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  1. Just for reference i am the mod who handed out the warns in the 8:30 Event and just because an event is finished does not mean that all rules go out the window. Just like how it is in down time on the main server you still are required to follow the rules, just not be completely in character. I also fail to see how your troopers breaking the server rules has anything to do with mine or any staff members egos. People were finishing up on the RP from the event and were executing the EC in a firing line formation when Bingus decided to shoot a rocket killing 16 people, which was everyone with standard hp if the other players didn't have increased health such as DT they also would have died. The entire situation was still in RP and Bingus completely deserves the ban whether he "follows the rules most of the time" or not. Callide shot me as everyone was coming up the elevators, not as there were 7 people on the server. However it doesn't matter how many people are on the server like i said, there are still rules in place that should be followed. Just because you and your regiments definition of fun appears to be ruining everyones RP by breaking server rules doesn't mean thats how everyone else likes to play Gateway and is a selfish way of thinking.
  2. ARC Screening As ARC have been implemented onto the Imperial server we've already had a group of sergeants make it through our traineeship. we've had a lot of requests for another screening so myself and @Alluh have decided we would do just that and take in another group of trainees. The screening will take place this Friday on the 15th, it will consist of Climbswep, Grapple, Roleplay, breaching and Jetpack. If you prove you have the skill set to move through our screening, you will advance into our two week traineeship. Information Friday, 15th of January If you have any questions, feel free to contact my self or Alluh on Discord. Alluh#0007 Choog#0228
  3. Yeah those work, You're app is still great don't get me wrong it's just that all the other applicants have ULX commands in their apps which would put them a bit above you IMO.
  4. Hey Rocker, Your app looks really good but i would like to see you add ULX commands into your situations as they would be what you use as Staff so it would show us you have a basic understanding of staffing. I know that you have the capability of being a good staff member as you're very active and a friendly guy. Just get those ULX commands in and it'll be a +1. Neutral
  5. Yeah totally get that, I've been on Gateway for around 4 years now and have had to take my fair share of breaks from Gmod. Thanks for responding! Will be changing to a +1 but would still love to see more on the scenarios. Best of luck bud
  6. What up Clarkson your app is really well written and i see you on nearly, if not everyday. Knowing that you have the experience and activity I'll +1 you. Good luck bud!
  7. Hey Kestoren, I would recommend getting some more playtime on the server and getting yourself more well known withing the community as I'm not sure I've seen you around a lot recently. You will definitely need to add more to your situation responses as well. After seeing the edits that you have made it definitely makes you app look a lot better. However I'd like to see you add some more onto your situations. Neutral
  8. You'll need to give us your current hours on the server, not your rank in game. I know that you're fairly active on the server with Chimaera squad, however I would really like to see you add more detail to your situations as a sentence for each response just isn't enough for us to get a good idea of your ULX knowledge. Neutral
  9. Hey Emerald you seem like a chill guy whenever i talk to you in game Like other responses I'd love to see more written on your scenarios, if you're having trouble editing I'd get in contact with management to try and sort that out. Also was wondering why you've staffed on so many communities and not stuck with one? Neutral for now champ.
  10. Your app looks good to me and sounds like you have plenty of experience within both communities currently playing the GG Imperial. I would probably try to fill out my Situations a little bit more however your app still looks great. +1
  11. +1 Took feed back well and edited application accordingly. Hope to see you round
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