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  1. Denied. Due to the nature of the scenario the ban will stick but will instead be lowered to 2 days due to you being very genuine via this appeal. Reason the ban is sticking is due to the fact you knew what you were doing was wrong, yet, you did it anyway. Much like you said.. It is not a good excuse, and there is no excuse in general that viably allows you too Break rules on the server. @Sir Doge Please avoid any breaches of the rules in future. Thank you,
  2. Moved to Issues and Suggestion section. Friendly reminder there is a whole forum section devoted to any opinions posted on this Thread.
  3. @Tanker Can you make a purple variation with Beatroot At the bottom in a purple font that looks cute?
  4. @Diehard919 Your last two pac applications have been denied. On your previous one you were also told to wait two weeks, which would be concluded on the 26th of this month. I also believe there was an application that I Denied. You have also deleted your previous application for what ever reason. Due to your failure to abide by staff instruction issued by the PAC3 Advisor's this application will be denied and you will also be receiving another week waiting period + a forum warning. Please refrain from applying until after the 1st of April. Denied.
  5. Denied. Your application seems more or less a joke at this point. Although funny and somewhat descriptive, please be sincere in future and format the appeal correctly.
  6. Heh, Application is well written. very easy on the eyes and a good read with decent responses. I'd personally like to see more examples of commands given even if in (). Beside the above average application I would like to bring up some points/keys to Your Character Mr Noc. Noc you previous time on the server as you know left a bitter taste in my mouth. Although once being a strong member of the Event Team you became very stale and Bored in the team. Especially at the head of the team as Head event master where you single evenhandedly ruined the role. You became very toxic and stale, taking your anger out on those apart of the regular staff team going as far as dictating what is and is not considered Role play, arguing simply useless points over Admin chat which made you look foolish in the eyes of all the staff present at the time. Which leads me to be rather cautious of the thought of you as an actual staff member. Your commitment previously was bare to minimum with no real leadership and those under you ran rampart causing chaos with no repercussion or punishment, which lead to one of the biggest problems the staff team saw. At the time I honestly doubted you for everything you were worth and went as far as revoking my once considered friendship with you "knowing" that you could not perform at required and requested opacity. You truely let a team so depended on you down and turn a once glorious role into a trash heap, that Yoho had to work too repair (HEM after yourself). With this fact although tentative I do believe you would do fine as Moderator given you keep your head low and do as requested/required. Due to the fact that prior to being a head event master the amount of commitment and freshness you bought to the Event Team roles was equivalent by none of your time and still too this day. More or less meaning with the right guidance and role model I believe you can make for a decent staff member, as your intent has always been to assist and provide enjoyment for the server. However if a line were crossed with yourself I would hope and expect that those in management positions myself included corrected you and reprimanded you in the correct ways. This all leads me to reference a once early friendship/bond that existed between us back in 2017/2018 where you were apart of Shock under command of myself, where you displayed competence and honesty, shortly after you had acquired a position in the Event team where you excelled and showed promise. Those memories for me out weigh the less positive ones and lead me to have hope and faith that you could aspire to become a decent figure in the staff team. And too prove/provide I would personally take you under my Fat wing to raise and guide you along the correct pathway of staffing. To not only show you I care, but to help crush or defuse any of those around myself/exec teams cautions giving you another vital role on the server. Regardless Noc I wish you the best of luck with the application, and my interest is at its highest peak too see the outcome of this application, It is a +1 from me, All the best, -Beatroot. P.S I did not proof read as I was in between doing somethings so I will fix up my response soon, Sorry for sloppy grammar
  7. As a show of good will and to truly represent Aces honest kind nature. Shortly after @Zia @Ren @Aussi & Myself left some feedback on Aces application he went out of his way to send us all a thank you message on discord. Which I appreciate. https://gyazo.com/c12a4009268a0a784cd85a611fd6946c Good stuff Ace
  8. Since Serbo's feedback of "As for the application itself, it was written fairly well and goes into a fair amount of depth and is clear you thought it out quite well and did your homework. As stated by others, you do need to jump on TS more as I honestly never see you on there, in-game as well you have become more of a ghost over recent time, I rarely notice you in game in OOC or around in general, you will need a big up in that area of things" You have tackled the big fish and come and essentially made a friend out of me, Joining Teamspeak channels not only I was apart of but a bunch of other people and attempted to get your name out there as a friendly character. I may be bias in this situation but I believe you would be a decent staff member. Sure I have a few minor concerns such as the commitment that you would have for the role. Yet you act mature and well mannered when engaging with Gateways community. You also speak your mind freely when required and have something I like to call "Common Sense" (Shoutout to @Aussi with that one), which is hard to find at times. Besides that your application is well written and formatted and goes against the grain of what we have viewed in the past whilst not being so breaking that it is considered wrong or void. So good work for trying something new. Almost forgot +1 Best of luck with you application, -Beatroot.
  9. +1. Nebula your mindset to change your reputation and self image shows that you are capable of change and stepping up to the mantle. Sure you have had your times that were more then considerable. But wanting to better yourself after those interactions is a great thing. There was an incident the other day that you bought to me in Team speak which was a little bit silly, where there was some back and forth words and arguing exchanged. Still you managed to compose yourself even after seeming upset, and remained calm. Your application is quite good also. Best of luck with your application, All the best beatroot.
  10. +1 Aces prior experience as staff proves that he holds outstanding staffing capability. He has the ability to act maturely and confidently in all situations, Sure during his time as Senior moderator there were minor issues that needed to be corrected, but after some self reflection and direct work Ace proved to be one of the best Senior Moderators the staff team has ever seen. As I say in a positive manner that Ace did act confidently as he was learning and progressing that is a quality that he earnt and learnt, as he was very shy from the start. Good luck with your application Ace, I hope you get the position once it is available.
  11. Beatroot


    Accepted. due to not having any prior bans or issues. And the time frame from when the ban was issued. This was your first ban, and I hope it will be your last.
  12. Beatroot


    Well Noc. The last time you were here I grew to dislike you dearly. I strongly believe it was the group of people you were involved in because prior to you being here last we were really good friends. So although you coming back makes me nervous I admired you as a friend in my early years on here. So Let's hope we can once again establish a friendship and make some more good memories. Also your Role play capability will be more then welcome back. Chat soon
  13. +1. Feaks is a dear friend of mine who has committed to the role without even having it, via seeking out those who require work and completing it in a modest amount of time. Feaks has expressed to me on multiple occasions that he wants to make his mark on the server and he enjoys making images that the server can use for anything from Teamspeak icons to Spreadsheet Legend pictures. So if this is his calling to finally do something productive here then I believe the role is more then fitting and deserved.
  14. https://youtu.be/c4KNd0Yv6d0
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