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  1. good to see u stroke ur own ego spirit! keep up good work BEST STAFF MEMBER OF 2019!!!!
  2. +1 Very good guy has improved greatly, shows really good use of skills in positions of power I really think nexiot is a great asset and could improve Gateway Gaming ten fold.
  3. IM SLIDIN OVA CARS WHILE I SHOOT THEY THINK IM TOM CRUISE but bitch im bobby with tha TOOL @Beatroot
  4. Zia

    ARC VBA All Stars

    doesnt tag me, kinda weird but w/e wasnt on the same team or anything uve changed cheers dude
  5. Zia

    GTA 5 Free

  6. Zia

    GTA 5 Free

    Yeah but its like amplified ten fold now
  7. Zia

    GTA 5 Free

    I love how this game already has an extensive hacker/modding problem online and that was when the game was like 20-80 dollars lmao. also RIP FiveM cunts gonna minge hard
  8. gross kunt oi nah but chuck me ur snappy u indian
  9. Welcome to the tools blacklist
  10. This episode was a snore compared to last, but this is easily just the set up for hopefully an amazing ending to an epic show.
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