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  1. One of the best Event Masters of Gateway, and a master at his job. Thanks for all your hard work to the server. Goodbye Aussi!
  2. Not going to lie piano always makes me happy inside
  3. This would be amazing. Hearing the same sounds everyday makes it become white noise, and I think that tiny details like this are worth hearing!
  4. ---------------------------------------------------------------------- Xao Acroheart Inquisitorius ---------------------------------------------------------------------- // Accessing Sith Archives // // Password Accepted // // Accessing Inquisitorius Files // // Accessing File 'Xao Acroheart' // // Welcome // ---------------------------------------------------------------------- GENERAL INFORMATION Name: Xao Acroheart Age: 31 Sex: Male Nickname: Acroheart Status: Active/Alive Species: Human Ethnicity: Mandalorian Affiliations: The Empire, The Sith Inquisitorius Rank: Initiate Lightsaber Details: A black and purple lightsaber hilt made out of beskar. Consists of a bled Kyber crystal, showing of a red saber colour Fighting Style: Form II Makashi Skills: Agile, stealthy, excellent Makashi user ---------------------------------------------------------------------- EARLY LIFE (49-37 BBY) Xao Acroheart's story begins all the way in 49 BBY, where he was born on Concord Dawn into the Acroheart family. The Acroheart's were a hidden group of Mandalorians, preferring to be left alone and not meddle in the affairs of others, however, they were also one of the strongest clans. Home to the powerful Acroheart Elites, they managed to crush any Mandalorian clans that attempted to conquer their territory, which left them exterminated. That was how they managed to remain unknown for so many years. First born to Tyr Acroheart, the head of the Acroheart Clan and Aada Acroheart, his mother, he was expected to be the heir to the clan. In 43 BBY, when Xao was but 6 years old, a new child was born to Tyr and Aada. This child was named Delt Acroheart. All was well for a while, however, in 42 BBY Xao went missing... Xao was captured by a group of unknown dark side users. They called themselves 'The Dark Triumphant'. This unknown order of dark side users had one goal. To see the Dark side triumph once more. Their numbers were weak, and in recent years they had been searching for force sensitives for a while. When they heard of a force sensitive Mandalorian, they were thrilled. They had to capture Xao. So one night, they captured him, and shortly after, used the power of the dark side of the force to brainwash him. Xao had now become an apprentice of The Dark Triumphant. The first year was slow for young Acroheart, as he had to learn the ways of the force. He was taught by Xer Bengl, one of the three Lords of the Dark Triumphant. Lord Bengl was surprised when he witnessed Xao's abilities. It appeared that he was incredibly strong in the force, and in this first year of hardships he managed to conquer many of the abilities that would take a Jedi a decade. Over the course of the next year, Xao was to hunt and kill a Jedi. Using the power of the force, Xao managed to locate the said Jedi. They were located on the planet of Mandalore... Now, on Mandalore, Xao would have to search far and wide for this unknown light side user. Out in the desert of Mandalore, Xao found what appeared to be a small sand hut. Xao could sense the light side coming from this location, and so, he ventured forth towards it. He approached the door to the hut, but suddenly it came right at him. Xao was pushed against the floor with a door on-top of him. Being crushed was not the way Xao wanted to go, so he used the force to push it up into the air and to the side. His vision was blurred, sand all over his eyes, and once the view cleared, he heard a lightsaber ignite. What was in front of him, was a former Jedi Knight. Knight Bak-Bak Myak, former member of the Jedi Order, now roaming the world. He was a Gungan Jedi Consular, who deemed that the Order was not fit for him, and that it didn't maintain what could be called 'balance in the force'. And so, he went to Mandalore, residing there until the end of his days. Only equiped with a Vibroblade, Xao threw it at his enemy to enact confusion. Myak didn't fall for it, and instead used the force to throw it back at Xao. Young Acroheart had to come up with a new plan, and so, he thought. He believed he could create a massive sandstorm and throw it at the Jedi. Xao believed nothing but the strongest could stop that. Xao pushed his hands to the ground, causing sand to rise up. He then rotated his arms and hands, slowly making the sand rise upwards. Afterwards, he pushed his hands to the sky! All of the sand was collected and spinning around him. Xao had just created an impenetrable shield. Knowing this, Xao made his way towards Knight Myak. In the distance, Xao