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  1. I still don't understand this argument, Valve is not a studio that makes realistic games. Its not beneficial for them to build an engine around realism when every game they make is stylised, nor is that the focus in s&box. UE4 or Frostbite are examples of engines built around realism and have the tools(especially optimisation wise) for realism, Source 2 just isn't there yet because it never had to be. Also, literally every other server is going to be using bf2 assets, and if the do use CGI they will still be using ported assets from gmod, they wont be anywhere near the quality of our server. We essentially have the workload of a small game studio at this point, were looking to build something that we can be proud of, as well as further our skills as developers. Taking content from another game just ain't is chief. We have a tonne of awesome things planned game-mode, gameplay, customisation and art wise and I personally think it would be a shame to diminish that with ported assets.
  2. Its not really a whole new engine, its source 1 but improved, not unreal 5. look at dota and hl:a. Source 2 really is meant for more stylised cartoony looks.
  3. Everything will be cgi, including the weapons. This is what I mocked up earlier today for the CGI Weapons
  4. BTW when we say CGI, we mean more accurate too the TV show
  5. Cuffs


  6. Name: Cuffs Current Positions: executive developer Age: 19 Desired Position: Marshal Commander Previous Roles: 187th Commander Have you ever been/are you currently a staff member?: Yes Capability with ClimbSWEP: like a spider to a web Why do you want your specified role in 187th?: no cap, im the only co out who wont rape your ass for having fun Are you willing to be an active and helpful member of the regiment?: deadass What will you bring to 187th that will enhance the appeal of the regiment to incoming players?: the og 187th, like the "OG" Are you currently an active member of the server?: yes
  7. Cuffs

    Where is rahim?

    im still butthurt about it
  8. Cuffs

    Where is rahim?

    i don't expect you too understand such complex humour.
  9. i feel like i know you now more then ever
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