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  1. Confirmed picture of how hard my body tensed when I was mentioned in this post x
  2. No Hate brother I wish you the best but you remind me of legit matty FUCKING smokes
  3. Stop gaming

    1. Beatroot


      It is in my bones to game

    2. Yoho


      Fix my wall

  4. +1 Sharky has been nothing but pleasant since the first time I met him on the server. He has an excellent attitude towards everyone and everything and ensures that he leaves a bright and positive example and impression with those he comes in contact with. I can honestly say that you would have to be one of the most positive friendly players on the server that I have met. You are very committed and trustworthy, and have shown that in your commitments to both Jedi, and 501st. To add your application is also easy to read and outlines all key needed points, your answers are viable fair and make sense in the scenarios section, and the event seems interesting. You are a Very Viable candidate for the role and hopefully will make a good EM. My only concern is your age, however we do and have had a lot of young players come and go through both the staff & EM team some more successful and capable than others. Goodluck with your application, I wish you all the best. -Beatroot.
  5. -1 Out of all the players I have met on Gateway I can honestly say you and you alone are the worst and I mean worst person I have met. Your attitude and behaviour towards everyone was always toxic and you never attempted to make contact after your toxic embark the last time you ruined your You have a handful of chances and failed every time to prove that you are not vile. If somehow and some way you manage to be unbanned I fear the worst for the community as I believe you should be community banned, and as I recall, you were. For all to reference this was your prior ban appeal. And only shortly after being unbanned you were banned again for repeat behaviours. You ruined my time and fun on the server a long time ago both on the forums and in-game and I will never forgive you for it lol. I generally say goodluck regardless of my opinion on someone, but am choosing not to this time around. -Beatroot.
  6. Hey all, I know I am against staff mingery, yet, one night I decided to throw a Staff Party with a few invitations to others, as the party progressed and got bigger we had to move to a bigger private venue, Hope you enjoy the fried AF clip. And sorry for the breathing in the recordings, mic is sensitive to my big belly. Warning: Warning strong language may or may not be throughout this video.
  7. Hey guys. I don't know what happened to me last night. I went full bogan, please ignore this post x
  8. Greetings all, So recently I purchased a classic Ford Falcon XR6 Turbo, and I am in love. The ounce I get from it compared to the Pajero sport 4WD I have had since 17 is insane. Cars are sick and I love doing illegal burnouts in them. However, some people prefer the good ol holden. Me, I ain't one of those cringe fellas, regardless tell me what you prefer between the all the current list of cars and why. I own a 07 XR6 Ford Falcon, Pics to reference. However, some prefer it's rival being the Holden SV6, of the same year, pic for reference Question is. What car are you going to do some piss weak mods to and burnouts in when you turn 18 yrs of age????
  9. Beatroot

    Unban me

    Provide screenshots too please. For instance, take a screenshot of the screen when it shows the ban screen etc. Obviously include when you rewrite with the information provided in the comments chur.
  10. Netural Serbo you have shown a very serious side to yourself in the recent past and it has given you a decent standing within the community. I think people respect you and yo have made well to break away from some of the very toxic behaviours that surround you. So I commend you on your efforts in the moment and if they continue you will have my support in most things you aspire to achieve. The only reason I am remaining neutral for the meantime is due to your past stint as Tmod and some questionable actions committed in the past which have and still lead me to thinking you are a big old minge. Your previous run as tmod was smooth in the start but did degrate here and there and you did not represent the staff team in the best manner. A friend pointed something out which come from you in the past which lead me to realise what did happen but I have actually completely forgotten which kind of makes this redundante lol, still. I just want to see you continue to show the current maturity you are and all will be well. (Information: I actually broke away from a toxic group of people I originally come to GG with and made friends here who I can keep for life, that have lead to IRL interactions and relationships. I feel you cold do the same thing.) Goodluck Serbo, My comment will probably change if this application remains up for more then a week :P. All the best, -Beatroot.
  11. Beatroot


    I am still trying to figure out what this is?? Can anyone tell me?
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