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  1. Hey guys!, just adding a few more examples which i just made: Bacta Injector: 2020-07-03 20-26-43.mp4 I know this is one that has already been done that's why i decided to add a spin (literally) to it by using a proxy to make the cap of the bacta tank spin up when you have it out. Live ammo Counter: 2020-07-04 00-34-29.mp4 A live ammo counter for the DC-15a that also works in first person.
  2. Thanks for the feedback guys! I definitely will prove my activity over the next coming weeks.
  3. Murky's PAC3 app Requirements Steam ID: STEAM_1:1:188389932 Steam Profile Link: http://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198337045593 Current in-game alias: 3189 Murke Time Played (Minimum 40 hours played): I currently have 1309 hours on Gmod and this many hours in Gateway: (Yes that was made in Excel) Are you a donator? (YES/NO) Yes i have donated to gateway gaming previously PAC3 Questions Have you used PAC3 before? Yes i have, my first time using it was not long after it was introduced into the server sometime mid 2018 Why do you want access to PAC3? Im not gonna BS so to be absolutely honest; i remember having PAC3 and learning the ropes before eventually reaching a point at which i was competent and capable of making my own animations within PAC3 such as fully animated idle animations, sitting animations, etc. it felt like i had so much more freedom in the roleplay and personalisation aspect in comparison to when i didnt have PAC3. So essentially the reason i want access to PAC3 is to once again be able to have this extra bit of freedom in terms of RP and personalisation. How is using PAC3 going to enhance your time on the server? Like i said in the above answer, PAC3 can enhance my time by allowing me to have extra freedom in RP and personalisation, also PAC3 can be a social experience in the sense that it can allow for conversation in which people share ideas and creations. PAC3 Examples: Example 1: Idle animation Garry's Mod 2020.06.23 - Trooper knocking helmet and crossing arms, it cancels when you move in any way, the voice chat event is there purely because of another static animation i made for when you are voice chatting which clashed with this animation. This is an animation i made a while ago, it utilises bone manipulation with the 'animation' tool and also usage of the 'event' tool. Example 2: Speedometer A speedometer attached to a BARC speeder bike that is enabled when you get on the vehicle and disabled when you exit the vehicle. Example 3: Body part replacement and static bone manipulation (Folded arms behind back) I decided to include this example because it showcases my ability to do basic bone manipulation, basic usage of the 'event' tool and also basic model manipulation. Example 4: Slicing animation 2020-06-23 23-18-23_Trim.mp4 Another example of a quick animation i did for slicing using a wrist mounted datapad, of course this animation could be improved by tweaking the bones more and being more precise but finger bones are a pain in the ass. Conclusion Thanks for taking the time to review my application! any constructive criticism / advice is of course always appreciated. if you have any questions, please ask away.
  4. I just realised i never got donator on forums
  5. Heya long time no see, I have decided to return... sort of. (ngl ill probably leave again after 2 days). The bois:
  6. Enter Identification number... Identification number 3029. Verifying.... Identification verified. Recording beginning... Recording begun. Start Master Sergeant Murky reporting for mission ID #36-R7. Raxis Prime, iv'e always hated that place, a junk world consisting of almost no water and rough, coarse dirt, the planet had been recently captured by republic forces however the CIS decided to launch a counter attack and we we're sent to stop them and so the GM's and a few other regiments were sent down to defend the planet using the AA guns that were installed to eliminate hostile ships. Unfortunately the power-station powering the AA guns was damaged during the CIS's inital strike and we were forced to repair the power station. We were tasked with protecting the AA guns and power-station to allow for repairs to be completed and in turn allow us to shoot down the 3 Muni's orbiting the planet. Wave after wave the enemies came in, they sent everything: B1's, B2's, commando droids, you name it and either by pure skill or a miracle we were able to hold out with minimal casualties and no further damage to any republic facilities and weapons. The power-station was finally repaired after fending off the multiple waves of clanker's and we were finally able to shoot down all 3 Muni's causiung them to fall to the planets surface. After the Muni's came down, there was a residual force of droids which our forces quickly dispatched, LAAT's were called down for evac and we got off the dust bowl of the planet. In the end it was a successful mission and Raxis Prime was successfullly defending from invading CIS forces hoping to retake Raxis Prime from the Republics grasp... - end report. Recording ended. Saving to files... Recording saved. Would you like to upload this recording? Yes. Uploading... Upload complete. Log off. Logging off.... Successfully logged off.
