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  1. Thanks for all the support guys , Means a lot to me. I look forward to keeping up your expectations.
  2. +1, Knowing you in-game you often interact with players as well as the fact that the answers are answered in detail, clearly out-lining the ULX commands.
  3. Player information: Current in-game alias and or ranks: ARC First Sergeant A-21 'Vexy' - ARC Knight Arkme'nyre'evene - Jedi Previous notable Names/Ranks/Positions: None of notable notice. SteamID: STEAM_0:1:85082609 Steam profile Link: https://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198130430947/ Discord ID (Not compulsory) /-Syra-\#4209 List your current playtime (in hours) on our Clone Wars RP servers (Main and Event server): 418 (Will update a new amount each week to show my weekly participance on the server) What is your age? (Minimum of 14 years of age): 15 Do you have any active warnings? (Confirm with a staff member if unsure): No, I do not have any active warnings. Application: TeamSpeak is an essential platform used by all staff members to communicate to each other and the community. A majority of your presence (including activity) will be determined by your availability on TeamSpeak. Do you have it installed? Yes, I have it installed and am willing to use it. What made you decide to join the staff team? What are your intentions with the staffing role and it's in-game abilities and power? For Starters, I intend to help the community by being able to just be there and support them, whether that be helping with in-game issues like Tickets, Spawn problems, or ground-droids or generic issues such as having questions about the community, Garry's Mod or the server itself. As to what made me decide I wanted to join the staff team, aside from the points I mentioned before, there are some points at which I notice a lack in staff, these aren't at specific times but it just kind of happens, so I wished to be there to fill that gap whereas instead there would of been 0 or a couple of staff who are afk. In a minimum of 50 words, express if and / or how you enjoy helping others? Also include how this will transfer into the staffing role if achieved. I really enjoy helping other users within the community, this could be shown with the open trainings I held as ARC, assisting many people to help improve their climb swep, and other situations where I attend other people's public trainings varying from Climb swep, Citadels, or breaching and give the other troopers attending or even some host tips to the other users hosting and participating in the training. As well as the assistance I offer in Jedi when it comes to duelling, biography help or just general information they may be looking for. This could be transferred into a staffing role I take whereas I can get fairly knowledgeable on some things and keep that memorized and assist other users or even fellow staff members if they need help on something staff related. Another way I can show I like helping other members within the community is by answering questions within discord, on the forums, or in-game. And I am always quick to respond to people if I am currently active and have a response for them, even if I don't have a response I will let them know I will try and get one for them asap. In a minimum of 50 words, if given a trial phase, how will you impact the community and what benefits will you bring to the staff team? If I was allowed a trial-phase as moderator, I would spend my time when possible during events checking spawn especially when I die as that's when I will most be there to see if there is anyone stuck, if so I will un-stuck them and set-up a prop like a little couch for people to alt+e on, even with the couch there I will still check every now and then as sometimes people are not able to reach the prop due to hitbox collisions. I will also constantly check for ground-droids after every droid wave (Or if Trial mod's aren't able to properly check for floor droids I will inform another staff member if there are any that I can spot via admin chat.) I feel that if there is another user constantly checking these issues that the players will feel at-ease. And if someone were to put a ticket in saying they were stuck I would put that as my first priority to go and assist that player and the others stuck with them. As for general benefactors I could provide as a trial-mod would be just another friendly person someone in the community could feel welcome to come and ask for help from. I also have a fairly boring expression, so while I can maintain a joyful conversation and the likes, I don't get too mad, happy, or stressed about a situation, allowing me to keep a level head when speaking with someone and assess things clearly. Conditions: Do you understand that as a member of the Staff Team, your position may be subject to change and / or termination should you not be performing to a given standard? This standard is varied, although a minimum of 20 hours per week is strongly advised. Do you understand that your application’s comments from other staff