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  1. Doesn't 'The Museum' use Colossal/Imperial's gamemode? Idk, they look similar either way. Also nice weebly pages, I often like to mess around on them too!!
  2. +1 Gateway has always strived due to the utilisation of their forums as it allows for the community to interconnect between regiments and players. Recently, to my knowledge, the forums seem quite dead. To reactivate and create awareness towards the forums, the use of forum moderators would be essential as they have always promoted the forums as a positive and creative atmosphere which in return has always allowed for an increase in post and member activity. Aussie is very capable of forum moderator as he carries three characteristics; knowledge, trust and excessive amounts of friendliness. These three characteristics allow for a forum moderator to strive in a creative atmosphere, hence why I believe Aussie should become one of the next forum moderators. Goodluck application was residentsleeper btw
  3. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Your Name: Evoz Your In-Game Name: Tree Highest Rank Achieved In-game: In Jedi, Grand Master. However, as a clone, Senior Commander. What position are you interested in?: Kom'rk Skirata Why do you want that position?: The core reason as to why I wish to join Clan Skirata is solely because I believe there is nothing for me to play on the server which is unique to how I have played in the past. Furthermore, NULL-ARC has always peaked my interest (Zia knows why) and I know for a fact I would enjoy returning to a crowd which I am already familiar with. I understand if the recruiters will be reluctant on taking me due to my recent activity. However, for reassurance, my activity can be increased and consistent, the only reason for it to be the opposite is due to school, work and other 'stuff'. Conclusively, NULL-ARC is the only unit and/or thing that would genuinely make me play the server once again. -----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  4. Its not that bad, might of had a couple of slip ups and feel a bit rushed but it was kinda obvious most of the stuff was gonna play out this way. I'm enjoying each episode besides 4.
  5. Miguel Sapochnik is great at directing battle sequences, some of his highlights are from Game of Thrones being the following episodes: - Battle of the Bastards. - The Long Night. - Massacre at Hardhome.
  6. He's been around for years now, compared to 3 years ago he's attitude has changed drastically. JamWay is 'by the book' and will always be, this has been highlighted all through 91st when I was with him and just general interactions previously, he deserves the chance like everyone else. Goodluck Tammy. +1
  7. Evoz

    Show us ya rigs

    im 16 and dont own a car rip
  8. Understood m'lady. I'll be awaiting my for my private shuttle.
  9. Evoz

    Roblox Server?

    roblox > minecraft
  10. hmu on mc: Evoz i play bedwars
  11. sup faze rug btw nice head
  12. +1 good responses and seems like a good person in game, overall good job.
  13. +1 very good responses to the questions and seems eligible for the position.
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