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  1. Clone Wars RP - Senior Administrator Application Template Prerequisites: Have you held the rank of Administrator for at least 2 months? Yes Do you work well in a team? Yes, I do work well in a team Do you consider yourself capable of leading others? Yes, I do consider myself capable of leading others onto the right path Do you consistently use the teamspeak and Forums? Yes, you will find on TeamSpeak nearly every day and you will see me on the forums consistently Are you willing to learn new ways to approach situations as a team leader? Yes I am willing to learn new ways to approach situations as a team leader, the more you learn the better you get Do you have any problems with current staff members? No, I do not have any issues with staff members. Requirements: Steam ID: STEAM_0:1:63603954 Most common in-game/current alias: Bobby Total hours played on Gateway servers: 811.87 Other positions held in the community (if applicable): Administrator and Senior Moderator How known are you on a scale of 1-10 (10 being everyone knows you): 8.5/10 Questions: How will you guide the Administrator Team, and assist with the running of the staff team as a whole? I will, first of all, make sure that the staff team members have no issues with each other from there on. I will try to make the moderators and admins cooperate together and communicate more using what they have to the best standard. From there I will ask for feedback from both the Administrator team and the moderator team to see how they are going and what they can improve on, Once I have gained the feedback I will interview one staff member at a time and talk to them on how they’re going and what they could improve on in the future to lead them up the right path. Continuing this cycle for the following weeks. What positive changes will you bring to the experience of both staff and players on the server? Make sure everyone is enjoying their position in staff and giving it 110% of what they have, clearing the issues that two staff members might have between each other and make sure that the community members on the server are enjoying their stay while making sure that they have a good reputation with the staff team Why are you applying for this position? I want to take more of a leadership role in the staff team and assist and lead the staff members below me in the right direction. Why should we choose you over other applicants? I am a hardworking person, I try to complete my tasks to the best of my capabilities and always try to maintain that standard while making sure that others know that I am an approachable guy and a good leader. Situations: 1. An administrator has been accused of abusing their power, what do you do about it? I will speak to the reporter of the staff member and see their perspective, let’s say that the administrator was continuously slaying the user and he has video evidence of himself conducting these acts. From here, this can either end in two different ways. These scenarios are going to be listed below. Scenario 1: In this scenario, he admits to his wrongdoing. I will ask him to join my team speak channel by either sending him a pm in-game or sending him a dm in discord, Once he joins the channel I will speak to him to see if he understands on why I wanted to talk to him and in this scenario he understands on why he was called to the channel since he abused his ULX and continuously slayed the victim. Here on I will speak to him on how he should have known better being considered one of the senior staff of the team and instead of abusing his powers he should be managing the moderators and making sure that they are following the server rules, Once I have explained to him on what he has done, I will give him a strike for him abusing his ULX as at the rank he is now, he would know the consequences of his actions. Scenario 2: In this scenario, he doesn’t admit to his wrongdoing and once dealt with he continues to harass the victim, In this scenario, it will go the same as the one listed above, I will ask him to join my channel by Discord DM or In-game pm. Once he has joined I will ask him if he knows the reason why he was called to the channel. In this scenario, he lies and says that he doesn’t know the reason why he was called, I will run him through what he had done and explain that a user of the community gathered a video of him abusing his ULX rank he by slaying the victim continuously for no valid reason, therefore, I will be striking him for his abuse of his ULX rank as he should have known better being considered one of the senior staff of the server, then let him go. But in this scenario, he decides to go back to the victim and starts to abuse him again and starts saying racial slurs towards him, while this was happening in-game I gain reports of him doing it which then I will drag him to my TeamSpeak channel and give him another strike and demotion or removal from the staff team if granted access by the Head Administrator/management. 2. Expanding on the previous situation, the administrator who was accused of abusing his power was proven to in fact be innocent and has become quite angry that you would believe the accusations of the user. The user is also frustrated as they believe that the staff member has gotten away with abuse. How do you handle this? In this scenario, it would have to be dealt with differently. The way I will deal with the situation will be listed below from the beginning to the end. Speaking to the Victim: Knowing how mad the victim is from the way that the situation has been dealt with proving that the admin is innocent, I will try to calm him down, saying We should deal with this in a civilised manner and not start screaming at the each other, Once the victim is calmed down I will go through the video with him and explain on why the administrator is innocent and didn’t abuse his ULX just say in this situation the User had picked up a weapon from a dead soldier which isn’t allowed for a trooper to have and state that our job as staff members is to enforce this rule and make sure that it isn’t broken as since the weapon that he had isn’t suppose to be in their kit. From here on once the User understands why the administrator isn’t in trouble he will be allowed to leave. Speaking to the Administrator: Once I have spoken to