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  1. Greetings all, Now although some of you might not give a damn, I personally have been playing World of Warcraft for the past 4-5 years, in that time I have had a lot of fun with the game and a encountered a bunch of Poop as well. However, With the new expansion release the game is looking very appealing to newer players. If you are interested in MMORPG's and want to play something different and exciting other then SWTOR I suggest saving up some roblox credits for wow. I'd personally be willing to give all those interested advise on where and how to start off if they did end up purchasing a copy of the game. Reason I am making this post is purely because the new expansion actually looks insane, and I think a lot of Gateway Gamers would enjoy the game overall. here are some official blizzard links to their news and a trailer to look at: https://worldofwarcraft.com/en-us/shadowlands?blzcmp=app Feel free to ask me some questions about WoW. seeya nerds
  2. Still uncertain of why you were made to make an application when a spot was somewhat cemented for you, regardless I have some feedback and opinion to state. Starting off on the application.. Overall the application is pretty turd, it seems sloppy and rushed, the color scheme is a little dull and boring. Your answers to some of the scenarios although decent yet again seem rushed or not properly thought out, when handling any situation you should always separate them from the general community meaning tp peoples involved to a discreet location where other players cannot interact. Please also link a gametracker to your actual profile so everyone can see your hours. I also suggest adding some ulx cmds, and changing the colors so people know when and why you are using them. If this is the effort you are going to put in too an application I hate to see what you do in-game, so I really do suggest having a look over it again and attempting some changes. Also look at applications that have been accepted and look at their responses etc, will give you good insight as to what is required. Now onto you.. I like you Rippa, you get along well with "SCUMBAGS" and have some pretty good knowledge of gmod and the community as a whole. I have only ever had one problem with you, where you contradict yourself and made me very upset. Since then however we have made up and get along just swell. Another concern I have is you kinda just float in and out most of the time, you will either be really active for days then come on once in a 3 week period, which will be concerning for a moderator. Other than that when you are interested in something you put the work and effort in and try your best to impress those around you and get the job done. In saying that I hope you have that same energy and rework your app because it is disappointing at this point. I'm not going to leave any vote until I see some changes to the application, because if I did sadly enough it'd be a -1. Regardless, goodluck with the application sparky, and ill seeya at the bbq. -Beatroot.
  3. Neutral. Personally I have not seen the maturity present for you to become a staff member, you either never talk or say something questionable when you do, (In-game interactions & on the forums) Your social standing is also rather strange as some people I have asked about you have either said you are very weird, or you are a nice guy. Which leads back to the question of maturity. Before I leave a -1, or +1 I suggest you make an attempt to interact with the community a whole lot more via the following; comment on forums post with a constructive reply, talk to some strangers in TS3, introduce yourself to some new people etc, be more responsive in-game. These simple things will help improve everyone's outlook on you and encourage others to leave feedback on applications like this and your person in general. Regardless, goodluck with the app. all the best, -Beatroot.
  4. Lightsaber beard trimmers be introduced please
  5. Beatroot

    Zia Laugh

    I don't know why I laughed so hard, But Zia's laugh and attitude was comedic gold. Warning: Strong language present in the video Enjoy the vid:
  6. Your overall behaviour on the server from day one has been nothing short of mingy, and you know it. I've had yoho and snake agree with me when it came to your attitude and behaviour towards the server whomst both of them know you irl. One thing is for certain your overall attitude was poop... I am surprised it took me to finally ban you and not someone before hand because I have seen others be banned, kicked, and warned for a lot less then some mingy rp (I was once warned for potential RDM whatever that is?) so please don't hide behind one incident in comparison to your overall mindset and in-game acts. If you can not realise the way you act then I do not think you should be unbanned, however, with the effort put into the application and the validation of your sincerity from snake maybe you do deserve to be unbanned. I'd agree to one condition if I played the server you adhere to the month appeal timer I originally put on the ban message, Which is missing from this one. The original ban message read: RDM | No intent to RP | FailRP | You may appeal on the forums in a month. If that Timer is finished and @Spirit wishes you unbanned then no need for you to remain banned. Going back to a previous point, Hiding behind false securities and essentially nullifying what you have done is in my eyes considered lying... I Despise lies and the people who commit them, You were sternly warned to not F around otherwise due to your overall behaviour you would be banned.. I watched the Bunk banter and had no issue with that, the moment it hit the hallway where others were watching and they were because there was 2 501st, a 7th trooper and a horn company trooper watching you, who also watched you gun down lock. If you cannot listen to a very simple and easy to follow staff order of not to mess around otherwise you will be perma banned don't play victim, after you decided to go against that and carry on.... I'm not leaving any vote on this because I am inactive on the server, therefore you being unbanned will not have much impact on me in general. However, if I get on one day and see any behaviours exhibited in the past, I can assure you your punishment will not be light. In other words don't let me down. Better yet, don't let @Solid Snake Rock hard & @Yoho Down, because your attitude reflects off onto them also, as you know them on a personal note. (I aint proof reading this either, sorry for repeats or grammatical errors)
  7. @Twat (Bill) Either a pm through the Forums, on TS3, and I'll link my steam & discord so people can add me there. Everyone who applies will be contacted before launch anyway saying a position is available to you. A bit of anonymity is applied for suspense, and to test your patients as much as I am testing my own.
