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  1. Cant change some one mind if they dont have one, you brainlet
  2. HE GOT DA KAZOOOOO!!!!!!!
  3. Nah I like winning since we lose basically every Gary in some shape or form.
  4. Superman would easily win, dude can fly faster than the speed of light
  5. Perfect app, has great experience and knowledge, easiest +1, look forward to working with you.
  6. Imagine liking a a organization so much you get a full face off center tattoo of its logo,
  7. I highly recommend you go and take a look at some previous mod apps and look at how they are formatted. You responses are lacking length and don not go in-depth into exploring any solutions. You show no experience or attempt at trying to use commands. We haven't had many interactions but I am pretty sure you are a good guy. I recommend you talk to staff member for some help as well as researching ULX and looking at other apps. For now its a -1, but I'd be happy to help you with some things and this rating could change.
  8. Hello Humbug, what a extensive and detailed application. This response will include both positive and negative feedback as well as for some advice you can choose to take or not. This may come off as harsh but believe the appeal to nature in the beginning of your app to be unprofessional and unnecessary. Even though I do hope you are doing better, and that I agree mental health is very important, many people on the server deal with mental health issues and or daily stresses without including it into their applications. I believe that you should have faith that you activity and time spent on the server should reflect your merits, and inform whether you are capable for the position on a staff team. If you believe that without a lengthy explanation into why you should be reconsidered, appealing to people emotions, then maybe you shouldn't put up the application in the first place. You should be purely judged by what people read in your app, and how you present yourself to server. I would not include information about how I could not fulfill my last staff position due to the fact that I was busy building dog shelters for abandoned dogs. But this brings me to my second point, if we are to purely judge someone on their merits and character they display on their mod app and in-game, I believe second chances are always in order, and I like you, always look to improve in anyway possible, and the best way to do that is by making mistakes. I may not have been present at the time of your EM-JEM stint, but clearly you have returned and decided to make some changes. Clearly you are proficient mediating and using commands, but I wold only recommend that you take Ddos threats more seriously, and try explore alternate avenues in terms of investigating and responding to situations. This is only a suggestion as you responses work well and are detailed. My issues with some of this I don't have much knowledge who you are, so maybe try to expand you socialization with other players. I believe that you should get the opportunity under close scrutiny from the rest of the staff team. Sitting on decent +1
  9. You're a menace, a nuisance, and a goddamn villain Yeah just hit up any NCO+ in 187th and we can organize a private tryout for you anytime, or for any one else interested on the server. We can also host training and other things if you ever want help or are bored.
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