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  1. im not a fan of your community website. the whole thing screams white power to me
  2. There is only a true few who will have their name immortalized in history. The rest die a second time once their name has left the mouth of a loved one for the last time.
  3. There are so many possible answers to this question, but which do you believe is the truest?
  4. How can we judge ourselves by our intentions yet judge others by their actions?
  5. If death is inevitable, why bother doing anything?
  6. shit man i thought i was gonna get it 4sure
  7. jobkeepers payment put to good use i see
  8. Event masters create scenarios and leave it to the commanders to devise their tactics. Events should be of 3 category's, The 1st of which would be events that we currently experience. Players have unlimited lives and are tasked towards a common goal or split up into multiple squads to achieve their respective goals. The 2nd would be an event where players have 3-5 lives at which point they are kicked from the server or swapped to a spectator role with no-clip. Players would still have to work towards a common goal, but with the risk of potentially being out of the event entirely, it may incentivise slower pushes towards objectives and thoughtfully thinking into planning. The 3rd would be events where players have 1 life, at which point if they die, they are removed from the event. This one would make it absolutely necessary to plan routes and communicate properly with commanders and most importantly, work as a team. These types of events will offer a sense of accomplishment if the players are able to complete their given tasks with minimal casualty's and would actually provide a reason for player to train in breaching courses and come up with battle tactics and train for battle formations that provide the server with more ways to measure skill levels other then climbswep
  9. interesting, do you label all races by their colours as well? The matter here isn't if your intent was racism or not, the point is that it was perceived as racist.
  10. You must have understood how it could be perceived as a Racial Slur. You also have 2 other reasons listed for your ban that you don't seem to dispute. To me it seems like the kind of joke that needs to have at least a bit of thought behind it before you would phrase it like that and I think you should wait 2 weeks.
  11. This is where Dave spent the budget. this motherfucker exceeded my expectations 100 fold. This is the type of shit I was excited to see
  12. I think we should add everything smiddy has to offer
  13. lmao, own what you said, aint no walkbacks because you got shidded on.
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