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  1. Director Krennic is a part of the server (ISB)
  2. Cya bro, you were a fuckin beast of a bloke and I am going to miss you.
  3. -1 I don't believe that you deserve another chance. You have been banned in the past for being nothing but toxic to everyone and creating a lot more hassle for the entire staff team.
  4. Thank you Nexoit
  5. Can u teach me how to become a "sick cunt"
  6. Anyone need any photos taken?
  7. I'm sure @Stooge will play with you
  8. Ren


    You wouldn't be forced to play it
  9. There is less than a day to go on the ban, I would just wait out the remaining hours and ensure it does not happen again
  10. You were accepted into the order at the age of 16?
  11. -1 I don't believe that you are ready for a position in staff at this point in time, from the interactions I have had with you, your attitude has generally been the problem. I would recommend taking some time to rebuild a positive image in everyone's mind as I feel a lot of similar points from your EM application will pop up here. Good luck however.
  12. +1 While I have not had many interactions with Bright, the few times have always been positive. I can see you fitting into the position of Moderator and the overall staff team well. Good luck with your application.
  13. Epic RP, not standing around for ages waiting for the next round of droids to be spawned in
  14. bit of a snoozeburger if i do say so myself. I'm sure there is better things that could be added to the server
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