members are encouraged to be directed as harsh constructive criticism only and should never be intended to insult or discourage? Yes, I understand this, I am willing to receive harsh constructive criticism just as I am ready to give it. Scenarios: Disclaimer - Be advised, extremely low effort answers for the following questions will result in your application to be either put on hold until a better standard is reached, or outwrite deleted. Please refer to previously accepted applications (Resolved Application Link) or ask a current staff member to then influence your own unique response. (Any forged responses will result in a denied application) A user is RDMing and insulting other users. You are the only staff available to deal with the situation. What do you do? To start this off, I'll put this into two different situations and then branch from each one. Situation 1: I have seen the RDM and Insulting directly To start off, I would !freeze <Rulebreaker>, and then !bring <Rulebreaker> to a secluded part within the map, whether that be under the map, on-top of the Venator or Acclimator, or just somewhere no one really uses. I would ask the Rulebreaker why he decided to RDM the victim(s) and insult them. If the user replies with something like "Nothing, I felt like it" or "I felt like shooting something" or just a response which doesn't really help support the fact the opposite party may have triggered it, I will inform him that what he was doing is wrong and refer him to the rules, I would then !warn <Rulebreaker> RDM / Player Disrespect, and then confirm with the victim(s) that the player had been dealt with. If the Rulebreaker responded with a response that indicates a reaction or action made by the victim(s) caused it, I would then proceed with; !bring <Victim(s)> and then have the Rulebreaker explain his actions to them, and what he believed they did. I would then check with the Victim(s) to see if they had irked anything beforehand, making sure to check !logs if the Rulebreaker claims what they did was in chat, or if it was in voice chat I have no way of knowing if it was true or not; If the Victim(s) decline anything to do with it, and !logs show no sort of argument or action to cause a response like killing or insulting them, I would !warn <Rulebreaker> RDM / Player Disrespect. If the Victim(s) agree and support the idea they irked this response out of the Rulebreaker or !logs showed that they had, I will !warn <Rulebreaker> RDM / Player Disrespect and then give a verbal warning to the Victim(s) to not irk or irritate another player into some sort of angry response. Situation 2: I have NOT seen the RDM or Insulting directly I would !bring <Rulebreaker> to a secluded part of the map, if he shows any signs of struggling or non-compliance I will !freeze <Rulebreaker> and then proceed to ask him about the RDM and Insulting, if he denies any behaviour of RDM or Insulting other users, I will !bring <Victim> to ask them about the situation. If they intend to continue saying they were RDMing other users I will check !logs to look for the kill-feed as well as chat logs for the insults, if it shows that the Rulebreaker had killed someone or many people, and insulted people, I will proceed to tell them that I have logs of him killing people and have evidence of him insulting other users. If he continues to deny while the victim urges the fact that it was RDM, I will !warn <Rulebreaker> RDM / Player Disrespect as well as refer him to the rules with a verbal warning along with the official one, If it is another user who was RDMd, I would !bring <Other Victim> and ask them for their opinion, if they say it was RDM then I will continue with the warn, if they insist it wasn't RDM and that they were stuck, I would leave the warning at a verbal and inform them to make a ticket next time. I would then !return <Rulebreaker> , !return <Other Victim> and !return <Victim> If the Rulebreaker shows no chat-logs of insulting I will !warn <Rulebreaker> RDM and then leave him with a verbal warning to not insult other users. If there is no evidence to support the fact the accused user even broke these rules, I will simply !return <Accused User> and then inform the Accuser to make sure they're either reporting the correct user or make sure it is actually RDM or to double check if something said is classified as an insult. A user has contested a warn you have given him and proceeds to verbally abuse you, what do you do? I would request that the user stop the verbal abuse, if the verbal abuse is a minor level and at worst continues at a minor level, I will let it pass due to the heat of the situation of him believing to have received a false warn. If the abuse continues out of reason or gets to a major level then I will !gag <user>. I will inform the player that I am contacting a Senior member of staff to assess the situation fairly. I would then check in admin chat if there are any Senior Staff available. If none are available, I will inform the user to contact a Senior Staff Member on TeamSpeak or Discord to assess the situation. If there is a member