saw Myak being swallowed up by the sandstorm. Everything was going well. Acroheart leapt towards Myak and threw lightning strikes towards him. He then throw Myak upwards, then slammed him into the ground. He then grabbed Myak's lightsaber. Igniting a saber for the first time, Xao struck towards Myak's visible nape, and vanquished him. Xao had completed his step, and now had to make it back to the Dark Triumphant base in order to bleed his newly acquired Kyber Crystal. The next year passed with Xao attempting to bleed his crystal, but every time he failed. It appeared that he didn't have a strong enough connection to the Dark Side. No rage, no hatred, no pain. Now, Xao Acroheart was to receive his final task from Lord Bengl in order to be able to bleed his crystal. Xao was to be sent to his homeworld, Concord Dawn, and slaughter the Acroheart Clan. Lord Xer Bengl believed this was the best way to make Xao feel pain. Young Acroheart proceeded to Concord Dawn, landing close to the Acroheart Clan's village. Aged 10, it had been three years since he had been there. His brother, Delt would now be four years old. Xao approached the village during the night time, but everyone was still wake, just like the old times. Xao approached the main gate, where there were four guards. Xao ignited his saber and pulled all of the guards towards him. He lifted his saber up, cutting all the heads off from the guards. He cut a hole through the door and saw a woman and her child walking across the pavement. He threw his saber towards the mother and it pierced through her chest. The child crept onto her corpse, asking 'mother! wake up mother!', and only shortly after Xao force choked her to death. He continued to kill whatever he saw, slaughtering his beloved clan. After killing what appeared to be 142 Acrohearts, almost a half the clan, he noticed a young boy at his feet. He looked like he was around four years old. Xao lifted his saber, and swung at the child, however, his blade stopped before he hit him. Suddenly, Xao's mind was fighting against the brainwashing that occurred three years ago. In his mind, he saw his brother, Delt. Shortly after, Xao came back to reality and noticed that the boy in front of him was his brother. He looked around himself and saw that he murdered his brethren. He was fuelled with pain, anger, and hatred. Xao stormed out of the village and began to head back to the Dark Triumphant base... Entering his base, he ignited his saber, now coloured in crimson. He had not bled his lightsaber, but it bled by itself. It shared the pain, the hatred, the rage that had to be unleashed. He cut his ways through the halls, eliminating all of the Dark Triumphant. He then met with his master, Lord Xer Bengl. Xao used his force lightning abilities to torture him. After what appeared to be eternity to Bengl, Xao stopped, and beheaded him. Xao Acroheart felt invincible, but hurt. Xao eliminated all of the Dark Triumphant, or did he? It appeared that he only cleared one of four holdings. And so, in the next years, Xao Acroheart's goal was to crush the Dark Triumphant and make them all suffer. He would battle his way through his enemies, eventually eliminating the Dark Triumphant. ---------------------------------------------------------------------- Teachings of the Dark Side Having now defeated the Dark Triumphant, Xao would head to Korriban, where he would spend the next 5 years of his life studying the ways of the Dark side of the Force. In seclusion, Xao Acroheart travelled to the Valley of the Dark Lords, entering the tombs of the ancient Sith Lords, and conquering them. The first tomb Xao would have to enter was the tomb of Ajunta Pall, the first Dark Lord of the Sith. Xao entered the tomb of Ajunta Pall, and when he reached the end, he was met with an unknown voice. This voice told Xao about what was wrong with the Jedi Code, and the truth of the Sith Code. Xao spent 2 weeks inside the tomb, eyes closed, sitting down, meditating and concentrating on the voice of what he declared to be Ajunta Pall. After the 2 weeks he opened his eyes and stood up. There appeared to be another person in front of him, standing on-top of the sarcophagus of Ajunta Pall. The person spoke. It was Ajunta Pall. It appeared to Xao that during his study he would meet a physical representation of the Ancient Sith Lords. Ajunta Pall declared that Xao had wisom and the potential to become something great, though Xao believed that he was just trying to tempt him into false power. After this, Xao exited the tomb. Through this connection with Ajunta Pall, he believed he became slightly stronger with the Dark side of the Force. To Be Continued ---------------------------------------------------------------------- // Logging Out // // Access Revoked //
  5. @s8n is the mod collection for the Imperial server being planned to be bigger or smaller than the CW server?
