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  1. Watching Humbug run through training sessions, if applied to a larger scale would make him a great EM. The event idea itself is pretty solid, as Alluh said if you do have captured enemies or anything like that. Let it spill over into passive rp, medical stuff for the medics, interrogations for the Coruscant Guard, this is where some regiments thrive. So instead of plopping him off quickly, let the regiments roll with their rp. Otherwise, +1
  2. Welcome to the server.
  3. It needed to be done, it was getting absurd how many people we're having such a powerful weapon. Defs should be few and far between for players on the server.
  4. +1, Well made, good all round. I really want to steal that Stealth mode PAC from you.
  5. Coric


    Howdy Partner, welcome to the forums.
  6. You were a great EM and the staff team'll take a major loss without you. Thank you for everything you have done, hope to see you on the server in the near future.
  7. Had to change a fair few things since the previous one to make some more sense in lore. I'll be adding more relationships when I rp with people's characters in-game. If anyone finds anything wrong with it, or has any questions, please feel free to ask.
  8. Academy of Jedi Archaeology Member Information MEMBER DETAILS: Full Name: Katar Alee Vii Species: Epicanthix Planet of Birth: Muunilist Age: 20 Build: Lithe Appearance: Narrow eyes, Long Black Hair, Full Beard, Frequently changing robe colour depending on environment. Saber Colour(s): Bronze, Green. Rank: Knight Padawans: Yes (Geso Konshi) No. Jedi Master: Grand Master Yoda Known Languages (Spoken/Audibly understood) Basic, Sith, Droidspeak Known Languages (Written/Can read): Aurebesh/Basic, Mando'a, Sith, Rodian, Togruta, Hutese ROLE WITHIN THE ACADEMY Knight Katar is one of the twelve members within the Academy who's role is to seek out dangerous artifacts from previous era's, ascertain as much knowledge from these artifacts, then either destroy the artifact or neutralize it so it's threatening nature is lost. Knight Katar has been selected for this role due to his species natural mental fortification against force domination and tricks, combined with his own personal training, Knight Katar can be tasked to deal with extremely corrupting artifacts without succumbing. Katar has been set to use Venator P-003 due to it's access and reach across the Galaxy, and is expected to aid the "Gateway" task-forces where possible in terms of research. BACKSTORY YOUNGLING: Katar was born on the bustling planet of Muunilist, the home the Inter-galactic Banking Clan and an economic powerhouse within the galaxy. Katar had been taken into the Jedi Order at the age of four, being lost from his parents and found by a Jedi Knight. Raised on the temple of Coruscant, Katar was a firm believer of the Jedi Code and it's ideals, amazed by the wisdom of Grand Master Yoda, Katar idealized the Grand Master, and sought to be by his side whenever he was permitted. PADAWAN: Passing into Padawan-ship, Katar was accepted as a padawan for Grand Master Yoda. However, Katar found the experience to be lacking. With the beginnings of the Clone Wars starting to stir, and with the pressure of running the entire Jedi Order, Katar found there was little time for Yoda to act as his Master. As a result, Katar spent most of his time hidden in the Jedi Archives and found a love for the ancient texts which were hidden there. These years before the clone wars began, Katar's natural resistance to mental attacks was discovered. As the opening days of the Clone Wars begun, Katar alongside many Padawans saw their first glimpse of full-scale war, Katar found a disdain for open combat, disliking the brutal and unpredictable chaos that contrasted greatly with his sheltered temple life. During the final days of his Padawan stage, and the first few months of the clone wars Katar was stationed alongside several Jedi, including Knight Kopak and Knight Skywalker. During an engagement with a self-tutored Sith, Katar witnessed Skywalker violate the code numerous times, culminating in Knight Skywalker killing the Sith by dropping him from a cliff-face. This shattered Katar's idealistic vision of the Jedi Order, and began to see, in his eyes, it's many flaws. KNIGHT: Katar grew bitter and hostile throughout his early days of Knighthood, wanting to distance himself from the frontlines of the war, Katar joined our Academy of Archaeology. Although proving himself to be an adequate scholor, and gaining several creditentials, Katar was constrained on Coruscant, and despite his reluctance was assigned to his now current division. At the same time, Katar was given a padawan. A female Kiffar named Geso Konshi. Throughout these years Katar and his Padawan both became experts in their respective fields, Katar's mood lightened drastically, and was considered jovial and friendly to members on the ship. As the clone wars raged on, and phase two was well under-way, Katar's family re-surfaced to him, becoming major monetary and political CIS-backers, gaining wealth through weapons manufacturing for the war. Katar's family demanded he abandoned the Jedi Order and returned to family and aid in the running of the family industry. When he dismissed their offer Katar's family hired bounty hunters, who kidnapped Geso Konshi, holding her as as extortion for Katar's surrender. Katar alongside a small detatchment of clone troopers went to rescue his Padawan. The mission culminated in Katar's family critically injuring his Padawan and the death of his family. Geso's damage saw her permanently left in a crippled state, with the wounds too great and unable to continue her Padawanship Geso was forced to leave the order. Katar was re-tasked onto P-0003, and now mostly operates solo for the Academy, continuing his work, although his bitterness and hostility returning to him. KNOWN RELATIONSHIPS: Grand Master Yoda: Even after all this time, Katar still holds a deep, passionate respect for his master. He still sees his seemingly infinite wisdom a goal to reach. Master of the Order Mace Windu: Katar respects Mace Windu's cautious nature, and although his interaction with him are limited, he sees his cautious nature as a smart and rationale. The Clone Army: Katar is apathetic to the majority of the clone army, seeing the more tools of his research than anything else. Geso Konshi: Katar grew extremely close to his Padawan during their ventures together, and sees her akin to family. Corporal Ace: Ace's interactions with Sith Artifacts saw him easily overwhelmed, Katar seems him as feeble minded and worries he may damage the ship. Anakin Skywalker: Skywalker shattered Katar's view of the Jedi Order, Katar sees Anakin as barely a Jedi aims to avoid him and his padawan where possible. MSG Bright: Katar was actively impressed with Bright's efforts and his aid with helping him unlock a holocron, and sees him as a trusted aid. Dead| Death Wish | Hatred | Disliked | Untrusted | Indifferent | Acquaintance | Liked | Friend | Best Friend
  9. I do apologize for not getting around to this sooner, but a definite +1 from me. The application is well-written and every experience I've had with you has been positive. I think you definitely deserve shot at moderator.
  10. This is it chief, shut it down folks. Nobody can top this guy.
  11. Ignoring the "Companies can't have companies", cause there can be squadrons/detatchments. Why would a stealth unit need airborn? Like, wouldn't the sound of jetpacks be a giant giveaway that you're there? Doesn't seem to fit their style
  12. Adios Amigo. Thank you for everything you've done.
  13. +1, Applications very well written and formatted. Buck himself is a great guy, and I think you'd be amazing on the staff team.
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