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  1. No matter where you are, CG will always be there to stop inappropriate rail jumping.
  2. Pends on how strong the writers make Superman given he can Push the sun around/Punch Through Realities when they want him to. But unless Vader has Kryptonite Vader is dead.
  3. Thanks for the gold kind stranger!
  4. Hit me up, have made no progress on it. But happy to be carried.
  5. @Bobby-1 Make sure this guys name steers clear of Authoritarian leaders.
  6. Hey everybody, second time I've done this but this probably will be for good. As can probably be indicated I'm leaving Gateway and my roles. Been in this Community for awhile and seen it shift and change, I hope it continues onwards and does well. As to why I am leaving, I feel there's nothing really left for me to-do here. As far as a Video game goes, I've done everything and been everywhere and as much as I enjoyed creating the experience for others I feel as though what I do on the server and what people want don't line up perfectly. Personally, I'm not for big lists of shoutouts because I know I'll forget someone and the people I've gotten along with on this server are too long to list. So, I'll just give a short shoutout to @Linguine who will most likely be filling my boots, and to the rest of the lads in Management who often spend nights talking about plans for the server. Thanks to everyone who made my time on the server great, and I hope you guys continue to keep enjoying Gateway Gaming into the future. Note: If you have any kit changes that you had asked me personally to complete, please forward them onto a member of RHC as I will not be doing that myself. Also, if anyone wants to carry me on Valorant, hit up my discord
  7. Locked If this is a serious report, please re-complete it as I have specified above. Thank you
  8. Is this a serious report? If so please clean up a few things. Firstly, ensure the spelling of the reporter is correct. Remove the image at the bottom and provide a screenshot of some sort of the ban over text if possible. If not, please notify me. Otherwise this will be treated as a proper report.
  9. Yeah we had something like this, but it yeeted folks everywhere. Broke more than it fixed.
  10. Hello everybody! By a very tight margin, the server timeline will be set to Season 4. This will have a very minor impact to the changes on the server and most of you will probably not notice. If this doesn't affect you all you need to know is the following, the current is 20 BBY, and we are Season 4, Episode 4 "Shadow Warrior". This is prior to the events on Umbara, so all characters who fall there are now considered fine. For convenience, I've divided it up into 3 sections. Deceased/Removed: These characters will no longer be donate-able for. They are either dead or inaccessible. If you already have one of these characters, do not worry. Nobody will be forced out of a role they have already donated for. However, you will be the last person in that role, after you leave it will become inaccessible. Revived: These characters were previously killed off, or put in limbo prior to this change. They are now accessible to be used (even if they were used anyway before). Limbo: Ideally I will not need to use this, but if a character slips through my grate I'll add it to here until it goes into a definitive category. Deceased/Removed: Havoc (ARC) Echo (CF99/501st) Colt (ARC) The Son, The Father, The Daughter (Gods? I don't know) Revived: Adi Gallia (Jedi) Fives (501st) Waxer (7th Sky Corps) Thorn (Coruscant Guard) Cad Bane (Enemy): Was killed by Boba Fett. Darth Maul (Enemy): Was imprisoned by Palpatine. Savage Opress (Enemy): Was killed by Palpatine. Pre Vizla (Enemy): Was beheaded by Maul. Satine Kryze (Plot Device): Was killed by Maul. Limbo: N/A (Yet) Overall, these changes are pretty minor. However it does mean we can be consistent and fair on what we approve and deny in the future. Thank you all for your votes and hopefully these changes co-ordinate everything and remove any confusion.
  11. A state of mind we could never fully comprehend.
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