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  1. Its not that bad, might of had a couple of slip ups and feel a bit rushed but it was kinda obvious most of the stuff was gonna play out this way. I'm enjoying each episode besides 4.
  2. Miguel Sapochnik is great at directing battle sequences, some of his highlights are from Game of Thrones being the following episodes: - Battle of the Bastards. - The Long Night. - Massacre at Hardhome.
  3. He's been around for years now, compared to 3 years ago he's attitude has changed drastically. JamWay is 'by the book' and will always be, this has been highlighted all through 91st when I was with him and just general interactions previously, he deserves the chance like everyone else. Goodluck Tammy. +1
  4. Evoz

    Show us ya rigs

    im 16 and dont own a car rip
  5. Understood m'lady. I'll be awaiting my for my private shuttle.
  6. Evoz

    Roblox Server?

    roblox > minecraft
  7. hmu on mc: Evoz i play bedwars
  8. sup faze rug btw nice head
  9. +1 good responses and seems like a good person in game, overall good job.
  10. +1 very good responses to the questions and seems eligible for the position.
  11. Mans may have rdm'd but at the end of the day the staff member didn't go out of there way to understand the situation entirely. This shows a lack in the staff members ability and can represent a reason for this ban to be unjust. Since the staff member didn't actually seem to have carried out there duty correctly from the provided information my mans should be unbanned hehe xd
  12. Evoz

    Happy Easter.

    HAppy easter gamers
  13. Evoz

    GTA V

    Hey @Remi, Welcome To The AustralisGamingNetwork [FIVEM] [IMG]https://discordapp.com/assets/612f3fc9dedfd368820b55c4cf259c07.svg[/IMG][IMG]https://discordapp.com/assets/a3fb4592346733e0ef665ea7385c2721.svg[/IMG] ! [quote name='Remi']Can confirm I play Australis Gaming Network like 10 hours a day. If you get in quickly its a great experience. FiveM is sometimes buggy though.[/QUOTE]
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