of Senior Staff on the server, I would let them know of this user who feels he has been unfairly warned, and request that they come and assess the situation from a non-bias view. I would !ungag <User> when the staff member gets there, and allow the staff member to talk with the user, attaining their side of the story. While the staff member is conversing with the user, I will obtain any proof I can to back my warn and the reason I had dealt it. If the staff member asks for my story or proof of what happened, I will supply any information and knowledge that I can. If the staff member decides the warn is valid and will stay, I will inform the user that the situation has now been over-seen by a senior staff member who has agreed with that warn and that the warn will not be removed. If the user comes to terms with that and backs down, I will !return <User>. If the user insists on arguing and player-bashing, I will !warn <User> Player Disrespect / Failure to listen to staff. If the user furthers his efforts to argue the warn, I will !kick <User> Player Disrespect / Failure to listen to staff / Come back when you're level-headed After checking with the Senior Staff if it was okay to kick them. If the user re-joins and continues nagging in OOC or around the map, I will !ban <User> 1440 Player Disrespect / Failure to listen to staff / Appeal available on the forums. This ban will act as a bit of cool-down period for the user to come back calmly after a day of not being able to access the server, this will be my last resort and I hope not to do it. IF, in the event the staff member deems my warn was in-valid, I will apologise to the user deeply for my mis-conduct, and request the staff member to remove the warn. After the user has been returned with !return <User> I will ask the staff member where I went wrong in warning this user so that I can further improve for next time. A user has threatened to DDos and take down the server. What do you do? I would instantly !ban <User> 0 DDoS Threats / Appeal available on the forums. As a DDoS is no laughing manner, even if said in a joking manner. Immediately after banning the user, I will obtain his SteamID, and contact a Senior Staff member about this user and how the situation went. A Commander and Lieutenant are arguing in front of debrief. It is getting quite heated. The context to the argument is unknown to you. What do you do? At first I will call CG over in an RP-Sense to deal with the situation. If there are no CG on or CG requests it to be dealt with by staff, I will !noclip to an un-used part of the map and !bring <Commander> and !bring <Lieutenant>. If they insist on arguing even during the staff sit, I will !gag <Commander> and !gag <Lieutenant>. While they are both gagged, I will remind the two of them of their position as an Officer and a Commanding Officer, even more so if that Commanding Officer is a Regimental CO and that they showcase the behaviour of all officers on the server and represent what it means to be an officer. After reminding them of their position, I will !ungag <Commander> to try and figure out his side of the story. After I have heard the Commander's story, I will !ungag <Lieutenant> after requesting the Commander not interfere with what he has to say. If both the stories align, then I am finally able to find the cause of the argument, if I am able to help solve the issue, I will aid in the best of my ability. However if it is an internal issue, such as a regimental problem or RP Problem, I would encourage that the both of them pick up their game as leading officers and figure out how to deal with it themselves, or even ask other officers for assistance before crying in debrief. If the stories do not align, and I cannot find the reason of the argument, instead of trying to push it further I will sternly verbal warn them that it is as their place as leading officers to show a respectable front and to keep the arguments in private messages, and that if they continued again their rank would be brought up to RHC or their Regimental CO. After I have ensured their argument is settled, I would give the two of them a verbal warning and !return <Commander> and !return <Lieutenant>. A Cadet has been complaining and wandering around because he hasn't been trained yet. He doesn't appear to have any intent to role play. What do you do? Right, let's also put this question into two separate scenarios; The Cadet listens to his trainer and staff watcher, and the cadet doesn't decide to listen. Situation 1: The Cadet listens and follows his instructions I would !bring <Cadet> to the Cadet Spawn. I will inform he cadet that I am getting him a trainer and to wait. I will then ask in OOC for a SGT+ to make their way to the cadet room. If a SGT puts their name forward, I will !bring <SGT> to make the training process faster. If no SGT offers, I will randomly pick an officer through that tab menu and !bring <Random SGT>. I will inform the SGT that the cadet had shown no intent of truly roleplaying and that he was previously running around. Furthermore I would note to the SGT in PM's