:: DELTA Squad Pirate Pug was captured and taken to the Republic Base. Pug was in a cell, until DELTA Squad took Pug and broke him out, giving him an LAAT, which was then shot down. 2nd LT Khai seeks for any way to eliminate the RC Squad, without getting any attention to himself, so he can endlessly hunt the Monk'ee known as Pug. Until Pug is dead, and Delta in cells locked away, Khai will never stop obsessing over both Monk'ee and filthy traitor. Hatred: ARC With his tenure as CG trooper, Khai has become to realise that ARC troopers among others are prone to breaking rules and making life for CG a living nightmare. With a recent operation, with ARC's initiating what they call a 'Code Black', many CG troopers and officers died. Due to that, Khai believes that the ARC troopers are not to be trusted. Additionally, when Khai was rescued from Pirates, ARC Medic A-91 'Chunky' and ARC Medic A-99 'Buck', they chose to attach nipple clamps to try and staunch the massive hemorrhages in Khai's chest. Those gave Khai massive nipple-shaped clamp scars on his chest, three in total. Khai also got brain damage because the Medics are incompetent. All of this summed up to a pure hatred for ARC, and a seething urge to gun them down whenever seen. Liked : CG You can rely on no one but your own brothers, that is, the brothers that do not break the rules.
  8. # ... ENTERING ALIAS ... # # ... ALIAS ACCEPTED ... # # ... ENTER SECRET ... # # ... SECRET ENABLED ... # # ... ACCESS GRANTED TO CLONE DATABASE ... # GENERAL INFORMATION Full Name A-52 'Jambi' Known Alias’/Nicknames Aliases: Fracture/Jaeger/Sokol/Jambi Nicknames: Tool and 'Idiot' Previous Occupation Cadet - Unassigned Clone Trooper Current Occupation Alpha-Class ARC Airborne Medic Known Languages | Mando'a | Aurebesh | Huttese | Rodese | Twi'Leki | Shyriiwook | Hobbies | Card Magic | Customising Armour | Playing Any Type of Sabacc Game | Participating in Operations | Alignment Neutral Good PSYCHOLOGICAL INFORMATION Mental State Unstable Mental Disabilities PTSD & Anxiety from all the people who shout for medics Likes | Cards | Deception | Joking Around | ARC | Being Loud | Dislikes | Making Enemies with Other Clones | Droids | Being Serious | Hosting Trainings | PHYSICAL INFORMATION/DISABILITIES Physical State Relatively Fit Age 13 Years Weight 78.3kg Build | Tall | Slim | Disabilities N/A RELATIONSHIPS | Dead | Death Wish | Hatred | Disliked | Untrusted | Indifferent | Acquaintance | Liked | Friend | Best Friend | Death Wish Jaguar/Jaguar's Battalion: Betrayed the Grand Army of the Republic and in doing so, A-52 despises them. He also hates Supreme General Jaguar even more than the droid army. Despite the backstabbing of the battalion, A-52 stays strong as he tries to not let his bad emotions crawl their way into his actions. Hatred Droids: Killed comrades of A-52 and now has a mission to eradicate all droids/fighters for the CIS army from this galaxy, no matter what. A-52 thinks that droids are lifeless hunks of junk metal only used as killing machines to bring harm to the galaxy. Disliked N/A Untrusted [REDACTED] Indifferent N/A Acquaintance RC-3222 Atin: A-52 met RC-3222 on a deployment in Nar Shadaa, while trying to retrieve a HVI. Omega Squad and a few ARC troopers worked together to retrieve the HVI and extract him. A-52 talks to him every once in a while and both share the same likes and dislikes, but now he is now stationed in another base. A-52 missed having conversations & battling in combat with RC-3222 and wishes to see him again. General Chebeek: Jedi General for the Alpha ARC troopers. Although A-52 disliked most of the Jedi, General Chebeek was an exception as he was excellent in battle and had a sense of humour. Liked 7th Sky Corps - 501st Legion - 104th Battalion: A-52 thinks that they are good