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  1. Ren

    Passive RP.

    Thanks bro, didn't know
  2. I think there should be a !rules command. I just think that needing to tick a box that "acknowledges" you'ver read the rules is excessive
  3. The same could be said about going through the rules in training
  4. It wouldn't really be acknowledged though. Half the staff team dont know what the rules are. If it were me I'd just look for a checkbox and tick it without reading anything.
  5. It seems like a lot of unnecessary effort. Having the rules in a command + them needing to go through the rules during training would be more than enough.
  6. That would probably just drive the player away. I feel like a simple !rules command along with possibly putting the rules on the loading screen as well would be fine.
  7. Ahhh so you mean that thing where you cant press accept until you grab the scroll bar and drag it to the bottom so it thinks you've read the terms
  8. OmG sKiRaTa ClAn Is A bOiS gRoUp
  9. Bro this isnt instagram. Laters
  10. the classic s8ncaat weekend bender
  11. Ngl you're one of the worst minges
  12. The main server barely lasts a day without crashing ahahahahahahha
  13. Redacted went out with 2016 x
  14. oi thanks for commenting on a post from April man
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