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  1. okay im crying in the club venator rn
  2. So many people are giving back and I'm sure everyone appreciates it. I hope whoever wins enjoys it a lot and are able to gain a bunch of unique server experiences with it. Good luck everyone!
  3. This is just for the meantime, I was going to talk to @Rhino about possibly altering the scoreboard, making it a little wider so we can fit kills AND levels and some other cool stuff. But that won't be for a little.
  4. I think so? I'm pretty sure it still detects whether or not you used an entity to kill something with.
  5. Hey everyone, want to keep this post nice and short. Basically, I would like everyone to vote on what they would prefer the most. 1) See everyone's in-game levels on the scoreboard. 2) See everyone's in-game kills on the scoreboard. Thanks everyone!
  6. Pretty basic examples, If I were you, I would probably attempt to make some more unique PAC3's to ensure you a spot. I'd also recommend spending a little more time in PAC3 so you're able to provide something better than some "poor designs".
  7. The Chosen Candidates Are: Rippa Karma Tacit Jeff Lunar You will be contacted and brought over to the Clan Skirata base to undergo some tests. The people who haven't got in are more than welcome to contact Kal Skirata (@Zia) and try to organize a Clan Skirata try-out.
  8. User has been community banned.
  9. Post locked, applying users will be looked through tomorrow night. Good luck to all applicants.
  10. *** This thread will be locked at 8pm, so if you're interested in joining; write your name down now. ***
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