regiments that protect and fight for the safety of the Grand Army of the Republic with bravery and honour. A-52 has gone through training sessions with them and respects them. Friend Alpha ARCs - Galactic Marines Beta ARCs: Elite troopers of the Army and protect the almighty Republic with their lives. All of them have good personalities and looks at the entirety of ARC as friends. After all the missions, operations and trainings that A-52 has experienced with ARC, from being a Cadet & being taught how to be the best soldier on Kamino to doing elite operations on a daily basis, he wishes that his journey never ends. Jarvis: Recently got the Commanding Officer role for the 13th Starfighter Corps pilots of the GAR. A-52 thinks he has a great sense of humour and likes how he handles different situations. Best Friend ARC Trainees R-11, R-12, R-13, R-14, B-15, B-17, B-18: The hard three week nightmare that the new batch of trainees had to go through was certainly tough, but we all stuck together and attempted to stay strong. Some trainees dropped out due to reasons like too much pressure or lack of interest, but the remaining few trainees and I stuck together and didn't give up. The four trainees that made it in were A-16 'Jag', A-39 'Titan', A-50 'Vilkas' and A-52 'Jambi'.
  9. # ... Entering alias # ... Alias accepted # ... Enter secret # ... Secret enabled # ... Access granted to clone database GENERAL INFORMATION Full Name: 9927-Bruce Known Alias’/Nicknames: Keys Previous Occupation: Navy, Wolfpack, Pilot Current Occupation: 187th Legion Known Languages: Galactic Basic Hobbies: Creating and updating Tech and Pazaak Alignment: The Galactic Republic PSYCHOLOGICAL INFORMATION Mental State: Semi-fit Mental Disabilities: Psychological Trauma, Loss of right eye Likes (optional): His brothers of 187th Legion, Medics for saving his life Dislikes (optional): Vulture droids, B1, B2, BX droids, Crashing noises PHYSICAL INFORMATION/DISABILITIES Physical State: Fit Age: 27 Weight: 87.27 KG Build: Tall, Muscular Disabilities: Seizures RELATIONSHIPS Dead| Death Wish | Hatred || Disliked | Untrusted | Indifferent | Acquaintance | Liked | Friend | Best Friend | Dead: N/A Death Wish: N/A Hatred: N/A Disliked: Unassigned Troopers. Untrusted: N/A Indifferent: N/A. Acquaintance: Corporal Jeff [Savior], Captain 'Rinx', Senior Lieutenant Franz Liked: Captain 'Rinx', Corporal Jeff, Specialist 'Proud' Friend: Corporal Jeff Best Friend: Corporal Jeff. I'm alive because of him. I will always respect him Teacher: N/A
  10. # ... Entering alias # ... Alias accepted # ... Enter secret # ... Secret enabled # ... Access granted to clone database GENERAL INFORMATION Full Name:CT-11/4782 Known Alias’/Nicknames: Knotts Previous Occupation: 501st Torrent Company Current Occupation: 3rd Supply Company Known Languages: Galactic Basic,Rodese,Durese,Pak Pak,Talz,Bothese Hobbies: Cleaning Armour,Cleaning Weapons,Training troopers,telling bad jokes to CT 1040, Alignment: Chaotic Good PSYCHOLOGICAL INFORMATION Mental State: Sane Mental Disabilities: Rail Spike in the head Likes: Bad jokes Dislikes: Disorder,Greed, Jedi,Mandalorians,the the galactic senate,the confederacy of independent systems.Self administered Justice, PHYSICAL INFORMATION/DISABILITIES Physical State: Fit Age: 13 Height: 1.83 Meters Build: Mesomorph Disabilities:N/A Backstory Like all clone troopers, CT-4782 was grown on the planet of Kamino and was a clone of the bounty hunter Jango Fett. RELATIONSHIPS Dead| Death Wish | Hatred || Disliked | Untrusted | Indifferent | Acquaintance | Liked | Friend | Best Friend | The 501st Legion: CT 4782 has a high opinion of every trooper within the 501st legion. The Jedi Order: CT 4782 has shown minor hostel tendencies when interacting with Members of the order, CT 4782 often argues with his