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  1. Can you show any proof that you know what your doing in terms of modelling and whatnot. No offence but the link you provided of the plane could be optimised in blender by edges to make everything planar, or even thrown into a program like re-mesher and done automatically. Have you got any previous modelling work that you can provide?
  2. Cuffs

    Luca Ban Appeal

    Apparently since my post was edited ill make be sure to make my point more concise and I will put it in a format that is relevant to the appeal as I agree, my point may not have been clear at first. If you want to make the argument that Luca is being toxic, make sure your in a position to say that. The amount of snarky remarks, bulling and toxic culture on the server is at times disgusting, and the remarks and comments made about myself in your teamspeak channels about this post is proof enough that you should't have a say in determining if someone should be allowed back on the server for being 'toxic'. Now onto the ban appeal. Luca, from my understanding you have made multiple ban appeals over the past few months which shows promise in terms of a willingness to change, and an eagerness to get back into the server. Reputations can be mended and especially within this community, Stooge can be quoted stating multiple times that "Gateway is a community of second chances" and as such I believe you should be given that chance(believe me when I say we have given that chance to people who have done way worse then RDM and Say some shit that offended someone). You seem quite young and as such you may not be as mature as some of the older player-base, but your definitely old enough to know there are consequences to your actions in real life and in game and as such you have to prove that your ready to mend your relationship with the player-base. I suggest you stop repping IG on the team-speak(I see no issue with having the IG tag in your name, as long as it is on steam and not on the Teamspeak or Discord). You should also be very mindful of your tone and actions on any platform governed by Gateway as it seems some of the staff above are very egar to get rid of you permanently. I also suggest that you have a serious conversation with @s8n and @Spirit on Teamspeak about how to conduct yourself in relation to the community as well as having a conversation as to why you should be given a second chance. Spirit(From what iv seen) and S8n are some of the most reasonable people I know within the community and they can definitely point you in the right direction to help right your wrongs You should also know that if you are accepted back onto the server, all staff will most likely be asked to keep a keen eye on you actions and the way you conduct yourself in-game and judging by the looks of things, some of them will be very egar to flick ban you at a monuments notice +1 I wish you the best with this application and good luck.
  3. kind of a minge ngl. sorry for saying the n word on your stream before im not sorry lol
  4. he could finish in a week if he wasnt so busy filming his gmod map review series
  5. Cuffs

    Budget laptop

    Not true at all. Depends what your doing at Uni, if the laptop is going to be nothing more then something you write work doc's on then go with something cheep. However if you need it for anything cpu and gpu intensive then the gaming laptop is worth it. aka 3d Modeling, Games Design, Photo editing, sound design, Anything along those lines. If you are doing stuff that requires processing power, check to see if your uni has workstations available for you too use throughout the day, if they do, there isn't really a point to buying a laptop. When i went to tafe for my Cert 4 In games design, i ended up borrowing someones gaming PC because the Mac's they supplied to us were terrible and not fit for the job. Made my life alot less stressful waiting for render's to complete
  6. There is no bias, players who are unbanned are put on a watch list, and if they mess up again, they loose their right to play on the server.
  7. Cuffs


    the clone-wars server wouldn't be affected.... shout out IG's second server
  8. Cuffs


    if its imperial rp ill fly to melb and knock your fucking teeth out
  9. ITS A FUCKING SCALLOP YOU IDIOT edit: sorry for the strong language but im litteraly shaking rn bcus this is something im so passionate about
  10. imagine he actual becomes big one day and this comes out
  11. Application Denied You can reapply in 1 month's time. Highkey thanks but, no homo u gay
  12. Cuffs

    Chef Andy

    Considering the reputation of the last chef.... im struggling to welcome you with open arms
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