that I am watching the training. From there I would !administrate and over-see the cadets training. Once the cadet is fully trained, before the SGT whitelists him I will remind the cadet that Gateway Gaming is an RP server where an RP attitude is expected at all times unless it's downtime. Situation 2: The Cadet doesn't listen to instructions I would !bring <Cadet> to the Cadet Spawn, and inform him that Gateway Gaming is an RP Server and you are expected to have an RP Attitude. If the Cadet intends to continue to run, I will !freeze <Cadet> and then verbal warn him that it is an RP Server and to listen to his trainer and staff members. I would then !unfreeze <Cadet> and call for a SGT+ in OOC. If a SGT puts his name forward, I will !bring <SGT> to the cadet room. If one does not put their name forward, I will select a random SGT+ from the cadet room and !bring <Random SGT>. If there is no SGT+ online, then I will train the cadet myself. I will inform the chosen SGT that the cadet is showing absolutely no intention of roleplaying and to be wary of that, I will also inform the SGT that I am going to overlook the training. I will then let the Cadet know that the SGT will be training him and to listen to him. I will then !administrate and watch over the training. If the cadet minges further and continues to not listen, then I will interrupt the training and let the cadet know he is being warned for NITRP (No Intent To Roleplay) and then !warn <Cadet> NITRP. I will also then personally sit there with them and watch the SGT train him so that the cadet knows he's being watched and will be trained properly. If the cadet intends to not listen even with me there, then I will !kick <Cadet> NITRP / Re-join when you intend to roleplay. I will apologise to the SGT for wasting his time and then !return <SGT>. If the cadet instantly re-joins and continues minging, and I know it is the same cadet, then I will !freeze <Cadet> and inform him that he is being banned from the server for a day so that he may calm down and come back with intention to roleplay. I would then !ban <Cadet> 1440 NITRP / Failure to listen to staff / Appeal available on the forums. A ban will be reserved for only if the cadet truly shows no intention of roleplaying as we don't wan to discourage newer players because they don't take this game 100% serious.
  4. How do you stop them from RDM'ing? what if they're sitting there doing it as you're warning them? What if they argue the fact that they did nothing wrong? (assuming you haven't seen it directly), What do you do if they attempt to kill you? If this hasn't been seen directly, how would you obtain knowledge that this event actually happened? Why would you punish someone contesting a warn that YOU gave? Unless they have clearly done something in the wrong such as Mass RDM or along those lines then a warn always has the potential to be a fake one. It is best to gain the opinion of another staff member in this instance where they can assess both the reason for the punishment and how the procedure was given to punish them. When it comes to them verbally abusing you, that wouldn't help their case but can still be caused by heated moments especially under the circumstance they believe their warn is false. How do you stop them? Would you just stop them in the middle of debrief and cause a further scene right in the middle of it? Would you drag them away right then and there to talk about it? or would you wait? What if they don't give you the reason of the argument? You would encourage a cadet to keep complaining and keep wandering with training blasters? I don't know about Imperial but the Clone Wars Cadet Guns do little to no damage so they'd be dead in an instant if an NPC or Event Character showed up. How would you get this cadet back to the cadet room? How would you get a SGT to the Cadet Room? Would you leave them instantly or keep watching the training? Would you give any notice to the SGT? Overall your scenario questions could use quite a large amount of improvement in my eyes and a whole lot more inclusion of ULX Commands. Is there any other way you could help not only the Imperial RP community but GG community as a whole? "Staying apart of the team for a while" could prove beneficial but proves nothing other than the fact you could potentially be an active player without contributing factors of your own personality or additions you could add and support. Overall a -1 from me based off the application, how you answered the scenario questions shows me you don't know much about ULX and how it functions, if I knew you in-game I would probably change it to neuteral depending on your personality, but so far it's a -1.
  5. Going back to booked events limits people and when they can play full events, main server usually doesn't involve every single person such as a full event would. When I first came back to the server one of the major issues I had was how I rarely got to play full events. I was stoked having the option to decide whether I could rock up to an event, shoot some droids and do some RP with everyone involved.
