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  1. # ... Entering alias # ... Alias accepted # ... Enter secret # ... Secret enabled # ... Access granted to Jedi database Ubwi Jukaqez PSYCHOLOGICAL INFORMATION Mental State: Sane but somewhat lonely. Mental Disabilities: None Likes: Technology, scrap, vehicles, lightsabers Dislikes: Enclosed spaces, oppressive entities Personality: Determined but cheeky PHYSICAL INFORMATION Physical State: Healthy Age: 15 Weight: 25 kg Build: Slim and short Disabilities: none Appearance: 90 cm tall, a sandy robe covers his face however there are two yellow eyes that break the darkness. JEDI INFORMATION Rank: Padawan Master (current or previous): n/a for now Lightsaber details: Small lightsaber, the outer shell coated with scraps, an almost rustic appearance to it. The grip however, is made from bantha hide. Upon ignition, the lightsaber emits a powerful blue blade. Combat style: Having seen the use of blasters in his childhood, Ubwi recognised their strength and so he grew to be accustomed to Form III, also known as Soresu. This form would allow for Ubwi to remain mobile whilst also protecting himself. Beginnings on Tatooine Ubwi Jukaqez would be born during the storm season of Tatooine, enclosed in his clans fortress, surrounded by his elders for months. Having a relatively small stature, he would be overlooked by his mother, his force ability however, would be noticed at infancy when the clan Shaman felt a connection through the force as a result, he would make the transition within the clan to the Shaman custody. Ultimately he would be blessed by the Shaman and instead of being destined to be a scavenger he would be somewhat of the Shaman’s voice during the annual swap meets if she could not attend, however when she did, Ubwi was to remain by her side at all times. He would only see freedom from the Shaman on rare occasions. Ubwi’s first swap-meet would be accompanied by his clan’s Shaman, who would show him the ways of blessing before the storm season as well as blessing marriage, which would be a common occurrence within swap meets. Being only 10 at his first swap meet, Ubwi would be greatly overwhelmed by the long journey to the Dune Sea and the noise that accompanied the main hangar of the sandcrawler, it would be here where he would lock himself in the Shaman’s quarters and conduct ramshackle exercises until he couldn’t handle it anymore. The tight spaces of the sandcrawler would be something that Ubwi held a disdain for, he had forever held a sense that he was meant to be out in the Dune Sea, or out in the Galaxy, searching for junk in mysterious places, adventuring to the waste piles of Coruscant or Lotho Minor. His predetermined life would stop him from fulfilling this aspiration, instead forcing him into a ceremonial role, potentially becoming the chief one day. The arrival at the swap meets would mean a certain type of freedom for Ubwi. Having the space to roam around the great sands of the Dune Sea, being able to barter and trade with the Shaman. Although the Shaman was with him, he still felt free, as though the desert had saved him. At the end of the fifth day of the swap meet, Ubwi would find himself on one of the overlooking dunes. A great scene of large towering crawlers, glowing sands from the flood lights and fires with surrounding Jawas could be seen. As Ubwi sat there, looking over his kin he felt some kind of energy, a sense of physical bliss overwhelmed him. Soon enough he would close his eyes and allow this energy to take over the young Jedi. A feeling of the cool night breeze graced his hood, fluttering it in the wind, the sand beneath him felt as though it was alive. He was unsure of this feeling, not knowing what it was, but he liked the feeling, it gave him a sense of security, like someone was watching over him. Unbeknownst to him, this was the force. A vision came to him of a sprawling sand city, with large towers and a constant flow of Junk ships. His way out of this life of enclosed space and isolation. Ubwi would return to the Shaman that night and explain to her his vision of this city, she would recognise it as Mos Espa, the capital of Tatooine. The Shaman’s interpretation of the vision would be one of the future of the clan. The clan’s riches would be found in Mos Espa. As they all do, the swap meet came to an end, Ubwi and his clan would return home for the storm season. The storm season would allow for the Shaman to consult the Jawa Chief, telling him about the riches that they are destined to have in Mos Espa. The Jawa Chief would eventually agree after consulting with tribe leaders and the clans destiny would be found in the city of Mos Espa. After the long journey to Mos Espa, Ubwi would be restricted even more, now having to stay with the Shaman at all times, almost never leaving the sandcrawlers and going into town. One night