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  1. some cursed clips potty mouth @Rippa but
  2. Yes, the event server will primarily be used for an event, however, if it comes to it, it can also be used as sort of a secondary server in a way, which is crazy to think about Gateway Gaming | Clone Wars RP | Phase 2 | Events 2 Electric Boogalo
  3. User has been community banned for wasting my time.
  4. ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh the toolgun was a big biiiiitch
  5. Originally the ARC kits didn't have anything except a Westar and duel pistols. Eventually as the skill cap for ARC was increased they were given more things to utilize and train in. The point i was trying to get across in your blue box is that the reason they have the specific equipment is because it's what the traineeship requests off of the trainee's, to be able to train in those specific areas which validates their entry to ARC. If somebody fails a core aspect of the traineeship (grapple, jetpack, climbswep, breaching) they are drastically looked at lower than the people who passed. The westar really isn't that OP that you think it is, the damage has been lowered largely and the only thing that's "OP" about it is the clip size and the alternate modes, again, something that is earned. And at the end of the day, we're all shooting NPC's, if it was a PVP server then of course the weapons would be 1:1 balanced.
  6. ARC's kits reflect on what they're trained in. The traineeship can go anywhere from one month onward and they specifically train in the areas that reflect their kit. ARC's Kit: Grapple Hook - They train to be able to use it Jetpack Access - They train to be able to use it Westar - It's ARC's lore weapon and a nod to the regiment for being exclusive and hard to get into; they get their own weapon. Other specializations; Like other regiments, ARC has sub-roles; whilst there's more, the variety reflects on other battalions sub companies so ARC are able to help train/assist if requested of tasked to. I wouldn't call ARC a favorite of the server considering eyes are on ARC at all times now due to past situations and how some of the members have acted. I've stepped back into an advisory role in ARC to ensure that they're behaving and performing well. I can see how you may think ARC got favoritism from RHC due to both members being in/had been in ARC. Other regiments have been trialed in the past with grapple hooks such as 91st, RC and a 187th Company and it just comes down to the fact that players who aren't correctly trained in it or who go through something like the ARC traineeship, can't be trusted with it. Unfortunately, those people have wrecked it for everyone else and it's stayed exclusive since about 2017-start of 2018 and nobody has really had a problem with it exclusive because people are able to respect and understand that ARC work hard for it plus the rest of their kit. The slots of ARC was something touched on in last nights Commanders meeting, whilst they're a core aspect of the server and i do admit that i disagree that not all of the trainee's should have made it into the recent batch, the 15 slots is for a "what if" we get full, which in current state, it has. ARC are at the disposal of the rest of the server, current and past Commanders seem to forget that they're able to use ARC to benefit their regiment. Nothing is stopping a CO from going to the ARC CO or an Officer and asking for assistance for their regiment, ARC WILL help you if you ask. A thing that was done a long time ago was ARC veered off from working as a regiment and lent themselves out to regiments to train and advise the regiment. As read on the ARC Star Wars Fandom page, ARC got the following; "To achieve the desired results, the Kaminoans did not apply the standard behavior correct and enhanced the primes clone's genetic sample to increase physical prowess" Not only that, but also this image ; I'd like to think ARC are on their way to improvement and that an image change is needed. However, i disagree with the fact that ARC don't deserve their kits and that their kits are too OP, etc. ARC work pretty hard for what they have, whether you have seen that or not is what might sway your opinion. Maybe one of the ARC members could run you through a mock traineeship so you can see how hard it really is? I'll reiterate, ARC needs ALOT of improvement, give them some time and I'm sure it will be fixed.
  7. The server has been hosted on it's own dedicated box forever.
  8. RC Squads would realistically be able to go with any cohort seeing as there is only 4 players and it wouldn't effect the event servers player counts drastically.
  9. Post cool, cursed or nostalgic screenshots you have
  10. We have our own dedicated box, our only public servers are Clone Wars and i guess now the ARK server, but there is plenty of resources for just two Garry's Mod servers. We're able to create as many servers as we want with our dedicated box.
  11. The idea is that players are going to have a better experience in the one-two events they play per day that can ultimately go from 4:30-6:30, 6:30-8:30 or 8:30-4:30 the next day ;). Players will experience longer, better quality and missions/operations more focused on their battalions role. In between events, players are able to host better trainings and have more freedom because there will be less players on the main server that will effect the servers performance.
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