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  1. It was expunged because management doesn’t want anyone to know we’re malnourished in rhc... slave labour
  2. # ... Entering alias # ... Alias accepted # ... Enter secret # ... Secret enabled # ... Access granted to clone database GENERAL INFORMATION Full Name: CC-01/1201 Known Alias’/Nicknames: Rambo Previous Occupation: Marshal Commander Rambo - 187th Commander Current Occupation: Admiral Rambo - Admiral of Taskforce Gateway Known Languages: Basic, Aurebesh, Karakadon, Rodian, Droidish Hobbies: <DATA EXPUNGED> Alignment: Grand Republic Backstory: Here Warning - Backstory very lengthy. PSYCHOLOGICAL INFORMATION Mental State: <DATA EXPUNGED> Mental Disabilities: <DATA EXPUNGED> Likes (optional): <DATA EXPUNGED> Dislikes (optional): <DATA EXPUNGED> PHYSICAL INFORMATION/DISABILITIES Physical State: <DATA EXPUNGED> Age: <DATA EXPUNGED> Weight: <DATA EXPUNGED> Build: <DATA EXPUNGED>
  3. Uh I think you’re missing best friend Riffatolious Julian Jawrelious, or have you lost your faith in the wise great white
  4. *Admiral Rambo turns file lodged REDACTED and EXPUNGED*
  5. Grand Moff Rambo, and Moff Stingel Does have a better ring to it
  6. Admiral Rambo transfer ?
  7. Gateway imperial v3?
  8. Captain Rhino mass promotion enroute
  9. General Category Player of the Year - @Maxonok @Sloth Best Artist/Content Creator - @Rhinous Best Meme - @Sloth and the Rorty incident **OR** “(OOC) Private 1106: just found out about racism, damn bro its really messed up :/“ Best Newcomer - @Stingel Most Memorable Player - @Jazza @Fluxy Best Username - TBD Most Skilled Player - TBD Most Improved/Redeemed Player - @Nexoit Best Builder - @Cazzete Roleplay Category Commander of the Year - TBD Regiment of the Year - 187th Clone Legion Best Roleplayer - @Coca Crow @Corvus Best Duelist - @Astro Staff and Event Category Most Active Staff - TBD Most Helpful Staff - @Linguine Best Staff Newcomer - @Flea Best Developer - @Merc Best Event Master - @Sloth Best Campaign 2020 - TBD Most Friendly Staff Member - @ItsGary
  10. Top meme 2020 - Rambo getting denied promotion due to playing too much jedi reality: Was LOA on jedi and used hotspot data to run his regiment and still rolled 35 hours ingame that week
  11. If your lucky enough to survive the end of a rambo incursion than you’ll know it’s nothing but H bombs and Laser beams, met with a swift server crash
  12. CC-1201 o7 salutes you.
  13. I'd like to say, Admiral Rambo is now a most wanted riot starter
  14. cant just give everyone in the world abilities to move the literal landscape, and expect them not to be gods with it like if sheep could sing im sure that'd probably be somethin that could happen
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