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  1. I’m on imperial however I’ll say welcome to the community!
  2. Some imperial players have a discord for alternative games, dm me on discord Rambo#7886 if you and your friends want invites
  3. OI I actually grew up in the ranks with Gary. #2k18 @ItsGary
  4. So playing stellaris meant nothing to you
  5. # ... Entering alias # ... Alias accepted # ... Enter secret # ... Secret enabled # ... Access granted to Inquisitorius Archives GENERAL INFORMATION Full Name: Gergious The Great Known Alias’/Nicknames: Gerg Previous Occupation: Child Current Occupation: Inquisitor Known Languages: Basic, Rodian, Huttese Hobbies: Reading, Studying Alignment: Imperial, Vader, Palpatine PSYCHOLOGICAL INFORMATION Mental State: Slightly Sane Likes: Death, Murder, and slaughtering the innocent. Dislikes: Ninth Sister Personality: Quiet, In the shadow type. PHYSICAL INFORMATION/DISABILITIES Physical State: Metamorphic Age: 23 Weight: 95kg Build: Basic Rodian build Disabilities: Somewhat slow, weak knees and slight back trauma Appearance: Basic Rodian Appearance INQUISITOR INFORMATION Rank: Acolyte Main Combat Forms: Aggressive BACKSTORY Stolen as a toddler from Rodia, forced to thy inquisitor facilities on Nur. Throughout his childhood as well as young adulthood gerg was tortured by the Ninth Inquisitor and Lord Vader himself, as well as beaten until forced to accept thy darkness into his entire being. Now male homo sapien does not rest until male homo sapien has thy knowledge to not only destroy his enemies but free himself of servitude of thy force.
  6. its called being creative and original, "whipping something up" is kinda the point
  7. The point Im saying is to wait and DO some pac's for IMPERIAL, LEARN some new tricks for pac and USE it to make NEW pac's for YOUR character. Again, I think the "armour" looks kinda bad on the model, it doesn't suit the server at all.
  8. too many custom models will turn us into clone wars, storm troopers are meant to look the same, to be honest as we are with 442nd, 501st, 16th they are all custom models, realistically they would all have plain white Armour. I feel as more that custom models would only be limited to, head changes for ISB Agent models, Gov head models as long as the models fit the reg it would be fine, but cant be too different as it wouldn't fit the server.
  9. Personally I don't see a necessary use for any of the pac's you've posted, besides maybe the gun on chest which I'm unsure is removed when you equip? I suggest making completely new pac's related to your ingame roles. Inquisitor, Medic CO, 442nd trooper etc. The "Armour" I see in your images are poor quality and looks very ragged and rough, it doesn't suit the model with the metallic body Armour and it just makes the model look bad. Again, I suggest redoing your application at a later date, fiddle with pac more watch some tutorials and get a better sense of what Pac's you should be applying that is related to your character / regiment that fits the server's smoother more CGI view. -1
  10. whether* Good topic actually because recently I've been asking around and I would also like to know what people want to see more of, as a regimental CO myself me and my guys are always pushing for rp along the server, fresh new ideas are always appreciated for both staffing and Commanding teams!
  11. GENERAL INFORMATION Full Name: Mr. Gregory J. Ramboni Known Alias’/Nicknames: Mr. Greg. Previous Occupation: Coruscant - Royal Naval Academy Commandant. Current Occupation: Chief of Staff Regional Government | Administrator Known Languages: Galactic Basic, Huttese, Rodian Hobbies: Managing financial documents, aiding his Imperial Majesty with special projects. Alignment: Imperial Government, Emperor Palpatine PSYCHOLOGICAL INFORMATION Mental State: Sane. Likes: Regional Government Employees, IHC+ Dislikes: Rebels Personality: Straight Forward, Administrative, Quite, Usually prefers to watch and learn than lead with force and ignorance. PHYSICAL INFORMATION/DISABILITIES Age: 29 Weight: 90kg Build: Slightly Bulk / Toned Disabilities: None. Appearance: Black Human | Mustache| Refined Uniform displaying rank badge. INQUISITOR INFORMATION Rank: Chief of Staff | Regional Government Administrator Combat Experience: 12 Years | Martial Arts Training, Naval Academy, Republic Navy Experience BACKSTORY The story begins during the Republic Clone Wars, 2019GRP (Galactic Rotational Period) A young Naval Lieutenant assigned under Admiral Killian to learn and become a republic Naval Admiral for the future. During the late years of the Clone Wars, Lieutenant Ramboni was often stationed aboard the Venator Class Star Destroyer, and had by this time endured many combat victories, and some losses. During the final Year of war, Ramboni was decorated as a Commodore to Admiral Killian, and led his own Venator-Class within Admiral Killian's Fleet. Then, the orders came down. Order 66 was in effect, the Clone piloting Crew and bridge security personal looked to me, I, Of course, loyal to the Supreme Chancellor also received the word via the Clone Commander of the 7th Armada Battalion. Dedicated to showing himself worthy to the Chancellor ordered the execution following the command of his highness. Then, it happened. The Galactic Empire... A new order throughout the Galaxy, of peace, security, justice... The new Emperor had paid attention to the swift call to duty Commodore Ramboni had answered during the Order 66 betrayal, and authorized him to be Adjutant within the newly formed Galactic Government. Over the past few years along side his Imperial Majesty, Grand Moff Tarkin, and Lord Vader, Gregory Ramboni worked through the ranks, Sector Adjutant, Sector Magistrate, and now stands as Chief of Staff. Gregory J. Ramboni is eager to work on some, very special projects with the Grand Moff and the Emperor, as he has done before with the top imperial engineers, and scientists. Gladiators, Super Star Destroyers, Secret Weapons, all for the Empire!
  12. Rambo


    o7 see you when I have 187th again
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