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  1. I see, thank you. We can now ban in the format of 1h being one hour, or 3d being 3 days. In the instance of a Ddos threat it will always be a permanent ban, with most cases leading to community bans once evidence has been provided to the executive team. So regardless of being a mod, a one time exception can be made if someone has made those threats
  2. Please Provide a Game Tracker link of your hours. (Use this link to locate your profile) I will be honest, I hate the formating.. A simple two color standard would be fine imo, for Example Questions in Blue & the answers in White. I leave it up to you if you wish to change the formatting but I strongly suggest doing so. Moving on. You have a very strong will, and are a very kind warm hearted person. I was concerned on how you would act before actually speaking to you due to the previous group of toxic players you used to hang around with (We both know who I am talking about). Despite your deep voice you have a very good character & I strongly believe you have the servers best interest and your own in mind. I have no issues with you becoming a moderator, however, some situation handling and guidance will 100% need to be given during your T-mod phase if you are accepted. Reason I say this is some of your answers are a bit plush and would need to be more direct. Before warning any player regardless of their play time you must explain why they are getting warned. & a Ddos threat is one of the only exceptions for a Moderator to break code and permanently ban someone, which turns to a community ban when presented to executive staff. So instead of banning for three days you would straight away flick & permanently ban them. Those are my biggest concerns in your response to questions given and I believe you should correct them asap. Goodluck Chezz, it is a big +1 from me. all the best, -Beatroot
  3. Please Provide a Game Tracker link of your hours. (Use this link to locate your profile) The application is formatted perfectly, both questions and answers are very easy to read and Understand. I think you are well fitted for the role of moderator Evoz, I can say personally you do well with your in-game role & tend to stay away from trouble when it follows others around you which is inspiring to say the least. I'm not going to say much more in a positive manner, as I really don't have a great opinion on you besides playing from a friends base which will probably lead to me being bias. So I am going to raise some concerns against you that arose in the last time you played the server. As I recall you left the community after your previous expedition here to create your own community. Which in terms is fine, however, when you were here you did hang around with two know minges, Which lead you to have a bad name in the eyes of the staff team and overall player base. This time around you have avoided those types of people to my knowledge and have really worked to make an imprint as a good guy. Regardless I think some higher end staff especially @Stooge might have some serious concerns. If I am wrong in saying that then I apologize to my superiors. Point remains, continue to avoid those types of people and continue to keep your nose out of others business and no issues will come. Your answers for the situations are well written and show that you have clear knowledge of how ULX works. However, !gag is no longer with us as it was only compatible with the Darkrp gamemode we used to have, so you should remove that from your application asap. Also we have Mlogs (/logs) now which is very useful as it shows everything from who took damage to who sent a pm so it may be helpful to add that into your answers somewhere. (Edit:) Also where you say !ban (User) 4320 Ddos threat, what does the 4320 stand for? if it is the time remember you can put 0 to permanently ban Goodluck with your application Evoz, and it is a +1 from me. -Beatroot.
  4. I personally do not think you deserve the opportunity to play on the server. You were very toxic to a lot of people from the get-go and when faced with chances to prove yourself more then a minge you did not take them. The server is a Roleplay server and focuses on respect and acting appropriately. If you can not do so then DarkRP honestly looks like your best bet as you have clearly suffered a perm ban. Regardless The Community strives from second chances, and a great man once said "I'll give him (Being you in this scenario) the benefit of the doubt. I think besides your prior time an extra week from when a verdict is made on your ban to prove that you actually have the drive to commit to the server and not be a moron would be substantial as it would only be but your own time wasted. I'd like to point out the reason for the ban does not make sense and more insight as to what happened would be beneficial in your case. Give details to the whole situation as why you were banned. Still, -1 from me.
  5. Greetings All, So I have been a frequent coming and going member of this community and held a bunch of successful, and nonsuccessful role and I can honestly say since the introduction of the new Gamemode I feel something is missing, that is IMO a core cog in Garrys mod servers. That is the ULX Command !rules or !motd These commands have been very useful for me joining and staffing a range of Gmod servers and without them I can honestly say my time as staff & as a player has been a pinch harder. I know we have a join Motd yet for me nothing appears on the menu itself which renders it utterly useless. I'm not going to go into so much depth as to what it does due to the fact we should all pretty much know at this point. Regardless if we have a first-time rule offender instead of slamming them with a verbal or physical warning we could instruct them to get comfy with the server rules which can be found on this post. Simply join and type !rules which would link to the post mentioned before. It takes legit no server space nor creates excess lag or issues as it is a CMD that links directly to a URL. Like a Smartsnap suggestion I made so long ago it would be a drag & drop file after being created so there are no negatives to having it. Still if you have someone has some wack theory as to why this would be bad I guess express your concern. @s8ncaat @Rhino Maybe the two of you could create something along the lines which would be similar. Thank you all.
  6. @Solid Snake Rock hard There is always one.... We did nothing but talk to the lad man
  7. Greetings all, Today marks the first official day of the Non-Null Skirata Roles. It was a huge amount of fun as we made our presence known and got comfy with the new map. Here is a video to sum it all up. WARNING: This Video Contains Strong Language And you may or may not like what you see. Regardless... Enjoy! (There was more Sadly my recording software has it's moments and does not record correctly)
  8. Your Name: Beatroot. Your In-Game Name: PVT Dog Highest Rank Achieved In-game (Depending on what role you want, specify clone or Jedi ranks): Clone Marshal Commander / Jedi Master/General What position are you interested in? Venku Why do you want that position? I will be 100% honest as I usually do. I have no real drive to play the server & a lot of things feel blunt or ground down for me when playing. I strive to feel the way I felt the first time I played this server and Nothing has come close to those feelings besides when running around as Kal Skirata/Null in the past. Sadly Skirata Clan took a heavy loss with Sevens leaving his role as Ordo which he had for over 2 years, which bought on a much-needed change to keep Skirata clan alive and my position as Kal was lost. So, By all means, I wish to get back to that happy space and join a role I can enjoy which I do believe is within Skirata clan. During my previous stint as Null, a lot of RP was initiated between Both the rest of the clan and outside players, I felt a lot of people respected me for trying to help them and often attempt to talk with me or create RP scenarios. My main motive of playing the server has always been RP but with recent times I have felt the attempt dwindle. I desperately need something to keep me entertained and have fun with, Which I 100% believe is clan Skirata. (Also With personal circumstances changing in the near future I should have a large amount of time to commit to the role) Authorized by the Australian Government Canberra
  9. -1 I reimbursed stooge the money you refunded so that the ban would be an extra bit valid and justified in the kings eyes. I don't want my money to go to waste
  10. Welcome to the server mate. I hope you enjoy your stay, If you ever need any helps just let @s8ncaat know. I am sure he will drop everything to ensure you are happy. Thanks mate enjoy mate cya mate
  11. Change Formatting and colors and I will then leave feedback, legit too hard to read for me.
  12. Your application is well done regarding formatting The answers are very decent also. However, I am not going to be leaving a vote as of yet due to the little amount I have seen from you. The only thing I have heard/seen of you besides being active is that you were at some point running around as Anakin with a weapon shooting people. Not sure on context here regardless you should be aiming to be a role model player. In saying that try get yourself a bit more well known in the community like myself, my friends & peers have not seen or heard too much. Regardless, goodluck mate, I look forward to getting to know you in-game. Thanks, -Beatroot.
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