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  1. Always been someone I could talk to about issues or problems going on within the server. You have the ability to keep a level head in potions of power and the ability to keep cool in stressful situations. Honestly think big man Nexoit will contribute greatly to the GG Staff team. +1
  2. Gforce

    I'm back

  3. 🗣Stooge: They Always come back.🗣
  4. Now this is hectic Thank you @Rhinous VERY COOL!
  5. You can't just become a sith within your jedi slot... Astro has power to demote you to even Youngling if he wanted, You can't just become SITH because you were going to be arrested for trespassing then asking if you can go into the base and kill troopers because of the RP you randomly made up without contacting anyone.
  7. Over the time I've talked to Cappa and being in ARC with him I can say without a doubt you have matured and I haven't seen any mingey actions come from you for a very long time, Which is amazing to see after recently catching up with you in Voice Chat I have no doubt that you will perform amazingly in the role and be a valuable member of the staff team if you were offered the role as a Trial-Moderator. Best of Luck with your Application Cappa. +1
  8. Baby Quebix during his Traineeship ^^^^^ @Quebix
  9. AHAHAHAHHAHAHA Actual wish I could. Have a good one YoHoE hope all goes well
  10. I have at least two intelligence questions under my belt!
  11. Who? Oh ARC Taxi ahha dab whip nae nae
  12. Honestly Nebula after talking to you before and after you put this application up you honestly seemed interested and keen to be apart of the staff team, I have also talked to you about behavior and your improving your attitude, and honestly you have only approved and you are starting to clear up the fog around your past attitude and behavior within the community and you are actually starting to make a solid name for yourself. Keep it up. +1.
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