  6. # ... Entering alias # ... Alias accepted # ... Enter secret # ... Secret enabled # ... Access granted to clone database GENERAL INFORMATION Full Name: A-21 'Vexy' Known Alias’/Nicknames: 'Vexy' Previous Occupation: N/A Current Occupation: Alpha ARC Heavy / Vanguard Known Languages: Galactic Basic Hobbies: Using Quad Cannon as a sniper, Shooting Droids, Doing Slices (Being Green) Alignment: Alpha ARC, Galactic Republic PSYCHOLOGICAL INFORMATION Mental State: Stable Mental Disabilities: N/A Likes (optional): Teasing A-90, Shooting Droids, (Doing Slices) Dislikes (optional): Piloting. PHYSICAL INFORMATION/DISABILITIES Physical State: Fit, Healthy, with a burn mark above his right eye. Age: 13 Weight: 92kg Build: Short, Big Shoulders to fit his armours pauldrons. Disabilities: N/A RELATIONSHIPS Dead| Death Wish | Hatred || Disliked | Untrusted | Indifferent | Acquaintance | Liked | Friend | Best Friend | Alpha ARC - He trusts his brothers deeply, and holds great respect to them. CG - Thinks CG are cool. (Minus arresting people on railings) Jedi - Believes that Jedi... most of the time understand what they're doing CIS - Thinks they are just another can of food. Other Clones - Thinks they are all monkeys, but some of them can by funny and creative.
  7. Chiss is allowed yeah, but slots are limited. And I've got another version in google docs that I'm going to add on every so often and update here if needed, I suck at formatting google docs so it would look much neater here than on a google doc if made by me, I do see your point though as it's easier to access in terms of editing and won't fill up the biography page. Thanks Akali
  8. # ... Entering alias # ... Alias accepted # ... Enter secret # ... Secret enabled # ... Access granted to Jedi Archives GENERAL INFORMATION Full Name: Arkme'nyre'evene Known Alias’/Nicknames: Nyree, Vexy. Previous Occupation: Regional Navigator, Deathwatch Inductee Current Occupation: Jedi Padawan to the Jedi Order, Padawan to Notsky. Known Languages: Cheunh - Galactic Basic - Wookie - Droid. Hobbies: Analyzing Battle Tactics, Reading, Reading previous mission logs. Alignment: The Jedi Order, The GAR, Chiss Culture. Species/Race: Chiss. PSYCHOLOGICAL INFORMATION Mental State: Stable, remembers certain terrible moments from her old life. Mental Disabilities: None Likes: Strategy, Reading, Exploring, Secrecy. Dislikes: Immediate Hostile Threats, Attacking first, Senselessly attacking. Personality: Calm, Cold, Truthful. PHYSICAL INFORMATION Physical State: 1.8 Meters tall, Skinny, Healthy body. Age: 15. Weight: 158lbs. Build: Skinny, flexible, fast, fairly tall, light-weighted. Disabilities: Blindness Appearance: Bright blue skin, matched with bright red eyes and Jet-Black hair, reasonably smooth skin with nothing to interrupt it except a scar above her right eye and a massive burn mark scaling across her left arm, both caused by incidents a few years back. JEDI INFORMATION Rank: Jedi Padawan Master (current or previous): Notsky Lightsaber details: Blue Kyber Crystal, installed into a Basic 9 hilt with no further editing other than the basic required parts to form a lightsaber such as an ignition, and a Single 5 hilt also installed with a Blue Kyber Crystal in my right hand preference. Combat style: Jar'kai, also knows how to use Form 1 if required. BACKSTORY It was warm, a fresh breeze flowing by her, Blue-skinned people alike strolling along a Tropical Beach, enjoying their time and playing in the sand. However, that fun time quickly changed, the water had turned to solid-ice, the blue-skinned people known as 'Chiss' were all running along a mountain ridge into the deep underground of their planet which was called 'Csilla', it didn't seem anyone else had inhabited this planet, why were they all running? The breeze in the air was much colder than what it was before, it was like it was shuddering down to the bone. More and more water was freezing, sand turning a pale blue colour, reigning all over the mountains and beaches, It seemed the ice didn't want to go underground for some reason, so the Chiss were evacuating everyone underground, ice was rapidly approaching the entrance to the underground at last, and at a fast pace, I was the last one in. To our fortune, the ice had tread over the entrance and instead had formed a thick-layered block of ice covering our only exit. Underneath the mountain was a whole underground facility, it had ways to look outside, and even obtain real-time footage of what the outside looked like, compared to the Sunny and Tropical beaches that would of been displayed only a few minutes ago, now displayed Black ice covering the oceans, a Pale Blue colour representing the use-to-be Shiny Gold sand. Majority of us had thought all hope was lost, but one brave man, Prenxa'vi'erno had come up with a technological device which could break the inner-layers of the massive block of ice covering our exit, and had used it to break through the inner layer and shred the outer-layer. Though to our dismay, we quickly found it