  6. OBITUARY OF 6259 'Crux' // Accessing Clone Database // // Password Accepted // // Accessing File '6259' // // Welcome // During the Battle of Dantooine (19BBY), 187th Medic Sergeant Crux perished in battle Aged 11, Sergeant Crux of the 187th Medical Division perished on the fields of Dantooine. Crux was a respected medic withing the 187th Legion, even considered one of the best by few. Crux was also considered insane by some, as they had encounters with him laughing when he was performing surgery and during may other medical procedures. He participated in the Second Battle of Akiva where he saved many lives of the clone army. He also performed valiantly when the CIS boarded Mace Windu's flagship, taking command of a squad and assisting in the destruction of multiple CIS Munificents. It is sad that Crux died in an ambush by a mysterious figure which has yet to be identified. His body has yet be found but has been confirmed KIA by CT-6221 Damask, who, strangely enough, many have not heard about and his only known feat was surviving this ambush. // Logging Out // // Access Revoked //
  7. Your Name: Xao Your In-Game Name: First Class Private 6221 Damask Highest Clone Rank Achieved: Lieutenant Captain What position are you interested in? Either Why do you want that position? I would like to have a position in Clan Skirata for a number of reasons. The first being roleplay. As you may know I love roleplay, creating forum reports as well as doing a lot of in game roleplay. I believe with a position in Clan Skirata, as well as being able to customise my character slightly, I would be able to create a new and expansive path for my roleplay and bring new and unique entertainment to not only forums but on the server as well. My second reasoning being that it would be new for me. I have never really joined these sorts of regiments since in the past they haven't interested me, but now with my long experience, I have changed my mindset and have decided to do something new and possibly challenging. My third reason is that I believe it could be a path to develop new skills that do involve guiding others and develop my maturity. Thank you for taking your time to read my expression of interest form.
  8. Xao_Acroheart

    Passive RP.

    I've been trying to do a lot of passive RP with the medics and I support the idea of getting more people involved! Always great to see more passive RP on the server.
  9. Welcome back Dempsey, good to see you return, as we all do at some point
  10. Welcome to the community! Hopefully, we may chat someday!
  11. Never played WoW so maybe I shall try it out!
  12. that's what I do on a daily basis
  13. Crux's Chronicle: Supply Escort // Accessing Clone Database // // Password Accepted // // Accessing File '6259' // // Welcome // Akiva was tough, but there were more missions ahead of the 187th Legion. Only a couple of days after the Second Battle of Akiva we were ordered by Republic High Command to escort a local republic supply ship that was making supply runs to planets in the outer rim, and it's last stop was Dantooine, however, there were reports of CIS activity in that area. These supplies had to get to Dantooine no matter what, there was no option of the supply ship falling back and coming back another day, it had to happen now. I could hear a loud *Swoosh* in my ears. It seemed that we entered hyperspace, now we just had to wait until we got to the meeting point. Whilst in Hyperspace I went to go have a chat with some of the troopers, after all as their Sergeant I have to see how they're going. I walked to the cafeteria to grab a bite and sat next to some of the men. On my table were Hamburger, Valkyrie, Splash and Bucket. 'The Bucket greets Crux' said Bucket. He was a strange one... But I didn't mind, he was an excellent performing trooper and sometimes helped me with some of my special 'tests'. 'Ah Sergeant, how's it going?' Asked Valkyrie. 'Who said you could talk to me like that trooper?' I replied back. Valkyrie looked shocked. 'I'm only joking Valkyrie...' I managed to clear things up with Valkyrie. I dug into my food like a starving child, I was really hungry as you could tell. 'I wonder what the Captain will think about all the writing you've done Crux' wondered Hamburger. 'Yeah, you're going ham on that, truely a fine brother to have aye boys' stated Splash. 'Of course, yeah' everyone replied. 'Alright boys, I got to meet up with Rinx to move some medical supplies, you boys behave.' I farewelled the boys and began heading to the storage bay. As I entered the storage bay I was greeted by Rinx. 'Hello there trooper, now we got to move all these supplies to the medbay, just me and you' voiced Rinx. The storage bay was very dark and felt gloomy with old storage boxes everywhere, luckily I was just moving some new medical supplies. Rinx and I slowly began to move the supplies to the medical bay. It took us some time but it was worth it. Our medical bay was quite big and thanks to Rinx's efforts we have more technology to use which allows me to do more specialized tests. I am in charge of testing all the new medications and types of treatments for soldiers, and it is quite a fun job I must say. Shortly after my job in the medbay I heard another *Swoosh* in my ears. I took a look outside the windows and realised that we were out of hyperspace, which meant that we would shortly be escorting this ship to Dantooine. * * * We were approaching Dantooine when suddenly another large *Swoosh* entered my ears. It was multiple CIS Munificents and it seemed that they were attempting to board the Venator. Many of our troopers manned the Venator's dual battery laser cannons and began firing against the Munificents. Slowly the Munificents approached and eventually, they managed to connect to the Venator. All of the available men got onto the boarding entrances on the ship whilst our pilots left to engage in bombing runs against the enemy ships. *ZZzzzzt* I could hear a hatch opening from above me 'Above us!' I yelled, aiming my gun at the roof. *Clank...Clank...Clank...