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  1. Beatroot

    Giveaway Again

    Steam voucher please, I need to get something back thanks, Weetabix don't pay for themself
  2. I personally find this post very funny. I'd love to correct the statement directed at Chunky, but cannot be bothered. Regardless man goodluck with your future, I hope you decide to come back at some stage. If you ever get a chance buy this chocolate, you either hate or love them. My dad used to eat them when I was young and I'd always steal a few when he was snoozing because mum would not let me eat them. That's my advice to you, try these.
  3. I've tried to steer clear of writing a response as I have somewhat of a bias for mr Sean. However I am entitled to my opinion and vote so here I go. Through my time in 104th under Seans leadership he has proven that he cares not only about his regiment but the server in general, he is always willing to take on new challenges and interact with new people and that is a good quality to have. He is very active and responsive which is excellent to see. The only concern I have with mr Sean, is his confidence. I have found in some certain situations he becomes a little bit nervous and slightly retreats back into his shell. being staff there are many confrontational situations that require you to show confidence in your ability to staff and correct issues. With some work on mr seans confidence I think he would meet all the criteria to becoming a great staff member. I'm not going to be leaving a +1 or -1 etc, I wish you the best of luck with the application and look forward to working with you in the future. Goodluck, -Beatroot.
  4. I'd like to announce the winner. Everyone say a big congratulations to @Maxonok. Out of the 35 entries listed he was the lucky winner of the wheel decider and is walking away with Jedi. Thank you all for putting down your names etc, And be on the lookout for more giveaways. Here is a screenshot & video of the wheel decider: Screenshot Requesting this post be locked. @Spirit @s8n @Aussi
  5. Just to help me understand, you thought the guy who created his own community attempted to poach all our current developers, then poached community members has no malicious intent? I think what you are trying to say is he is so oblivious as to what SWRP, Video games, computer files & programs are, that he did it without realising the consequences of his actions (I am trying really hard to not just outright call him stupid & say he is too stupid therefore has no malicious intent. Definitely not what I am implying I am sorry ). Am I kind of picking up what you're putting down here?
  6. Your kind of a joke man. I think you should withdraw the application and keep dming stooge man.
  7. @Stooge Myself and stooge had a discussion about you last night James, I personally do not think you should be unbanned you attempted to do damage against Gateway, luckily enough you had no idea what you were doing or how to do anything essentially so it was a blind leading the no one scenario. I don't want to insult your intelligence, But maybe some cute pics would help soften the community into accepting you back ? As much as I'd like to take you seriously, you really do seem like you are joking therefore I cannot give proper thought, I also think after stooges conversation explaining you ain't welcome back because it was a community ban (note; The conversation held last night) I'd be surprised if your forum account isn't soon to be banned. To summarize also I 100% believe that at this point it should be Stooges decision on your fate which is already predetermined. Regardless Goodluck man, may the force be with you.
  8. Beatroot

    I'm training MMA.

    I did Muay Thai for 2 years when I was roughly 15-17, And have done casual boxing here and there ever since. Very good exercise, and it is a very good idea to learn how to defend yourself in this scary world. Here is a very cringe picture of me from years ago in all my glory (Very Far Left, white mossimo Shirt)
  9. Greetings all, I have decided to purchase a jedi to giveaway to one lucky winner. I have done a lot of these giveaways in the past & I believe it is a good incentive to encourage people to play the server. I also feel a lot better giving away jedi and character slots to players as opposed to just donating to the server. So it gives me some self justification. Like all previous giveaways, simply comment using the template below for your chance to win. If you already have a Jedi, simple nominate another member for their chance to win. Winner will be announced on Monday, all entries will be placed into a wheel decider for it to then choose your fate. so be sure to share this post around. Your Name / Nominated Players Name: (Example) Zia. Your in-game Name: 2345 Lock Your Regiment: Horn Company. Good Luck everyone,
  10. I am currently Eating Cadbury Hazelnut block 4 small peices, It is very tasty and I like Hazelnut, I think youu should try some whilst you wait
  11. Hugzahhhhh ZAAHHH, They all come back aye. Good gamer, good guy, good developer, bring eim bak eh?
  12. Hello Everyone, Happy new year from the Beatroot Fam. I personally have been so busy over the last two weeks due to the holiday season. And have had a ton of fun along the way. I hope everyone in the community is safe and having a great time wherever you may be. Once again happy new year, (For those who can drink responsible) and see you soon.
  13. Goodbye buck you were my favourite pain in the ass
  14. @Astro Not really my place to say or step in. But I just want to do a job I am not ( @s8n ) and give you some advice and insight. In all my years of staffing for gaming communities I have not once attacked someone verbally within the game, maybe over @chat or TS3, but I have always kept it constructive factual & informational. I strongly suggest in these scenarios if it is becoming an issue and you think it is going to turn into "FailRP" or borderline is failrp because technically they have to listen to you and failure to do so is not Roleplay, then put the staff boot down and say right you can all leave now or be dealt with in a staffing manner. 9/10 x that works, they either move on or they goto a sit with punishment on the line. You know this and I think you've just lost your cool in the heat of the moment which sadly is not a good enough excuse. Chin up next time and work through the grunt of it as that is your role as a staff member. @Coric & @Spirit Yet again not my place but if the situation has been spoken on, I suggest locking the post with a plain message saying the issue has been dealt with (as I can see this getting outta hand real quick, Snake is already going ham on the reacts. and the defense war is about to kick in). @nebula. U know better too u lil terd burgr
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