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  1. Any point you were trying to make here was devalued by the blatantly hostile attitude you had towards people that were merely attempting to have their own opinion heard. Ideally, if you were interested in having your own opinion heard, alienating others by employing a "With me or against me" strategy doesn't really give a whole lot of validity to people listening to your own. Your points, while at face value hold some credence have been over-shadowed by your attitude, that's no ones fault but your own. If you've got a genuine concern, there are channels to use if you wish to see change, I wouldn't rate this one as particularly effective.
  2. Obviously the Event Server is uncharted territory for Gateway so it'll be necessary for us to run the server for a time to see what works and what does not, though I believe it's already been stated in this thread that during the time period where Regiments are off the server, it'll likely be a time to run larger training or interact with some of the Regiments still on the server, Navy will likely play a prominent role in the RP that happens during that period though I imagine staff staying behind to monitor the server will have no qualm in running something small to keep you entertained.
  3. Your previous tenure as a Head Event Master needs no introduction, nor does the vitriol that characterized you and your group towards the end of your time on the server. However, that was near a year ago and as Beatroot aptly states, while there was a bitter taste left in the mouth of most people, it's very much abated with time. Your attitude towards the server, to your friends and towards the players was terrible, but you were very much a different person, it was during a different time under different circumstances and I can't hold it against you as I once did. While I won't hold your previous transgressions against you to measure your suitability as a staff member, I can certainly comment on your dedication and diligence this time around. You seemed much friendlier and intent on wiping your past clean. Owning up to your mistakes and wishing to make a positive difference so long after is something I can applaud, though hopefully the past won't haunt you nor re-emerge should you get this position. Overall, I did once hold a grudge and it's a testament to how much you seem to have improved that I can no longer hold it any longer. +1
  4. While I can’t necessarily discern your personality given I haven’t actually had the chance to chat to you yet, I can definitely see you’re a dedicated member of the community given the overwhelming support you’ve gather on your application and having seen you around from time-to-time, I can definitely see you’d be an ample candidate to become a moderator, +1. I’d love to have a chat some time in the future, feel free to give me a shout next time you’re on team speak.
  5. Alternatively, if you’re interested @Zia could provide a comprehensive guide to the discography of Kayne West and his hit song “Black Skinhead”
  6. King Street is the shittest time and that’s a fact
  7. I think our best bet is the crackie screaming how he smacked away his centrelink at the Great Northern
  8. Surely we meet up and get our heads punched in at Jesmond
  9. Hey all, I can't imagine this post is going to be surprising, given how over the past few months by activity in the community had taken a sharp decline, resulting in almost no interaction with the greater community beyond my friends group and a select few. Truth be told, life's been pretty hectic lately, far too hectic to try and juggle everything at once, so I think it's time to take my leave, although this time for good. I joined the community almost immediately after it split from CG, it's been weird to think that during those four years and my many intermittent breaks that the server changed so much from players being instantly conscripted into 327th out of cadet training in 2016 to a server that gets over 80 players and possesses a dedicated staff team numbering over thirty. A testament to how much has changed, I guess. That's not to say it's all been good, I certainly don't want to air dirty laundry over the forums, because that's been a really good move by everyone who's tried that trick before, like an unnamed ex-Server Manager. But I digress, I dealt with my fair share of bad situations, under-appreciation, long nights, anger and frustration. I certainly haven't agreed with all of the decisions that have been made during my time here, but we put our head down, we worked hard and we pushed through. We've toppled toxic friends groups, killed off ARC a few times, (Fuck Stooge for that still, by the way.), and still made our way here. Though I make it no secret I'm much older than most of you, with my own family and kids, there was an odd aspect of the server that I never really expected, in some weird, convoluted way, watching a lot of you grow up on the server and show who you were going to be, good or bad and dealing with many of you on a daily basis, was helpful in parenting my own children. A weird thought, but I think over the years I've deduced that most of you are big fucking sooks and so are my kids. But it was touching to get to know so many of you, over so many years, to see you grow as people, to see myself grow as a person. I had problems with many of you, many of you had problems with me. But I can take solace in knowing the majority of you are good people. While I hope that didn't sound as cringe on paper as it did in my head, I think it's time to say au revoir to Gateway Gaming, to a place where I made a lot of mates, had a lot of arguments but overall, had a good time. I might pop in from time-to-time, but it's time to kiss the Venator goodbye. If I had to do it all again, I just might, although with some wittier insults for Zia. Regards, Ajax.
  10. Ajax

    Sea of Thieves

    So you're telling me I need Tastik to buy it for $100?
  11. Say it with me all, "Colossal Gaming Spy." +1
  12. Ajax

    Giveaway Again

    Pay for my children's education thanks and chur
  13. Not a fan of capital punishment, but for cunts that put anchovies on pizza, I shall make an exception.
  14. I heard that man's voice and smiled
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