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  1. Farewell brother, you did so much for this community it's pretty hard to grasp. Now you can sacrifice what's left of your time to the Woolworths overloards.
  2. How your description says you look: How your model looks: cool bio tho
  3. At the moment this application is a bit lacking, it needs a lot more detail and demonstration of ulx commands. You obviously have experience, but it should be shown through the application. I hope you can edit it up and throw this in. Neutral, for now Best of luck brother.
  4. Hey Kesteron, so for this application I'm going to have to leave a neutral. The application needs abit more detail, mainly in ulx commands. You do have experience moderating other servers, so try and flex it right here. Colour coding and giving more examples will put that extra-mileage in here. Best of luck with it fam.
  5. Thanks to Gadeszy for making this. An optional template only, you are welcome to make your own.
  6. # ... Entering alias # ... Alias accepted # ... Enter secret # ... Secret enabled # ... Access granted to Inquisitorius Archives GENERAL INFORMATION Full Name: Known Alias’/Nicknames: Previous Occupation: Current Occupation: Known Languages: Hobbies: Alignment: PSYCHOLOGICAL INFORMATION Mental State: Likes: Dislikes: Personality: PHYSICAL INFORMATION/DISABILITIES Physical State: Age: Weight: Build: Disabilities: Appearance: INQUISITOR INFORMATION Rank: Main Combat Forms: Extra Details (Optional) BACKSTORY -Insert-
  7. A good guy, and a great help on the server +1
  8. The eye reflections are bugging me out
  9. Always abit hard to fully evaluate things like this around Christmas/New Years as numbers are gonna be wacky. But even then, giving people more things to-do will always do well, I'll mill about on my event slot and keep various channels interested where possible.
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