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  1. Chreign

    yea yo what up

    Ew there's some dust *mad coughing*
  2. In game name: Crewman Rook Alias: Chreign Jedi, 2nd char or both: Jedi
  3. Dayum Pepsi man dummy thicc
  4. but here’s a pic of my cat to make your day
  5. Quentin Tarantino, Spielberg or George Lucas.
  6. [quote name='Beatroot'][COLOR=#ffffff][B]Greetings all.[/B] Some of you may or may not know me, essentially I have been a frequent member of Gateway Gaming since mid-2016, I have held a handful of roles both in and out of Staff, the EM team, and Roleplay. I pride myself on a lot of things and am generally pretty easy to get along with (Given we share some same interest). If you wanna chat at any point, want to know more about me, or want some advice please feel free to contact me and share a moment, also don't be alarmed if I come off as rude at first as I have a very rash sense of humor and can be crude, however, all in good nature butt. Nice to see all you previous players again, and I am excited to meet the new. I am currently Technician Rien in-game. (Shoutout to @Ren @s8ncaat @Stooge @Spooks @Shenpai I hate you 5 and am coming at you)[/COLOR][/QUOTE] How many times do we have to teach you a lesson old man?
  7. @Rein/Shockwave prepare to have your ass clapped
  8. Meme school 101
  9. Just one thing with the schedule. If possible, is it alright if you keep the games on weekdays before first event and/or in between first and second event and fit extra games on Friday and Saturday nights after third event. Cheers.
  10. Sure, I'll be on Discord so call me when you want!
  11. Honestly thought you'd recognise me from Horn lol
  12. @Otis @Ren @Aussi Thanks for the warm welcome lads :D
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