however, the doors of the living quarters would be open, Ubwi would seize the opportunity and make the dash. Escaping the sandcrawler and not knowing where to go, the feeling that he had on that overlooking dune at the swap meet, could this be the reason he saw this city? What ever this feeling was, it led him deep into town in the dark of night until he walked straight into a tall man with a large brown cloak and beige robes. Ubwi would see some sort of weapon on the man's belt, it would instantly intrigue him. As the man tried to recuperate, the Jawa unhitched the hilt from the mans belt, allowing for it to land straight into the sand for the Jawa to grab and run, possibly allowing for him to trade it for transport off the planet and to freedom from his Shaman. The man chase the Jawa, eventually cornering him in one of the many alleyways. The man would turn out to be a Jedi Knight returning home to Coruscant. Both Ubwi and the Jedi Knight would recognise this as the will of the force for them to meet. The man offered Ubwi’s passage off of the desert world, to return to Coruscant with him to become a Jedi. Ubwi would feel the same sense of security he felt on the overlooking dune and would agree, allowing for him to break free from his clan. Although he would feel sorrow, Ubwi would see this as an opportunity to bring greatness to his clan. Beginnings as a Jedi & The Clone Wars Ubwi’s introduction was not easy, at least when compared to other races of Jedi. The warm flowing sands that he once had known so well were all but stripped from him and replaced by a sprawling city planet. His early career as a Jedi would see him excel at technical tasks, priding himself on his expertise with ships, lightsaber theory and of course anything to do with scrap as this was a feature many believed to be hardwired into every Jawa. The young Jawa would spend most of his time in the tinkerer's workshop, learning how to create his own lightsaber and focusing a great deal of his Jedi education on the ins and outs of vehicles. The break out of the Clone Wars would impact Ubwi greatly, as it would see him in proper combat, something he held little regard for, but also something he recognised the necessity for. The second battle of Geonosis would be Ubwi’s first proper battle, being assigned to an Armour Battalion with his master, mostly due to their knowledge of machines and the tactics that surrounded them. The hundreds and thousands of droids that lie in the dirt would prove to test Ubwi’s natural temptation, Ubwi would not take a trophy from this battle but a token would be taken from a fallen clone troopers helmet. This token would be a rangefinder fused to a troopers holotags, this would serve to remind Ubwi of the loss the war had caused already.
  2. Tander

    luca ts ban appeal

    Its probably not my place, considering the circumstances that surround me, but my example can be used as evidence as to why he deserves to come back. I've only spoken to you recently and you seem to be really committed to playing Gateway again. I was allowed back in, I don't see why you shouldn't, especially given this determination to return back to the community. +1
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    Oh man do I have some news for you dead boy
  4. We already have all of these on the server I'm pretty certain. It'd be pretty redundant adding them as individual mods. Regardless though, some of them do look pretty well done.
  5. Your Name: Tander Your In-Game Name: PVT 1212 Twelve Highest Clone Rank Achieved: Commander What position are you interested in? Jaro or Ini, Ini is preferable however. Why do you want that position?: Mandalorian roleplay offers an alternate roleplay choice for me, a chance to stray from the traditional clone-esque roleplay style. Mandalorian lore and the roleplay that surrounds. You personally know the extent I know about Mandalorian lore as well as how much effort I put into my characters, I personally feel as though this is an ample opportunity to not only extend my knowledge of Mandalorian lore but also create a roleplay experience that I haven't had on the server at all. Talking to a couple of the Skirata boys, whether it be RC, Clan or Null ARC, I can safely say it'll be a fun environment to roleplay in, which is a large part of why I want to join. Creating a completely unique character on a Clone Wars server is something that is hard to achieve, this will give me a great opportunity to do so, hopefully I can prove that to you. On a more technical side, the ability to use special equipment and being an overall specialist when it comes to movement etc is something that appeals to me. This sort of stuff I got a taste of previously (before the banning), through clan Skirata I feel like I can get a taste of stuff that I previously liked doing. Thank you for taking the time to read my application.
