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  1. Shark

    Windu's Fist

    The new Windu's Fist stealth armour variant.
  2. Marauder Company, 187th Legionnaire post operation. Animated version found here.
  3. # ... Entering alias # ... Alias accepted # ... Enter secret # ... Secret enabled # ... Access granted to clone database Raid on Polis Matza Operational Overview The Marauder Company (Vaapad Battalion, Graul Brigade, 187th Legion) was commissioned to assault a Separatist supply and research station within the Polis Mazta asteroid field designated Site Copperhead in order to secure [EXPUNGED] alongside disrupting Separatist activities in the region of operations. Aerial deployment will be conducted to ensure shock and awe is maintained. The site is to be secured externally via an auxiliary starfighter hanger. Once secure, and Separatist security forces have been diverted, reinforcements will enter the facility spaceport and ascertaining [EXPUNGED] prior to scuttling the facility and destroying all material that cannot be transported. 1st Platoon will secure this external this hanger, eliminating Separatist security forces garrisoned outside the facility and within the hanger itself, ensuring security forces are drawn away from other Republic elements on the ground. During this time 2nd Platoon will be breaching the complex via the main spaceport to allow 3rd and 4th Platoons successfully land unopposed. With the elimination and procurement of the auxiliary hanger, 1st Platoon is to man still defensive structures and ward off encroaching CIS QRF, with the possibility of local spaceborne Commerce Guild forces responding. Unusual thermal readings have been detected in the subterranean caverns around the facility, approach with caution. In the event of imminent/catastrophic defeat, withdraw to the interior of the facility with necessary fleet support on standby for bombardment and decimation of the complex. After Action Report - 1st Platoon Upon touchdown on the surface of Polis Matza, platoon attack pattern was initiated. High ground was secured by 2nd Squad, with 4th Squad maintaining a holding entrenched position. Through light dust haze 1st and 3rd Squads made contact with Separatist forces via forward assault, utilising already existing craters as hard cover during their advance. One times Separatist AAT was present and deployed, however no defensive structured had been constructed for the vehicle. Anti tank rockets disabled and destroyed the tank. Despite being lightly entrenched the remainder of external Separatist security were neutralised. Forward breaching elements assaulted the shielded hanger, encountering deactivated vulture droid fighters and a small contingent of Separatist security and maintenance personnel. All CIS troops were considered hostile and promptly killed in a brief firefight. The hanger now secure, Platoon Command signalled the completion of their objective with the first beach head into Site Copperhead held. All 1st Platoon elements would be redirected into defensive positions to hold against the possible hostile reinforcements. However tremors of previously unknown origin would occur, being felt be all 1st Platoon elements. Independent biotic contacts would commence a surprise assault on 1st Platoon positions. Both 2nd and 4th Squads were entirely annihilated during the unrelenting assault. Initial deployment of myrmeleontidae shock troops were held back, with explosives piercing their carapace exterior. However soon heavier insectoids would exit the burrowed breaching points. Autopsy reports have shown the forward protrusion of the creatures being capable to shatter several long and flat bones, predominantly the rib cage, cranium, femur, humerus and tibia, however such strikes were survivable. With the collapse of the forward line, all remnant forces would move inside the hanger in a last stand scenario. Though due to the killzone created by debris and the hanger door, concentrated firepower of remaining 1st Platoon elements stemmed the tide of biotics. Melee combat was initiated by self selected troopers due to expenditure of ammunition or weapon breakage. 1st Platoon would hold against the biotic threat, however they would suffer a 72% casualty rate, with 63% being KIA and the remainder wounded. Word would come from 3rd platoon that [EXPUNGED] had been successfully secure and demolition primed on the facility. CASEVAC was instructed on 1st Platoon's position to remove the immovable wounded, with still standing elements withdrawing inside to the spaceport to extraction prior to the destruction of the complex. Post operation awards for gallantry recommendation(s): - CT-8876 - CT-7506 - CT-8621 Operational Footage - 1st Platoon [REPORT END]
