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  1. # ... Entering alias # ... Alias accepted # ... Enter secret # ... Secret enabled # ... Access granted to Jedi Archives GENERAL INFORMATION Full Name: Trixey Bow Known Alias’/Nicknames: Trixey Previous Occupation: Jedi Youngling Current Occupation: Jedi Padawan Known Languages: Gunganese, Galactic Common Hobbies: Swimming, Dueling, Reading Archives. Alignment: Jedi Order PSYCHOLOGICAL INFORMATION Mental State: Stable Mental Disabilities: None Likes: Swimming, Eating seafood, Dueling, Reading Archives. Dislikes: Non-Seafood, Peace and quiet. Personality: Crazy and Wild but nice PHYSICAL INFORMATION Physical State: Fit Age: 16 Weight: 55Kg Build: Muscular Disabilities: None Appearance: JEDI INFORMATION Rank: Jedi Padawan Master (current or previous): Knight Vanders Xur Lightsaber details: Gungan Hilt, Yellow Kyber Crystal Combat style: Form 1 | Shii-Choo BACKSTORY It was just a normal day, Trixey would wake up do his morning routine then go play with his friends but little did he know it was going to be the day that changed everything. As he left his house and started swimming to the city center to meet with his friends he saw a strange hooded Gungan with a wired bit of metal attached to his utility belt enter the government complex, Trixey forgot about it and met up with his friends. As they where about to go on one of there adventures the invasion alarms started going off. Trixey watched as the Gungan soliders started heading towards something that had just entered the water, one of the soldiers stopped and said to Trixey and his friends "Get home as fast as you can and tell your familes to secure your home". As once as those words left the soldiers mouth Trixey and his friends panicked and started swimming as fast as they could back to there homes. As Trixey entered his home his father instantly told him to hide as he activated a ray-shield on the entrance, as Trixey headed to his quarters he looked up and saw the cloaked Gungan grab the bit of metal and out of it shot a green energy beam out of it, it was also at that moment he saw blaster fire shoot towards the city it was the sight of this that caused anger inside Trixey. As Trixey and his family wait inside there home they all hear a bang and then metal clanks within there homes, Trixey goes out and sees his father on the ground and a weird looking metal human pointing a blaster at his head, this outrages Trixey and he screams as he sees the water around him shoot away from him sending everyone and everything around him with it. As Trixey begins to black out he sees a green beam cut straight through the metal human. As Trixey wakes up he feels very good and awakes to not see his family but the cloaked Gungan sitting at the edge of a bed that was quite clearly not his "Hello child I am Jedi Master Opiu Gtyu, it is fortunate enough that your family have agreed to let me take you back to the Jedi temple and get you trained to become a Jedi" Spoke the Gungan, "What happend to me" replied Trixey "I believe you emitted so much force that you can not handle yet that it caused you to enter a small coma" Calmly said Opiu. "Well young one I will come and collect you once we have arrived" Said Opiu Gtyu as he walked out the door. While Trixey was at the Jedi temple it was clear he was strong with the force , this made him more powerful then the rest of the Younglings, Trixey enjoys dueling and surprisingly he enjoys reading archives about fellow and former Jedi. RELATIONSHIPS Dead| Death Wish | Hatred || Disliked | Untrusted | Indifferent | Acquaintance | Liked | Friend | Best Friend | Friend - Vanders Xur ( Master )
  2. _________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Your In-game Name: Jimmy Your Steam Profile Link: https://steamcommunity.com/id/twixey/ Your Steam ID (Find it here) STEAM_0:1:185268103 _________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Who banned you? 0'Niner Length of the ban? Permanent Ban Reason of the ban( I can not check ( because for some reason I got unbanned from the server but I wanna rejoin properly ) But It was for trying to fish players Why should we unban you? I am really sorry for doing this I understand some people think I was trying to fish players I understand the consequences for this as it could lead into the server having a low player base. I have been super selfish in the past years but I have matured. I would like to formally rejoin the community on a probation. I promise I will not do anything that could jeopardize the server or anything related like minging or trying to fish players. I have become way more mature and again I am sorry for my past actions and would like to be re introduced into the server. Regards Jimmy
  3. Gateway Gaming Clone Wars RP | Unban Appeal Template Use the template below or your appeal will be void. _________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Your In-game Name: Jedi Youngling Jimmy / CT PVT 2506 Jimmy Your Steam Profile Link: https://steamcommunity.com/id/EnvyMeLaddie/ Your Steam ID (Find it here) STEAM_0:1:185268103 _________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Who banned you? Supreme Adviser O'Niner Length of the ban? Perma Reason of the ban? Advertising server within Gateway Gaming Why should we unban you? I think that I should be unbanned because I had previous dms with the people I invited and I just clicked it throught the server invite menu and this was around 6 months ago and I really just wanna play a star wars rp server that's been around for a long time and has decent em's. I really wanna play with my jedi I bought back in 2017 and I was really dumb back then thinking my server was actually gonna survive when I'm only 14. I would really appreciate it if I was unbanned as I just got back into garrys mod and know that Im never starting a server again and I want to play a decent server.
  4. @Beatroot Cmon I just wanna play im not a joke and I don't even havea gmod server anymore
  5. Look I don't even have a server anymore can you please just unban me I wanna play @Pasha I must of opened a dm with u and said nothing @Beatroot that was just a joke the cute pics
  6. And bright I’m pretty sure you joined yourself and someone gave you admin and you destroyed the map
  7. I didn’t try fish people I just invited people from my dms they joined themselves I didn’t make them join
  8. I also asked a dev how much he wanna get recruitied for and yea accidental discord invite
  9. like 4 months ago around there a long time ago
  10. _________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Your In-game Name: Padawan Jimmy Your Steam Profile Link: https://steamcommunity.com/id/Trixyman/ Your Steam ID (Find it here) STEAM_0:1:185268103 _________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Who banned you? 0'niner I think thats stooge Length of the ban? Perna Reason of the ban? Advertising Why should we unban you? I really wasnt advertising I had previous dms with some of the dudes so I just clicked invite on there name Im sorry and won't do again I just wanna play on a big server and be jedi again.
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