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  1. @Magnus made a ghillie suit at some point I think. It was shit.
  2. It's clear you know what you're doing, and from my knowledge you're an older player. Got a question though. I'd like you to comment on your return to apply for mod for a third(?) time, if I'm reading it right anyway. Do you plan on sticking around for the long run? What's the go?
  3. Js#8442 if you wanna keep chatting, lets keep this application clear for feedback hahah. I do remember you though!
  4. I did, right before I left the community for a bit.
  5. Completely forgot to edit this response, my apologies. Anyway. Your application is truthfully textbook in what we're looking for in a potential Trial Moderator. You carry yourself well, and I have never once had any reason to raise my eyebrow at you while you're in-game. I think you've a solid shot at staff. For now I'd recommend really putting yourself out there at the front of the pack as you do have a lot of other applicants to 'contend' with. Good luck! I applaud your effort to get feedback from existing staff in a proactive way. This should be commended.
  6. I would suggest taking these applications more seriously and honestly before thinking you have a shot at staff. I barely had to put effort in to reading and investigating you to see that this application was dishonest and full of what you think we want to hear. I cannot see you becoming a staff member ever with this attitude and approach.
  7. None on this server. Administrator and Medic Commander on another. Unfortunately Piano, accolades in other servers do not translate to this server. I would suggest taking part in this community more as a player before thinking about aiming for staff. This is the only criticism I believe you need currently as in my eyes you currently do not fit the bill for our team.
  8. Pac3 applications are to demonstrate ability with pac3, which I feel you've done to the word. Solid effort. Also good work on making people throw hissyfits about your final example I guess HAHA. Keep it in there, just to piss 'em off more (ya spastics) - but add a serious 4th example to balance it. -- and don't ever use it in-game or you'll be losing your kneecaps.
  9. Your regimental position has enabled you to show your stuff both as a valued member of the community and as someone who's able to keep people in line, yet not be an absolute fun sponge. I feel that personally, you deserve the position of Trial Moderator. However: For our ban system, we utilize an independent system that has its own command. It functions from SteamIDs and bans in minutes (which sucks to google up "How many minutes in 7 days" etc ahahahah), which is often times more reliable than just their names, and the command is !gmenu. I'd like to see you change your answers for banning slightly, and show how you'd go about potentially gathering the players steamID to ban them. Seconding, with the warn contesting - I'd like to see how you'd handle it if the user in question refuses to talk to you and instead says that he wishes to talk to a higher up. I feel there are no wrong answers to this scenario. Anyhow, good luck. I'll be keeping my eye on ya.
  10. Resolved. User has been unbanned.
  11. I've added you over Steam. I'm open for explainations.
  12. Gary has been my equal, lesser as a Senior EM, and pretty much my right hand man for a time while I was HEM - and I can personally vouch for his experience and general professionalism when it comes to hosting events and being a responsible EM. There's absolutely no critique warranted from me.
  13. That'd be the best idea. It's good you have the passion and drive for this, but I would suggest approaching only when you fit the bottom-line criteria for a staff position. If we void the bottom line criteria for you, we're going to need to void it for others.
  14. You don't fit the minimum age requirement. Nobody is exempt from these rules - they exist for a reason.
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