  4. # ... Entering alias # ... Alias accepted # ... Enter secret # ... Secret enabled # ... Access granted to clone database Anapat Ambush [AUDIO] Alrighty uh, 10/3601 with the preliminary audio report. Callsign Theta-2 deploying to the mesa world of Anapat for a deep strike raid prior to the invasion with the rest of the legion. With me is uh, who do we got with me, myself, 7506, 5083, 2985, 8252 and 4862. We are currently prepping for the deployment itself, hopefully we don't run ourselves into too much trouble, Seppies in this sector have a-[EXPUNGED]. Regardless I'm sure these boys will do fine. *Indistinct chatter in the background* They're a little green, besides Flanks, but they've been through the simulators, they'll do the boss proud. We're just finishing up with the packing, soft shells chucked a fit when we wanted to requisition thermobarics. Not our fault it's best used against fortifications. Either way the Battalion Commander stepped in, we got what we needed. 52, Mesric, will be will be carrying the stuff, weighs as much as a damn bantha, that's what you get for being a Corporal I spose'. [AUDIO CORRUPTED]. Launcher is in the hands of Coffin, should be interesting to see if the Seppies bothered to entrench their armour. Probe droids say it'll be light work, barely a ferrocrete bunker in sight. I know that's a bunch of mahogany. Can never trust these spooks running the intel ops, that's why they send us, double check their reports in person with our own recon. Those navy guys, black and red creep the hell out of me. [EXPUNGED]. Soypro is just excited to see some combat, lunatic. Guess he never saw the slaughter in Polis Matza, hope he'll never experience anything like it. *Commlink begins to blink* Looks like they're calling us to head planetside. Hope our efforts aren't for nothing this time. [AUDIO END] [AUDIO] The bloody intelligence was wrong, again. They dropped us right into a nest. Permacrete emplacements, they knew the invasion was coming. At site [EXPUNGED] we found leaked documents, flimsiplast, Seppies must of snuck the battleplans right out of our HQ. We lost Cresh, GSW. Medic couldn't save him, struck vital organs. He's in an unmarked grave now. Regardless, Objectives Barve, Lancer, Fire Brand, Gonzo and Mynock successfully destroyed. At this time we are awaiting extraction. We're in a village 5.25 kilometres South East of Kaval, Mesric is severely injured. *Eruption of blaster fire and indiscernible shouting* Situation is bishwag! Separatist auxiliaries have been shelling our position for some time now. Stupid fedejiks. We destroyed several reserve ammo dumps, acquisitioned some of their explosives-- [AUDIO CORRUPTED] Coffin hit that building with HEAT! Level that flack! [AUDIO CORRUPTED]. Flanks grabbed an E-5C off one of the Seppies. Even after myself and 83 launched a counterattack into a side street these haar'chaks they haven't stopped. We're dropping 'dets straight straight out the upper windows now. We are unable to expedite at this time, Mother of Moons we better get our damn CASEVAC! We have guys dying down here and the gunships are a no show! We have to hold out until they arrive, if they arrive. *Deafening blast followed by the sound of scattering debris* We need an extraction! Theta-2 to Command we need a CASEVAC! [AUDIO END] [REPORT END]
