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  1. These are absolute quality.
  2. Read through it again my guy. It needs to be in hours and only hours.
  3. Choog is cool. Good staff member, good app. Would be a great mod +1
  4. It's pretty much been said, but this application isn't even the minimum to get in. I would strongly suggest a thorough review, I'll try and create a list on what you need to fix: Playtime: Currently, it's approximately 24 years. Now given that's longer then Steam as a platform has existed, let alone GMod or GG. You probably wanna fix that. "In a minimum of 50 words": These questions need fleshing out, currently they don't hit 50 words. Re-read the "Do you understand what you need to-do as a staff member", I'm surprised you can even submit the app with that set as No. Highlight your ulx commands with different text colours. Like this !bring Coric Fix your grammar/clarity of writing. Even if you paste it into a google doc, that can move it up to passable standards. These are kind of just the basics. I would recommend fleshing out your questions as well. If not for this app, a future one. Don't be afraid to reach out to people if you need help making an application, but currently this one just shows a complete lack of effort. -1 from me, sorry.
  5. More than a fair point. There's a couple faces around here I still haven't met or gotten to know. But I'll continue to try and change that with time.
  6. Player information: Current in-game alias and or ranks: Knight Simu Cask. Previous notable Names/Ranks/Positions: Yoda/Yularen, Head Admin, Server Manager (Not for long however) SteamID: STEAM_0:0:59626797 Steam profile Link: https://steamcommunity.com/id/outtatimeouttanames Discord ID (Not compulsory): Coric#4324 List your current playtime (in hours) on our Clone Wars RP servers (Main and Event server): 2000+ Hrs. What is your age? (Minimum of 14 years of age): 20 Do you have any active warnings? (Confirm with a staff member if unsure): No. Application: - TeamSpeak is an essential platform used by all staff members to communicate to each other and the community. A majority of your presence (including activity) will be determined by your availability on TeamSpeak. Do you have it installed? Yes. - What made you decide to join the staff team? What are your intentions with the staffing role and it's in-game abilities and power? In earnest, I really enjoy being in the role. Being able to help other people out, and ensuring that people on the server are enjoying themselves is just as important to me as any of the RP that goes on. I don’t have any sort of intention of reinventing the wheel, but I intend on being a solid and reliable member of the staff team. Furthermore, being available and helpful wherever I can to the wider Gateway Gaming community. - In a minimum of 50 words, express if and / or how you enjoy helping others? Also include how this will transfer into the staffing role if achieved. I absolutely enjoy helping others. From setting up RP situations to keep people on the server entertained, resolving disputes, to doing simple legwork (tools, spawns, etc), to ensure that the server is running smoothly. While it is not a particularly bold statement, I believe this server runs at it’s best when the staff team can take two steps back and let the players have their fun, only acting as a guiding hand to enhance their experience, not dictate it. - In a minimum of 50 words, if given a trial phase, how will you impact the community and what benefits will you bring to the staff team? While I would like to say giving me t-mod would solve all of the server's problems, and have unfathomable benefits to the staff team, in reality my impact won’t be huge. As I’ll just be a small cog in an already operating staff team. But, I would be a reliable and consistent staff member and would be able to lean on my ample experience for any unexpected challanges. In other words, I would be a solid and reliable staff member. I would do my job, do it consistently and do it well. - Conditions: Do you understand that as a member of the Staff Team, your position may be subject to change and / or termination should you not be performing to a given standard? This standard is varied, although a minimum of 20 hours per week is strongly advised. Do you understand that your application’s comments from other staff members are encouraged to be directed as harsh constructive criticism only and should never be intended to insult or discourage? Of course. I’ve always seen being able to respond to feedback as one of the critical parts of being a staff member and I am always keen to improve myself. I’m always open and happy for a chat via. Discord, so if you have any feedback general or specific you can always reach me there. - Scenarios: NB. All questions here are being approached from the perspective of a Moderator and their suite of powers. Key: Green Text: Staff Commands. Orange Text: Command inputs (Ban justification, etc.). Blue Text: Speech. - A user is RDMing and insulting other users. You are the only staff available