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  1. Just the one for now, not the richest person in the world
  2. Jedi Tryouts (Yay) Myself and @Lunar have been aiming to host Jedi tryouts for awhile now so... Friday the 26th after the 8:30, (6 days from now) We'll be doing Jedi tryouts. We'll be testing a bunch of things, 90% of it will be roleplay based, and we'll be looking for those who can do good rp over those who can leap good. SGT+ is required for you to tryout, exceptions may be granted if you are a well-known member of the community. Best of luck to everyone! (and no, if you already have Jedi you cannot tryout.)
  3. I shall make my best attempt to minge as hard as possible for footage.
  4. A stranger issue. I'll ask a couple of questions first: What's the quality of your computer? It seems to be the two areas you are describing are areas that display the total map and thus all players in it. For most, this is a dip in frames but I doubt it'd be in the realm of impossiblity for everything to fry out and your game to die. Secondly, is this solely on this server/map? Or is this a common issue across all GMOD servers you play on?
  5. Can't believe my side rp got turned into this. Absolutely dope, thanks for the read.
  6. > Decides on Mygeeto Campaign > Realise there are basically zero good snow maps on the server. > Bluff
  7. He basically lives on the server, a mature and responsible member. +1, from me.
  8. A smol +1 I'd suggest increasing the detail in your responses, possibly having branching situations clearly defined. EDIT: Just a general +1, Astro is more than fit for the staff team in my opinion.
  9. I simply do not believe you have been back on the server long enough to disprove this drop-in/drop-out perception that the community, including myself has of you. I'd recommend giving it more time and re-establishing yourself in the community before going for staff. -1
  10. Dammit, terrible timing. I'm not in Victoria around then :S
  11. Some Doctor Strange stuff going on with those Meditation Circles. (You got to teach me how to-do that) +1
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