  5. Warning: If you do not like reading gruesome stuff then stop reading now Crux's Medical Audio Logs Patient: SGT 6074 Oak (41st) // Accessing Medical Database // // Password Accepted // // Accessing File '[REDACTED]' // // Accessing File '6259 Audio Logs' // // Entering Password // // Password Accepted // // Playing Audio Log I // Crux: 'This is 6259 Crux with my first patient that I can operate on, privately. His name is SGT 6074 Oak of the 41st Elite Corps who was wounded in the latest battle on Kashyyyk and I have managed to extract his body to work on. Nobody knows of this, not even Vex. This will be extremely fun. Ha... Hahaha. Wakey wakey Oak. It's time for you to get up.' Oak: 'Woah... Where am I? Who are you and why am I constrained!' Crux: 'Hush now... now let's see how I can make this entertaining. Hmmm... Why not treat the first patient with some fantastic legwork! Yes let's grab the big axe over here' Oak: 'Wha- What are you going to do with me!?' Crux: 'Now now Oak, I wouldn't talk if I were you...' *Woosh* *Crush* Oak:'AAAaaaah! M-m-my leg! Aaaaaah!' Crux: 'Oh my, what a beautiful scream, how about we see it get a little louder! Let's try the right next!' *Woosh* *Crush* Oak: 'AAAAAaaaaah! You damned bastard!' Crux: 'That's more like it! Now... I am getting pretty bored... How about I get one of my toys, the mallet. Say goodbye to those precious fingers' *Bang* *Crack* Oak: 'Ah! My h-hand!' Crux: 'Alright, I guess I might as well end this, can't have it going too long.' *Crush* Crux: 'I guess that marks my first patient done. I would say that was a success. Now I have to delete all the camera recordings, goodbye audio log, cant wait to see what I can get next!' // Ending Recording // // Logging Out // // Access Revoked //
  6. Hello everyone my name is Bruce, I hope you all will like me and we can become good friends in the future. I'm a 187th Legion trooper on Gateway and pretty much just joined 187th Legion, some people might know me already but not everyone, i try my best to role play well and i follow the server rules always. I'm friendly and I'm funny and my dream is that i can be apart of the server staff team someday, i enjoy helping others and creating fun and better environments for others and myself. I could use all the help i can get from everyone so that i can continue to enjoy my time on this wonderful server and in this lovely community. Thank you everyone
  7. # ... Entering alias # ... Alias accepted # ... Enter secret # ... Secret enabled # ... Access granted to clone database GENERAL INFORMATION Full Name: 9927-Bruce Known Alias’/Nicknames: Keys Previous Occupation: Navy, Wolfpack, Pilot Current Occupation: 187th Legion Known Languages: Galactic Basic Hobbies: Creating and updating Tech and Pazaak Alignment: The Galactic Republic PSYCHOLOGICAL INFORMATION Mental State: Semi-fit Mental Disabilities: Psychological Trauma, Loss of right eye Likes (optional): His brothers of 187th Legion, Medics for saving his life Dislikes (optional): Vulture droids, B1, B2, BX droids, Crashing noises PHYSICAL INFORMATION/DISABILITIES Physical State: Fit Age: 27 Weight: 87.27 KG Build: Tall, Muscular Disabilities: Seizures RELATIONSHIPS Dead| Death Wish | Hatred || Disliked | Untrusted | Indifferent | Acquaintance | Liked | Friend | Best Friend | Dead: N/A Death Wish: N/A Hatred: N/A Disliked: Unassigned Troopers. Untrusted: N/A Indifferent: N/A. Acquaintance: Corporal Jeff [Savior], Captain 'Rinx', Senior Lieutenant Franz Liked: Captain 'Rinx', Corporal Jeff, Specialist 'Proud' Friend: Corporal Jeff Best Friend: Corporal Jeff. I'm alive because of him. I will always respect him Teacher: N/A
  8. Crux's Chronicle: Supply Escort // Accessing Clone Database // // Password Accepted // // Accessing File '6259' // // Welcome // Akiva was tough, but there were more missions ahead of the 187th Legion. Only a couple of days after the Second Battle of Akiva we were ordered by Republic High Command to escort a local republic supply ship that was making supply runs to planets in the outer rim, and it's last stop was Dantooine, however, there were reports of CIS activity in that area. These supplies had to get to Dantooine no matter what, there was no option of the supply ship falling back and coming back another day, it had to happen now. I could hear a loud *Swoosh* in my ears. It seemed that we entered hyperspace, now we just had to wait until we got to the meeting point. Whilst in Hyperspace I went to go have a chat with some of the troopers, after all as their Sergeant I have to see how they're going. I walked to the cafeteria to grab a bite and sat next to some of the men. On my table were Hamburger, Valkyrie, Splash and Bucket. 'The Bucket greets Crux' said Bucket. He was a strange one... But I didn't mind, he was an excellent performing trooper and sometimes helped me with some of my special 'tests'. 'Ah Sergeant, how's it going?' Asked Valkyrie. 