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  1. Make medbay not default locked
  2. Stay out this time for your own sake!
  3. Commander Lock: [>Command] Surely deploy Turrets
  4. Man be using the Horn Medic model instead of the Saviour Squad model. But hey, really good stuff you have created here!
  5. I have been talking to Florida due to my deep connections with 7th Sky, and he is an upcoming star. He has passion for the server and his event plan seems pretty good. Not much that I can say besides that. +1
  6. I use men's perfume though... Cheers for your support fellas. And yes, hopefully that PC will be coming soon!
  7. I think it's important to note that lying about age can be very common, I mean, it does say minimum age required is 14. However, I do not believe that Bread would lie about anything in his application (minus age). I have known him from Horn Company being his CO for a while now, and I have come to understand what type of person he is, and it doesn't seem like his character at all to lie in his staff application. Age is a very different story, and I sincerely believe that his application is legitimate in regards to what he actually believes is the right thing to do. Although unfortunately I will not be able to support his application due to not meeting requirements.
  8. Ratukaan and Marnoc brought to you by Xao.
  9. Salty liquorice is a delacy amongst my peoples, but thanks for your support Mconnell
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