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  1. +1 With my few interactions I've had with you seems like you're a mature and respectful player, you show good intentions as well having a substantial amount of experience when it comes to dealing with situations. My only other comment could be try and get yourself out there more and raise your level of how well known you are in the community although, admittedly you seem to be going in that direction recently
  2. Alex


    Welcome 2 the server vro
  3. Goodluck out there Andious hope you become the next Jamie Oliver
  4. From what I've seen you're a very dedicated and respectful player as well as one of the more mature players in our current community. I honestly find it hard to find a problem with your app, you clearly have a good understanding of ULX showing a perfect example for each scenario on the application indicating you have a pretty good previous experience in staffing. Not to mention this is one of the neater and thorough applications we've seen recently clearly you proof-read and went over it which is something a lot of people sparingly forget +1 Hoping to see good things from you.
  5. Never watched snore of thrones
  6. Not saying they are more elite I'm saying that's why S8n and Budd's implemented them and its in their lore.
  7. Pretty sure @s8ncaat summed it up. Shadow was implemented to be set a new bar above ARC in being classed as the " most elite " ( Shadow was made in lore to replace ARC) But that idea didn't really ferment into anything proper. Shadow already has the most OP loadout in the game by far and with a cloaking device that is already too OP and unfair on NPC driven events.(IMO) Your job IS infiltration/stealth, so giving you airbourne doesn't make sense when compared to other regiments like 7th or 501ST that extremely open specializations it makes sense they get sub-companies to bring more depth to the job "frontline" which on our server doesn't really have a set a role. Doesn't make sense to give your already very specialized regiment something that will make them even MORE over-powered.
  8. Really nice to see this glad the EM team is onboard with constructive criticism and feedback
  9. Martin Scorsese, the Russo brothers and Jon Favreau
  10. Make sure you put null class on hatred
  11. Alex

    The real me

    Fuck me bro i chuckled for like a good 10 minutes tears flowing
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