'Who said you could talk to me like that trooper?' I replied back. Valkyrie looked shocked. 'I'm only joking Valkyrie...' I managed to clear things up with Valkyrie. I dug into my food like a starving child, I was really hungry as you could tell. 'I wonder what the Captain will think about all the writing you've done Crux' wondered Hamburger. 'Yeah, you're going ham on that, truely a fine brother to have aye boys' stated Splash. 'Of course, yeah' everyone replied. 'Alright boys, I got to meet up with Rinx to move some medical supplies, you boys behave.' I farewelled the boys and began heading to the storage bay. As I entered the storage bay I was greeted by Rinx. 'Hello there trooper, now we got to move all these supplies to the medbay, just me and you' voiced Rinx. The storage bay was very dark and felt gloomy with old storage boxes everywhere, luckily I was just moving some new medical supplies. Rinx and I slowly began to move the supplies to the medical bay. It took us some time but it was worth it. Our medical bay was quite big and thanks to Rinx's efforts we have more technology to use which allows me to do more specialized tests. I am in charge of testing all the new medications and types of treatments for soldiers, and it is quite a fun job I must say. Shortly after my job in the medbay I heard another *Swoosh* in my ears. I took a look outside the windows and realised that we were out of hyperspace, which meant that we would shortly be escorting this ship to Dantooine. * * * We were approaching Dantooine when suddenly another large *Swoosh* entered my ears. It was multiple CIS Munificents and it seemed that they were attempting to board the Venator. Many of our troopers manned the Venator's dual battery laser cannons and began firing against the Munificents. Slowly the Munificents approached and eventually, they managed to connect to the Venator. All of the available men got onto the boarding entrances on the ship whilst our pilots left to engage in bombing runs against the enemy ships. *ZZzzzzt* I could hear a hatch opening from above me 'Above us!' I yelled, aiming my gun at the roof. *Clank...Clank...Clank...* They were droid footsteps, and shortly after BX droids entered the hallway from their hole inside the roof. I quickly began to fire at the enemy Commando droids but their numbers were swarming the detachment of men I had available. There was no choice but to fall back into a much safer position, so I regrouped with a significant portion of the ship's garrison and began creating a choke point for the droids to get through. There were 187th soldiers left and right, top to bottom. No droid would enter through this nightmare, after all, it would be a scrapyard right after. *Clank, Clank, Clank* The footsteps got louder and louder, and it only meant that the enemy was approaching. *Blast* Multiple blaster bolts past my head as I saw B1 Battle droids right in front of me. 'Gun them down swiftly men!' I ordered, and the soldiers did as I said and they took them out instantly. Moments after the engagement with the enemy I noticed who were with me. It was Hamburger, Splash, Valkyrie and Bucket along with some other 187th Troopers. *Pew* I heard a blaster sound behind me. 'The Bucket recommends that Crux should watch his six' said Bucket. 'Sir, I think we should take action to the CIS! Our men are ready!' proclaimed Valkyrie. 'Yeah!' agreed Hamburger 'Our morale is high, it seems logical sir!' stated Splash. *Clank, Clank, Clank* I once again here footsteps, but these sounded lighter, that of a clone. 'Do it Crux, your men want it, this is the last Munificent left as well.' I heard a familiar voice (Though all our voices are the same), it was Vex saying that I should go with my men and attack, so that is what I did. 'Charge men!' I yelled, and my men followed. We entered the Munificent and were met with droids straight ahead of us. Hamburger, Valkyrie and Bucket took cover to the left whilst Splash and I took cover on the right. We slowly moved up ahead taking droids out one by one with great precision. Our goal heads the bridge of the ship and disconnect it from the Venator. Another team would head to the engine room and plant thermal charges. We would then be picked up at the Munificents hangar and leave. Whilst approaching the main elevator to the bridge my squad was met with multiple Droidekas. 