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  1. aye bro i feel you, my bro once gave my girl a black eye and she though it was me and now i have a domestic abuse charge. atleast ur bro is willing to sort it out... i cant even see my kids no more
  2. a miss match of props that all have different colors is ugly. if you can draw up a layout that fits medical rp as well as the listed equipment required(Beds, Bacta Tank, Operating equiptment, look at actual surgical rooms for refrence) then i will 3d model, texture and map it myself... but a massive mismatch of swotor props and shit is ugly
  3. litteral bruh moument
  4. im sorry but im first, your a close second though. i mean im a developer and i still do fuck all
  5. im s8n's friend ahah i get special privlagas and i make maps ahadh
  6. i wont make an application, but ill take the rank
  7. im not a fan of your community website. the whole thing screams white power to me
  8. There is only a true few who will have their name immortalized in history. The rest die a second time once their name has left the mouth of a loved one for the last time.
  9. There are so many possible answers to this question, but which do you believe is the truest?
  10. How can we judge ourselves by our intentions yet judge others by their actions?
  11. If death is inevitable, why bother doing anything?
  12. shit man i thought i was gonna get it 4sure
  13. jobkeepers payment put to good use i see
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