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  1. Let me load my guns and quickly display that I can snake kills with an RPS at 2 fps, now that's gaming.
  2. Your Application has been Denied. After a discussion with Senior Staff, we deliberated on the matter of your application and finally came to a conclusion, at this point in time your application has been denied. Citing some of the reasoning for our decision, both your age and actions in-game were large reasons within our choice to deny your application. We apologize for any inconvenience.
  3. User has withdrawn his application.
  4. I've half a mind to ban this video
  5. Whilst Nexoit's comment was callous and for that he has been reprimanded amongst other things, the comment was intended to be light-hearted to ease a tense situation - it's evident it's been construed differently. Though, any point you tried to make was devalued by your own attempts to react, I've heard from multiple sources that you replaced your avatar countless times after it being deleted and continued despite being told otherwise. Despite the warning lacking in severity or being 'ambiguous' , the intent to discourage you from continuing this action was clear. This situation has been rectified to the greatest of both mine and @s8ncaat's ability, however, if you have any further worries of misconduct do not hesitate to contact us. Though, the fact that Staff Chat was leaked has not escaped our notice, despite your absence at that particular and such shall be investigated further.
  6. Call the police, we’ve just located another cringe fella.
  7. I'm no psychic but I smell an EOD Giveaway on the horizon.
  8. I speak for myself in saying that if you aren't shit, the DC-15a goes off.
  9. I'll be blunt, I haven't seen much change, I think that despite you to some degree being mature, you're still agitating others into arguments and blowing up yourself and that was and still is, the major issue. I think you'll need some more time to sort things out and change your attitude before trying again. -1 for the moment.
  10. I’ll be succinct because I’ve already had to do this once before, you’re young, far younger than anyone we’ve accepted prior and that fact does worry me greatly. You may be a good trooper but sadly staffing is much different to Climb SWEP. Ultimately, I’m afraid you’ll be too slow to grasp new concepts or lack the capacity to deal with minges effectively, for that I’m going to have to give you a -1.
  11. *ARC Commander Alpha, but the good one - Miles.
  12. Ajax

    Melbourne Gamers!

    Artist representation of what the guardians of the afterlife look like, circa 2019.
  13. User has been accepted for a two week trial.
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