'Use your EMP grenades against these rustballs!' I ordered my men. I grabbed an EMP grenade from my waist and rolled it alongside my men towards the Droidekas. Many of them were taken out, but not all of them, there were still two standing. I quickly rushed ahead with Splash and Hamburger following behind me. 'I will draw the fire and you two take them down' I stated to my men. I began drawing the Droidekas fire and shortly after I noticed their firing stopped. Looks like once again my boys proved that they were worthy of being apart of the 187th Legion. Now it was time to head to the bridge. As we entered the bridge we were met with multiple B1 battle droids on the computers and a Battle Droid Commander. It was no effort taking them down. We immediately disconnected the Munificent from the Venator. Shortly after I received a message on my commlink 'S-Sir! There something strange here! *Voom* Aghhh!' it was a trooper from the other squad. I began heading to their position and as soon as I got to the engine room I found corpses. 'No... What could have done this...' I questioned. I examined the trooper to find out any clues on what had caused the death of this detachment. I noticed that there were slashing marks on the trooper's armour, that which looks like a saber cut. 'Strange' I thought to myself. 'Let's place the charges and get out of here men...' My men placed the thermal charges and began heading to towards the hangar. We were approaching the hangar when suddenly the lights went out and I heard *Shhhh*. It sounded like a lightsaber, and of course, as I found out, it was one aswell. Behind me was a dark figure, it was so dark that I couldn't see who it was, but I did notice a lightsaber coming out of him. 'Run!' I yelled. My men quickly dashed towards the main hangar doors. 'They're jammed sir' stated Hamburger. 'Then find a way to open it up!' I replied loudly. The figure was slowly approaching. I was leaning on the door and I could feel death at my doorstep. I suddenly fall back and bonk my head on something, luckily it was just the floor. The door was open and we all entered through 'Close it!' I ordered. Hamburger quickly closed the door but out from the door came a lightsaber blade. The figure was attempting to cut through. 'Run men!' I yelled once again. In front of me were the LAATs that were supposed to arrive. We quickly boarded them and made our way back to the Venator. The Munificent was so far away from the ship that I could blow it up *Click*... *Boom* The Munificent began to crumble. In the corner of my eye, I saw an escape pod, and I knew it was that mysterious figure... After the attack, I reported to High General Windu and it seems that we will have to encounter this man once more since he is headed to Dantooine. We managed to escort the supply ship successfully, but now something more interesting will occur on Dantooine itself. // Sending to #### 'Vex' // // Logging Out // // Access Revoked //
  9. Crux's Chronicle: The Second Battle for Akiva // Accessing Clone Database // // Password Accepted // // Accessing File '6259' // // Welcome // Akiva, a place once valiantly defended by Horn Company, had been lost only a week ago, however, the Galactic Republic made the swift decision of assigning the 187th Legion to take it back, led under High General Windu as well as Commander Vex. Today we were finally going to see some action, and I could prove my worth to the Commander. As soon as every able man was ready we headed down onto the planet of Akiva to take back what was rightfully ours. The LAAT pilots had to land the ships whilst being targeted by the Separatist anti-air batteries. It would be no easy task, as I previously had a similar experience. The pilots managed to land the LAATs, but not without a cost, multiple LAATs were taken out, but the majority of the force survived and landed planetside. I looked above my head and saw multiple squadrons of fighters engaging Vulture Droids and I thought to myself 'War truly is hell'. We were only safe for seconds when we landed, moments later I could see B1 battle droids in the corner of my eyes. 'Take cover behind the rocks and take out the clankers!' Ordered Vex alongside the High General. I began to swiftly gun down the droids in front of me, taking them out one by one. Suddenly I hear the trooper beside me scream 'Argh!'