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  1. Not only are Carrot's examples good (and time consuming to make) but I know that Carrot being a long time player and a previous PAC user on Gateway can be trusted with PAC. +1
  2. I like it! I know you put a lot of thought into your application before creating it and it clearly shows here. All those questions clearly paid off 8 ). +1
  3. # ... Entering alias # ... Alias accepted # ... Enter Identification # ... identification accepted # ... Access granted to GAR database GENERAL INFORMATION Assigned Identifier: CT-3189 Known Alias’/Nicknames: Murke Previous Occupation: 187th Marauder Company Sergeant Current Occupation: 187th Windu's Fist Trooper Known Languages: Galactic Basic Current Rank: 2nd Lieutenant Alignment: Galactic Republic KAMINO Clone trooper designation CT-3189 like his preceeding and suceeding clones, was born on the planet of Kamino. Growing up, this clone showed an un-nerving loyalty to the Republic showing no remorse to enemies of the Republic during simulation exercises, despite this, CT-3189 displayed no such signs of deviation from normal tendencies, this trooper also displayed a great affection for his clone comrades. During one of CT-3189's citadel trials, he displayed his prowess in combat utilising only his bare hands to eliminate a simulated BX droid allowing his squad to advance through and complete the trial. This impressed Jedi High General Mace Windu who was at the time visting the cloning facilities on Kamino, recognising the clone troopers abilities, Mace Windu approached CT-3189 and convinced him to join the ranks of 187th Legion. BATTLE OF DANTOOINE Upon reaching the planet of Dantooine, CT-3189 along with CT-2475 and CT-5576 under the command of CC-1201 and High General Mace Windu, were ordered to scout and report on enemy fighting forces and positions. The squad of three troopers headed West from the Republic FOB towards what was assumed to be the CIS FOB and began mapping out CIS emplacements and recording droid numbers. Upon arriving 5 klicks from a CIS facility, they noticed a large unidentified vehicle of which could only be a new weapon. After recording their findings the squad proceeded to move back to the Republic FOB only to discover that the battle had already begun. Deceased bodies of both GAR Clones and CIS B2 Battle droids littered the battle field, the squad set out to inform the Jedi General and CC-1201 of their discovery of the new weapon but discovered it was too late, the vehicle was already deployed and had already wiped out a sizable portion of the Republic fighting force. BATTLE OF DANTOOINE - POST DEPLOYMENT After deployment on Dantooine, CT-3189 showed signs of sociopathic tendencies but also seemed to have a stronger desire to eliminate the CIS and any enemy of the Republic. Even though the Battle of Dantooine ended in a Republic victory, it is assumed that CT-3189's mental developments were caused by the experiences CT-3189 faced on Dantooine as many of the Clones he was close to were subsequently deceased by CIS forces during this particular deployment. His disregared for making friends within the GAR and his 'lone wolf' attitude that was attained post deployment is what led CT-3189 to be given the alias 'Murke' by his Clone comrades. CT-3189 seemed to display a 'need' to train. This was noticed by Clone Commander CT-6611 who re-assigned CT-3189 to the elite 'Windu's Fist' sub-company. CT-6611 worked with CT-3189 over several months before CT-3189 was promoted to the rank of 2nd Lieutenant and given the occupation of Trooper within the ranks of 'Windu's Fist'. PSYCHOLOGY Mental State: Mostly Stable. Mental Disabilities: Sociopathic tendencies. Mental Status Examination: PASSED RELATIONSHIPS Although CT-3189 openly denies his relations to anyone, CT-3189 can be observed talking to and communicating with multiple Clones within his regiment and outside of his regiment. As such, the following recordings are assumed based on such interactions. Dead | Hate | Friend | Best Friend | Mentor | B-75 'Carrot' CT-2864 'Snipes' CT-2076 'Kiro' A-80 'Nexoit' CT-6611 'Stingel' CC-1201 'Rambo' CL-3029 ' Murky' # ... End document # ... Replaying document # ... REPLAY CANCELLED BY USER # ... Closing document # ... Ending session
  4. I'd have to say the communitity, though i don't mind going into RP myself.
  5. There are probably more that i no longer have or cant find.
  6. I like the ideas you've got going for the animations even if they look a bit clunky at times and could be smoothed out a bit more, you've done well to demonstrate your ability to do custom animations but im going to stay neutral for this one as i belive you could do more to demonstrate your ability with PAC.
  7. you just want to kill people with that OP blaster. 8 )
  8. Gross Didnt even make a re-introduction post. Disappointed.
  9. Hey guys!, just adding a few more examples which i just made: Bacta Injector: 2020-07-03 20-26-43.mp4 I know this is one that has already been done that's why i decided to add a spin (literally) to it by using a proxy to make the cap of the bacta tank spin up when you have it out. Live ammo Counter: 2020-07-04 00-34-29.mp4 A live ammo counter for the DC-15a that also works in first person.
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