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  1. It will work so long as the Event Masters don't shun attempts for players to put themselves out there with things that the EM didn't predict. Not saying this has happened yet, but my truthful opinion of this system that it will only work so long as the EM and the playerbase are on the same wavelength. This weeks-long trial period has kind of proven that it is possible, so I'm all for it. I should actually clarify. The fact that I brought up players putting themselves out there, is due to the concept that if some regiments are seen doing things that other regiments didn't consider, and it positively influences the event; that could easily inspire others to be a bit more brave with how they tackle events. Giving the bonus of really just seeing what regiment shines in every event, and also hopefully not just having all regiments drown in the collective rating without feeling like their influence on the event wasn't ignored or underappreciated (another unfortunate effect of the collective ratings). Perhaps along with collective ratings, the EM team should make it standard to make some special or honorable mentions of certain regiments that did incredibly well but wasn't recognized for much at first. Little things I reckon. (My point is somewhat in addition to what @Hacketty said about regiments carrying. An idea for a solution.) As far as I'm concerned, the collective ratings is bringing regiments closer together, and really giving everyone, at least me, a sense of comradery like "Hell yeah we all did that".
  2. Noc

    4048 Rorty

    You don't execute clones, specially not CG. I'm surprised FailRP wasn't included in your ban sentence as executing another clone is not RP whatsoever - that is an Imperial thing. Should probably keep that in mind for the future! Wait out your ban, you don't seem apologetic whatsoever. (although I do see this appeal leaning in your favour if you begin to acknowledge your wrongs as such, wrong.
  3. I suggest filling out the application with the proper template. It will help staff investigate easier with information such as your Steam ID, reason for ban etc. Fill out what you can. I am fairly sure it will give you reason and who banned you if you attempt to rejoin the server. @Winter.could possibly have input, too. https://www.gatewaygaming.net.au/forums/topic/4594-unban-appeal template/
  4. 2017. It is now 2020. Been long enough for a change in mindset.
  5. What actually motivated you to mass RDM? That isn't exactly a light thing to do. If you can remember, of course.
  6. I am currently on a LOA, yes! I should be back in a few days. Thank you for the input.
  7. Burnt out and really just losing sight of things yeah, thank you for the support.
  8. Noc


    Update: Did some digging, apparently this can be chalked up to the current Garrys Mod update, and isnt strictly a TFA thing.
  9. I'm going to sound cheesy, but it was a mixture of holding onto the good experiences of the community I was involved with, and really just feeling apologetic to how I became later down the line. It felt and feels like unfinished business that I really want to turn into ongoing 'business' to make amends and give back to the server that I spent a good few years on building myself up and making friends and connections. With that in mind, it isn't guilt that made me want to come back - it's moreso realizing mistakes and really thinking that I can make good on those mistakes and return with a positive light rather than a mixed one. Been a bit of a struggle letting go of old habits and introducing new ones, because y'know, as of late I've just been a regular old player (which has re-invigorated by appreciation for the community, so it ain't all bad). And I mean hell, GG was the first and only SWRP server I bothered joining. Most of my hours on gmod are within Gateway. In my eyes, this community is the sole reason I'd install gmod, of which I did and have done. tl;dr - Missed this place. Missed dedicating time and effort. Missed the idiotic jokes and chaos. So far so good. May sound like I'm buttering up, but I missed this place.
  10. In my defense, I just want an excuse to use Soundpad. I'm kidding, that's just my itch to entertain people talking when I want to get on a droid slot. Thank you though!
  11. Requesting some last minute feedback, seeing as a few moderator applications were locked and/or denied, figure I'll milk what I can from what people think of me. My current in-game names are Je Dal and Sev.
  12. Didn't doubt that for a second, good to hear there're things actively in the works.
  13. After spending a few days experiencing the implementation of the event server, I have to admit I think it's been a great idea to have it up, so far. Regiments during events all have their own tasks, EMs can go more and more overkill on how much they spawn without having to worry about crashing the server, it's great. However, I've sort of noticed one unfortunate side effect to having an event server up. The main server has suffered from neglect. I'll bring up what I've noticed in 4 points. Issues 1. Some regiments as a whole simply barely get on the main server anymore. 2. When an event is going on, the main server suffers from simply nothing to do. People get bored and complain. 3. Somewhat similar to point 1, there seems to be less motivation to be on the main server from some people. I cannot speak for them, but I can only imagine it's because some folk only really play GG for the events (that's a shot in the dark, I truthfully don't know why this is). 4. Briefing room is neglected. Not a big issue and more so a personal cry moment, but it makes me sad to see the briefing room just never used now. I've experienced multiple times now players lining up there out of habit till after the clock has ticked past the half hour mark, only to realise they're waiting for nothing and just all disappear. Now I know that this is chalked up to a change in climate, and people are slowly adapting. This is all new, and people will need to again, adapt; but I can't help but want to be vocal with a few things concerning this. A possible solution. 3 of the 4 points can be bundled together. In truth, I approve of the route some people in ARC are taking, which is hosting activities such as PvP for the players stuck on the main server to take part in. This could very well become a staple for regiments who don't have a slot booked. I think that more staff members should look to this as a solution to the minor problems arising from owning an Event Server. It'll motivate people to actually stick around on the main server more. Seconding, having a few people on an Event Character slot to lurk around and interact with/hunt down would be a good idea, too. Honestly the tl;dr is, it's a great idea to make activities during an event a staple for the community in my eyes. Doesn't matter what it is. As for point 4 for the issues, this isn't really something that's REQUIRED to be fixed, but maybe occasionally we could still humour the briefing room. The EM is planetside (on the event server), perhaps a player like a Commander or RHC could brief the troop on base through "intel given by the advisor", then they move out and are then briefed by the EM planetside. I feel that'll give the community more interactivity between one another. Again, not the biggest issue, but it'll be nice to see the briefing room used again. I do realise that this will be ironed out in due time, but hell, maybe a conversation could really speed that process up. This isn't me saying I disapprove of the event server. I adore it. I think it should be kept around and it's honestly amazing to have, there just needs to be some things to sort out before we properly streamline (heh) the process. Apologies if this seems poorly structured. Typing this out on my phone B)
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