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  1. https://docs.google.com/document/d/1vMki_M7QsZlwp4ZiRmC8_dX-EeIxUqur18M665oiNHE/edit
  2. =========RECORDING START========= -A deep inhale is heard- "Ah well uh, I am 8643 or my brothers call me 'Crackshot', -sighs- this is stupid, my squad lead 'Greagor' made me do this tedious 'identification Biography' wasn't gonna write it so I'm recording my voice eh, well as you might of guessed I'm the Scout/Sniper of the squad named 'Foxtrot' my squad[-mates Greagor, Boomstick and Ace make up the other 75% of the squad and I'd be long gone without them. But this isn't about them ey? My stories in the squad are interesting at best with one of my most memorable ones being our first deployment being at the legendary Battle of Geonosis. It was an exiting briefing along with my squad-mates Greagor, Boomstick and Gene. Our mission was to detain any and all CIS personnel with political or military significance, with our pods landing successfully behind the CIS defensive lines right where they were evacuating CIS General [REDACTED] and Supreme Admiral Krootox and we knew our plan for detaining the scum it was simple it would be that we'd sabotage the shuttle with an EMP charge on the shuttle's main engine that'd we detonate as it leaves the base and we'd go to the crash and capture the relevant CIS command. Yes the plan was risky and had the chance of the target's perish in the crash but dead was a satisfactory outcome... After Boomstick's enthusiastic time activating the charges we waited outside of the gate having the ship fly out and well the sabotage worked perfectly with the ship crashing outside of the base and with a limited time before the clankers realize what happened we had to move fast. When we approached the ship the bodyguards had been scrapped, the Admiral unconscious and the General dead, or so we thought... Boomstick carried the Admiral and we turned around to leave until the silence was broken from the sound of a blaster bolt going through Gene's head, turns out that our General wasn't dead enough to pull a trigger on his blaster.... We had no time to get his body due to the droids..After that we received a new medic "Ace" was his name never liked him, well not like Gene, Ace insists on acting childish and puts himself down, not that that the putting down part is unwarranted but just the amount that he does it just bugs me...hahah, welll I think I've rambled enough so I guess I'll end it here....Crackshot out." =========RECORDING END==========
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