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  1. Coric


    My guess, it's the official announcement for Gateway Gaming Springfield RP.
  2. +1 worthy of the position, good attitude and did well last time. Good luck
  3. These responses are really short. I understand a moderator application is somewhat monotonous to write, but it does the display the willingness you have to-do tasks that may not be happy to-do and quite simply, it shows the effort you are willing to put into staff and the server as a whole. The shortness of the application suggests low effort. If this is not your attitude I'd recommend adding more detail, -1 until more effort is put in the application.
  4. We need more cooking tutorials.
  5. Welcome back, try not to minge too hard.. Please.
  6. Thanks for making a unban appeal, please remember to use the following temple for convenience sake: From there it will make it easier for staff to narrow down what happened and where to go from there. Good luck.
  7. Been a fun ride folks, but I need to focus on stuff in real life, and have been needing to for a long-time now. A shoutout to all the guys on the staff team, you are absolute heroes and make this community thrive. So, adios amigos
  8. Coric

    Chef Andy

    I sometimes forget to cook my meat properly.... Great work mate, would love to eat some of that
  9. Denied, Under Minimum required time. Please remember that when prompted for the playtime we are asking in regards to the server, not Garry's Mod. You may reapply in one months time.
  10. User has withdrawn their application.
  11. This application is very much on the short side and I'd recommend placing more detail on it. Furthermore, even if you are repeating ulx commands knowing the command itself is only half the battle. The other half is knowing when to use them, I'd recommend you place those in your application as well. I personally have no idea who you are, but that may just be me. I'd recommend throwing yourself into teamspeak channels you have never been to before. Holding off on a vote now until I can see you in game.
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