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  1. My man legit used a knife to kill droids he is just different. + he is legit Rambo.
  2. Bring back Regimental Icons
  3. Spawning in 5 CANS then blowing them up crashing the server in the progress ofc????
  4. # ... Entering alias # ... Alias accepted # ... Enter secret # ... Secret enabled # ... Access granted to clone database PSYCHOLOGICAL INFORMATION Mental State: Sane Mental Disabilities: None Likes: His brother, The Jedi order, The Clones, Staff Sabers, Dueling. Dislikes: Sith, people who are against the Republic, Failing. Personality: A little hot-headed, understanding, kind, Dedicated, Undying loyalty for the Jedi Order and the republic. PHYSICAL INFORMATION Physical State: Fit. Age: 15 Race: Zabrak (Dathomirian) Weight: 80 Kg Build: Tall, Lean, Strong. Disabilities: None. Appearance: A young Dathomirian Zabrak male, Grey skin with deep black tattoos with a strong light yellow gaze. Covered in Jedi robes with armoured plating standing at a current height of 6'1. Long pointy horns protruding in a crown formation from the outer edges of the top of his skull. Chiselled facial bone structure, Broad shoulders. JEDI INFORMATION Rank: Padawan. Master (current or previous): Unknown at this moment. Lightsaber details: Gagruk has a common but modified hilt, his hilt has a smoother texture to it allowing him to quickly move it in his hand if needed. Combat style: Aggressive. BACKSTORY At a young age, the two brothers were tattooed with cultural designs along with some custom patterns and symbols, the two brothers spent the majority of their time 'player fighting' and training when one day they were sent by the Villages Chief to go on a hunt to gather food for the rest of the Village. Two days had passed since they left for their hunt, they came back with over 4 months worth of food when they saw the carnage that laid before them as buildings burnt and B1 Battledroids gunned down their brothers relentlessly.Walking up to the dead bodies of their brothers they noticed unfamiliar markings running across their bodies, they seemed to be burns but clean in the formation and precise slices. When inspecting the wounds they felt a dark presence wash over them as a cold feeling ran its way up their spine. Losing their breath as they searched around scared for what caused this damage, they hid in a tent nearby and peeped out of the animal skins to see what was happening. They heard loud...heavy footsteps getting closer and closer.Heartbeats increasing, sweat dripping when suddenly everything went quiet, a low rumbling noise could be heard mimicking what seemed to be breathing. A gust of wind came by kicking up loose dirt fogging the boy's vision, barely visible the boys could make out what seemed to be a pair of bright yellow eyes staring almost directly back at them through the mist that the dirt had made.Huddling close together the boys knew what lied before them was a creature of destruction and darkness, it had killed their brothers and It would kill them. As the beast got closer each stepper heavier than the one before they noticed something familiar about it...it had horns like them and the same traditional Dathomirian tattoos and markings as them. Confused the boys were dumbfounded for a minute thinking that maybe the creature was actually one of their kin here to save them! But then they noticed another thing...a bright red light piercing through the mist was next to the creatures leg as it hissed continuously making a deep low humming noise.The creature began to pick up pace in its walk until it was charging towards the two boys, lifting its strange glowing weapon above its head. The creature swung its device of destruction cutting the tent that the boys had been hiding in in half. Rolling to opposite sides of the tent the boys had barely avoided the strike, resulting in Vobu getting a small scar/burn mark placed directly under his left eye.The heavy strike from the beast broke a large area of clear air through the mist and the boys could see what creature was standing before them. He was extremely tall and muscular covered in armour plating, all areas of skin visible were a creamy yellow sectioned off by dark brown Nightbrother tattooing. His eyes were sharp and piercing glowing with a bright yellow tinge which was only exaggerated by the large pointy horns that erupted from the top of his skull.The boys were stunned with fear, their bodies unable to move as the beast stared at them. Suddenly he bellowed a loud roar as he swung his weapon at the boys who responded with a series of rolls and dodges barely avoiding the red glowing line of energy swiping at them. Picking up dirt from the ground Gagruk threw the dirt into the beast's eyes blinding him which only resulted in it getting angrier, raising a hand out to Gagruk closing his fist the small boy began to choke and hover through the air towards the creature.The creature began to laugh as he watched the boy's energy leave his body as he started to become weaken and limp, suddenly Vobu jumped