jedi Generals orders and tactics. Torrent CO: CT 4782 takes pride in the troopers who served in the company. General Skywalker: CT 4782 has the utmost respect for the General. Commander Tano: CT 4782 has the utmost respect for the Commander. Captain CT-7567: CT 4782 has great respect and admiration for the Captain. CT-5936: CT 4782 has know CT 5936 since the both of them joined the 501st CT-1170: CT 1170 has Proven himself too be a fully capable Medical Officer. CT-1274: CT 1274 and CT 4782 seem to get along with CT 4782 commenting "he is the best Commanding officer Carnivore has ever seen". CT-1114: CT 1114 is a trusted former squad mate and infiltration expert.CT 1114 has helped CT 4782 on multiple occasions. CT-5255 CT 4782 has a high opinion of 5255 being one of only 41 troopers of The 3rd company to survive the battle of umbara CT-5670: Has shown he is a reliable trooper and squad leader. CT-3213: CT-3213 Has shown he is capable of being competent medic when needed. CT-4295: Is a well trusted member of the 501st legion. CT-9115: Being one of the new troopers He still has much to prove in the eyes of CT-4782. CT-2837: CT-4782 Views Cloud as a trooper who could one day Become a sergeant if only he would practice more. CT-4303: CT-4303 is a highly skilled trooper with nothing to prove in terms of combat skill. CT-4736: As the newest Company Commander 4736 still has much to prove CT-8832: Has proven him self more then once CT-8290: Is a competent leader CT-2005: A new trooper of the 501st CT-9008: A new trooper of the 501st CT-1040: CT-4782 and CT-1040 are often deployed in operations together as the commanders of their respective Companies. CT 3601: CT-4872 views CT 3601 as a reliable and capable trooper,but not the most talkative trooper LT Commander W: A great leader and baker and a great Friend Denal: Former Regimental Squad Commanding officer Wizard: Former Squad mate Rupture: Former Squad mate Davies: Former Squad mate Lamen: Former Squad mate Cort: Former Squad mate Temp: Former Squad mate Phaser: Former Squad mate Cloaker: Former Squad mate Whiskey: Former Squad mate Knight:Former Squad mate Rocky:Former Squad mate
  11. # ... Entering alias # ... Alias accepted # ... Enter secret # ... Secret enabled # ... Access granted to clone database GENERAL INFORMATION Full Name: Sergeant - 02/359 Known Alias’/Nicknames: 'Crimson' Previous Occupation: Cadet Current Occupation: Sergeant of the Unassigned Troopers Known Languages: Aurebesh (Galactic Basic) Hobbies: N/A Alignment: Grand Army of the Republic, Unassigned Troopers PSYCHOLOGICAL INFORMATION Mental State: Semi-Stable Mental Disabilities: Occasional flashbacks to Geonosis Likes (optional): N/A Dislikes (optional): Too many to list. PHYSICAL INFORMATION/DISABILITIES Physical State: Moderate, Age: 12 Weight: 90 kg Build: Muscular Disabilities: Unable to speak properly. RELATIONSHIPS Dead| Death Wish | Hatred || Disliked | Untrusted | Indifferent | Acquaintance | Liked | Friend | Best Friend Background. 【BACKGROUND】 Created in 22 BBY alongside multiple of his clone brothers CT - 02/-359 was taken through intense physical and mental training to prepare him for the horrors he'd soon face within the bloody war against the Confederacy of Independent Systems (CIS) and their ever-growing droid army. After completing his enhanced training courses he was finally ready to serve the republic and support them through the battles they waged against the CIS... although no training prepared him for the tragic and blood-curdling battle of Geonosis. Surprisingly CT - 02/-359 survived the first day of the battle of Geonosis his whole platoon decimated and only him and his Jedi leader a lone padawan were left alive, surrounded by CIS infantry and heavy armoured vehicles escape seemed to fade away each step the killers in metal took, reinforcement one planetary rotation away their only hope was to hold out and hope for the best, but not even their best efforts can get them through the situation they were in. 