it would only open for one person to escape before the ice would instantly reseal itself. I had gone into the facility to examine the outside of the planet, and had noticed one of our stars was a much, much darker shade of blue than it had used to be, leading majority of the Chiss to believe that rays emitting from the star had lowered dramatically in temperature, resulting in something within the geographical land to react to the rays by freezing solid, at a rapid rate. It was Two Weeks into being trapped underground, we had sent various people to set out and explore, however had heard nothing from them since, It was also during this time, that I had given birth to my child, 'Arkme'nyre'evene' at just two weeks of age, she had already learned to create small droids out of left-over metal we didn't need. Sensing the potential in her, I nursed her well, and looked after her for many years to come. Seven years later, Nyree had adapted well to our life-style we were still trying to get used to. "Mother, look at what I made!" Nyree approached me with a droid model, at first glance it looked like any other droid model made, but then I looked closer.. The droid was made up of parts too small for her body to be able to handle, how did she get them in there? and so perfectly too.. However, I wasn't dumb, I had a feeling that she was an ozyly-esehembo, the way this droid was carefully manufactured and wired.. "That's great Nyree, just come with me for a moment please" I had took Nyree up to see Xavier, "Xavier, please let her go, I just KNOW she'll be able to find her way and save us!" "Nyree? But she's a child Sophia!" "A child and a ozyly-esehembo!" "An ozyly-esehembo? that can't be.." "But it can! just look at this droid she created!" I show Xavier the average yet brilliantly crafted droid by my daughter. ".. This is one of the most compact-made droid makes that we have ever been able to produce.. maybe you're right.." ~ Arkme'nyre'evene ~ Xavier had taken me to the mountain’s mouth, and drilled a hole through the thickened ice frozen over the exit, I said goodbye to my mother and went top-side. Amazingly, my skin didn’t freeze-solid like the Sand, the Water, and the Trees, except it got really cold really fast, thankfully I was somewhat prepared due to living underground for so long. I finished building a ship by un-freezing ship parts and building them together, and used a strange warm power I felt within me to keep the ship warm enough to not be frozen solid from the rays. I flew to the outer-atmosphere and was able to guide myself to the marked regions on a galactic map just by feel, there was a slight tingly feeling in me that kept putting me to the right direction, was it my guts or something else? I had landed on the closest-possible planet Ilum, I stopped heating my ship when I left the atmosphere of Csilla as the star’s rays were only directed towards Csilla. On Ilum, I found an outpost controlled by CIS Droids and landed there. The Droid’s didn’t seem to know what I was, so they hesitated but didn’t show any hostility, despite the many stories I had heard. I learnt how to speak Droid from my mother who excelled in droid-communications on my homeworld so I was able to communicate with the droid who helped refuel my ship for me. When the Droid finished refueling, I gave it a farewell and flew to one of the near-by planets called Maridun, this plane was reasonably inhabited so I was able to settle down for a little while and get to know the natives. While living on Maridun, I was able to bond with a few Wookies on the planet and grow a deep bond, it is during this time that I was able to adapt to their language, needing to communicate with them on a daily basis. A few months later, the CIS had attack the town I was living in, killing my wookie friends and other friends I had made within the months, and I was taken hostage and flown up to their ship. The droids that were holding me took me to the bridge, and before me stood an ugly droid with fleshy eyes. He said something about the unknown regions and I refused anything he requested me to do. A hologram opened up in front of this big droid, it was a humanoid voice and was covered with a cloak, he referred to this two-legged droid as ‘Grievous’, the hologram cut off and ‘Grievous’ threw a tantrum, destroying the holo-device. He told me to use my ‘Third Sight’ or whatever to navigate him through the Unknown, though I had no clue what that actually entailed, I heard stories about it from my mother but didn’t know how to use it or if I even had the ability to, and was it even worth using it for this scrap metal? Refusing Grievous’ requests, the droids that took me to the bridge took me to a holding cell deeper within the ship. It was within this cell that I was tortured until I confessed, though I had nothing to confess. Grievous walked in and smacked me across my face, leaving a bleeding slash across the top of my right eye, not wanting to put up with this senseless torturing anymore, I gave in and headed to the bridge