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  1. Well as of today I have been apart / playing gateway gaming for all of 2 years, roughly staff for 1 year and a community supporter for 6 months from my last community support and have enjoyed roughly not even half of that time because of 1 inescapable fact and that is the friends group that plagues this server. Since my stint as staff I witnessed what is and was s8n's friend group rise with power and gain more footing as time went on. In the early days while I was still a little ol' Moderator, I saw behavior that should have been punished or warns given but it all got let slide and kept moving on. During the later days like my time as Administrator, Senior Admin and even to Head Admin was when I saw it for its full worth with people leaving then returning and being putting straight back to old positions i.e. Raider, Ren, Beatroot, Zia. I saw players get warned for behavior and staff striked and demoted for the same behavior that plagued the then at the time staff team with majority being s8ns friends group i.e. When Storm Lily got striked and demoted for announcing the word N**** (you catch the censorship) in a roughly small group of people yet s8n and Zia would fling this word around daily and freely within player earshot or in free conversation. By the time I hit Server Manager is when I had had enough as by this time my word meant nothing to s8n and stooge failed to listen to my opinions aswell i.e. The return of Alluh to the server and him being granted a staff position even though the staff was against it and Alluh receiving Tarkin when though all commanding players voted against him receiving said roll and when brought to Stooge for his help he flat out ignored me. I've witnessed friend group members get either fast tracked through to trial staff even when we had older and more viable players wanting a trial or free positions within regiments i.e. latest being Beatroot coming back after leaving again and being given Null ARC when though this should be a position of respect and someone who has earned the roll, I've witnessed content get added for friend group regiments when denied for other regiments, Models added quicker for friend group regiments when other players were waiting on donations i.e. The loiter squad being added. I've witnessed staff be left in positions when they should have been removed for inactivity when though I requested them for removal for weeks i.e. Zombie and Remi during their time as staff. during my final days on the server I sent a message to stooge exclaiming that I was leaving community supporter and was greeted with (removed, I'm sorry pal but that isnt on. FYI I called him a sook - stooge) and claimed he wasn't in the mood to deal with this. I know that this is a private conversation and a little awkward situation occur when I sent the original but /me shrugs I was told that as Server Manager I did absolutely nothing and had since been replaced with someone better (Ren) but look where that got you all with him resigning only 1 week later lol, the fact that s8n was running things limited me to a glorified Head admin role and we constantly butted heads because of this, I was only ever allowed low level server access i.e. restarting and turning off/on the server, I was never taught how to code jobs (was meant to be taught by stooge but /me shrugs again) even though this is the basic job of the server manager on say Imperial gaming. At the end of the day this more of a F-You too certain people and a cya later to some genuine people that are left.
  2. you finally dropped the resignation, after all this damn time, Ill give it too you mate. You were an exceptional Event master and gave it your all in the beginning, you put up with me as Server manager and we both agreed on a lot of issues and you sure pushed through it when I decided enough was enough. We had some damned good chats and I thankyou for the person you were/are and wish you the best, should come starsim in arma one day and meet the lads I call home with currently. Your a heck of a lad and you did your absolute best even when you got fucked around again and again.
  3. your back and already Kal Skirata, well damn dude doing well with the friends!
  4. If you cant be a full time chef and a staff member at the same time then you arent on my level!
  5. Based on the application here I will be leaving a -1 For the structuring of your application, you can go through and read older accepted apps for ideas on how to do it nicely. You can click on my name, then click posting and click all threads by ‘WraitheAU’ from there you can read all my accepted apps and go from there. Just don’t steal my app directly. For the responses that you have written to the questions, I would suggest filling them out with more detail like how would you talk to the victims of the rule breaking, would you ask for their side of the story, was the user defending himself from people trying to RDM him? etc. I would suggest you also write in the actual ULX commands you would use to give out punishments I.e. ULX Ban ‘user’ 0 or ULX Warn ‘user’ RDM x2. If you don’t know the commands you can either look up the commands on google as there are a few sites that have lengthily forums posts detail most commands or you could simply talk to a staff member on the server as they should be able to give you some guidance. But my biggest suggestion would be to play the server for roughly 60 hours before putting in an application. Your brand new to the server and have little idea on how the community functions and this is always the deciding factor when choosing Tmods. For your TIME PLAYED you can use GameTracker to find a rough estimate for your hours on the server. Just search the gateway server and then type in your steam name and presto.
  6. 10th time is the charm I guess...?
  7. Epic Fortnite g4mer that has alot of experience being a trash c0mm4nd3r and 4 t0x1c pl4yer, He m33ts all the criteria to bec0me th3 best discord owner ever +1
  8. I always looked forward to an Icarus event and always knew that the event would be filled with things to do and never be lack luster. He's a excellent player and Event master and his time as an HEM was good and he ran the team well and I do believe he still carries that same confidence and skill. +1
  9. Definitely I personally don’t like that the animation was removed, it’s weird to think that the community would want this animation removed at all as it is 1. A standard animation across all Gmod server/game modes and 2. The only way to tell if someone is actually typing and relying on pac to make the animation yourself is pretty meh as the server only allows access to a specified limit of people. I believe that maybe it was a very niche group of people that wanted it removed, aIso don’t remember a community vote being done for it to see the rest of the communities opinion towards this idea was. I believe it should be brought back as it’s the most basic of things for a Gmod server. +1
  10. Clone Wars PAC3 Application Template Requirements Steam ID (Use the steam ID doing "status" in console gives you in-game): STEAM_0:0:91127179 Steam Profile Link: https://steamcommunity.com/id/LupusIsLoitering/home Current in-game alias: Senior Agent Wraithe Time Played (Hours): 1500+ Are you a donator? (YES/NO) PAC3 Questions Have you used PAC3 before? Yes extensively and have had to re-apply because of the wipe Why do you want access to PAC3? To improve my RP within the CGIA company and as I was staff I was promised to keep PAC access How is using PAC3 going to enhance your time on the server? I use PAC to enhance my RP because allowing myself to look strict and tough as my CGIA character, It allows me to hold my weapon in certain ways for guarding and patrolling. PAC3 Examples: (Display 4 example screenshots of your Star Wars PAC3 creations) Holopad with a commander and weapons holstered on the back (Both removable when weapon is selected) DC-15a Leaning on his shoulder for security / mission briefings (have fixed to be the proper DC-15a) Trooper holding Their helmet in there hands. Airborne shoulder piece and a ammo belt around the bicep My main PAC groups ; - Visor and rangefinder which both move on button press and the visor lights up - Crossed arms (originally from a pastebin, but I've adjusted it myself to fix some clipping) - Jump pack on the back - Bacta grenades attached to the right side of the chest (normally attached the my chest strap)
  11. And REACH IS COMING FIRST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  12. Actual quality entertainment
  13. @Magnus So glad you hated me too, thought it was a one way street you little shit. Thanks for doing the stuff you did when you were a good little senior moderator with me and yeet ya little shit
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