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  1. ‘oo oo ee ee’ing’ in the sky with the best of them now
  2. Have fun LUA developing in the sky
  3. This is relevant to Staff Performance across the server, your issue, however, is one handled by RHC. If you have a suggestion to make you're free to raise it to any RHC member.
  4. Although our server would be more then ample at providing a unique roleplay experience for either option, I myself find myself leaning more towards Season Six than Four. It may be a symptom of the fact that I've been playing too long, but I've been playing around that season four threshold for years, I at least, want something a bit newer. I feel that Six would allow that, we'd be able to update the models the server has to be more akin to those we see in Season 6 and beyond (A longer hair Anakin, Robed Jedi as they begin to transition from full-time war combatants, some new clones and enemies.) It'd also as mentioned, provide us with quite a few campaign and event opportunities, arc's like the Dark Disciples and the unification of the Wookies to name but two are in play around this time. I think it'd be a breath of fresh air to start to integrate some of this stuff. It lends credence to a lot of new roleplay opportunities given the darker tone as the war closes and undoubtedly, get's bloodier. We'd be able to integrate some of the content of the later seasons, allowing some new ideas to be opened into the server. Which given we've seen this story to it's conclusion, allows us a realm of new opportunities and gameplay. Some of which I'd be very excited to see.
  5. DENIED Please reapply again utilizing the proper format which for reference can be found here.
  6. Given my role as Management during your tenure as a Moderator, I’d fairly well aware of your decent capabilities in regards to staffing. However, as pointed out, a 5/10 is not necessarily a score befitting a good applicant. Given your main role is Jedi and by nature, Jedi as a regiment seem fairly isolationist it makes it very difficult for others to interact with you, outside of Jedi and your assigned regiment. I’d suggest putting yourself out there a little more, engaging in dialogues in OOC, Discord and the forums are a great way of doing this as well as introducing yourself to new people in Teamspeak, adopting some of these strategies in conjunction with helping out in Jedi and Galactic Marines will, in my opinion, help you greatly in your path to becoming staff. Feel free to contact me on Discord, Teamspeak or In-game.
  7. The winner of the Giveway is... RAMBO! Thank you all for participating!
  8. @Ace You're more then welcome to, on the grounds that they don't already possess the game obviously.
  9. Hey all, given it's May the Fourth and commemorating the end of the Clone Wars Show, I will be giving away one free copy of Jedi: Fallen Order. A very good game for those who haven't seen/played it, following the Clone Wars and the dark times that follow. If you wish to enter, please use the following format. Name: Steam Profile: I shall announce the results on the 6/05. Good luck!
  10. Ajax


    DENIED Since your appearance on TS, this is the third time you've actively deceived others to open malicious/inappropriate content. Upon your return, any further infractions will result in a permanent ban.
  11. Hey all, obviously with global circumstances today has become a rather odd one. We can't celebrate and commemorate our History as we once could and for many people, that's a pretty saddening issue. However, we at Gateway were reluctant to let the day go unnoticed from our end and want to give a few ways you could celebrate, commemorate and support those who made the greatest of sacrifices, across our lands and across the world, in honour of our freedom. Donate: There are quite a few charities that could always do with just a little bit more, if you're interested. Some include Legacy Australia, Mates4Mates, Fearless etc. My own brother returned from war over a decade ago and even now, he isn't quite the same, although he is getting better and a lot of that can be attributed to the work a lot of these people to do ensure no one is left behind, money is often an issue these days, but if you can, please do. Remember: It seems so simple, but the greatest honour we can give those who made the ultimate sacrifice is to simply, remember and spread their stories. From holding the line a Gallipoli, to our efforrts at the Somme, Fromelles and Bullecourt. From Tobruk and El Alamein to Bougainville and Kokoda to the Coral and Java seas. To Vietnam, Malaya, Timor, the Solomon Islands, Iraq and Afghanistan. Take a moment out of your day to just read about one, learn and share the memory of the ANZAC spirit. A debt that will never be repaid, but one that will always be remembered and honoured. They shall grow not old, as we that are left grow old: Age shall not weary them, nor the years condemn. At the going down of the sun and in the morning We will remember them. Lest we forget.
  12. All right, a few things from me. As @Kandy has pointed out, you have currently made a mistake regarding your Steam ID; you can find Steam information on sites such as https://steamid.io/ , however, for ease of access your Steam ID is currently listed as; STEAM_0:0:46282373. Outside of a few formatting errors, the application is good; however, I do have a few critical issues with you at this moment in time, namely your attitude. From what I've observed of your history on the server, or at the very least the part I've seen, you seem very stand-offish towards others. To me it seems you have a very linear attitude and many times, it's either your way or none. My own opinion of you is you seem to get irate about issues/others often which isn't exactly a stunning characteristic of prospective staff, My recommendation? Take it easy. I and quite a few others have seen you get pretty heated over helpful advice or something that has been misconstrued or misunderstood. As a staff member, dealing with the unmanageable is going to become a pretty often occurrence, and at the present moment in time, I feel from my own experiences that being tested in such a capacity can only end one way. I won't leave a judgement until further down the line once more feedback has made it to you. Feel free to contact me on the forums/discord/TeamSpeak any time. All the best,
  13. Any point you were trying to make here was devalued by the blatantly hostile attitude you had towards people that were merely attempting to have their own opinion heard. Ideally, if you were interested in having your own opinion heard, alienating others by employing a "With me or against me" strategy doesn't really give a whole lot of validity to people listening to your own. Your points, while at face value hold some credence have been over-shadowed by your attitude, that's no ones fault but your own. If you've got a genuine concern, there are channels to use if you wish to see change, I wouldn't rate this one as particularly effective.
  14. Obviously the Event Server is uncharted territory for Gateway so it'll be necessary for us to run the server for a time to see what works and what does not, though I believe it's already been stated in this thread that during the time period where Regiments are off the server, it'll likely be a time to run larger training or interact with some of the Regiments still on the server, Navy will likely play a prominent role in the RP that happens during that period though I imagine staff staying behind to monitor the server will have no qualm in running something small to keep you entertained.
  15. Your previous tenure as a Head Event Master needs no introduction, nor does the vitriol that characterized you and your group towards the end of your time on the server. However, that was near a year ago and as Beatroot aptly states, while there was a bitter taste left in the mouth of most people, it's very much abated with time. Your attitude towards the server, to your friends and towards the players was terrible, but you were very much a different person, it was during a different time under different circumstances and I can't hold it against you as I once did. While I won't hold your previous transgressions against you to measure your suitability as a staff member, I can certainly comment on your dedication and diligence this time around. You seemed much friendlier and intent on wiping your past clean. Owning up to your mistakes and wishing to make a positive difference so long after is something I can applaud, though hopefully the past won't haunt you nor re-emerge should you get this position. Overall, I did once hold a grudge and it's a testament to how much you seem to have improved that I can no longer hold it any longer. +1
  16. While I can’t necessarily discern your personality given I haven’t actually had the chance to chat to you yet, I can definitely see you’re a dedicated member of the community given the overwhelming support you’ve gather on your application and having seen you around from time-to-time, I can definitely see you’d be an ample candidate to become a moderator, +1. I’d love to have a chat some time in the future, feel free to give me a shout next time you’re on team speak.
  17. Alternatively, if you’re interested @Zia could provide a comprehensive guide to the discography of Kayne West and his hit song “Black Skinhead”
  18. King Street is the shittest time and that’s a fact
  19. I think our best bet is the crackie screaming how he smacked away his centrelink at the Great Northern
  20. Surely we meet up and get our heads punched in at Jesmond
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