【2 Hours In】 The droids have finally made their move, 02/-359 and his Jedi general have devised a plan multiple FOBs were located around the vicinity around 3, one of the three having a communications devise the other two armed with explosives, their plan to lure the droid forces of over 100 infantry and 2 AATs into the base and destruct it causing chaos for the defeat of the droids. A brilliant strategy with a difficult execution... 【Executing the Plan】 After catching the attention of the droid forces being under heavy fire whilst retreating through the field of broken souls and rotten corpses the two finally make it within the first FOB around 50 droids and 1 AAT followed them inwards. "Blast Them" A robotic noise would be heard from the Trooper a tactical droid residing from the top of the AAT a swift turn pressing his trigger as a blaster shot was fired from his pistol straight between the eyes of the tactical droid as it crumbled to the ground. " General!" He'd say as the General was shot and collided with the raging deserts of the Geonosian landscape, rushing over frantically reaching for the detonation devise as his finger would come into contact with the button a blaze of fire followed by an unsettling silence of clankers would be shown on the field, gripping the body of his Jedi leader her body slightly scared from the close proximity of the explosion although still alive holding onto a single string which determined her fate, removing his helmet staring his eyes widened and tears rolling down their faces... blood emerging from the general's stomach and residing from her palms as she'd touch the chest plating of the trooper's armour before her lifeless hands slid down the body of Crimson leaving a trail of blood as a reminder for her valiant sacrifice and bravery. Wiping away the tears as he'd turn to face the droid forces one man against many, filled with rage he'd pick up two automated rifles from the corpses of his fallen brethren charging head first into the crowd of droids completely decimating those which stood before him blood-curdling screams heard by the droid forces as they were completely caught off guard, droid after droid after droid noises of metal colliding with each other was heard leaving only a single AAT, gripping 2 thermal detonators one in each hands he'd charge the AAT head front their fatal mistake of leaving their hatch wide open as he'd release the detonators from his grasp although through travel time of the detonator the AAT driver had fired a shot within his general direction missing although damaging the left side of the trooper's body his voice box chared by blaster fire. As the AAT went out in flames, now collapsed he'd quickly fall unconscious beside his Jedi general. 【Ressurection】 Noises of vehicles drew closer to the body of Crimson, followed by a shout the voice heard resembling his own as he'd be carried away from the scene the lightsaber wrapped up in a piece of cloth from his general within his grasp. " He needs to be operated on now!" After waking from the operation attempting to speak although his voice silenced he'd be blinded by the lights of the medical bay. " We're glad your awake CT 02/-359" his eyes darting in shock to where the voice was heard from revealing a medical officer. " There was nothing we could do about your voice and your general... we're sorry" the room would quickly turn silent as the medical officer would say " Your bravery that day will not go unnoticed Trooper, welcome aboard the Ressurection" As he'd salute before exiting the room leaving Crimson to mourn his brethren and his General.
