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  1. Your In game name: 2469 Poki Your steam id: STEAM_0:1:70573954 Who banned you: Ajax Length of ban: 2 weeks Reason for ban: Server disrespect, lying to staff, Disconnecting to avoid punishment why we should unban you: HEllo I would lik to play my favorit server Garys mod gaming. I was ban cos i got taze and swap charakter and then was beein funny saying i didnt do it but obvs i did HAHALOL anyway i com back on server and ask for my warn cos i new i was a bad boy but then i got told i was getting more than a warn for swapping to avoid arrest so i say "beatroot was right this server has gone to shit" which is personal opinion but i get ban for 2 week bc of this.
  2. Neato Mosquito


    What sort of idiot flies a banana car through a CO meeting SMH, kids.........
  3. hahahha Skidiki-pap-pap, and a pu pu pudrrrr boom skya, du du ku ku dun dun poom, poom, you dun know TO ATTENTION haha nah at ease bro k
  4. Baby, your poem makes my heart smile I can't wait to see you in a while And although our visits are few and far between I know one day we will be together for eternity Brothers of the army side by side all you fuckboys stop talking to MY guy Abel + Beatroot together 4eva XOXO
  5. Neato Mosquito


    hey there cutie, sorry if that was too forward of me. I just couldn't help but tell you how beautiful you are. Sorry if that offends you I mean no disrespect I'm actually a really nice guy I just get fucked over by girls because most of them are cum spitting whores who go for guys that will treat them like shit instead of a gentleman like me. Sigh. I guess woman still like swag, like wtf is it 2010? Sorry I got off topic it's just that I'm a man of class personally and yeah if you could reply back that'd be like so hot so we can chat and get to know each other haha x
  6. hey babe it's been a while can't wait to stroke your throbbing cock again
    1. Neato Mosquito

      Neato Mosquito

      oh fuck this isnt a private message uhhhhhh how do i delete this, forum staff i need assistance
    2. Beatroot


      got stab shit dood! x
    3. LukeTSD


      my baby Jesus
  7. I knew you would cum back to me papi ha ha see what i did there XD XD :3
  8. How about you don't come into my personal online space with your negativity
    1. Beatroot


      Tbh I agree, you were once a commended soldier and good friend now you have let yourself go, You lack the basis of human connection and it has lead you to be this appearing toxic swine of a human. Bring back the old Ulrik or completely kill this one :)
  9. Is this thing still on how the fuck do I turn off my radio
  10. Oi why did you rank lock me I thought we were bros
  11. Rip my mans maxim all he had to do was keep his hands to himself and he could have had tarkin :( But nah legit can see all my little navy protoges but none of me in any of them....... Probably bc I was Admiral inactive. Fairly certain thats me in the navy uniform at the commanders meeting I would have only been a master chief or so around that time before I got super mass promo to officer to lead navy
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