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  1. Hello Russia, To put it plain and simple, i think you need some more time away from the server and community as a whole, your actions when you were playing and through the discord was beyond appalling. While your love for the server is apparent, i truly believe you need some more time to mature and figure some personal things out. The issues surrounding yourself from day one up until the day you were finally community banned have always put our staff team in a uncomfortable/hard place, a reminder for yourself that these people love the server as you do, and have chosen to volunteer their time to help it prosper. I believe that these staff shouldn't have to deal with often messages and prompts of suicide/poor mental health because you have broken our communities rules, assuming these statements are true, i urge you to reach out to your parents and seek some help if this is how you're really feeling, however, if these statements are false, you're putting my staff in a really distressing and difficult position just so you don't face full punishment; which is a really messed up and sad thing to do. The decision for you to be banned was made by Clone Wars management and Executive Staff with your well-being being our first priority, and as stated, i still feel like you need to take more time to think about how you're going to eventually return and seriously apply; grammar and spelling is not the first thing we look for, we look for a sincere apology and ample reasoning to why Senior Staff/Management should allow you to return and unfortunately, this appeal doesn't show the slightest bit of effort or remorse for your past actions. I'm going to be keeping this ban active and i urge you to reach out and speak with your parents about the mental health side of things, however, i do not believe you should be allowed back on the server seeing as the past proves the occurrence of bad actions and behaviour once your ban has expired/you have been allowed back on the server, take some times to think about how you will apologize to the players, staff and management for making their time on the server extremely hard and difficult. Denied You may appeal your ban again in 3 months.
  2. Linguine and Stooge have had a bare knuckle fight in the gateway office car park and have resolved their issues to the topics displayed in this post. do not worry! Gateway gaming is not crumbling!
  3. Hello All, This is our current map rotation for the rest of October: Monday: Imperial Star Destroyer Tuesday: Imperial Star Destroyer Wednesday: Batuu Outpost Thursday: Batuu Outpost Friday: Imperial Star Destroyer Saturday: Batuu Outpost Sunday: Batuu Outpost Feel free to put your map suggestions in our discord in #imperial-suggestions!
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    pab or stingel

    bald men rule the world
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    Townhouse Four

    funny and respectable men
  6. it's almost like i'm not going to pay the entry fee
  7. listen to yourself domino
  8. Just when the Republic needed them most; they vanished
  9. This is a space to discuss Kippy's application, while you can bring up in-game matter as feedback, please ensure this thread doesn't turn into a discussion about other topics.
  10. Resolved Flea has been given two strikes and has no room for future mistakes, for this evidence and will be monitored to ensure nothing like this happens again. Thank you for reporting this.
  11. I’d edit your applications and show some examples, makes it easier for people to see your skill. Good stuff though man.
  12. Instead of attaching workshop links, are you able to show some screenshots and explain in further detail what you’ve done?
  13. Post all your cursed/nostalgic images from gateway below !
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    Welcome to the forums my man
  15. While it might seem pointless to some, Spirit's gone and returned, gotta keep it fair for everybody. +1
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    Bit late, but welcome to the community brother, hope you enjoy your stay
  17. Denied Before reapplying, I'd advise making some more specific work that will be useful to the community, you could include things like; - HUD Concepts - UI Concepts - Campaign Artwork - Loading Screen Concepts etc. - Logos
  18. # ... Entering alias # ... Alias accepted # ... Enter secret # ... Secret enabled # ... Access granted to clone database GENERAL INFORMATION Full Name: Known Alias’/Nicknames: Previous Occupation: Current Occupation: Known Languages: Hobbies: Alignment: PSYCHOLOGICAL INFORMATION Mental State: Mental Disabilities: Likes (optional): Dislikes (optional): PHYSICAL INFORMATION/DISABILITIES Physical State: Age: Weight: Build: Disabilities: RELATIONSHIPS Dead| Death Wish | Hatred || Disliked | Untrusted | Indifferent | Acquaintance | Liked | Friend | Best Friend |
  19. It won't necessarily be the battlefront base; it'll just be a more realistic version like the movies/game like battlefront/fallen order.
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