  12. //:Special Operations Brigade Transmission 312680J-90 Encryption Code: Black Public Key: File/Orion-Six-Two-Kilo From: Drill Sergeant Krohl Vril, GAR Formidable (GAR Service Number: 8239-2193-KV) To: [REDACTED] Special Operations Brigade Subject: CT-7101 / RC-07/101 [READINESS] Classification: EYES-ONLY (SOB Directive) Clone Database Access: Permitted:\\ GENERAL INFORMATION Batch Number: 07 Unit Number: 101 Known Alias’/Nicknames: Affectionately known as lil di'kut, officially known as "Pondsy". Previous Occupation: 1st Squad, 2nd Platoon, Gundark Company, 612th Attack Battalion [Transfer of service] Medic, Republic Commando, Special Operations Brigade [Transfer of service] Current Occupation: 1st Squad, 1st Platoon, 1st Company, 41st Elite Corp [Current Assignment] Known Languages: Galactic Basic, Galactic Sign Language, Concordian, Huttese. Hobbies: Bar-Hopping, Cooking, Reading, Shiv-Making. Alignment: The Galactic Republic [spoiler=PSYCHOLOGICAL INFORMATION] [spoiler=PSYCHOLOGICAL INFORMATION] Mental State: "My first day in combat... it was hot, dusty and chaotic. Nothing at all like the simulations on Kamino. Communications were cut, and the Platoon was facing off against a droid base on an unruly planet. I didn't know if I was getting off world. But I knew I was taking a few tinnies with me." ~ 7101's recollection of the Battle of Kirrek. Mental Disabilities: N/A Likes (optional): Sharpening his combat knife, Playing music in his spare time, Drinking. Dislikes (optional): Unorganised unit tactics, Laps. [spoiler=PHYSICAL INFORMATION/DISABILITIES] [spoiler=PHYSICAL INFORMATION/DISABILITIES] Physical State: 100% operational capacity. Build: Generic Clone Template. Disabilities: N/A Quirks: As exhibited in other clones, sporting a shaven head and face. [spoiler=BIOGRAPHY] Early Life Oh-One (01), also known as "Pondsy", was a clone trooper who fought in the Grand Army of the Republic during the Clone Wars between the Galactic Republic and the Confederacy of Independent Systems. Pondsy showed an aptitude for sparring and was on many occasions caught sharpening or making a shiv out of plastisteel in his bunks. He was given the nickname "Pondsy" from a Concordian Drill Sergeant during his final exam in the Citadel. CT-7101 was then assigned to the 612th Attack Battalion, in the inglorious "Gundark Company". The Clone Wars One year after the first the Battle of Geonosis, 01 and his company within the 612th were assigned to the reconnaissance of the planet of Kirrek. There had been reports of Seperatist forces being sighted in the northern fringes of the planet, and the planetary government had called for aid. Gundark Company were the first boots on the ground, only to discover that their communications had been cut and that their landing zone had been a trap. The droid forces had employed LM-432 Crab Droids disguised as the planets trees at the landing zone, using them to cut down the clones as they exited their LAATs. It was the overwhelming fire of the droids that saw Gundark Company sound the general retreat. 01, utilizing a fallen clones Z6, acted as the rearguard for the retreating forces. After the battle, 7101 was commended and sent back to Kamino to received specialised training as a clone commando. It was during his time on Kamino, being reunited with his Concordian drill sergeant, that 01 and his batch were trained in commando skills and tactics. He was also given extensive language training to better communicate with more 'Mando' influenced units. Pondsy was one of the many new clones being intergrated into the clone commando program, seeing the rise of non-breed clone commandos. Many members of 01s batch would go on to become non-ARC members of The Muunilinst 10. Pondsy had a natural affinity to both slicing, medical and communication analysis. 07/101 was assigned to a new posting with the Special Operations Brigade detachment of the [REDACTED]. After a few weeks with the Special Operations Brigade, Pondsy was integrated into the the 41st Elite Corp under the command of Commander Gree. His special forces training being utilized in the harsh environment that the 41st were accustomed to. [spoiler=RELATIONSHIPS] Dead| Hitlist | Hatred || Disliked | Untrusted | Indifferent | Acquaintance | Liked | Friend | Vod
