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  1. s8n

    We vibin

    Welcome to the forums
  2. s8n

    Jedi Giveaway #2

    Your Name / Nominated Players Name: Stooge Your in-game Name: Marshal Commander Chains Your Regiment: Unassigned Clone Trooper
  3. Also, the issues has been outlined on the donation store for a couple months so people can be aware of the issue, you will get it back though.
  4. I can clear this up So pretty much, Prometheus (the donation store) was causing issues on the server, since it uses a database between the server and the website, the latency issues that were happening with the database were effecting in-game (causing the server to crash etc). We were looking at swapping the database from US > AUD, unfortunately that hasn't happened yet though, don't wanna throw the big man under the bus, but it's something out of my control (would be fixed by now if i could do it). The issues sits with @Stooge.
  5. I think it would be good having you back on the team, your skills seem to have improved a bunch
  6. you've been in cryostasis since 2017, fare too long a-30 sull ner vod, it's time to wake up
  7. Winners! #1: Broadside #2: Flea #3: Skyline #4: Carn Contact me or @Spirit to receive your in-game slot. Congratulations!
  8. I can assure everyone that the server will largely be improved when it's re-released. Thank you guys in advanced for being patient.
  9. This post will be where updates occur for that sort of thing; we're not 100% sure yet.
  10. The giveaway will be going ahead, but instead we will be doing 4 Jedi. Due to this post; We will be doing an Inquisitor giveaway when the Imperial server comes back up.
  11. Hey guys, Myself and the higher staff of Imperial RP have decided to take the server down for around 3-4 weeks for a maintenance period. We understand the server has been a little slow and not receiving the traction that we expected, we've pinpointed a few issues and are in the works in changing/doing some large changes. We should be back towards the end of the January, we're going to keep you all updated via the forums/discord. As for donations, everyone who donated will be able to keep their donations upon launch. However, if you're an Inquisitor and would like to be transferred to Jedi on the clone wars, we can make that happen, DM myself or @Spirit to sort that out. There will be a wide range of new content for the server and things for people to do between events. Thanks to everyone who made the first few weeks enjoyable, we'll be back soon and hopefully the fun will continue!
  12. Winners being drawn tonight, get your submissions in!
  13. Hey guys, thought I’d give it until the end of the weekend to draw the winner, gives people time to view the post more and get more entries.
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