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  1. s8n


    What is it? Leave your thoughts.
  2. tastik shares his thoughts about the gamer pen15
  3. The donation store is now live. Link (the donate button on the header of the forums also takes you there (of course) ) The store itself will be more automated soon, will give you the teamspeak donator tag aswell as an in-game donator ulx role. But for now it's set up for normal purchases without those things. There's a support system on the page, if you have any issues or questions about it, make a ticket on it. Things like RC Squads, Regiments, Companies etc will all still need to be discussed with RHC or Executive Staff (as stated on the site).
  4. Whilst i don't really leave +1's or -1's. Dempsey was a good staff member back in the day, would be a bit of an L to not take him on board. Unless he's turned into a filthy minge and hates the server
  5. 501st have Jesse and Fives as well as the normal beta arc slots.
  6. Yes, i'm fairly certain it requires a nav mesh for the droid to work, It's a pain to make a nav mesh for the map too, I know a fair amount of maps are AI noded so hopefully we can use it on that, regardless, it's on the server
  7. real I can just extract the addon and change the model for it so we don't need to sub to another addon just for a repair droid. Will have a look into it tonight If i'm not busy.
  8. The big man has spoken. Accepted upon the agreement above
  9. well though out passive rp that everyone can get behind. Usually it 's just one regiment doing everything and everyone else standing there doing nothing.
  10. Hello all. To simply put it, we have one position available in NULL ARC that we would like to fill, A'den Skirata. For NULL ARC, you must at least reached the rank of Warrant Officer at some point in the server. We want you to be as active as possible and preferably do not currently hold any important role on another character. You must be able to get along with all the current NULL ARC members. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Respond to this post with the following if you're interested. Your Name: Your In-Game Name: Highest Rank Achieved In-game: (Clone Rank) What interests you in A'den Skirata? Why do you want this position? ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- The best applicants will be chosen to undergo a series of tests: Climbswep Jetpack Grapple Hook Breaching Roleplay Good luck to all the candidates. 
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