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    Greetings, Welcome to the community. I hope you enjoy your time here, feel free to shoot me a message if you need any help.
  2. +1. I believe you're application should be left up for a week or two before a verdict is made, but I can hands down say you are one of the best independent staff members that has been on this server and I personally hold you to a very high standard given my past experience as a staff member both under and above you. You know the rules and how to enforce them without any assistance from superior staff. Staffing is where you shine the most and your are right at home in your element. Goodluck with the application regardless.
  3. Greetings, I was the staff member which asked you to change your name with jack and was the one to issue the ban. I had a problem with the name as it breached rule #14 of our server (14. No impersonating other players/staff) The name resembles the moderators name who originally asked you to change your name. I asked you politely to change it and was met with a brick wall of ignorance, then defiance, given the situation you were in, including the staffing sit for the RDM as well as this I believe the ban is warranted, maybe a week will give you the chance to reflect. I also don't think anyone will appreciate the formatting or sincerity in the Appeal as it is abysmally annoying to read, and kind of get the vibe you did it on purpose. If you are to be taken serious Change the font colour. @Zia Ban is for a week, you know the situation from my side of the story but I would be more then happy for it to be lowered to 3 days. I also request the post not receive a final verdict until the formatting of this appeal is changed to become more tolerable to read. I am old and cannot see!
  4. Fucking please I'll do anything to minge on it again!
  5. Consider this done! My one calling in life is about to be lived!!!!!
  6. Denied. Please make a forum account and repost an application if you are serious about becoming a staff member on Imperial RP.
  7. @Link mine and @Zias job is to enforce rules on the server now all my interactions with you have been in correlation to some rule however minor it may be that had been broken, like tonight with me telling you not to shoot greedo because it is attempted RDM.. that’s not me being a prick or picking on you, that’s me no clipping around the map only to see you of all people shooting someone in front of a group of people.. I don’t hate you, I hate your always the point of topic, I hate how much time I waste telling my staff team how to deal with you but I have nothing personal against you. your claims of self harm and suicide are very severe and something cyber police worthy, I despise and show no sympathy for people who throw these things around because it is an extreme you truly have no idea about. I’ve lost a multitude of friends and family to this and it upsets me greatly to think a young boy such as yourself would be so irrational and careless to say such things… you have no idea the strain these actions have on others. Terrible thing to say whether your serious or not. now for your sake and my own comfort I am locking this post. Your best course of action is to contact @s8n through his discord.. please in future be more careful with your words and seek proper outlets. p.s use the correct format for a staff report next time.. you’re currently reporting no one.
  8. Accepted. Jack has passed his Trial period and has become a Moderator. Congratulations.
  9. Accepted. Koby has passed his Trial period and has become a Moderator. Congratulations.
  10. Denied. At this current point your attitude and general thinking is not what the staff team is looking for at all. @Zia Makes a darn good point of reputations being easily fixable, because I myself have had to reflect and change my ways before getting a position here on "Gateway". Reflect on the way you act and how much you actually care as these positions don't come easy. You can re-apply in 1 month (Hopefully that is enough time for you to change your ways).
  11. Denied. After your altercations you took it upon yourself to not call staff and instead throw impact nades at people. After Killing @Koby and attempting to kill me in the staff sit, you decided to say the server was shit in OOC.. Which is why your ban was extended to permanent for those 2 reasons.. You can reapply in 1 month.
  12. Kai it is very important you outline everything that happened from the build up to your point of ban if you ever hope of being unbanned. please don't spare any detail because you were very resentful in the staffing sit and took it upon yourself to kill the Staff member dealing with your situation..
  13. Was sad to see you go, Glad to see you return!
  14. Beatroot

    Ban Appeal

    Accepted. I am semi informed of the situation, but I have noticed your attempts to improve overall. However, I still have my concerns. Disconnecting to avoid RP is a breach of rules, and in future make an attempt to tell people you are interacting with that you need to leave. I'll be confirming stories with @Zia when he is next available. As I think this overall was a misunderstanding! Link you have been very problematic and situations seem to always stem from something you've said or done. Friendly reminder, you are on thin ice, tread carefully and be sure to remove yourself from any situation that could land you in trouble. Last Chance!
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