. I couldn't identify the trooper but I knew one thing. I had to save him. 'Cover me!' I yelled ' I need to patch this trooper up! He is heavily injured!'. I knew this wasn't safe whilst the troopers were exchanging blaster bolts with the enemy, but if I didn't help him now he would perish. He was bleeding heavily, so I needed to find the wound and stitch it up. I began to investigate where he was wounded. It appeared that he was wounded in his lower torso, right in the middle. As soon as I found out where he was wounded I took off his armour and cut the fabric that was underneath with some scissors from my backpack. The wound was easily visible and I knew that I had to stop the bleeding and stitch it up right away. I grabbed a cloth from my backpack and applied pressure to the wound to stop the bleeding. After a while, it did indeed stop, but then I had to clean out the bacteria. I had some alcohol prepared for this just in case, so I took some out, grabbed a new cloth rag and applied a bit it. I then started to use the alcohol dipped cloth rag to kill the bacteria by slowly pressing on the wound. After that was done I put a numbing liquid around the wound. I did this so the trooper could be relieved of some pain. Then I proceeded to stitch the wound with a thin thread and began 'sewing' the wound together. Shortly after I finished stitching, I cut off all the loose threads and applied some bacta over the wound to speed up the healing process. Lastly, I wrapped bandages around the wound. 'You be careful soldier' I told him. 'Th-Thank you' it seemed he thanked me. 'It's my duty' I boldly said. After dealing with the wounded trooper I noticed that a path was being cleared by General Windu and his Fist, an elite detachment of the 187th Legion. 'Get moving Crux!' Ordered Vex. I obeyed and continued pushing up with the rest of the men. I could hear explosions as I was running with the rest of the Legion. I saw plenty of fighters fall and crash into the surrounding mountains. The green world was turning into a world of fire. 'Forward!' Yelled one of the troopers. It seemed like he was trying to boost the morale of the rest of the troopers, and it sure did work. Everyone was trying even a little bit harder, whilst I was doing to best I could. I took down droids from left to right and when we encountered B2s I decisively took a large portion of them out with not only my thermal detonators but my precise shots. Slowly we moved to the stronghold of the Separatist command on Akiva. Many droids came out of the entrance, but then Windu used his powerful force abilities to wipe them out and clear a path to the inside of the base. I, however, did not enter, nor did most of the 187th. It was up to Windu and his Fist to take the compound. The rest of 187th had to secure the local area and protect it, and so that is what we did. The 187th Legion easily secured the local area, however, something strange was lurking in the air. *CRASH* Suddenly there were large sounds of things falling from the sky into the ground. It caught my interest so I grabbed a squad of troopers in order to search what that discrepancy was. As soon as I got there I immediately noticed what they were. They were commando droid pods. 'Vex, we got commando droids on my position!' I told Vex via my commlink 'We have some aswell! Take them out, I know you can do it' He replied. My squad began to move to a higher position to get a better angle on the commando droid pods. Slowly the droids came out, but one by one they were being taken out. We continued to take them out, but I decided to throw my thermal detonators towards the pods to see if I could destroy them. It turns out I caused a chain reaction and destroyed all four pods that were in my sector. I headed back to the compound to see if Vex needed support, but it turns out everyone there was done with their tasks and I was late. 'What took you so long Crux?' asked Vex. 'These brave men were helping me take out the commando droid's, we were outnumbered 1-100.' I answered back at him. 'Next time be quicker' He stated. It seemed like the battle was won. Windu's fist took the Separatist Commander as a prisoner of war and we all headed back to the Venator via the LAATs. I must say, this was an easy battle for my first real experience... // Sending to #### 'Vex' // // Logging Out // // Access Revoked //