to deal with the situation. What do you do? The first call of action is removing the offending player from the scene, in order to not further damage the experience of other players. This could either be done by !bring User if I am already in an appropriate location, followed by a !freeze User, if appropriate (eg. I am at risk of being RDM’d myself). If I'm in an area that is unsuitable for a staff situation (Crowded, highly visible, etc.), !freeze User user would occur first, then via. administrate I would move myself to an isolated location and then !bring User, if I am unlikely to be RDM’d and the player is unable to cause further trouble I would then unfreeze the offending player. Rationale being that players generally are more co-operative and friendly if the entire ulx command list isn’t dropped on their head. At this point, I would ask the player: “What’s going on? Why are you RDM’ing and insulting other players?” While the offending player is giving their response, I would use that time to search through /logs. Looking for the amount of RDM, and gathering any evidence of the insults. (Especially if it has been through private messages.) Lastly. I would check through the players !warns to see if this is a repeat issue. From here my response would be dictated by these factors: i.) The total amount of RDM (how many people, over what period of time?) ii.) The severity of the ‘insults’. (Were slurs used? Were the insults directed at someone?) iii.) Their co-operativeness with staff. (Are they continuing to cause trouble while in the sit?) iv.) Previous warnings. For the sake of brevity, it will be broken down into three scenarios: Minor, Moderate and Severe. Scenario 1: Minor If the incident is minor in nature, then provide a !warn would be most appropriate. Firstly, I would inform the user of the rules that they have broken “Please understand that killing people without reason and insults are against the servers rules, if you’re unfamiliar with these rules I can provide you a link to their page and go through them with you”. From here I would warn the user: !warn User RDM x1 | Player abuse. If they are new or uncertain I would explain to the user what a !warn is, and then !return User. I would keep a distant monitor on the offending player, to ensure they don’t break any further rules. Scenario 2: Moderate If the incident is moderate in nature, then a !warn supplemented with a !kick or a !ban would be the most appropriate course of action. The situation would then follow very similarly to Scenario 1, until the player would normally be returned.. From here I would explain my rationale to the player, ”I apologise but you will be receiving a kick/ short ban for your actions. (IF BAN), if you wish to appeal this ban you can do so on our forums.” From here I would: !ban User <Time> RDM x[AMOUNT] | Player Abuse | Appeal at: https://www.gatewaygaming.net.au/forums OR !kick User RDM x[AMOUNT] | Player Abuse | Please read the rules on rejoin. Scenario 3: Severe This would follow Scenario 2, very similarly, however the supplementary action would always be a ban and for a longer period. If the user is continuing the disrupt the player-base even in the situation, (eg. Spamming racial slurs in OOC) the process may be expedited with the user being banned immediately, then warns and the such being given after. - A user has contested a warn you have given him and proceeds to verbally abuse you, what do you do? As said before, being able to take feedback and accept you’re in the wrong is a key value for being a staff member, and one I aim to possess. The first thing I would do is reach out to the user, if they are willing I would !bring User, and attempt to discuss the situation with them. Scenario 1: User is friendly/Co-operative. Firstly I would hear the user out again, if possible I would ask for a senior or another member of staff to come in and act as a third party “@ Hey, would someone be able to TP in here User’s story out, just check I’ve made the right call on the warn”. I would then !bring User. If I believe I acted wrongly, I would apologise to the afflicted player and contact a Senior Staff member to remove the warn. If I believe my actions were in the right, then I would apologise that we couldn’t see eye to eye, but insist the warn is final. Scenario 2: User is hostile/unresponsive. I would firstly !bring User, then through !gag/!mute I would stop the user from their tirade. I would explain that further insults will result in further !warns or an !ban. I would explain that if they wish to appeal the matter they can reach out to a Senior Staff member, providing discord links and contact methods where possible. If the situation continues, routine punishment would occur depending on severity. - A user has threatened to DDos and take down the server. What do you do? Gateway has always had “Zero Tolerance” for DDos threats. Unfortunately for the user, there is little wiggle room in this approach. First, I would !bring User. From there I would explain the situation: “I’m afraid that Gateway has a zero tolerance policy