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  1. my little boy i trained up as an ARC SGT because our dad would neglect us as much as i joke about gen 8-10 it's a nostalgic time so goodluck at monash brudda
  2. +1 App has been improved, Bull is a pretty well known member at this point and it wouldn't hurt to give him a shot as T-mod
  3. Zia

    yea yo what up

    Welcome back Mane
  4. okay i was all good with this until you put the verpine in C when it is literally the best sniper in the game, it has no fire delay and shoots like a DMR and still does the same damage as the fire or republic sniper! you sir are very much wrong and it really make angery. you can fire the verpine x2 the speed of either the firepuncher and republic, it would clear any group 2x faster then any sniper this list is F tier
  5. Zia

    Skirata Clan

    With the departure of Sevens from his position as Ordo, s8n and I have decided a new direction for NULL ARC and moving it further towards the concept of Clan Skirata again. Changes: Clan Skirata consists of 15 slots ( including the Null and Omega Jedi) with two squads, Null and Omega. Both squads are run by their respective squad lead ( Ordo and Niner) and are overseen by Kal Skirata, the acting 1ic for the collective. Corr and Munin models are currently being planned and will be given a set role inside the clan at a future date and are currently unavailable. (both Corr and Munin are not designated to a squad.) One Jedi position is taken by @Budds, Bardan Skirata the acting Jedi general of Null. Etain Tur-Markan is the Jedi connected to Omega and is currently in development and unavailable. A new ranking structure of Mando'a titles have been developed by s8n and I for use as promotions and incentive inside of Clan Skirata ( Titles will not show up on our in-game names but will still hold their respective power to the equivalent clone military rank. ) Kal will be promoted by the CO meeting, Null will hold their equivalent lore ranks and Omega will use the RC rank equivalent of Mando'a titles. With this new system activity and general behavior will be monitored with more harsher punishments for those who minge as a Clan Skirata job. Squad Leaders: - @s8ncaat - Ordo Skirata - @Snow - Niner Skirata If interested in a position inside Null ARC a screening will be held soon, contact @s8ncaat for any further inquiries or details. Feel free to ask questions below.
  6. Zia

    Melbourne Gamers!

    18 plus cringe
  7. +1 quite obvious why this guy deserves mod, he has an amazing track record in the staff team and has lots of experience and capability, granted, he can leave spontanesouly but in the time he DOES play he is very useful, i would rather have beatroot for 3 months for example then an under-qualified trouble causing moderator. Although ive been promised his staying for a LONG time
  8. will be nice to see a returning player hopefully you'll fit back in once again and wont stir up trouble
  9. calling me fuckwit? straight up rude
  10. https://www.urbandictionary.com/define.php?term=White girl wednesday
  11. Listen mate you just recorded yourself comitting ulx abuse by spawning weapon camera hand ousdelf in
  12. Zia

    Climb swep help.

    why did you have to make this a forum post sir
  13. Zia

    Meditation Night

    Sure thing each Gateway Gamer is entitled to one +1
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