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  1. I'm not sure where to begin on this application. But here we go. Gday Applicant, lets begin I don't event think Commanders or IHC can give themselves a 9, people are joining everyday, I don't think everyone will know you. Another point I continuously see you minge, swear, argue and disrespect players or staff, in most cases during event map change yelling "Cmon staff do ya f*cking jobs" Your application is small and bland, it lacks scale and detail of any of the scenario and questions, there is no effort and no point event thinking of accepting an application like this. I can not put enough emphasis on the lackluster and no effort put in, one question you event said It is an example of how you would deal with it, you just said you wouldn't deal with it. Your bio picture is larger than all your responses together. Rethink your application HARD and rethink all the scenarios you've listed. -1
  2. Gday Gamer, you’re active and present yourself well ingame, I suggest also getting on the community TeamSpeak to talk with groups and just communicate with everyone on there as a whole, just to be a little more outgoing and communicative. As Zia said knowing commands is something we’ll teach you throughout Tmod phase and moderator as a whole so don’t worry too much around it, any basic knowledge is good! I believe at least the trial phase is sufficient for Poster. Goodluck on your application gamer. +1
  3. It’s called an EC nerd
  4. A trainers legacy is only as good as the people he trains; therefore @Sloth and I take that as a compliment time for stingel to reside with the Venator “Retirement” I require the council to vote on his entry @Corvus @Maxonok @Sloth
  5. Rambo

    Dust is back

    Is it the dust of the SA days, or a different dust that’s the question in any case welcome back. Enjoy your stay on imperial let staff know if there’s anything we can do
  6. ....Loading Imperial Government database..... .....Project File 006 uploaded..... .....File accessible..... file opened.... State Vs Cartmen Court Report.
  7. Chills readying the first part won’t lie
  8. Gday Gamer. First off I’ll say welcome back to imperial, I know you left for a brief time but it’s good to see you back around the server. I’ll start off by saying you’ve Detailed your responses and listed them cleanly, which is pretty good. You’ve been staff a number of times and each time being more mature, my only concern is the hope you won’t burn yourself out too quickly, how do you feel you’ll maintain this? How are you feeling currently about playing the server? We value each member of the server that plays as it gives life and keeps us going everyday, we don’t want to have members play for fun, join the staff team and burnout over the course of a couple weeks or few months. Other than that you have my support. +1 Goodluck applicant
  9. Nice bio, would recommend putting it in a google doc so you can easily expand on it as you progress through time (I have done a similar thing with uhhh 18 pages, I know it’s gross) also condensed the topic a bit. Another point, is Chiss an aloud species for cw? Thought they were hidden away in the u known regions, excluding thrawn. Anyways detailed and looks good
  10. Welcome to the community! Enjoy the server and always feel free to contact staff in discord or TS if you have any issues!!
  11. Gday Gamer, first off I’ll say your app located is quite flushed out and in-depth especially with the scenario questions so good on you for that. You’ve taken the time to add commands you’d utilise for the scenarios which is good. Some commands you may need to be taught a bit more on, e.g. “!tp” actully teleports a player to you instead of using the more commonly known !bring, in an example you use “!tp myself” instead use “!administrate” as it cloaks and noclips you at the same time. however back to the application, you’ve done well and with your character ingame you show a very good attitude towards RP, staff and other players as a whole. +1 goodluck applicant.
  12. Alright bio, although it could’ve been worded a bit better, perhaps not relaying back to the same grandfather and adding more on. I find it best telling a story with the facts out the way first, then getting into the actual story, such as “grandfather was a general” then next paragraph “grandfather was a grand general and also a war hero” just kinda repeats itself. However good bio just some pointers for next time
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