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Found 4 results

  1. Sorry all but I am reporting my resignation from all my in game roles on the server. I have put in a lot of hard work and tried my best but I feel my time has come once again, this may be a shock to some and not to others but I don’t have it in me anymore. I Love Gateway and in a way I always will, I don't really regret the time I’ve had, but there have been moments I don't look particularly look back on with fondness, but I digress. Truth be told I knew this would be my last time with gateway, nothing against the community as I’ve made clear, things have changed, people have changed and I have changed, some for the better but some for the worse. I do not want to feel like I've been dragging a rank and have become useless and remembered as such. May Gateway last for a thousand years, All the Best Gamers. I’ll still come around on the TS and what not but I physically can’t do this anymore. If I had to shout out anyone I would say you the players deserve all the credit for making this possible, as well as The Staff, The Developers, The Event Team and of course Management. Thank you guys for the fun times, Supreme Advisor 04/1129 O’Niner Signing out. Here's a song that I discovered because of this community.
  2. Clone Wars PAC3 Application Template Requirements Steam ID: STEAM_0:0:49571533 Steam Profile Link: https://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198059408794/ Current in-game alias: Aussie, O'Niner, AussiWozzi Time Played (Hours): 1500+ hours (according to gametracker) Are you a donator? (YES/NO) Yes PAC3 Questions Have you used PAC3 before? Multiple times Why do you want access to PAC3? Truth be told im not great with PAC, but I am learning and I do believe this is going to enhance my role-play experience as well as increase my enjoyment when customizing my character or using it to create animations for overall in character fun How is using PAC3 going to enhance your time on the server? To put it honestly and simply, it'll make me look good which will make me feel good about myself, thus making the game more fun. PAC3 Examples: Crossing arms animation (can be toggled via event) All kitted out while reporting in via helmet comms Captain Rex constructing Darth Vader's Light-saber, the true canon Chewbacca carrying a damaged C3PO, a nod to Empire Strikes back Bonus Fifth image, featuring a Custom RC Helmet
  3. Tomorrow my internet will be cut off as we are moving house within a couple of days. Meaning I wont be contactable via steam or the forums for atleast til Tuesday. This being said I wouldn't be on anyway as I am moving all my stuff and don't plan on getting on gmod the second we move into the new house anyway. So sadly You wont see O'Niner or Yoda around for a little while. Catch Y'all Laterz
  4. Note: The role of Senior Event staff requires immense dedication, patience and persistence. Through this position, you will be responsible for the training of new event staff and the overall guidance and coordination of the Event team. Failures of the team will fall towards your own shortcomings. Do not apply for this for the sake of progression, you will need to put in a lot of effort and work towards the maintenance of the events. Basic Details: Steam Profile: http://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198059408794 Steam ID: STEAM_1:0:49571533 In game alias: Supreme Advisor 04/1129 O'Niner, General Kit Fisto, SSG 9211 Aussie, ARC Trainee R 99 Estimated hours on the server: 1700+ hours. (as it says on gametracker when combining all my alias') Estimated time as Event Staff: If counting previous time I would say almost 2 years. Not counting that I would say almost 2 months. Questions: Why do you want to be Senior Event Staff? I personally want to become SEM because I took notice at the lack of senior support in the event team. Not to mention I was told by a few to apply, which would be my reasons for the interest in this role. I believe I have the experience for this role in my previous positions as senior staff roles as well as a experienced event master. Do you feel you have the capabilities to ensure the organisation and consistency of the event team? I feel that I am capable in managing and assisting the event team with simple and complicated things. From previous experiences What skills do you have that will assist you in this position? I have good management skills as well as keeping things scheduled and noted. I feel that I am approachable to staff and players alike. I am confident in speaking so I could assist in Event meetings or just generally talking to other EMs. I feel that I am able to see multiple points of view/perspectives when dealing with complicated matters. What do you currently feel to be the biggest issues with your own events? I feel that after doing so many events in my time I find myself scraping for ideas, However that being I do spend quite a bit of time thinking of new ways to entertain the server. another issue would be that my mic cuts out quite commonly ( this is a client-side issue, not a actual equipment issue.) What sets your events apart from that of the other event staff? I can't really say much as i dont get to see everyone's events but I feel every now and then I get very experimental with events, pushing the boundaries of what is considered a Good event, whether be having a lighter or darker tone to using entities or NPCs we would not usually use in events. That being said I am fulling aware of the line that is set for event masters and I do not cross it unless its for the players benefit (this is a rare case most of the time) Situations: 1. You book the first event slot and, upon completing it, you notice that no other event staff have booked the other slots. Explain how you would handle this. I would make sure I have added all the Event team via steam and contact the ones with green listed in the timetables. If this could not be booked i would take it myself ( this is depending on their reasoning for not taking the event, as if they couldn't be stuffed they would likely get a strike on the Tracker) 2. A new event staff begins booking slots, you notice that they do not change the colour of their slots and forget to list down the maps they use. How would you resolve this? I would warn