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  1. s8n

    Mess hall RP?

    @Andy you’re up buddy
  2. Hello all, We've been encountering an issue with people putting their name down for regiments. Management have decided to enforce a new system which requires a player to be 100% whether they want to actually donate for a regiment or not. It defeats players who just get a random though of "oh this would be cool, I'm gonna go write my name down for 814th Regiment Corps". From now on, players will be required to donate for a $20 non-refundable deposit if they're wanting to buy a regiment and will then be put in queue. When your spot in queue has been reached, you will then pay the new $80 base fee of a regiment. We understand this process is different from the past, but it's getting rid of a major problem we're encountering with people writing their name down for regiments. This way, only people who are 100% SERIOUS about getting one, will donate for the deposit. The current queue will be wiped, except for those who have already paid, who will be put at the top of the list. Those who are on the queue and who are serious, feel free to donate for the deposit. If anyone has any questions, feel free to comment and i'll be sure to answer them.
  3. This issue has been resolved, unfortunately it won’t update though. You can redo your application if you really want the formatting.
  4. Negative, we're keeping those ones until they're accepted or denied then that'll be it.
  5. Hello all, Quick little update for the forums and way users apply for staff and PAC3, we're using a system where you're presented with the fields to fill out instead of copying and pasting a template. You can apply for staff, developer, graphics designer and PAC3 through this link. There will most likely be more things added to the applications, such as unban appeals, staff reports etc.
  6. We tested these and are experiencing the same bug thats happening with the current shields, once we get that out the way, it’ll most likely be added.
  7. Some good original ideas here
  8. Would like to see some more images, good stuff tho
  9. personally in the last 4 and a half months i've just been listening to skepta and jme's rythm n gash freestyle on repeat for 9 hours a day
  10. s8n

    Mace Windu's F bomb

    take a seat motherfucker
  11. Something I’ve tried fixing, gonna have another crack at it, I have no idea why it’s broken and I have no idea if it was ever fixed to begin with so I’m super unsure where to even start aha. But will try sort it out tonight hopefully, gonna have another look over
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