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  1. - Accepted User will undergo a three event trial -
  2. - Accepted User will undergo a three event trial - Please contact me via discord Gforce#3748 to begin your trial
  3. - Accepted User will undergo a three event trial - Please contact me via discord Gforce#3748 to begin your trial
  4. -Accepted User will undergo a three event trial-
  5. - Denied you may reapply in one month -
  6. As I was there for the whole event involving Bingus I will explain it from a staff point of view, I wasn't the one who warned old mate but like I said just from my POV. Once the EC was tied to the wall and the EM gave the order to kill him Bingus then pulled out his Smart Launcher and then shot it at the ground near the EC killing himself and 16 other players not 10, Some of the people killed were staff members which I can tell you now they were not laughing it off, after the staff member found out how many people Bingus killed he instantly got taken into a sit and punished for his thoughtless actions. I can also tell you know that only JT's were the ones "Laughing it off" as majority of the players killed were complaining to staff about the event. I hope you can understand our point of view as the Staff Member that banned him pretty much let him off the hook, If it was me he would of got a much harsher punishment. Also the fact of you saying people were starting to disconnect is 100% false the EC was still getting killed in the firing line at the time Bingus shot the rocket.
  7. Active player on the server, Solid App, heaps of detail. +1, Best of luck with your application.
  8. Known Rippa for some time now and he will become a solid member of the staff team proven by his past record. He was a great Admin on the clonewars and also a solid member of staff on the FIRST Imperial server. I wish you the best in your application big man. +1
  9. Accepted user will go through a three event traineeship.
  10. Name: Gforce Steam Profile Link: https://steamcommunity.com/id/Gforcee/In-game Name: Rencol JenkirServer: Imperial RPWhy do you want it: I want to experience the darker side of Jedi RP, I've had my full of Jedi over the years and I want to give Inquisitors a chance, I feel like It will add a new face to the whole Jedi RP face of the server.
  11. +1 Honestly amazing choice for Mod, has left a solid Reputation from the clonewars.
  12. Since release is around the corner I've decided to open up a recruitment application for ISB. upon release myself and my 2IC (Bullet) will look over all of the applications and pick out some possible recruits for the bureau. https://forms.gle/QKghf5ZvmWyXAA4r8 Best of luck to all that apply and I hope to see you all on the server either way.
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