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  1. Very big and detailed backstory, nice work. Keep it up!
  2. Evoz

    R6 SIEGE

    Add me; chickennugget42020
  3. Evoz

    Giveaway Again

    https://store.steampowered.com/app/313120/Stranded_Deep/ You better rig it for me, if not then i'll see you in the octagon and unleash some Jonny Bones Jones shots from the clinch.
  4. Evoz

    Ttoel Jek Bio

    Good story-telling my guy!
  5. Great application, you have gone into detail with the use of ULX commands, etc. As stated above by many members of the community, you possess a great attitude by demonstrating your responsiblity and eagerness to help the server when necessary. You'd make a great addition to the team, goodluck +1
  6. The application is well-rounded, it demonstrates your ability to create unique PACs alongside 'update' current ones. I've had some run-ins with you on the CW, all have been positive and I can vouch for your PAC capabilities. Goodluck, +1
  7. Its cool to see you out and about making maps and gathering feedback! Keep up the great work!
  8. Regardless you will end up having similar PAC's to other users. Your application highlights many PACs which are great to see, they carry similar elements that other players possess within their PACs, however, this doesn't really matter as you demonstrate a diverse approach to each PAC you have created - essentially you have expanded upon existing PACs. Goodluck, +1
  9. The application is well-written and is displayed at a higher level. The use of ULX-commands alongside the demonstration of your decision making process throughout the application further highlights your knowleadge in regards to staffing. It seems the main issue is your attitude towards others. I don't know you so I cannot make the assumption your either 'toxic' or not. However, regarding the application, attempt to display yourself in-game to differ from these attached 'behavioural' issues that you're accused to possess. Goodluck with the application, +1.
  10. Mr Palskies hmm. Just follow the rules and guidelines of the server if you're granted another chance, by which you should be given in my opinion. Goodluck, +1
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