  13. # ... Entering alias # ... Alias accepted # ... Enter secret # ... Secret enabled # ... Access granted to clone database GENERAL INFORMATION Full Name: CT-4505 Noceur Known Alias’/Nicknames: Noc', 4505 Previous Occupation: Clone Trooper, 612th Staff Sergeant - Combat Medical Division Current Occupation: Naval Medcorps Hobbies: Patching up soldiers, prodding RC, ARC and the CG, putting disobedient Troopers in their place. Alignment: Grand Army of the Republic. Neutral opinions of the CIS. PSYCHOLOGICAL INFORMATION Mental State: Slightly disturbed due to a past simulation training concerning [REDACTED], no obvious signs of outwards distress or mental instability concerning the event. No memory of [REDACTED] however self assessed emotions and feelings expressed after approaching his CO about [REDACTED], information best kept on the low and never spoken of. Mental Disabilities: N/A Likes (optional): Silence, competent allies Dislikes (optional): Troopers who break away from firing lines because they're afraid to die, Troopers who are incapable of calling for a medic before getting themselves killed, potatoes. PHYSICAL INFORMATION/DISABILITIES Physical State: Average Age: 11 Weight: Generic Clone Build: Generic Clone Disabilities: N/A BIOGRAPHY Among the ranks of the Clone Army is a trooper, namely one 4505 Noceur (No-sere), or more commonly referred to by his allies and regiment as "Noc" (Knock). Specialist 4505 Noceur is an aspiring Combat Medic currently in the 612th Attack Battalion under the wing of Commander Barron. Although not as experienced as his brothers-in-arms, and having seen many less a conflict than them, 4505 Noceur is a capable trooper, following orders to the last word, and even enforcing the order no matter how obscure it may be, whenever and wherever it is required. Naturally being a supportive and loyal soldier, he recongises authority, skill in his brothers where it exists, and respects those above him in the chain of command-- but despite this, he is not the perfect soldier. Lacking in anything other than mid-level combat and medical training, 4505 Noceur makes it an unspoken rule to leave the authority to those he recognises as more skilled in combat, squad leading and squad decisions. Although that does not mean he will not speak up and suggest a course of action if the situation requires, and is fully capable of acting the part of a CO on the field where needed. The main flaw of 4505 lies in his patience in others, friend and foe alike. However patient and respectful he is with his higher ups; that is not consistently shared with those below him both in skill and knowledge unless those below him show respect enough for 4505 to return it-- A prime example of this is misbehaving Troopers, with the most notable example of this being one day on the Venator during a live fire training exercise within the Simulation Room with 4505 Noceur as the squad leader. Although knowing that his skill level is nor better or worse than the rest of his squad mates currently taking part in the live fire exercise, 4505 Noceur quickly lost patience with a Trooper of whom was not treating the Simulation as he felt it should be... a real battle; and as a result broke off from his calm and collected, pseudo-authorative as the situation called for, facade to talk firmly, harshly to the Trooper over the Sim Comms, exclaiming that the Trooper should "Stop being a damned fool and follow orders, your failure to do so is why you keep getting blaster fire straight to the chest." without a shred of sympathy or kindness in his voice, of which caused the Trooper in question to shy away from his usual behaviour and quickly fall in line. It was true that the Trooper in queston was simply a Shiny, a foot soldier, a Clone Trooper not tied to any regiment; but that did not matter to Noceur, he wants his brothers to improve, survive, and if that means being blunt to get his point across, so be it.. and besides, 4505's CO was watching. In terms of medical training, both on the field and the Venator, 4505 has had rare few moments in his life in the Clone Army thus far to exercise his limited yet expanding knowledge within the medical field, as he has seen more death than opportunity to preform and improve his medical knowledge; but such is the life of an aspiring Combat Medic-- harsh realities aside however, 4505's notable medical experiences thus far include one crazed Trooper whilst accompanying Commander Barron on a scout & investigate turned retrieval mission. Said Trooper was unhinged, bordering insane as he locked himself in a cell, screaming to himself and 4505's squad about the horrors that he had gone through, firing shots off at the blaster-proof glass that was separating 4505's squad from the unhinged Trooper. Luckily