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  1. Ren

    Jedi Giveaway #2

    Are you going for Senior Admin again?
  2. I enjoyed the episode but felt that it was all a bit too easy. The way they left it in episode 7 made it feel like they were truely screwed, but then IG-11 comes along and shreds everyone. I also liked that they finally let us see his face in the episode. Although I was expecting him to look exactly like he did, he was still nice to get that out of the way. I saw the ending coming and the dark blade he had was pretty cool, interested to see where that will lead us in season 2. I personally think we will finally find out what species Yoda/Baby Yoda is + find out his real name, since Bob Iger says that he has one.
  3. Disclaimer This thread will contain spoilers for the latest episode of the Disney + original series "The Mandalorian" Episode 8 - Redemption Feel free to use this thread to share your thoughts on the latest episode. What were the highlights? What are your predictions for the next season?
  4. We've found our new server managers guys! Sorry @Alluh
  5. I guess, but you also have to take into account that the fights in the prequels were the Jedi in the "prime" and so they were fast paced and enjoyable to watch, whereas Rey in particular has had barely any training and was acting out of anger (with kylo, just matching her swings) I think the biggest thing that annoyed me was that Finn was shown to be somewhat force sensitive, which has sort of been confirmed by JJ Abrams in an interview, apparently he was going to tell Rey he was force sensitive rather than what everyone thought it was going to be.
  6. If i recall correctly, @Ajax and yourself had a conversation regarding your friends using exploits to kick people off the server, in that conversation, you were unwilling to provide details on how they were doing it, despite knowing yourself. This, along with the past you have had with the community as @Richard mentions gives me no confidence in you being an effective, trustworthy staff member. -1
  7. oh, so you didn't get the role that you wanted? bro, I see who the real Aussie is now. Cya later
  8. All of my thoughts have already been stated multiple times so I'll keep mine brief. The entire time you have been on the server, you have done nothing but show a disregard for the rules and how your behaviour affects the enjoyment of others. I hope that you are not unbanned any time soon.
  9. Please list the hours from any names you have used, the link provided shows every player who had "part" in their name. Please revise your answer to this question, the question is stating that someone that you have already warned is contesting said warn and starts to verbally abuse you. While this is the usual reaction to this type of situation, you could also tp the player to a secluded area and discuss the threat with the user to determine whether it is serious or not before taking appropriate action. I would also recommend going through the application and fixing any grammatical errors . Neutral
  10. Ren

    Hello Lads

    what the hell!!!! Welcome to the forums other Ren
  11. Director Krennic is a part of the server (ISB)
  12. Cya bro, you were a fuckin beast of a bloke and I am going to miss you.
  13. -1 I don't believe that you deserve another chance. You have been banned in the past for being nothing but toxic to everyone and creating a lot more hassle for the entire staff team.
  14. Thank you Nexoit
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