  8. Imperial Security Bureau. With the introduction of Imperial RP, I will be taking the mantle of ISB. I will be actively looking for members seriously interested in ISB to apply for a role and begin seriously working towards progressing ISB towards a solid foundation. Most recruitment will be invite only, due to the severity and seriousness of the role, It is a major power grab with a handful of intense security roles mainly centering around Internal affairs (IA). So applications will be seriously looked over and only the strong will prevail. Detail is a must so ensure if you are interested you pump in a lot of honest and serious detail. There will be a lot to do and a lot of opportunity for those who are successful. With the application form going public only 5 players will be accepted in when the server first starts, with the last remaining 5 slots being invite only. So this is the one and only time to attempt entry without an invite. People who are choosing to have second characters or an Inquisitor will be questioned on their activity commitments. If it is subpar they will not be accepted at all or invited into ISB in the future. Tips: * Be strong willed, and have a stern serious nature. * Independency and critical thinking is a must. * Show a large interest in the role with some already accumulated knowledge of ISB and their Role both in lore, and what they might do whilst on the server. * Create a premature character bio that you can use regardless of your applications outcome. (Characters will be more solid within Imperial, with ranks and roles tied to said characters not the actual player themself, Thus being if you get PK'd for example you will literally be starting from scratch, making a premature base character template will be a bonus) * Have knowledge on Google Documents, & spreadsheets, as most of the important work will be done via those formats. ISB's Role: The role of ISB is pretty straight forward, they handle all internal affairs, whilst also branching off into some sub zones, such as advanced weapon development, & investigations. There will be sub roles/perks within ISB, however, I will not be leaving any information about them as it is not necessary to the application. Application Form Click Here. Questions: If you have anymore questions or concerns feel free to contact myself via whatever viable method (My Steam & Discord) or leave a comment on this thread and I will reply. Disclaimer; do not ask about your application, it will be looked over and an outcome will be decided when the server is released, those who ask about their application may or may not have their application denied. (Note; those interested in death troopers are to contact rhino for entry as they have a completed different role from ISB, however fall under ISB orders when required. Same for Inferno Squad, for a position you will need to contact Alluh.)
  9. @Cuffs Be wise to keep your feedback purely for the ban appeal itself, as the "Rant" has no relevance to the point. Also you are kinda making the post and rant itself redundant by saying you are also apart of the problem. Contradiction at it's finest foxy 2.0 I remember Lupus made a post highlighting the toxicity emulated from most of the people on here, so I suggest to get your message and "rant" clearly across then a different singular post may need to be added so everyone can have their fair say on it.
  10. It's discouraging to see people such as bright put a +1 on you being unbanned due to them and others within the friend group who had repeatedly reported you on the ts for carrying on and harassment during your time being banned. Really does concern me, how a friend group can go from reporting someone to wanting them back on the server. I remember my first experience with you on the server, you were minging in a regiment and were removed for toxicity then sat there and complained to gibbzy for a solid 15 mins, about how you were mistreated. Since then you have progressively gotten worse and worse, now treating others poorly and miss treating the general community in your childish ways. It bothers me to continuously waste so much time replying and reading all things that include you. Purely because you are essentially the worst type of minge (Generally stupid). I think with your track record you should be Community banned due the the continuous minging that has emitted from your moronic ways. Especially after adding and trolling stooge for the sake of being stupid... Also at this point I don't care what happens to you as long as this is strictly your last chance. But I honestly see you doing something stupid again in the short future so. Saying all this I see two options, you be unbanned and shut ya gob and behave, or incur a community ban for your toxic baby ways. Regardless of the out come of course I am going to be -1 you for the pathetic circumstances. Reality is you are wasting no one but your own time minging on a "Gmod" server, and disrupting the community that is evolved around it. Grow up @luca Goodluck with your application, and sadly I don't wish you all the best. -Beatroot.
  11. HoW'S thE KiD U HaD WiT ThaT ChiCKY BAeBE???
  12. Confirmed picture of how hard my body tensed when I was mentioned in this post x
  13. No Hate brother I wish you the best but you remind me of legit matty FUCKING smokes
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