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  1. From the performance Ive seen him demonstrate so far, I believe him to be fully equipped to handle difficult challenges of being a admin. Its a YES from me +1.
  2. Man this is weird. Ive always imagined Fox as Satan. Even if it was just eyes from a distance. Like stone colossus by the edge of the ocean. The bashing of the waves, and the waxing of the moons. Always standing tall and strong. Red as rose, but as tough as his thorns. Its kind of a fantasy that you would expect. No matter what people may have said over the years, or how people have doubted you, you are a prime example of commander, If not the best. You ran CG for like a year, and Ive never known any else to run that long yet. You've made your way into the server, and have run it with dignity and pride (I think). Thanks for helping out with lots of stuff, appreciate it. You deserve anything choice you choose to do. All the jokes and memes are funny at times. Rest easy, and thanks.
  3. Ignorant


    At least you have friends
  4. Watching Doki Doki
  5. He mature, capable, creative and flexiable. App is detailed apart from a few punctual errors. [COLOR=#00ff00]+1 @Spooks [/COLOR]
  6. [COLOR=#ffffff]You need to include a reason for this app[/COLOR][COLOR=rgb(255, 255, 255)] - Shenpai [/COLOR] @Ignorant
  7. Ignorant

    "Go Fund Me"

    But I thought I was Batman
  8. Ignorant

    "Go Fund Me"

    Im poor, but ill give you 50 death sticks.
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