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  1. The Shield is literally ripped from a pastebin. I found it myself : - https://gyazo.com/0db2ed07040c40c8b97a3f0245676af8 https://pastebin.com/v1fY7XKX The force moving one is also taken from a Pastebin because nearly everyone in the past with Jedi + PAC3 had that one or a variation of it at somepoint (Didn't know what to search for to find it on google) And the Meditation one is definitely one I've seen on pastebin aswell. -1. Create some original PAC3's that you made yourself and aren't ripped from other people on the internet.
  2. I wish I could delete my forums account after seeing this tbh
  3. Alluh


    dude what the heck. How did you know.
  4. it's a fucking Potato Scallop fuck off
  5. Most people just say noclip and mean administrate. ----------------------------------------------------------------------- Dempsey in the past was a decent staff member, though I slightly agree with beatroot that in the sense that at time you were kind of lazy with the role, but most people were back then anyway. Aside from that, I've had multiple interactions with you in-game since joining 501st and you're really eager to help out newer players to the server and your regiment and you always have a positive mindset which if carried over to a moderator position would make you a great asset for the staff team. +1
  6. While I don't recall ever being around whilst you were staff, after reading the responses here you seem to have done well in your past time as a Moderator so I'll take their word for it. Other than that I have seen you a few times in game and you appear to have the right attitude for someone who would be a good fit for the staff team. +1
  7. This has to be one of the shortest apps I've read in a while. The responses to the questions leave nothing to be desired as they show no knowledge of any ULX commands and it doesn't really detail how you would properly handle one of those situations. I would highly recommend researching the ULX commands and then adding them into your responses as well as upping the amount of detail you have put in. For now i'm going to sit Neutral and will watch over you in the coming weeks and wait for you to add more to the app.
  8. Though I myself have only returned to the server in recent months, after reading Spirits and the others responses, it seems you have the tendency to drop roles within a short period after receiving it. Examples of this was you expressing interest in Clan Skirata and then going away instantaneously after being accepted to undergo the Trainee period and as it seems you've gone through a few staff applications and seem to have the reoccurring issue of time commitment. Aside from that I have seen you in game a few times though I haven't had any major interactions with you, but from reading your application you do seem like you have an idea of how a staff member should operate and the level of responsibility that comes with it. If you can show that you have either fixed your schedule and actually have time to commit to the server or actually intend to commit then I don't see why you shouldn't have another chance at staff. However due to my 1st paragraph I'm going to be Neutral and leaning towards a -1 for now and will keep an eye on you in the coming weeks should you not withdraw the application.
  9. Have to agree with @Aussi and @Ren it is to early and I doubt a lot of the responses and issues on your EM app have changed in the matter of a few hours. Though I initially didn't agree with most peoples responses on your EM app due to my limited interactions with you, as of recently I see where most of those negative opinions have come from. Your attitude towards the server is not something the staff team needs or wants as it would reflect poorly on the staff team as a whole should you be accepted. If you really want to become a Staff member then you need to start behaving like one and showing to everyone in the community you have the maturity and mindset required. You tend to get quite riled up when something goes wrong or doesn't go your way which in turn pushes you into being generally rude to everyone around you. If you can make an effort to properly fix these issues and give it some time for people to set in and acknowledge you're changing for the better then you could possibly have a chance at becoming a staff member. For now it's a -1 from me. Good luck with your application.
  10. +1. Extremely mature, Well known, has helped with events in the past and knows what he is doing. Event seems solid. Definitely deserves a crack at EM. Good luck mate.
  11. It also didn't work on the Venator, so it could only work on the event maps we use that do have it.
  12. It was the same when me and s8n tested in in the early morning when it got added, it could either be because it needs setting up in the back end, or because of navmeshing on maps not allowing the droid to go anywhere
  13. Haha thanks man! was very funny!
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