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  1. just blew the speaker on my ipod nano, please help
  2. I think it might be the future antagonist, possibly another Mandalorian with the tracking fob, though I don't know if they deactivate after death. I'd say if the target heard about the Mando going rogue, everyone is after him. So I assume the armoured guy is gonna be the big bad lad.
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  4. Ajax

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    @s8n Captain Suge Knight of the Republic Security Bureau
  5. I really think they subscribed too much to the whole ‘Mandalorian Stoicism’ trope. You can’t really build a character effectively when the only information we get are tidbits one episode at a time. I did really like the episode but I’m fearful that 4 episodes in he’s still isolated, unknown and indecisive. It makes me wonder what has to happen to turn that around which I would assume will happen at some point this season and if it’ll work as well as we all hope. It’s been a good series but seems to me like it’s more about recreating a silent gunslinger like Boba then telling a story at this point and I hope it changes.
  6. User will undergo a two week trial period.
  7. User will undergo a two week trial period.
  8. User will undergo a two week trial period.
  9. User will undergo a two week trial period.
  10. User will undergo a two week trial period.
  11. If this experience has taught me anything, it's how to build ISB HQ in an hour flat and hatred, definitely hatred.
  12. Whilst I can't really ascertain how active you are on the Clone Wars server, I can vouch that during your time as a Staff Member you did a reasonably good job. Though I'm sad to hear your HSC impacted your trial period, I'm sure we'd be up to letting you have another chance. +1.
  13. I think this post has inspired me to have a fully auto stun DC-15s made
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