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  1. Hey everyone, For those of you who play on the Clone Wars, you would have seen the new HUD that was rolled out. We have already seen some initial feedback regarding the redesign and wish for everyone who plays on either server to have input on what they would like to see. For reference, the current HUD on the Clone Wars is: The Previous HUD (Current on Imperial RP) looks as follows: We are also currently looking at is allowing more customisation, similar to what has been introduced for the current Clone Wars HUD, please let us know if this is something you would like to be expanded upon further. Feel free to comment on this thread with your thoughts about the HUD design, we are looking for actual feedback however, comments such as "HUD looks like crap" don't assist us in designing the best possible options. Please also leave some suggestions what you would like to have appear on your screen, Defcon, ammo / reserve, compass etc. Looking forward to hearing your feedback!
  2. Before commenting on a mod app - Please make sure that your comment is relevant the application and the applicant's performance in game. Comments that have no relation to either will be removed.
  3. Models are still being finished - this is just an example of the new models coming onto the server
  4. Just adding to what Serbo has already stated - repeated off topic commenting on this moving forward will result in warns / your forums account being banned.
  5. I feel like you could expand on your answer here, you have not really covered what the question is actually asking. Try to comment on the events that you have participated in and what made these events stand out enough for you to submit an application for Event Master. Grungy has summed this up pretty well. While this is how some people may feel in this situation, as a member of the staff team, you would be a direct representation of Gateway. I would recommend taking some time to think over a better solution to this question. Once again, this could be expanded quite a bit, starting the question off with "Off the fly" is not the best way to begin answering this question. Take some time to work through this question and figure out what you want to happen in your event as I noticed you used the word "could" several times throughout. As the prompt does suggest, try to include details of the maps, what planet we are going to, passive RP elements of your event (interrogations, negotiations etc). Best of luck with your application!
  6. Who said you're getting on the team Back to the application, there has been some great feedback provided so far by Morph and Clarkson, I would definitely recommend going back over some of the successful applications, they can help if you are struggling to understand one of the questions. Another great suggestion with Grammarly, parts of the application were difficult to follow so if you can go back through your application - it will come across a lot better for those reading through it. Best of luck with your application!
  7. Ren

    Custom Squad

    Hey Peace, Best to reach out to the Server Manager for whichever server you are wanting this on, they will be able to discuss the possibilities of the squad being implemented and pricing etc.
  8. Hey man do you want to watch batman? Add me back on facey pls xox


    1. s8n


      We are waiting for you to come watch Batman, please hurry!

  9. Maybe we can run community wide training on interrogation tactics @Twat (Bill) @Gforce
  10. Hey guys, Wanting to bring light to something that I believe is a very serious matter that needs to be addressed... ITS @s8n's BIRTHDAY!!!!!!!!!! Everyone please wish the caat a very big happy birthday, he puts a lot of effort into this community making sure that the server's are as fun as possible for all of us star wars nerds to shoot droid and rebel. Enjoy the day sir, just remember to submit an LOA in the discord
  11. Congratulations to @Corvus on obtaining the role of Carnor Jax!
  12. Applications have now closed
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