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  1. Ajax


    Definitely the latter, if at all.
  2. Ajax

    Giveaway :D

    This is a man of culture, best DLC going. anyways, pay my mortgage
  3. Hey all! Me and a few Gateway Gamers have put together an ARMA 3 MilSim. It follows a Combat Technology Research Group (CTRG) in 2037 as they try and combat clandestine CSAT Aggression across the globe. It has relatively few mods, we've tried to keep it under five GBs. We've currently got 30 slots on the server and about half of those are already taken, if you wish to inquire about the MilSim or come along for an operation, there will be a training operation Saturday, 24/08/19 at 7:30 PM AEST. Contact me either on the forums or teamspeak for more information!
  4. When I gave this to you, never once did I think the gospel of the lord would spread like wildfire, bravo fellow disciple, bravo.
  5. Ajax

    Im sorry

    Your appeal has been denied. For further clarification, please wait a month before your next appeal.
  6. Ajax

    Luca Ban Appeal

    Based on your recent actions, your appeal has been Denied.
  7. Then maybe you should stick around a while longer, prove to people that you're actually here to stay. Because applying for staff this early in really isn't showing it to me.
  8. I think my only real grievance here is that you're pretty much lumped with all the other 'dippers'. What's to say you're gonna hang around?
  9. Ajax

    Ban Appeal

    I feel like this doesn't even deign a legitimate response. The levels of stupidity you showed is legitimately unparalleled. Without even bringing the events which culminated to your community ban, you; Circumvented your ban by using an alternate account. Repeatedly lied despite being prompted to tell the truth. Frequently attempted to avoid both discords and sheets to hide your identity. As aforementioned, this isn't even delving into the events that led to your permanent ban. Stay banned for all I care.
  10. Your previous record, in my eyes, is not something to flaunt as if it'll garner you more respect on this application. The fact that you did indeed orchestrate an attack on the server and then subsequently use that for justification for us to accept your application is completely and utterly asinine. Possibly in the future I wouldn't be adverse to giving you a positive vote, but at the present you've done little but parade around your skills on the forums, spend some time in the community and prove what you say about your previous transgressions, as opposed to simply giving your word over the forums.
  11. Let me load my guns and quickly display that I can snake kills with an RPS at 2 fps, now that's gaming.
  12. Your Application has been Denied. After a discussion with Senior Staff, we deliberated on the matter of your application and finally came to a conclusion, at this point in time your application has been denied. Citing some of the reasoning for our decision, both your age and actions in-game were large reasons within our choice to deny your application. We apologize for any inconvenience.
  13. User has withdrawn his application.
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