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  1. You left for Head EM on a slump server, get out of here
  2. Alluh


    I dont understand what this is
  3. Welcome back good sir
  4. Decent application, the questions could use a bit more detail to spice them up. As for the event, it looks thought out and somewhat different from majority of the events that happen on the server so good work with that. One thing that did wig me out was this: I might be wrong, but public executions without a proper trial are against the republic without big boy clearance. Other than that, the server could always use more EMs. +1
  5. Alluh


    Welcome to the forums yung blood
  6. Cya Andy. Better whip up some fresh meals
  7. Legit my reaction to that part of the episode
  8. Helps out everywhere else so why not +1
  9. The First meditation PAC is from google, Cause I legit used the exact some one and edited it when I made a meditation PAC. The second one is also from google cause a lot of people have gotten it from there and use it on the server. and the 3rd one I have seen on google more than once.
  10. Like tops Said, All the Jedi PACs shown are legit from google. -1
  11. He has only gotten better since the last time
  12. Vyve is a dedicated member within the community. Though I have had little interactions with him, He still presents himself in a professional manner whilst playing the server and is always willing to help out when needed. The responses have a lot of detail to the point I gave up reading it all, but from what I did read he seems to have a vast amount of knowledge with the ULX system and how to properly handle most if not all situations that could possibly arise whilst being a staff member. Overall, Vyve is dedicated and helpful and would be a great asset to the GG staff team. +1
  13. yeah last nights episode was pretty wack
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