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  1. It's going to be a re-written ROTJ
  2. Farewell man. You were easily the dankest pilot CO.
  3. In all seriousness, thank you all staff/em's for volunteering your time to staff on this server, you guys make sure alot of people have a great experience.
  4. Coric

    Its Me Myth

    Welcome chief.
  5. The better course of action would be to appeal to Fox ( @Chunky ) directly instead of having it on an open section on the forums. Given he's the CO, he should be able to make a fair decision based off your appeal.
  6. Coric

    Spotify Wrapped

    I honestly thought it'd be longer before someone notices that.
  7. User is to be placed on a 2 week trial
  8. Denied User has left the Server
  9. User is to be placed on a 2 week trial
  10. Denied You may Re-Apply in one Month
  11. Accepted This will be your final chance, any further minging or issues caused will be met with swift punishment.
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