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  1. @Tesla has left the community approximately a week ago, he didn't want anyone to see what he has become. all jokes aside this is advertisement
  2. I'll see you somewhere in the zinger box soon vilko also i was never inactive, iwas on extended loa
  3. Evoz

    The Return

    He's returning not leaving 5head ANDY back at it
  4. we all know this isnt a joke and your using the day to hide it unless?
  5. Points 1, 2 and 4 are all just plain stupid - the rest however, fair play. Reasoning: Point 1 - The weapon is/was perfectly fine. Its increased damage is understandable as its suppose to be viewed as a better version of the 15s. You need to remember also, that the scope of the WESTAR isn't used by most of ARC since its literally dogshit. Therefore, the placement of increased firepower just seems understandable. Furthermore, this just makes your point irrelevant as it comes across as you having a mad sook about not getting an extra 10 damage on an NPC, congrats! Point 2 - A grappling hook can be easily abused by any player on the server, the main reason it was never implemented into some kits was solely due peoples inability to actually use it properly. Overtime, ARC has showed their ability to use the equipment in both the right and wrong ways, however they're obviously going to be more trusted with the equipment after being placed into a 1-month traineeship opposed to someone who just donated for Clone-Force 99. Similar to the first point, if you care so much about having one then why not aim at joining ARC. Point 4 - The reason RC will never be looked at as a more profound and 'elitist' regiment is because its donated for and most people who do donate for the squads are considered to be 'trolls' or just plain shit at the game. I'm not saying EVERY squad is this, but majority of the time they are. Although, this point may have been relevant back in 2016 Gateway where the whole concept of RC would have possibly been changed, but guess what? Its not 2016 so goodluck with that. Anyway, my last point on this is just place the current RC Squads next to ARC and view their skills against one-another. I have $150 on ARC being at a WAY higher standard then what RC is, the reasoning behind this is because ARC actually benchmark and ensure their skills are ALWAYS at a higher-standard whereas you hardly see RC train or even do anything to keep their skills relevant after becoming a member of one of their squads. Overall, I think someone honestly needs to call the waambulance because it seems like the people who have issues with ARC currently are just the ones who have never been able to actually make it near joining them. I don't want be considered toxic from this post, however I do believe ARC should be somewhat recognised as to why they have unique kits and how hard they actually work for said kits, me for one would be pissed if I did a traineeship for 1-month of my life just to get some cool weapons and have them removed the next day because someone started sookin about ARC killing NPCs faster than another player.
  6. Evoz

    Jedi Giveway.

    Name: @Tesla SteamID(64): 76561198090846829 Why: He recently lost his position in 13th and has nothing to commit his time to, surely let the man get it
  7. Evoz


    If the ban was from 2018 you have had near to two years to 'reform' yourself, with this being said I don't see why you shouldn't be let back. +1. @Stooge community of second chances
  8. Khai pretty much covered all of my points. +1.
  9. Tyrell is a great community member who often socialises with the entire community whenever possible. As a vocal player I have had Tyrell help me on numerous occasions relating to staff situations, that being for a simple whitelist or acting as a trusted witness. As a trooper, you Tyrell has furthered his reputation throughout both the 38th and 327th and I do believe you would have a great shot at staff. However, people spend hours on these applications, both to refine and impress the community as to why they should get moderator. I'm not saying you haven't done this, but I am suggesting you take a step back and begin refining the application so you can reach your full potential. I have added a few things below that you could do to simply boost this application overall, these including: - Adding more ULX commands and possibly speech. - Fixing grammatical errors. - Adding a more detailed approach to the situations. Overall, you have a great foundation for this application, it's just that until you show the necessary changed i'll be remaining NEUTRAL.
  10. season 7 making me catchup on some zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz
  11. You were a very cooperative and all-around great previous staff member. Although some implications had occurred which I wasn't present for so I cannot express my concerns, however, I feel like the community has obviously moved on from the situation and you seem to have matured from it greatly. I don't see why you don't deserve another shot. The application is very well-written and would be considered that of a high-tier. Furthermore, we already know your capability to thrive when given the opportunity. Goodluck, +1.
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