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  2. As evoz said, he wasn't inactive he was at the hospital for 3 weeks with his mate who dropped a weight on his foot So long walon, retirement is good
  3. CPL Poki never forgotten Luchador Loki, the peoples champion Feel like pure shit just want indian cheese hound back
  4. Send me and I'll do it properly, I've got tough ones for the tough guys I've got soft ones for the softies. Rude boy shut up, I'll send the mandem to stab up your clart 0161 Manny on the fookin map ya get me
  5. Abel fail, need I say more. OG Who
  6. Hello pal it is nice to make your acquaintance, my day has been okay thank you for your concern
  7. Hello gamers I'm here to let you all know that I'm gonna try my hand at a comeback, I've had spurts of activity over the years but haven't consistently played since 2016-2017. Lots of the old heads remember this friendly face but making this to say hi to the new guys. I won't be super active all the time but I will be popping in from time to time on the server rather than just TS. So uh yeah howdy I'm ready to take over navy @Bright duty has called us back into action, it has been told in the prophecies
  8. If I'm doing rum on the rocks I go a drop call called mount gay, it's a spiced Barbados rum quite delightful If I'm on for a big one then jameson dry, they're a 1.9 but taste very mellow and easy to put away in bulk
  9. Goodbye and good riddance, another dreg of this community finally at the wicks end. Only a few more corrupt people to go and this community shall be whole again. Ps. I never liked you Pps. Goodbye and good luck luv u long time
  10. @RenTheHen nup that's it, skirata want the $40 back Laters mate
  11. @Magnus as much money as you stole from him for your csgo skins back in the day that got you sent to boarding school
  12. Believe it or not but it was a joke @Ajax
  13. @AnnoyingTaco (Herd) Rats go hard as fuck, that caged smokers on the bottom floor is my second home
  14. Fuck off who even are you
  15. Had a few chats with ya way back when. Weren't that bad of a bloke in all honesty. Did some shitty stuff to stooge which is a given, but the intent to come back is there so whats the worst that happens if he's unbanned? He just gets banned again for being a knob head and ruins his chance to come back. Or who knows maybe we get another member of the community who wants to converse and integrate. Yes things done in the past suck but honestly none of these new players would know who tander is and so there wouldn't be bias towards the bloke or any real formed opinions. Its been a while and he could have a fresh start. Although ultimately final decision should be stooges as the wrong was done to him. But in my opinion I say +1 If given the chance just don't fuck it for yourself Edit V1: If he comes back he has as much of a chance of doing some bad to the server as any normal player which is basically RDM or calling someone a naughty name so the risk isn't overly big
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