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  1. No longer a Navy boy, so if they think my suggestion is dumb feel free to tell me so. But I always thought a cool idea is to have mock Venator bridges, that give the illusion they're in orbit above Anaxes. (EG. Standard Venator bridge that they can teleport into.) gives them the best of both worlds with base/ship rp.
  2. But a pretty good episode even for a filler. Enjoyed it, plenty of cool scenes.
  3. *Something Interesting happens* That guy: Okay everyone clear away, stop watching, get back this is for <their regiment only>. Stay away, go stand guard.
  4. /comms [>Command] *Narrating every small detail I see*
  5. Hi there Truce. Great app, and I think you'd do well as a t-mod a few things I think you should fix up. Firstly, give your application a once-over. Few grammatical/cohesion errors littered about that make some funny mistakes, but should be tidied for the mod application. Although the base points are covered depth always works in these answers, going off on "what if's" and the such always make an application shine. But you seem like a great guy and you are extremely active, +1 from me.
  6. # ... Entering alias # ... Alias accepted # ... Enter secret # ... Secret enabled # ... Access granted to Jedi Archives PROFILE PICTURE GENERAL INFORMATION Full Name: Jack Ocheron Previous Occupation: N/A Current Occupation: Jedi Padawan Known Languages (Spoken): Galactic Basic, Bocce, Rudimentary understanding of other common dialects Known Languages (Written): Aurebesh PHYSICAL INFORMATION Physical State: Fit Species: Atoan/Human Age: 18 Weight: 74 kg Height: 1.83 Meters Disabilities/Physical Anomalies: Two hearts due to Atoan heritage. Appearance: Donning standard brown Jedi Robes, covering a burgundy vest typical of Jedi Padawans. Clipped across his chest is a belt carrying various satchels of salvaged technology and droid parts. Mostly crammed in these satchels without rhyme or reason. Jack's face is relatively smooth, with little wearing from natural elements serving as indicators to his spacer upbringing, Jack possess fair, mid-length hair and faded brown eyes. Clipped onto the back of his hair is the Jedi Padawan braid. JEDI INFORMATION Rank: Jedi Padawan Master(s): Knight Sooker Lightsaber details: Jack possess one main saber fabricated formally from a lightsaber crafting session with Kit Fisto. A vibrant red and white hilt atypical of the standard metallic silver saber, the saber hilt is purposely lightweight, with the hilt itself being flexible in one's hand. The saber holds a deep blue kyber crystal and possesses heavy duty regulators designed for a great-saber. The heavy duty regulators and light hilt cause the saber to 'kick' on ignition, however the increased durability that these parts give are considered a warranted trade-off for Jack. Jack's second saber is an unregistered second saber crafted with a mash of ship and scavenged droid parts. The saber is rudimentary in design, with exposed parts and wires. The covering is limited and the saber evidently shows that it is still a work in progress, the kyber crystal is a yellow kyber crystal. Which was originally earned during his gathering. Combat style: Jack employs a large variety of forms, being taught form II as a response to the re-emergence of the Sith, he also employs elements of form IV and VI when in combat, resulting in a widely-varied, unpredictable yet unrefined fighting style. BACKSTORY Born as the youngest on a space-station to parents of security contractors, Jack's family moved frequently around from station to station. Jack was exposed to a wide-variety of what the Galaxy had to offer from early on. With an industrious family, Jack was left to his own devices by the time he could walk only monitored by a somewhat under-powered droid. Accompanied by the various droids of the station Jack quickly gained a natural affinity for the way that droids worked, able to operate and perform general upkeep checks on nearby droids. Jack was found by a Jedi Recruiter at the age of five, who was visiting his residing space-station as a supply-stop. Found by using the force to suspend objects as he tinkered with droids, his parents sold by the idea that the Jedi Order could provide a stable and comfortable life for the child and develop his abilities. Further enticed by the hefty sum that was offered for the child, the child was swept away into a life of the Jedi Order. Placed in Bear Clan, Jack's initiate period saw him quickly placed into the tutelage of the Artisans, finding himself being taught the mechanisms of how the temple and the items of the Jedi Order worked internally. Jack's gathering saw him, to the surprise of little following the path of The Sentinel. Learning further into developing into an Artisan. Through this time, Jack developed a sense of bravado, his combat training often becoming slight performances, with minor boasting and a quickly evolving wit. Jack now has a mock overconfidence, often making light jokes of otherwise serious situations, regardless of the reception. Otherwise, he possesses a strong belief in his own abilities and will be sure to let others know of this.
  7. No matter where you are, CG will always be there to stop inappropriate rail jumping.
  8. Pends on how strong the writers make Superman given he can Push the sun around/Punch Through Realities when they want him to. But unless Vader has Kryptonite Vader is dead.
  9. Thanks for the gold kind stranger!
  10. Hit me up, have made no progress on it. But happy to be carried.
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