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  1. Hi Flame, Looking at your response I found it dry and quite frankly a bit vague. If you went over some of your answers and beefed them up I would gladly revisit this application. As far as ingame I haven't really interacted with you so I'll be looking out for you. Also I would recommend volunteering for EC a bit more so myself and others in the EM team can see what your event ability is like. For now I will be on the fence. I urge you to show me that you want to be an event master. Good luck in your application. Neutral.
  2. stop it with the ram ranch, i've had enough
  3. Thought I'd start a music discussion thread, so here we go. Me, I've been listening to a lot of Rammstein lately, especially Sonne. What about you?
  4. From my past experiences with you (41st and 104th) I know you're a really cool guy and a good person to get along with. I've seen you around on the server but haven't really stuck out to me, possibly my own fault for being slightly inactive. I would vote for +1 based on your past but obviously the present needs to be taken into consideration as well. I will come back to this later if I remember and vote once I have come to a decision. Best of luck Gary.
  5. How many motherfuckers will that be sir?
  6. bro i thought you were pretty fucken epic when you were navy co (2017?) and when i found out you were junior manager i went nuts lol sad to see you go, enjoy life man
  7. Or we play EU4 so I can win the Thirty Years' War without dying at Lutzen
  8. I want to play but im cringe at HOI, have the DLCs tho (except La Resistance)
  9. All the reasons have been stated above. Your app needs colour and development, as well as a bit of effort. This also applies to the concept event, it is a bit of an eyesore and could use some more detail. This is not your own fault but 13 is on the younger side, however having experience with you as an EC you show maturity and aren't mingy. Overall I will say neutral, however this can always change. As others have said before, just fix up your app. Look at some other apps to see how they've put it out and answered the questions. Good luck!
  10. As with what Babatunde said, you do have a tendency to be a minge. However, being in 327th, I can see that you can be a good natured person at heart. Just try and cut down on the minging and I don't see a problem with you becoming a future mod. Some of your answers are a bit iffy and underdeveloped, I would suggest going over some of them and beefing them up. I will give a +1 for now and keep a close eye on you in game, Discord and TS. Good luck Pab!
  11. Still waiting for Eights
  12. Bring back the bling weapons from pointshop!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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