  7. The snow storms are getting stronger, it's only the 4th day yet the fatigue has already set in, many of us are injured and many are still somehow ready to face battle again at a moments notice. It's been rough but so far we've managed to capture a CIS outpost and claim it as one of ours as well as a few rebel supply caches only for the price of a few brother's lives. Our forces are streached thin between two sides of the galaxy due to extensive fighting in the outer rim so manpower is limited and we cant afford anymore losses or we may lose this planet. Commander Bacara still seems vigilant but i wonder how long this will last, it's only a matter of time before it's all over, it's rough and im not sure if we will get off this snowy planet alive and even if we do we will have lost many in the depths buried beneth the white dirt that covers the planet. However, that isn't the only problem; recruiting is also at an all time low due to a low amount capable shinies in the last couple of months, we've only gotten a few new recruits and what's worse is most of them dont make it past the trainee stage and end up back where they started. It's unfortunate but it's what is happening right now and not much can be done about it. Sounds like the fighting has started again.
  8. Enter Identification number... Identification number 3029. Verifying.... Identification verified. Voice log detected. Wo]uld you like to upload voice log? Y / N Yes. Identifying audio... Beginning upload. [CC-1138]: "Take defensive positions along the wall troopers." [CT-4419]: "Understood sir! you heard him! lets move!" [CT-5734]: "CIS forces spotted up ahead sir!... Looks like B2s!" [CC-1138]: "Copy that corporal, take em' out! marines!" ['Keller']: "Vanguard! We've got MTTs, use your RPS and blow them up!" [CT-3029]: "Firing RPS! stand clear!... MTT down! keep taking out those droids!" [CT-4419]: "South! we've got more droids!" [CT-1001]: "Trooper down! We need a medic over here now!" [CC-1138]: "Keep up the work troopers! we're not losing this base!" [unidentified]: ARGHHHHHH!!!... [static]. "Heelp!" [CC-1138]: "We're being flanked from the right! ~Vanguard! shoot those boulders down, block their path! Keller, move your troops and cover our left flank! Halt their advance!" ['Keller']: "Copy that! you heard him troopers! move out!" [CT-3693]: "Looks like the last of them commander!" [CC-1138]: "Copy that, Search the area and take out any remaining droids, private!" [CT-1002]: "Sir?!" [CC-1138]: *Sighs* "Count the casualties and injured, report back to me when you're done." [CC-1138]: "Pack up troopers! LAATs are coming" No additional audio detected. Upload complete. Sign off. Terminating session.... Session terminated. Signing off... Successfully signed off.
  9. Enter Identification number... Identification number 3029. Verifying.... Identification verified. Recording beginning... Recording begun. Start Staff sergeant Murky here, reporting for mission ID #294. Unfortunately down time was cut short, the advisor needed us down on the ground as soon as possible. We were sent down to the planet of Naboo in hopes that we would be able to protect several senators from... well to say it frankly, dying. Upon reaching the planet defensive positions were taken along the wall that surrounded the city with the senators safely tucked away in the secdary hangar of the spaceport. Staff sergeant Lez, Corporal Cyclone and I took up positions along the main entrance along with the other troopers unfortunately, and this became clear later on; positioning our troops along the main gate was a mistake, by doing this we allowed a large force of CIS droids to enter from the South Western entrance not only causing panic among the citizens but also causing all of the troops who were stationed along the main entrance to then move to the Eastern side of the city leaving the main entrance undefended. As much as we tried to keep the droids away, the CIS forces managed to encircle us from all entrances and forced us back to the spaceport, not only this but Republic forces were also bombarded from the skies by CIS forces, we were somehow able to eliminate all hostile forces with the help of the Jedi but friendly forces for an unknown reason fired upon a senate guard, only wounding him and killing 3-4 senators in the process, we were finally pulled out by friendly LAAT's and returned back to the venator only to be scolded by the Advisor. End recording. Recording ended. Saving to files... Recording saved. Would you like to upload this recording? Yes. Uploading... Upload complete. Sign off. Signing off.... Successfully signed off.
  10. You're right, infact before i went inactive i actually told Shenpai to take the app down but clearly he hasn't.....
  11. I understand your concern (EDIT: I have decided to begin changing this general attitude i have towards work) but id just like to point out that i wouldn't have applied in the first place if i wasn't prepared and didn't want to do this, thanks for voicing your opinion.
  12. Yes that is completely true I'm not going to deny that, however i hope you've also noticed that i still do it either way and also try my best when doing those officer jobs. You can ask Morpheus, I am sure he would agree with me.
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