the victim and he understands on why the admin is not in trouble I will ask the admin to join the channel, I will ask the admin to calm down and make sure that he knows that he isn’t in trouble, from there on I will speak to him and state on why I had to listen to the user as once you sign up to the rank of the staff member you’re expected to be unbiased in any situation no matter the rank the person holds or who they are. Therefore making the administrator understand why I had chosen to listen to the user. Going back to the fact that he isn’t in trouble and stating whatever he did in that situation was to make sure that rule was maintained. Once this situation has been dealt with I will tell him to remain in the channel. Conclusion: In conclusion, I will ask the user to join the channel again while the admin being in it and talk to them and explain that to have a good experience on the server they would have to come to a conclusion with each other and leave all the issues in the past and start a new, Due to the fact of both the administrator and user knowing the reasoning for the actions taken by me, they would apologise to each other forgetting about the incident and start a new. 3. You are accused of handling a staff situation poorly by a lower ranked staff member, although the staff member is quite aggressive in their approach, you discover some evidence that supports your poor handling of the situation. What do you do? In this situation, as I have been handling the situation poorly and there is evidence which supports the wrongdoing I have done, I will ask the fellow staff member to calm down and admit to my wrongdoing and make sure that the next situation I will deal with would be in a better manner and dealt with much more properly. Once the staff member has been calmed down. From this on I will try to clear the issue that has been dealt with and for example in this situation I have given a false warning to a user, I will speak to a management member to remove the warning due to it being a false warning and then address the staff member that I have dealt with the situation and next time I will deal with the situation in a better manner. 4. Based on the previous situation, how do you go about de-escalating the situation if you in fact did not handle the staff sit poorly? In this situation, I will deal with it the same way as above but this time instead of my being in the wrong, I am innocent, In this situation, we could say that the person I warned was the brother of a fellow staff member and in a calm manner ask the staff member to join my channel and we will discuss the issue there, In the channel, I will state the reason on why the user was warned. I provide evidence to the staff member on what the user did just say it was RDM and from their helping him understand. 5. The server is in its peak hour and you notice that many of the admins are offline or playing other games, the only staff on are yourself and two moderators. You receive multiple tickets at once requesting simulations, the resolution of a case of RDM, someone asking about donations and a request for some new troopers to be whitelisted to a job. What do you do? In this situation, I would, first of all, make an announcement on discord stating that I would need more staff members on as there are only three in total currently, from here on out we would deal with the situation from the severity of the situation going from RDM, Simulations, Whitelist and asking about donations. Knowing that I have two Moderators, they would be able to assist me while I will deal with the situations they would not be able to deal with or would be unable to deal with due to their ULX capabilities. 6. Members of the staff team are failing to meet the standard expectations of activity and performance. How do you go about enforcing our standards and ensuring improvements are made? I will ask the two staff members to join my channel and I will talk to them, I will state to them that they are not performing to the standard that we have placed later ask on what is happening, from here on the staff members will state on what is preventing them from staying at the standard If they state that they are burnt out. I will say that they should take a break from the server and once they come back either say if they want to continue to be staff members on the server or relieve themselves of the position. But state that this would be their only verbal warning and if they are not able to carry their weight it would result either in a demotion or removal from the staff team. From here on out, I will keep an eye on the individuals once they come back to see either if the staff member is refreshed and starts to carry his weight, or has given up. 7. The Head Administrator is not available (LOA, ect.), and the server is having a busy night. During the course of this night you have a Staff Meeting, Staff Challenges to be submitted, and a few serious situations regarding staff behaviour towards users, and kit changes being requested by COs. How do you handle these circumstances? In this situation, I will deal with the most important first, so In this situation just say it is around 4:00 pm on a Monday, I will first of all deal with the staff members regarding their behaviours and for them to fix it up or it would lead to worse punishments, getting that situation dealt with I will try to gather notes for the Staff meeting from here I will write down on what needs to be dealt with and mention that everyone should maintain good behaviours towards users and other members of this community as poor behaviour is not tolerated. Once this has been dealt with I will speak to the CO’s and state that they should go forward with their kit changes to the members of RHC as it is their job to deal with Kit changes and from there on they will determine if that is allowed or not allowed. Once the kit changes have been dealt with I will start working on the staff challenges, the challenges will vary on what the staff members at the time are struggling with, I will gather this information by speaking to fellow management members and ask on what they have seen the staff members do wrong and what they should improve on, Once I have gathered feedback I will list that as their challenges of the month. Sincerely, Bobby
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