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  2. Word. Doing this would legit be the best course of action and solve any issues straight away
  3. It extends beyond just a CO or 2ic / Company CO role, especially on the Clone Wars with it being up longer, being the Officer of another regiment whilst leading one or taking up a slot in a limited role e.g Beta ARC which is only 2 slots and then having people either run regiments as a CO, 2ic or anything along those lines restricts those positions from anyone else in the regiment that are actually dedicated to said regiment and are willing to give up the time to commit to it
  4. Imperial faced this exact same issue in it's early days which led to management and IHC implementing a rule preventing people from doing this. It then led to the affected regiments to get dedicated and active player's from within to fulfil these roles and letting those in it prior focus on their main role giving the best of both worlds. If this was to extend to Clone Wars it would benefit the server as a whole because people who already neglect one of their roles would open the position to others who can commit to it allowing both parties to benefit from the situation. The concept Aussi stated of having your Slot 1 be considered your 'Main' slot which is the one you dedicate most of your time to and then your 2nd be left for, as he stated a 'Non core' or non-essential role within another regiment, leaving those positions open for player's who will be able to commit to those positions.
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