to attempt this “Third Sight” that they were all on about. When on the bridge, I focus, closing my eyes, slowing my breathing, but nothing shows. Grievous didn’t believe me and forced me to go again, I focused again, this time forcing myself to focus more on the space outside, however a picture popped in my mind, of various people, all different species, they had lightsabers, but who were they? Trying again, I focus deeper on the stars, using my eyes to look around, a multitude of planets fly into my mind before my eyes explode, why did they explode? Was I focusing too much on the planets and stars out in the unknown, did I apply too much force? I didn’t feel pain though, and my visual eyesight was now gone, but I could still tell what was around me from sound alone, my sound was enhanced suddenly, and I could hear even the footsteps entering the bridge, along with my eyes exploding, I could tell my left arm was ablaze, I quickly tear a bit of my sleeve off and pat the fire out, though there were still severe burn marks along my arm, probably to stay forever. Grievous yelled out in anger and bashed a few droids’ heads off, and then gave the order to hyperspace back to Maridun. When the ship was back at Maridun, they landed and threw me back out into the wild, using a bit of tethered cloth from my shirt I made a temporary blindfold to hide my eye-sockets and keep it safe from infection. With the majority of my old friends dead, I start anew on Maridun, using my prior knowledge of the planet and it’s resources I was able to form a living in the forests off of plant-based foods and wooden shelters. Every time I or anyone else touches the mark on my arm it stings still. It took a few days to grow used to sensing my direction based on sound, but I feel as if something is guiding my sense of sound to a greater judgement. After a couple years, aged 9, I found my old ship and had travelled to Kashyyk to greet my Wookie Friends parents and inform them of their loss, I then went to the planet Alderaan. On Alderaan, after returning to my ship from a scavenge for spare parts, I was attacked by Mandalorians and abducted. After gaining consciousness, I woke up at their camp, they called themselves ‘Death-watch’, what did they want to do with me? One of the Officers had spoken to me, and they asked for my cooperation to coordinate an attack they planned to do on the Capitol City. I asked them why they wished to attack the Capitol, and why they wanted my help on it, to which I was replied with they were wronged of their right to have a home and were outcasted by the governing law there, and they required my help because they knew a partial bit of my race and knew of my greater intellectual knowledge of combat and battle strategy. Understanding their terms and reasons to attack the Capitol, I agreed to help them stage an attack on Aldera, they gave me full access to their armoury and a map to the city so I can form a plan based on utility and positioning, the least it would do is get me free again. During this time, I was adopted into a family called the Vene’s, making my full name Arkme'nyre'evene, in this family I was trained more advanced battle tactics that the mandalorians themselves had come-up with, tactics that I was not yet accustomed to, while practising with the Mandalorians, I learned a tiny bit of Mando’a but not enough to claim to able to speak it. A few weeks later, we gathered all the required equipment from my plan and got in our positions, we arrived at the Capitol and began the attack when ready. But, what the Death-watch didn’t inform me of was the Clone Trooper presence on the Planet, and they quickly diminished our attack, knowing the Clone Presence and the possibility the Death Watch had now manipulated me, I fled back to my ship and got off the planet for now and travelled to Tatooine. I made a living on Tatooine for a couple years until I was 11, in my house I was approached by a man wearing a cloak, he asked me where my parents were located and when they were coming back home. To which I replied ‘Csilla’, the man looked at me like he didn’t know where it was. I replied to him; “The plane, Csilla, you don’t know where it is?” He replied with a no, not knowing of its location. I inform him that my parents are on Csilla, and that they need help to get out. He asked me if I'd like to come with him to the Jedi Temple, a feeling grew inside me that I could trust this man, and go with him. I follow the man back to his ship, and he sets the hyperspace to a planet named Coruscant, we exit hyperspace and then fly planet-side, landing by a giant temple. The man leads me into the temple, and into a room out-lined with seats with a centre circle. There were people sitting in each of these chairs. The man began explaining to them how I was “One with the force” or whatever and had a connection to the living force, and requested I be trained as a ‘Youngling of the Order’, many people began debating between one anoher, before the small green guy sitting in the centre-most