* They were droid footsteps, and shortly after BX droids entered the hallway from their hole inside the roof. I quickly began to fire at the enemy Commando droids but their numbers were swarming the detachment of men I had available. There was no choice but to fall back into a much safer position, so I regrouped with a significant portion of the ship's garrison and began creating a choke point for the droids to get through. There were 187th soldiers left and right, top to bottom. No droid would enter through this nightmare, after all, it would be a scrapyard right after. *Clank, Clank, Clank* The footsteps got louder and louder, and it only meant that the enemy was approaching. *Blast* Multiple blaster bolts past my head as I saw B1 Battle droids right in front of me. 'Gun them down swiftly men!' I ordered, and the soldiers did as I said and they took them out instantly. Moments after the engagement with the enemy I noticed who were with me. It was Hamburger, Splash, Valkyrie and Bucket along with some other 187th Troopers. *Pew* I heard a blaster sound behind me. 'The Bucket recommends that Crux should watch his six' said Bucket. 'Sir, I think we should take action to the CIS! Our men are ready!' proclaimed Valkyrie. 'Yeah!' agreed Hamburger 'Our morale is high, it seems logical sir!' stated Splash. *Clank, Clank, Clank* I once again here footsteps, but these sounded lighter, that of a clone. 'Do it Crux, your men want it, this is the last Munificent left as well.' I heard a familiar voice (Though all our voices are the same), it was Vex saying that I should go with my men and attack, so that is what I did. 'Charge men!' I yelled, and my men followed. We entered the Munificent and were met with droids straight ahead of us. Hamburger, Valkyrie and Bucket took cover to the left whilst Splash and I took cover on the right. We slowly moved up ahead taking droids out one by one with great precision. Our goal heads the bridge of the ship and disconnect it from the Venator. Another team would head to the engine room and plant thermal charges. We would then be picked up at the Munificents hangar and leave. Whilst approaching the main elevator to the bridge my squad was met with multiple Droidekas. 'Use your EMP grenades against these rustballs!' I ordered my men. I grabbed an EMP grenade from my waist and rolled it alongside my men towards the Droidekas. Many of them were taken out, but not all of them, there were still two standing. I quickly rushed ahead with Splash and Hamburger following behind me. 'I will draw the fire and you two take them down' I stated to my men. I began drawing the Droidekas fire and shortly after I noticed their firing stopped. Looks like once again my boys proved that they were worthy of being apart of the 187th Legion. Now it was time to head to the bridge. As we entered the bridge we were met with multiple B1 battle droids on the computers and a Battle Droid Commander. It was no effort taking them down. We immediately disconnected the Munificent from the Venator. Shortly after I received a message on my commlink 'S-Sir! There something strange here! *Voom* Aghhh!' it was a trooper from the other squad. I began heading to their position and as soon as I got to the engine room I found corpses. 'No... What could have done this...' I questioned. I examined the trooper to find out any clues on what had caused the death of this detachment. I noticed that there were slashing marks on the trooper's armour, that which looks like a saber cut. 'Strange' I thought to myself. 'Let's place the charges and get out of here men...' My men placed the thermal charges and began heading to towards the hangar. We were approaching the hangar when suddenly the lights went out and I heard *Shhhh*. It sounded like a lightsaber, and of course, as I found out, it was one aswell. Behind me was a dark figure, it was so dark that I couldn't see who it was, but I did notice a lightsaber coming out of him. 'Run!' I yelled. My men quickly dashed towards the main hangar doors. 'They're jammed sir' stated Hamburger. 'Then find a way to open it up!' I replied loudly. The figure was slowly approaching. I was leaning on the door and I could feel death at my doorstep. I suddenly fall back and bonk my head on something, luckily it was just the floor. The door was open and we all entered through 'Close it!' I ordered. Hamburger quickly closed the door but out from the door came a lightsaber blade. The figure was attempting to cut through. 'Run men!' I yelled once again. In front of me were the LAATs that were supposed to arrive. We quickly boarded them and made our way back to the Venator. The Munificent was so far away from the ship that I could blow it up *Click*... *Boom* The Munificent began to crumble. In the corner of my eye, I saw an escape pod, and I knew it was that mysterious figure... After the attack, I reported to High General Windu and it seems that we will have to encounter this man once more since he is headed to Dantooine. We managed to escort the supply ship successfully, but now something more interesting will occur on Dantooine itself. // Sending to #### 'Vex' // // Logging Out // // Access Revoked //
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