  10. Warning: If you do not like reading gruesome stuff then stop reading now Crux's Medical Audio Logs Patient: LCP 4825 Howl (104th) // Accessing Medical Database // // Password Accepted // // Accessing File '[REDACTED]' // // Accessing File '6259 Audio Logs' // // Entering Password // // Password Accepted // // Playing Audio Log II //  Crux: 'This is 6259 Crux with my second patient here today, and things are going to get interesting. I am going to try something different, I wonder how many screams will pour into my heart. My patient is Lance Corporal 4825 Howl of the Wolfpack. He was a pilot, and crashed, presumed dead. I have drugged him, he should still be asleep for a bit. Now, let's get my knife out and cut here...' *Knife Cutting through Skin* Crux: 'My, my, this will be the most brilliant plan. Let me grab the drawing board and the pins. Oh! And the blood supply.' *Wheels rolling on the floor* Crux: 'Okay now just make the right incisions here... Perfect! Now I just have to make sure he is hooked onto the blood supply then I can... Pull... His... Heart out!... There we go, all hooked up... Now let's pull the skin of the stomach out' *Tearing sounds* Crux: 'HaaahAA! Looks like a bird now. Ugh, all these ribs are problematic, I guess I will pull them back one by one' *Snap* Crux: 'Now, lets cut this skin off and pin it to the board' *Ripping, bam* Crux: 'Time to decorate this board with the most prized organ, the heart.' *Squishy sounds, then a sudden rip and bam* Crux: 'Oh how beautiful this piece is... Now he should wake up any second now.' Howl: 'Ugh... Ah... What's with all this blood!' Crux: 'Now now, enjoy the art piece' Howl: 'M-mm-my ch-chest! Wha-What is that! Arghh! What the hell! Somebody save me! Aghh!' *Screaming in the background* Crux: 'Keep on looking, young fella! I will just leave him be for a while, he should eventually die...' // Ending Recording // // Logging Out // // Access Revoked //
  11. Crux's Medical Report: The Doctor's Virus // Accessing Clone Database // // Password Accepted // // Accessing File '6259' // // Welcome // Today we were met with an unexpected virus which was created by a man just called 'The Doctor'. This virus would mutate the DNA in an organism's body and transform them into an undead creature. This virus could spread via bites by the undead and if they were permanently killed spores would grow out of them and spread the virus through the air. Symptoms include decolourisation of both the inside and outside of the body, morphing skin and the eyes turning red. With the medical research team aboard the Venator, we developed a cure. It turns out that this virus was similar to two others in the past, so it wouldn't be hard to develop a cure for it. This cure would go through the ventilation systems aboard the Venator to ensure that all troops were free from the virus. I would like to note that this achievement could not have occurred without the help of the following people: A-06 'Russ' from the Advanced Reconnaissance Commandos as well as both CT-6007 'Rocky' and CT-3123 'Necro' from the 501st Legion. This virus shall be called, Doc's Dead // Sending to 187th Command // // Logging Out // // Access Revoked //
  12. Crux's Chronicle: The 187th Legion // Accessing Clone Database // // Password Accepted // // Accessing File '6259' // // Welcome // The 187th Legion, the specialised frontline soldiers and home to the famed Windu's Fist. I, 6259 Crux, entered the 187th Legion in its early days as a Specialist and was directly assigned under the medical company. I was a high performer in my batch of clones to the 187th, ranked 1st between many of my brethren. I was an excellent medic, handling the toughest of patients. I had a variety of skills. if I needed to crack open a console, I could if I needed to pilot I could, and if somebody was needed dead I could do the job. Though I had to prove all this to my Commander, named Vex. He was harsh on the troopers, expecting the best from them, and if they didn't do their best, they would be punished. Luckily I haven't given him the chance to punish me for anything. Tomorrow will be the first mission assigned to the 187th Legion. Who knows what will await me on that day. // Sending to #### 'Vex' // // Logging Out // // Access Revoked // Here we go again boys
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