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  1. Contact me on TeamSpeak about your application.
  2. s8ncaat


    this radiates the cringe fella energy
  3. I always knew that a large number of them caused lag because back in the day we had events where the EM used to give everyone Z6's and the server would die, however, the number must've just crept up. Until further inspection, I didn't think THAT many companies/regiments had them.
  4. Hello, I'm sure a lot of you have noticed your Z6's are missing from your kit, to put it simply; too many regiments/companies had them and they were starting to cause lag during events. Since the Z6 is shooting so quickly and there are so many people shooting them, It's creating so many effects and causing lag (Which is what I've been told). I'll be re-working what companies spawn with Z6's, but for now please be patient. Feel free to ask any questions below. Sorry for any inconveniences.
  5. Thanks for all the events Andy, good luck with your apprenticeship.
  6. Hello Everyone! Going to be detailing some signature rules below, signatures are getting quite silly recently with giant 20+ line signatures with 3 pictures, etc. Maximum number of images in signature: 1 Maximum number of links in signature: 2 (As long as they're a justified link, ie your youtube channel, a twitch, steam profile etc.) Maximum lines of text in signature: 5 Maximum size of images in signature: I'm not going to be restricting this with a specific "pixel x pixel" ratio, I'll just leave it to common sense. Nothing giant or inappropriate obviously. It's possible these rules will change in the future.
  7. Shadow Company was implemented with the intention of being "elite" and housing a new style of playability that no other regiment had to offer ie cloak, snipers, stealth, etc. I can't really justify adding companies to a COMPANY when the intention of the regiment was to be what it is; a small-ish squad with unique weapons and opportunities. What I was asked "is it possible to make any? so like airbourne troopers for infiltration and an elite varient" I probably worded it wrong when saying "should be able to do anything" but the basis is that shadow company should already be able to do infiltration and should already be elite and if they aren't, then that's the CO's problem and they're doing their job wrong. Flying LAAT's and ARC 170's is pilots job, driving AT-RT's and BARC Speeders is ghost company, 91st, and 41st job and doing Navy and CG work is Navy and CG's job... I don't know why you think Shadow Company needs to do any of these roles, they don't accompany the role of stealth at all; flying a LAAT or driving an AT-RT is stealthy at all. I feel like you're trying to compare Shadow Company to something like 7th Sky Corps, everything that Shadow Company has is all it needs an is all that's necessary.
  8. Thanks for the hard work and dedication, will see you at pub sir and strippers LOVE U
  9. Yeah, I don't believe that's a feature anymore ;(
  10. idk why it was disabled, I think we disabled it when we were testing stuff; anyways it's back
  11. it'll just need to formatting edits, since the new forums has messed with it a lil
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