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  1. Really poor advice. Worry about feedback, if it's given well, then it's invaluable. Take it constructively and hopefully improve.
  2. Strokes are no joke, if you believe you or a loved one is suffering from a stroke please call triple zero. Did good before, should be good again. +1
  3. -1, These pacs are really bare-bone and generic and really a dime a dozen. Try mixing it up with something interesting/fresh
  4. ARC need a Jedi Temple, what are you talking bout. But all I'd say is, make sure there are bathrooms. I really tire of the shiny rant/protest that there are no toilet facilities on base.
  5. Accepted Please note that the Server Staff will not tolerate poor behavior. Misconduct will lead to an instant re-ban.
  6. Coric

    Banned. : (

    Denied/Ban Expired
  7. You able to provide some more information for me mate? How long has it been, roughly. Palskies (Omo) is an older user who hasn't played in a while, so if it is about the time-frame I think it is it should be more than a fair enough time. Edit: For the meantime, I'll allow the community to give their opinion and decide.
  8. Name: 4423 Coric Regiment: 501st Sub Company: Torrent Rank: Sergeant Attitude: INTENSE
  9. It's kind of strange, it's 8 episodes in and people are expecting a GOT replacement. I thoroughly enjoyed whenever Henry Cavil was on screen, he played Geralt really well, all his adventures with Jaskier I really enjoyed and thought were the highlights of the series. Sword fights were dope and hope to see more of them. Found Yennefer's plot to drag abit, I stopped caring by the final magic defense thing. I'm familiar with the books and played the games, but holy shit this would be so confusing for someone entering blindly. The show does not really hold your hand at all, kind of just leaves you to guess what a Witcher is, what they can do (Signs are never explained), probably makes it hard to dive into without knowledge. I did like the jumping time-lines though, considering you got the piece together where the hell you were as the story progressed, kept me focused on background or less major details considering nobody important ages. I enjoyed it, and think it has a really solid foundation to propel into an excellent show, especially considering it's done well so Netflix will probably throw more money at it.
  10. I would strongly recommend looking at previously accepted applications on both CW and Imperial to get an idea of what's standard. The application needs a fair bit of beefing out, I know it probably comes across as tedious but it is an important display of the effort you willing to put into the staffing role alongside other things. Furthermore, use that link to get a good idea on how ulx works, showing it in an applications has more or less become standard at this point.
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