them of this as it is a strike-able offence and remind them to list their maps, failure to do this would result in a final warning and if it somehow happens again I would strike them ( as being warned twice seems fair enough) that being said i would only strike them if it happened at a consistent rate, as people forget to list maps every now and then (myself included) 3. You notice that a specific regiment on the server has been ignoring all orders you give during an event for about a week or so, what do you do? I would sit the Commander down and talk to him about this, If he continued to do this I would bring it to a Marshal Commander. As not long ago a rule was made against punishing troopers after events (as it would be considered abuse of our Event Characters) If somehow this still continued I would use my abilities in the event to scold them, if this was not taken seriously I could make it a Staff issue as disobeying order multiple times is considered failRP (as not every clone is a massive edge lord who doesn't need to listen to people) and would warn them via the warn system, I would continue to watch over them for the next couple of events. 4. Two Event Staff are having a heated argument about a slot that one of the EMs allegedly stole after it was already booked by the other, both of them contact you complaining about the situation. How would you handle this? I would take this into a private channel and have them both explain their stories one at a time. using their stories I would determine who took the slot first, I would also access the staff tracker and look through the previous versions. once this is done I would scold the one who took the slot and depending how serve it was I would strike them. Tasks: 1. Outline the process of training you would provide to a new event staff who has just been accepted into the position. I would first assign a event that they would be available for (such as a 8.30 on a Wednesday) once thats done I would run the event and have them assist me. once this event's finished I would book another slot and have the roles reversed (me assisting him in the event) if he/she was successful with this event we would do another event but this time focusing on another element in the events (such as passive Rp or multiple objective events) If he/she was successful with this I would finally make them run a event alone and I would observe them, I would make sure they make use of building dupes and other tools (maybe even ships) Once this is done I would report to the head EM about the progress and decide from there. 2. Briefly design a potential event staff challenge that you feel would be beneficial for the event staff to complete, explain why you believe so. Challenge: Jedi Side missions each EM must produce at least 1 Jedi Side mission for one of their events, this would test them on their lore knowledge with the Jedi as well as their skill in Jedi RP (example would be the Jedi discovering a run down temple that is sealed, they would have to role-play with the force to open it up, they could retrieve the Jedi artifacts inside and return to base with them) This would be useful as many events focus mainly on the clones for all of their events, making it quite unfair/annoying for the Jedi. having a Jedi mission for them would make them feel included and prove the EMs multi-tasking skills. 3. Plan out an idea for an entire campaign, use as much detail as possible. CAMPAIGN: The Gathering Part 1: We intercept mysterious activity on a planet that cannot be translated, we are forced to investigate as the signal becomes so strong it begins messing with the Venator's Systems. We deploy on the ground to find the place suffering bad weather conditions (Fog and such) we find a cave that has crystal-like objects around. we are ordered to take a few as we believe they are giving off the signal. The crystals begin connecting a forming a kind of monster. the monster attacks multiple troopers before falling back, it then begins summoning minions to attack us as we make our escape. The fog begins turning a dark red and we gets transmissions that the planets orbit begins sucking in the venator into's its atmosphere. we begin getting overwhelmed and are forced to make a retreat. once we get on the venator it is revealed the monster is making its way to a desert. we begin getting ready for another assault so we can stop it. Part 2: we arrive in the desert to see the monster in the distance, the monster is shown rising something in the distance, upon further inspection it seems to be a Monolith, the monolith begins attacking multiple troopers, We are forced to deploy a beacon for the venator to target, it fires upon the monolith, resulting in its destruction, the monster then goes into a frenzy, forcing us to once again retreat from the area. Part 3: after our defeat at the hands of the monster, we are forced to bunker down in a forest. we have been detecting seismic disturbances in this area and we believe that the monster will be moving towards this area. we begin facing his minions until he finally makes his arrival, we call in Y-bombers to destroy him, we manages to fight past them and make his way into our base, we begin to feel the ground rumble and a massive monolith rises, destroying the base. the monster begins transferring his power into the monolith, making it weaker and beatable. Once we defeat the monster it begins imploding, we make our way to the LAATs to escape the blast. Part 4: On the venator we monitor the monolith via our scanners, we then notice that it begins admitting a massive cloud of gas within the sky, Our ship begins to get sucked into the gas cloud, we predict that we will be absorbed into it within the hour, we retreat to the surface with our gunships, we then begin creating a makeshift bomb with one the LAATs, sadly a trooper is forced to pilot the LAAT into the gas cloud, detonating it within the cloud and causing a big enough explosion that ends up destroying the entire cloud. Our Venator readjusts its course and we are decide to leave the planet entirely, even deleting it off the holo charts. Epilogue: A small funeral is held for the trooper that sacrificed himself and We leave the system. Thanks for reading my app and please give feedback!
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