towards DDos threats of any kind, even as a joke. You’ll be issued with a permanent ban. If you wish to appeal this, I can give you the forum link.” Then: !ban User 0 DDos threats | Appeal at: https://www.gatewaygaming.net.au/forums lastly, I would provide a !warn for record-keeping purposes and alert Server Management, (in this case Buck or Pab). - A Commander and Lieutenant are arguing in front of debrief. It is getting quite heated. The context to the argument is unknown to you. What do you do? The first thing I would do is ensure that the situation is not planned by the EM, or in the bounds of RP. A brief 5 second check of both their roles and the conversation taking place would be able to verify that. The goal of the staff is to help the players enhance RP, and I would try to avoid swooping in and ruining that on half-assumptions. If the argument is OOC, then I would take both players away from debrief. Through the use of administrate and !bring. I would remove the offending users from the wider player-bases access, taking them to an isolated location. From there, I would inquire about the situation: “What’s going on guys, and what can I do to help here?”. If I’m able to, I would try and mediate the dispute and leave both parties satisfied, if the situation is out of my area (eg. RHC Matters), I would direct them to resolve this with Snickers and to keep this matter contained for now. If they fail to do this, and continue to argue: !warn Failure to listen to staff would be appropriate, with punishments escalating from there. - A Cadet has been complaining and wandering around because he hasn't been trained yet. He doesn't appear to have any intent to role play. What do you do? Regardless of how a cadet “appears”, they should all be treated with a warm and welcoming attitude. New players are the lifeblood of this community, and their first impression with staff may dictate how they feel about the server and if they decide to stick around. I would first administrate to the cadet room, then !bring User. I would apologise for the wait, and attempt to gather an appropriate trainer, If I’m of the appropriate rank I would train them myself. If a SGT+ is unavailable (eg. Late hours), I would then train them myself as I’ve held various positions and am very much familiar with the process. I would then keep a distant monitor on the cadet, either by sending a !p to the SGT notifying them that if there are any issues to reach out to me, or just by watching distantly through administrate.
  7. Bonus, I get to tell other people to analyse rocks.
  8. <Access Request received> <Verifying Credentials> <Access Granted! Retrieving Data> ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Jedi Archives Notable Artifact Summary Report Contributors: Knight A, Master B, Padawan C. Artifact Title: Example Title. Artifact Description: A brief physical description of the artifact. Highlight any distinctive features that may separate it from others of its type. Eg, a holocron with distinct markings or colouring. Artifact Classification: Colour accordingly. If you are unfamiliar with how the classification system works, refer to this document. Artifact Location: Example Location. Discovery: Give a brief description on how the item was discovered. List original owner if possible. Note if any extraordinary events occurred, (casualties, etc.) during retrieval. Effects/Operation: What does the Artifact do? In a physical or force-based sense. For example, if it influences the behaviour of an individual, how does that effect trigger? How does it influence their behaviour? What are measures that can be used to counteract the item? Provide most detail here. Supplementary Documentation: Example Item 1: Image of Artifact Example Item 2: Related Military Report ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- <Return Request received> <Re-Encrypting Report> <Returning User to Archive Main Page>
  9. For Jedi it is a lot nicer not having overlapping HUD's. However, I think too much has been sacrificed in the name of simplicity: - Please show the XP numbers and your level, the bar is arbitrary and provides little insight. - While I think the distance indicator itself is functional, the microphone icon is unnecessary. Furthermore it overlaps with the indicator on the right screen showing who's speaking thus making it redundant. - Add contrast.
  10. A Battle pass would really enhance the player experience.
  11. It always leads back to the Beast. Ultimate horseshoe theory
  12. +1, animations are always great.
  13. I've only been back for a few weeks, but I've definitely seen your presence on the server a lot. Would like to get to know you better, but the onus is on me as much as it is you. Smol +1 A minor detail, but I would recommend showing ban times, and such in your apps. It's a small detail but it's a great gauge on what your judgement is. Best of luck with it.
  14. Hello Minestorm! I remember this guy, definitely a good fit. +1 I would however, re-read this statement: Good luck.
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