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Found 2 results

  1. So I have been tinkering with an idea as of late that I thought I would bring to the public as I'm curious what people would think about it. Remember when you'd play DarkRP or TTT and some guy would type "Cheese" and you'd hear some weird thing like "Sometimes, I dream about cheese" well what if we got that but for Clone Wars? What does not mean? Can I have an example, Aussie? well of course you can, for example when you type "Hi" You'd hear a clone say "Hi" or if you typed "for the republic" you'd hear a clone say "FOR THE REPUBLIC" now obviously this isn't 100% needed but it would help those who wanted to RP a little more with Clone Voices it could be pretty neat and would benefit our non mic players. However this comes with it flaws, for example if a Jedi typed something like "Hello There" it would still have a clone voice, same goes for ECs or any other non-clone, which is way I've slowed my work on it. Would you like to see something like this worked on and maybe with the consent of Execs, even added to the server? Note: darkrp sounds like "I could eat a horse" or "Doctor Freeman!" would be removed and replaced by these sounds. Also Note: these would be the voices of Dee Bradley Baker, as he has the most voice clips recorded. here are a few examples attached SW02_VO_MP_Core_Republic_InWorld_HeavyAssault_B2.wav SW02_VO_MP_Core_Republic_InWorld_Officer_BattleCommand.wav iftherewasaclanker.wav hellothere.wav
  2. Hello All, as you all know our server has been pretty successful as of late always maxing out slots, which even forced us to switch to 100 for a small period of time. That being said with this it's become more difficult for gamers to join in as the slots are always full, so far the staff's main job is to kick AFK people to make up for this but no offense to the staff but it's still a major issue at times. This is why I suggest an AFK Kicker. I have a few addons here that I searched up, one is a gmodstore one (paid) but adds a few extra features, the second being a free one off the workshop that is bare-bones. https://www.gmodstore.com/market/view/away-from-keyboard-utilities-anti-afk-more https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=311164219&searchtext=afk+kicker I have been thinking hard about this and suggesting it for ages with no real follow up so I'll lay out some stuff here that could benefit our server with an AFK Timer. -Staff don't accidentally kick players who were afk for 5 seconds or people loading in. -It's automatic so it's only the players fault for going AFK. -prevents people staying on for EXP, something from what I gather is barely moderated. However with every addon is a downside or two, here is a few I could think of. -Staff have one less duty (if you could consider that a downside) -Training that relies on standing still such as faces or Jedi meditation could be put at risk, HOWEVER the AFK timer can be changed to accompany this. Besides it is unlikely this will have a major effect as most people don't go long without moving atleast a bit. Obviously this Addon is not 100% needed but really with people constantly asking for AFKs to be kicked it would be nice to have a system in place that runs itself at least, Staff will probably be asked to boot people none the less but this could definitely help. If you feel there is any negatives to this please post them here! Dog Bless.
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