seat answered; “One with the force, she is, Grow strong, she will, train her, we must” It seems with the Small Green guy’s response everyone came to a conclusion. “Master Yoda I am, mm, Taught, you will be, in the ways of the living force, you will.” “I don’t know who you guys are, but I have a feeling I can trust you, so i’ll happily be taught.” “Mmm, glad we are, strong you will become, intelligent you will be.” With the final decision, I was taken to be taught as a Jedi Youngling for a few years, almost everyone in the order not knowing my origins, only some Masters and the Jedi Council truly knowing where I came from and what had happened to my homeworld. At age 15, I had finished my training as a Jedi Youngling, and was appointed as a Jedi Padawan to Commander Notsky, during my time as a youngling I learnt about the Jedi, their morals, their code, and their goal in this galaxy, and how to fight using a lightsaber, one of which I had made to become a Padawan and now have to help defend myself, to a degree the Jedi’s goals alligned with mine on behalf of not attacking unless required or provoked, and I was taught how the CIS had started a war on the Republic, causing us to need to fight back. They believed in Galactic Peace and strived to achieve that, which I do as well. As a Padawan, Notsky is helping me in more extensive areas from the Youngling Training, the training is more advanced and I am put into real-situations now fighting batle droids from the CIS, stopping them from gaining control over the Republic-Controlled outpost and bases, though I wonder, should we really be scrapping these droids? What if we re-programmed them to be more peaceful? Shouldn’t we be going after the people creating the droids? Why are the droids created? Is their goal really just to combat the republic, or is it bigger? Was the droid army really created before the clones? There are answers to questions I am yet to receive, or even understand, I must expand my knowledge and learn more about this war I have been dragged into, and I must remember to stay on-route and save my family back home. For now I'll grow stronger to help the Jedi, and then strong enough to counter the star destroying my homeworld. RELATIONSHIPS Dead| Death Wish | Hatred || Disliked | Untrusted | Indifferent | Acquaintance | Liked | Friend | Best Friend | Chiss - A huge level of respect for her race, she finds them very passionate and hopeful. Jedi - The group which brought her to safe-keeping, keeps her safe and helps train her Deathwatch - The group which trained her vigorously in hand-to-hand combat and strategy, but manipulated her, causing her to have distrust in the mandalorians. Wookies - Has found a respect for them through her friendship with her friends at a young age, and will happily befriend any wookie. Droids - She feels as though they don’t have a choice in what they do, and are forced to be used as tools from both Republic and Separatists. Grievous - Dislikes him for torturing her, wishes to get revenge someday. Clone Army - She has trust in her comrades, but feels as if countering an army with a bigger army will just create more imbalance. Commander Notsky - Her master, she has faith in him and trusts him with any topic as long as it doesn’t go against her Chiss beliefs.
  9. Would be dope to vibe in 7th Sky again, and if not 7th Sky then GM would always be a fun reg Steam Profile: https://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198130430947/
  10. Me getting ready to fail leaping for the 3rd time in a Jedi Tryout:
  11. Sydney can be a lad at times, he was a mega minge when I returned (Not really, but I did consider him a bit of a minge) and he has improved gradually over the time I've been playing Gateway again. He can have some pretty dark humor, but he keeps that to close friends and doesn't let it out where it doesn't need to be heard. +1 from me.
  12. Failed once before, now we come again and pass
  13. Vexy

    Vexy who?

    |=================| Hey, my name's Vexy, I played this server a while back as a complete child and had essentially no clue on what I was doing or saying. Now i'm back, actually know how to comprehend something and listen. I also hope to get along with everyone and the people I didn't use to get along with. Currently i'm 7th Sky ARF, so feel free to pop in the 7th TS whenever I'm in it and chat if you feel like it. (Also, join 7th if you're looking for a reg to join. |=================|
  14. Name: KrellerSteam Profile Link: https://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198130430947/In-game Name: VexyServer: Clone Wars RP Why do you want it: I'm only a recent returner to the server, though I really want the chance to be able to learn about Jedi more in-depth and experience how they work both on-base/ship and during events as-well how their roleplay works.
  15. +1 Reasons stated above. P.S (thanks for letting me high jack that tank to take down the landers instead of blowing it up)
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