however, the Trooper was quickly subdued, sedated and a blood sample taken at the hands of 4505 Noceur: this was 4505's first medical experience on the field. His second one was much more gruesome, although anticlimatic as he was simply an observer and hand-if-needed for another one of his Regiment medics within the Medical Bay aboard the Venator; situation was dire although fixable, as an ARC Trooper had lost his arm to a Deathwatch Commander a few hours earlier. Nothing negative became of the ARC Trooper and he walked out the Med Bay minutes after coming to, fit and healthy, with 4505 having recieved only spectator-gained knowledge from the experience. Since those days, he has had many more experiences, but nothing that can't be logged another day. It wasn't long after being assigned to the 501st as a temporary ARF Unit, where 4505 met his timely demise at the hands of CIS artillery. It was a botched mission from the start, and nothing short of a cluster of death and hopeless backtracking. 4505 risked his life to cover the 501st as they retreated, providing sniper fire from atop a sand crawler at the unfortunate cost of a literal arm and a limb. CIS strikes lined him up, and took him out with a swift blow. Now... if it weren't for the local Jawa population, 4505 would've perished alongside the rest of his dead and dying clone brothers-- thankfully, the Jawa's were more interested in being oddly decent folk, and taking him in and caring for him. He survived, and was promptly evac'd to Kamino where he faced extensive medical care aboard one of the many medical stations in the system, losing an eye, his leg, a portion of his ribcage and an arm to the explosions. After this, 4505 was reassigned to a Venator devoid of any 612th units, or 501st for that matter, and returned as a Medical Corps trooper ranking Master Chief, aiding from the back lines wherever he can. RELATIONSHIPS Dead| Death Wish | Hatred || Disliked | Untrusted | Indifferent | Acquaintance | Liked | Friend | Best Friend Commander Barron As much a Commanding Officer as he is what 4505 would call a friend, Barron has earned 4505 Noceur's both respect and trust through sheer time spent together both on the field and off. 4505 feels a sense of belonging in 612th under the wing of Commander Barron, and as such is thankful he was taken under the Commanders wing straight from the Clone Trooper Shiny ranks. The rest of the 612th Attack Battalion Having had made the transfer from the Shiny ranks straight to 612th, he feels that those within the regiment are his brothers, and the Battalion itself as his family. Acquaintances Outside of 612th, 4505 holds no opinions of Troopers, rather having opinions of regiments as a whole as he thinks that all regiments should operate as a single mind, a single family. And as such, holds respect and acknowledgement towards both RC and ARC for being specially an obvious and powerful presence on and off the battlefield. Naval Medcorps He holds no opinion of them, simply viewing those medics he works alongside as more Clones to keep alive, lest they suffer the same fate as he did once upon a time. Untrusted Those within the Shiny ranks, save for a few Officers, have given 4505 a bad taste for the bulk force of the Clone Trooper ranks. He feels that although they make good meatshields, offensive as the term may sound, and are able to get the job done, he would not trust them with a task on the battlefield, nor with his life. However that does not mean he will not step up and lead if the situation so calls for it, and will not hesitate to pick up a fallen Shiny Clone from the battlefield.
  14. # ... Entering alias # ... Alias accepted # ... Enter secret # ... Secret enabled # ... Access granted to clone database GENERAL INFORMATION Full Name: LCP 1538 Slaydread *FORMER LCP* Known Alias’/Nicknames: Dread, Slay, 1538, Breacher Previous Occupation: 501st Legion Trooper Current Occupation: 501st Tango Trooper Known Languages: Galactic English, Breach Code Hobbies: Breaching, Breach Training. Alignment: Republic PSYCHOLOGICAL INFORMATION Mental State: Conditional Mental Disabilities: None Likes (optional): Breaching Dislikes (optional): Climb Swep PHYSICAL INFORMATION/DISABILITIES Physical State: Breach Ready Age: 18 Weight: Light Enough To Carry A Z6 Arround The Battleground Without Sinking Into The Ground, But Heavy Enough So It Doesn't Look Weird. Build: Breach Ready Disabilities: None RELATIONSHIPS CG | Ahsoka Tano | Noble, Rex | Raider |
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