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  1. @AnnoyingTaco (Herd) Rats go hard as fuck, that caged smokers on the bottom floor is my second home
  2. Fuck off who even are you
  3. Had a few chats with ya way back when. Weren't that bad of a bloke in all honesty. Did some shitty stuff to stooge which is a given, but the intent to come back is there so whats the worst that happens if he's unbanned? He just gets banned again for being a knob head and ruins his chance to come back. Or who knows maybe we get another member of the community who wants to converse and integrate. Yes things done in the past suck but honestly none of these new players would know who tander is and so there wouldn't be bias towards the bloke or any real formed opinions. Its been a while and he could have a fresh start. Although ultimately final decision should be stooges as the wrong was done to him. But in my opinion I say +1 If given the chance just don't fuck it for yourself Edit V1: If he comes back he has as much of a chance of doing some bad to the server as any normal player which is basically RDM or calling someone a naughty name so the risk isn't overly big
  4. Nice dude who is approachable and easy to converse with. Not a push over by any means so is able to do the job effectively whether that be catching and stopping nasty dirty minges or instances of player disputes and all that good stuff that comes with the job. I feel given the role could gel nicely into the current roster of staff we have on the server. It's a +1 from me bud, good luck. But then again what would I know take this with a grain of salt aye Love from your friendly neighborhood Abel x
  5. eetswa, why'd you mention @s8ncaat tho. He's done less than @Zia
  6. Neato Mosquito

    Chef Andy

    Damn bro did you nearly drown? Those things are full of water @Zia @Aussi Edit V1: Didn't see Aussi made the joke already
  7. Your In game name: 2469 Poki Your steam id: STEAM_0:1:70573954 Who banned you: Ajax Length of ban: 2 weeks Reason for ban: Server disrespect, lying to staff, Disconnecting to avoid punishment why we should unban you: HEllo I would lik to play my favorit server Garys mod gaming. I was ban cos i got taze and swap charakter and then was beein funny saying i didnt do it but obvs i did HAHALOL anyway i com back on server and ask for my warn cos i new i was a bad boy but then i got told i was getting more than a warn for swapping to avoid arrest so i say "beatroot was right this server has gone to shit" which is personal opinion but i get ban for 2 week bc of this.
  8. Neato Mosquito


    What sort of idiot flies a banana car through a CO meeting SMH, kids.........
  9. hahahha Skidiki-pap-pap, and a pu pu pudrrrr boom skya, du du ku ku dun dun poom, poom, you dun know TO ATTENTION haha nah at ease bro k
  10. Baby, your poem makes my heart smile I can't wait to see you in a while And although our visits are few and far between I know one day we will be together for eternity Brothers of the army side by side all you fuckboys stop talking to MY guy Abel + Beatroot together 4eva XOXO
  11. Neato Mosquito


    hey there cutie, sorry if that was too forward of me. I just couldn't help but tell you how beautiful you are. Sorry if that offends you I mean no disrespect I'm actually a really nice guy I just get fucked over by girls because most of them are cum spitting whores who go for guys that will treat them like shit instead of a gentleman like me. Sigh. I guess woman still like swag, like wtf is it 2010? Sorry I got off topic it's just that I'm a man of class personally and yeah if you could reply back that'd be like so hot so we can chat and get to know each other haha x
  12. hey babe it's been a while can't wait to stroke your throbbing cock again
    1. Neato Mosquito

      Neato Mosquito

      oh fuck this isnt a private message uhhhhhh how do i delete this, forum staff i need assistance
    2. Beatroot


      got stab shit dood! x
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      my baby Jesus
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