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  1. Gforce


    Toodle Loo Andy hope you sort out what ever you are going through
  2. Funniest cunt in gateway history maybe right behind Pardner o7 Jazza
  3. - Accepted User will undergo a three event Trail -
  4. That's not what I've heard big man maybe you should double check because 501st is as dead as a doornob and ARF is 6feet under, I rarely play clonewars and I can see that I an't even trying to have a go at you it's more like you fully just fit into the example you gave so
  5. Currently: General Spompe Jedi Master of Coruscant Guard - Wookiee 2nd Lieutenant 'Tej' ARF CO of the 501st Legio Major 'Apollo' 187th Legion Commanding Officer
  6. Denied user may re-apply in one month.
  7. Hello everyone, The position for Commanding Officer of the Imperial Starfighter Corps has become available. This role will fill a unique spot on the roster in its own right, and there are a few things to note about before submitting any form of EOI. - The Imperial Starfighter Corps are a detachment of the Imperial Navy who specialize in the operation of a large fleet of transport and combat fighters, ships and ground based vehicles. As the commanding officer of the ISC you will be tasked in leading a squadron of pilots whos job will incorporate airspace defense of imperial establishments, facilities and ships as well as the transport of imperial troopers and operation of combat entities to aid in the fight against the rebellion. If you are interested in filling this position, please comment below in this thread using the following template. Name/Alias: Previous Notable Roles on Gateway/Empire Gaming: Highest Rank Achieved: GG Server Playtime: What can you bring to the role?: Why should we pick you over other applicants?:
  8. - Accepted user will undergo a three event trial -
  9. - Accepted User will undergo a three event trial -
  10. - Accepted User will undergo a three event trial -
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