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  1. Woah bro, nice cock.

    1. Xao_Acroheart


      Thanks bro, been training it up.

  2. Hmm yes Colonel Richard is this you?


  3. The question is do I purchase this or a loaf of bread?
  4. Goodbye big boy Siff who now knows basic medical roleplay
  5. What's important to note is your interpretation of death. Can death really come to you if you have not really lived? Or is it just a mere concept - an excuse for the unknown fate after we leave this world. And even so if death is inevitable, should you not enjoy the time you have in your days of having a heartbeat? Should you pursue a path on what it means to really live? These are the questions that are important to note... And this is how you philosophise kids. (this is not supposed to be a serious comment)
  6. I've known Rambo way back since 2017 during my 7th Sky days, and he has been and still is a big role model to other players. What he does best is able to joke around but also take things seriously when needed to. He is a previous member of stuff, and during those times used his tools effectively to help staff the server. Rambo has also been approachable to relatively newer players compared to himself, which is really good to see. I'll be giving a +1.
  7. I've been listening to a lot of Swedish Classical music, I particularly enjoy the music by Johan Helmich Roman. Drottningholmmusiken (Music of the Drottningholm palace) is pretty good. and of course always Sabaton
  8. I can say with great confidence that Flanks is an able member of this community, and would perform greatly as a member of staff. He is easy to talk to, as well as competent. Also being an ex-member of staff is a big positive. +1
  9. Let’s strategise our plans to victory. Sign me up boss!
  10. We welcome players of all different skill levels and I can always try to give you tips as I am quite the experienced player.
  11. Always got the DLCs for this game
  12. Game: Hearts of Iron IV Maximum Server Player Cap: Varied (Best performance 5-6) Platform: Steam Price: $57 Description: Victory is at your fingertips! Your ability to lead your nation is your supreme weapon, the strategy game Hearts of Iron IV lets you take command of any nation in World War II; the most engaging conflict in world history. We also have a discord link if you are interested! Discord Link: https://discord.gg/BJpp5f3
  13. Cannot forgive you for leaving medics Nah just joking but welcome to the forums.
  14. What the actual heck is this
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