on the creature from behind and dug his fingers into the beast's eyes. Causing him to scream out of pain chucking the two of them far away out of rage. Walking over to the panting Vobu on the ground the creature raised his weapon high ready to strike down the boy. "Nooo!" Yelled Gagruk out of fear as he watched from a distance.Laughing the creature swung with all of his weight straight down at Vobu when suddenly a spark of light flew through the air as his strike was blocked. Standing above the now awaken Vobu was a man dressed in sand-coloured robes with a long pointy brown beard and kind blue eyes holding a blue energy blade of sorts. Giving the young Dathomirian a smile as he directed his attention to the beast infront of him. Taunting the creature as the robed man readied himself in an elegant stance as the creature charged towards him screaming. Deflecting the creatures attack the robed man swiped his left leg and hit him in the temple of his head making the tall behemoth tumble.The beast proceeded to evacuate from the battle zone as the robed man directed his attention to the safety of the two boys, noticing that the two of them were both force-sensitive the robed man was delighted and revealed himself as a Jedi Master known as Obi-Wan Kenobi and proceeded to take the two boys back to the Jedi Temple of Coruscant and enlist them as Padawans. RELATIONSHIPS Dead| Death Wish | Hatred || Disliked | Untrusted | Indifferent | Acquaintance | Liked | Friend | Best Friend | Vobu Kotra Gagruk Admired his brother and had a close bond with him since birth. Gagruk loved his brother and enjoyed any time he could be by his side facing any threat or task given to them. Gagruk wants nothing more but to grow old and wise with his brother and share the experiences they have had together. Savage Opress Gagruk has one grudge that he holds close to him, this grudge fueled Gagruk and Vobu to grow up and become strong to protect others so their experience doesn't get shared by anyone else. Grand Master Yoda Gagruk looked up to Yoda like nothing else, Yoda spent time with him and him brother teaching them the way of a Jedi and of their gifted force abilities teaching them the ways to use their force but not abuse it. Gagruk has complete loyalty to Yoda and is willing to follow any command he gives. Jedi Order Gagruk now has unquestionable loyalty to the Jedi order, he sees the Jedi Order as Savours to him and his brother and if not for them he believes he would be dead rotting in the ground next to his brother. Obi-Wan Kenobi Gagruk holds natural respect for Obi holding him in a high pedestal, Gagruk believes if not for him he might have never joined the Jedi order or lived through his encounter with Savage.
  5. [Accessing Directorate Archive ] [LEVEL 5 CLEARANCE REQUIRED] . . . [ACCESS GRANTED] Senior Advisor 'Slaughter' GENERAL INFORMATION Name: [REDACTED] Rank: Senior Advisor Previous Occupation: 13th Iron Battalion CO, Advisory academy graduate Current Occupation: Senior Advisor for the Grand Army of the Republic Hobbies: Planning new deployments. Physical State: Healthy, fit. PSYCHOLOGICAL INFORMATION Mental State: Minorly unstable. Mental Disabilities: [REDACTED] Backstory: After 'Slaughter' graduated from Kamino with his closest brother 'Whiskers' both of them were later sent to the first battle of Geonosis leading many key victories together they later were assigned to the regiment "13th Iron" and given commanding positions 'Slaughter' being picked to become the CO of said regiment. After countless battles fought under the Republic flag 'Slaughter' was later given the chance to leave his regiment and attended the Advisory academy passing with flying colours. Currently Senior Advisor 'Slaughter' has taken up the task of rooting out a strong and deadly Trandoshan clan from the Republic supply lines that has been a menace for far too long. ACT II - The Directorate Once Senior Advisor 'Slaughter' passed his Advisory classes he was swiftly recruited into 'The Directorate' campaign assisting his fellow advisors: 'Moon', 'Victor S. Steel', 'Hark', 'Epsilon-7' & 'Dice'. This campaign was focused on rooting out the Directorate and putting a end to their efforts in the system. While further details of the campaign are [REDACTED] all that can be put on record is that 'Slaughter' enjoyed his time working with his fellow advisors. [AUTHOR: REDACTED] [SIGNING OFF...] . . . [FILE CLOSED] More info will be updated as my time as EM thank you @Buck :) for the pictures.
  6. Myself and Quebix have a long history working together as staff and mates, Quebix is a experienced staff member and has proven himself time and time again to be a asset to the team, I have no doubt that he will perform well as a EM. I have also had a chat with him about ideas & such and I believe he will bring some new ideas to the team. My only concern is your activity on the main server could be improved on greatly but after chatting with you I know you are going to improve on this. Queefbix. +1
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