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  1. yeah, on the server I may not be able to say it, but I'll see you on teamspeak 3 buddy
  2. Working with you is great in ISB and you definitely have the means to be a staff member, although a few suggestions to make this app stand out more 1. while your responses are albeit quite small they do give a general idea on what you'd do maybe try and squeeze a little more detail( for example if you said you were going to teleport to someone do (!goto username) to show off you know basic admin commands. If you don't know the commands its fine but if you do adding this can help make your responses look better. 2. A question I have is that while when your on you are very good, in terms of activity you told me it varies etc so would you be able to lockdown a schedule that would prove to be enough for you to commit to staffing. Staff on our servers have always been encouraged to put in a lot of effort due to the small team, a decent workload is always there and being not the most active could hurt you. So there you go, if this feedback is taken into account you'll have my plus one for now I wont leave it as anything and wish you good luck ! Feel free to contact me if you want any advice
  3. Zia

    Ban Apeal

    Hey Link, I was the moderator who has dealt with you on both of your run-ins with staff. Firstly, lets go through the incidents that took place on Thursday the 27th, which marked your first run-in and subsequent warn. On the 27th, you were warned for player abuse after your reaction to 16th tea bagging you following your PK that took place because you pointed a gun at the EM's character during debrief because 16th got first place over 501st. I can say that entire situation to everyone was pretty light-hearted and some decent fun, although it did change after you began berating in OOC. I've been staff in this community for way too long and can straight up tell you the remarks you made on the 27th were appalling and could of warranted a ban in themselves. Now after this you and I had a little chat about how these remarks in an open, public forum do not coincide with this community. GG has people from all different walks of life and age ranges, extremely nasty and toxic behaviour takes away from our community and openly encourages this kind of behaviour to others which is something GG does not want. Regardless of me telling you now, I attempted to explain this to you on the 27th and walked away from that sit feeling this was all done and dusted. Remarks made on the 27th included ( from my recollection ) : Homophobic slurs, wishing rape upon other player's mothers, general toxicity ( "fuck you" etc) Now that there is backstory established on what happened PRIOR to the sit that ended with you permanently banned we can now go through what happened. Let me ensure that this is known, the situation with you shooting someone is and was to be dealt with in RP by @Vortex who did very well in calmly trying to explain the situation to you, even keeping it in RP for your sake when he could of taken it to a sit the second you started calling him Homophobic slurs. Regardless, once @Beatroot and I thought that a sit was necessary, we let you know of how you had been previously warned not to use homophobic slurs or overly toxic behaviour and how this was unacceptable. Some of your first responses to us reprimanding you on this behaviour resulted in immediate hostilities from you such as things along the line of "what's wrong with slurs, so you love gay people then?" and other ultimately weird comments. You were than going to receive a 3 day ban for your behaviour, before saying things such as " I have autism I'm sorry, I'm new to Gmod". Beatroot and I, then feeling a little bit empathetic for your cause showed you kindness by allowing it to become a singular 24 hour ban if you were to apologise to @Vortex. At first you enjoyed this idea, until you realised you would still receive a 24 hour ban in which the hostilities returned with you telling me to " Lance Corporal TK-1802 'Link': kill yourself " At this point, Beatroot made the decision to permanently ban you from the server. Lastly, there was no terrorizing of you nor did we overwhelm you, in fact I could say that you could switch the roles around on that entirely and that would make much more sense. Link I went out of my way to attempt to tell you after your first abusive outburst on the 27TH that those remarks aren't allowed on the server, and even explained the proper and correct channels you could use to report someone if you felt they were being disrespectful or overwhelming. Excuses like you are new to Gmod don't allow you to come onto a community and dump it on others, other people struggle and other people deal with things in fact we all do to an extent. As staff it is our job to ensure the protection of that community by enforcing the rules and what not of the server are met and you were given multiple chances to stop before it led to this. Although, @Stooge says this is a community of second chances and ultimately I leave up to those in charge of this decision ( @Beatroot) to make that choice I feel it is best a punishment is given that gives you time to understand that your words have weight and meaning to them but I will note it is good to see you saying in your appeal that you know it was unacceptable. Goodluck, hope to see you back on this server one day. ( sorry for any typos or fucked up sentences it is 3:33 am )
  4. Zia

    Gateway Moment

    when sevens used to be Ordo that entire time was epic @Sevens please come bak
  5. Like others have said while u can be a filthy minge you definitely have improved a lot lmao. You know how the server works and how to staff it in a proper manner, I don't see why you couldn't have a crack at it +1.
  6. +1, I remember some of your old events and did enjoy them quite a bit, nice to see you still kicking around even after my leave and I'm hoping that I can enjoy some Pluto events sometime soon good luck.
  7. Zia

    Zia return

    I can't even see it xd
  8. Zia

    Zia return

    ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Hello, after like a year I'm not entirely burnt out of the server anymore and have the drive to come back and kill some clankers To all new players who have came to this community since my departure, hey what's up I'm Zia, what's your name? To all you true gateway gamers who have stayed around/ I would recognise I'll see you on the battlefield ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- @Yoho I'll see you on the forums #Ziafornull
  9. You say you're a streamer, and if so are you able to prove that in any capacity? Still seems unlikey someone with that amount of money would rather gamble in-game credits that have little to no value over actually using that money on literally anything else. To me at least, it seems more probable that charge-backs or other malicious intent could be possible.
  10. Zia

    Where is rahim?

    @Cuffs stooge be like: how u got so much money???
  11. Zia

    Where is rahim?

  12. Zia

    Where is rahim?

    Nathan takes home Phil Derby Encouragement Award
  13. Zia

    Where is rahim?

    @Cuffs i cant find him.
  14. dont u fucking dare call me murderer what is wrong witgh you????? ur firend group bulloied me all i was the Punching bag to the s8ncatt friend greoup no one of =evr liked
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