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  1. the voice of reason and morale for the oybays has been lost i wish u the best dont indulge in too many names Austin
  2. https://www.spotify.com/au/wrapped/ For those that use spotify, they are doing the usual wrapped that shows your stats for the year but they are also doing a decade wrapped so yeah anyone that uses spotify show me what you got if you don't use spotify I would be interested in hearing what you guys listen to, list some of your favorite artists or albums from the year
  3. Alexayye

    Zia Laugh

    literally not even true but keep preaching old man
  4. -1, after months of just dancing on the line of being considered a minge you finally got a perm. You have been banned in the past, every staff member I've talked to has told me you are nothing short of a nuisance on the server. Pretty simple, if you can come on here and have no intent to RP you deserve to be permed for awhile as at the end of the day it is an RP server. Throughout your time on the server did you ever RP? did you ever actually play for what is intended? I've been told by two staff that they are almost 99% sure they have banned you in the past for things such as RDMing etc. at the end of the day, I could vouch for a lot of the current staff that have had to deal with you, myself included, that you don't RP and you are only bringing down the quaility of the server when you are on to fuck around. To those whom it concerns, unbanning Bobby and only giving him a month ban as punishment is just flat out stupid. Why give him the absolute minimum for months of failrp and countless of other rule breaks. TLDR, I don't know how long you should be banned for, but a month is way too short come back in a couple of months, fix your attitude, realise coming onto an RP server to not RP is not only cringeworthy but will end in punishment and you shouldn't be suprised or trying to victimize your situation at all.
  5. Alexayye


    u guys got handcuffs yet
  7. POTATO CAKE OR SCOLLOP this is a dicsussion please discuss
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