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  1. Another man has seen the light, Follow his example and turn away from this shit. Real Talk, That certain group is damaging the server and its why I left the first time. Follow @Cents @WraitheAU @Snap
  2. I mean wow but yes, Springs has a ton of previous experience and is a well known and I believe well respected part of the community. I mean... Just wow. Make sure he gets council. +1
  3. Like the previous 2 posts, and as mentioned by Centurion. I have known him for a long while. What's encouraging to me and what makes me hopeful that he will be an em at some point is the fact that ever since he rejoined the community and joined RC, he has been interested in EM, he's asked me tons of questions and showed a keen interest in becoming an Event master. He is well spoken, experienced and genuine. I believe he should get a chance to be an EM +Support
  4. After the campaign I will post the plan so everyone can see what might get have happened if it was decided we went a different route btw <3
  5. +1 Starting off, a detailed and well formatted application, good job. Secondly, when ever I talk to you, you seem very mature and very friendly,. Thirdly, I have seen you as an EC on multiple occasions and your RP is pretty great. Overall a great part of the community and I'm glad that you are interested in an EM position. Good Luck!
  6. The only way Rein ever replies to anything.
  7. On Saturday we will proceed with Operation Broken Blade. Attaching Brief for all to read. https://docs.google.com/document/d/1jLzmWGbC2w0arzKAdkiqjJkpFW5Aw1cuwlc_zGFVxGE/edit?usp=drivesdk Operations begin at 1:30, CO brief begins at 1:15. [OOC] The 35th may fail operations and we may fail operations, the 35th Commander will be given three opportunities to role to succeed. Successfully Rolling 2 of the 3 above 50 will result in over all success for the 35th. Brief will be circulated as much as possible for clarity. This post will be added to as the campaign proceeds or develops. Development 1: Last Part of the campaign will be at 12:30 am, this campaign will span 12 Hours, and will scale for pop Development 2: The Campaign will have multiple different endings, that depend on the Choices of the COs and the success or failure of the 35th, As well as our failure if it occurs. This will be a player driven narrative.
  8. I remember you, aside from the fact that you didn't respect staff and were super mingey and childish, this also doesn't seem genuine so please stay banned
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