  6. Hi dude, you look nice today.

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    Its obviously galaxies at war again @Tanker can you confirm???
  8. It's there about, I may be wrong however. It's closer to 4 than it is 3. Will amend accordingly.
  9. I have spoken to stooge today, the decision made by him was for me to post an appeal on the forums.
  10. Your In-game Name: Tander Your Steam Profile Link: https://steamcommunity.com/id/ifyoudontfightyoulose Your Steam ID (Find it here) 76561198093372610 _________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Who banned you? Stooge Length of the ban? Permanent Reason The short two sentence version is that I was a staff member who resigned in a pretty bad way who later went on to go on a massive call out spree eventually ending in me being banned. I would later go on to doing some things that would breach people's privacy on the server as well as in a sense edging people to add the owners family. Around January-February 2017, I would resign from Gateway Gaming's event staff team in a /blaze/ of glory by posting a video trying to start "shit" with another staff member called "Monk" this would escalate to a twitch raid of sorts where accusations of pedophilia would be made towards the staff member as well as shots at other staff members as well. Fast forward a couple weeks or months and the House Dronkey steam group would be created in which I would release the phone number of Stooge’s house, (The Facebook) of Stooge as well as saying some incredibly dumb things about Stooge’s family. I wouldn’t however be aware of death threats during this period, nor threats of sexual violence. There was also an incident in which I would order pizza to Stooges house (Ending in him getting free pizza). This was a clear breach of privacy in which I would interfere with sleep as well as causing a nuisance to Stooge himself, this was the final straw All these things combined eventually would eventually get me community banned from Gateway as a whole, it would be here I would be infuriated and begin to continue the ‘strikes' and ultimately make things worse. Why we should unban you. When we get down to it, the main reason why I want to get unbanned is that I want to relive what was such an influential part of my life, (as cliche as that sounds); as well as reliving what was one of the most open minded and friendly parts. The mistakes I made have had a detrimental effect on Stooge's family life during the whole ordeal. I personally believe my ban should be lifted due to the amending I have made with Stooge (In some way) by having a sort of peace talk with him during the height of the 'House Dronkey' attacks and apologising for the things I had done to him, as well as being able to coexist with him on his own servers (ARK Server, this was a while back). I Feel like the contribution I made to the server whilst I was here was up there as I really cared for the server as a whole back then. I understand the mistakes I have made in the time period I have had away from this community and I’m deeply sorry to anyone I could have or have offended during my period of idiocy. Around three or four years have passed since I left/was permanently banned and in these two years I have been able to mature. I’ve been able to think upon the actions that I’ve inflicted unto others within this community, although admittedly most of them have left, moved on or forgotten all about me. I’ve come along way in my own personal development and have been able to move on from the toxic and childish behaviour I once had, mostly due to my involvement with the Army and organisations alike as well as through my involvement in my local church community. I ask that you give me the chance to prove myself to the community so that I can be apart of something I once held close to me, I ask that you give me the chance to show that I have matured and that the child with an inconceivable superiority complex and sense of revenge is gone. Stooge, I understand that you offered me this same opportunity long ago, back then I wasn’t ready to come back, although I made it seem like I was, I really wasn’t. I still held a semi grudge against this community and despite the “peace treaty”. Although having no official sense of rehabilitation from the nihilistic viewpoint in which I took around this server, I have made personal efforts to strive to become a better man. I can safely say that the grudge is gone and that I truly and wholeheartedly want to comeback to Gateway Gaming and be apart of the community once more.
  11. PVT 1161 Hydro Tander Just the Jedi would be awesome!
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