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  1. 80, same as clone wars
  2. Starkiller will not be on the server, unless myself and the admin team all of a sudden suffer from brain damage and decide to bring him in.
  3. 1. We're starting around the time where the empire started to construct the first Death Star. 2. No, all regiments have unique roles and don't have any companies. 3. Yes, here it is; 4. If they are within a regiment, yes. 5. Stormtroopers will be humans, apart from some selected Vader's fist (will need approval from VF CO) and Purge Battalion, that are the last batch of clones made on Kamino. Hopefully this answers everything
  4. @Aussi is the timeline man,,,
  5. As the title says, i'll be doing my best to answer any questions you all have about the Imperial RP.
  6. ill need ur highrise apartment and ur dads yearly salary
  7. Unfortunately there is no Janitor Corps, but there is SCAR Batalion that do pretty much the same thing laters @Jeff The Māori
  8. It all depends on what we think is suitable to add, it may be smaller or larger depending on what content we see fit and what we feel like the server needs.
  9. We will be looking for staff members for the Imperial server pre-launch. We want a solid staff team with dedicated members for our new server and we hope you guys can express your interest in this role! Link to the Moderator Application Any questions regarding this feel free to contact me!
  10. Gateway Gaming Imperial RP - Server Rules & Guidelines Below will detail the rules of Gateway Gaming’s Imperial RP server. All server terms can be found in the glossary at the appendix of the document. ________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ General Rules Keep in-character and apply a serious roleplay attitude at all times. Follow all in-game guidelines, such as rules set by Shock or IHC. No FailRP (Fail Roleplaying). No RDM (Random Deathmatch). No RDA (Random Arrest). No Minging. No microphone spamming. No racism. No metagaming. No bullying/harassment (This includes, OOC, player-to-player, regimental and staff). No breaking NLR (New Life Rule). No provocative or inappropriate names. Names must not include lore numbers or names unless that lore character has been purchased. No impersonating other players/staff. No spamming OOC / Comms. No advertising on any platforms of the server (In-game, teamspeak, forums, steam group). Do not swap job slots or suicide to get back to bunks. Do not swap job slots, suicide or disconnect to avoid RP / arrest. ________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ In-Game Name Rules You cannot use the name or numbers of a lore character unless you have donated or are currently playing as that lore character. You cannot have inappropriate numbers. (6969, 1420, 4200 etc.) You can not have two words or names mashed into one. Unless your "Lore" Character or specific Role Permits it, for example, Wulf yularen, Navy Co etc. You cannot have numbers under 1000. Such as 0814 or 0001 etc. You cannot have the same name or numbers as a current player. ________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Donation Rules Donations can not be refunded, swapped or exchanged unless with explicit circumstances and discussion with the executive members of the staff team, such situations (an unforeseen issue has appeared with the product, such as a broken model.) All donations must be discussed with a Staff Member prior to donation. The donation rewards will not be granted without the confirmation of a Community Owner/Co-Owner. All character models must be approved by the Executive Team. When donating for a regiment, you will receive the initial rank of Captain. In the case that a donation is applicable to a particular regiment and the donating player is kicked from the regiment, the donation reward is forfeited. (Regimental kicks must be for applicable reasons, and to kick someone out of their donation, a head admin + must approve the validity of the kick) All donations are subject to all regular server rules, donations will in no way grant any form of immunity against punishment and can be retracted if the transgressions have been sufficiently deemed as requiring such. ________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Regiment Rules Upon joining a regiment, you have a 3-day cooldown before you can leave to join another, failure to comply with such will result in a further 1-week regiment ban. A maximum of two tryouts can be held a day, one public tryout and one private tryout. You may only recruit a maximum of three troopers in a public tryout and two in a private tryout. When leaving a regiment, irrespective of rank, you’re demoted to Private. If a Commander leaves their Regiment for a CO position in another, they drop one rank tier. When inheriting a regiment, you will be promoted to Captain, if you are past that threshold you will remain your rank. If you are being removed from a regiment, the CO must provide ample reasoning about the removal. Inactivity for a prolonged period of time [7 Days +] without any formal notice can result in removal. Commanders are expected to keep an up-to-date roster of players within their regiment and are expected to comply with the numerical limit set on their regiment. Commanders are expected to enforce all those above Sergeant + to train cadets on the server. You are expected to show a degree of respect to all Officers by saluting. The full list of Regimental rules and obligations can be located here. ________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Sith Rules Inquisitors must not advance past the main force without a minimum of six stormtroopers accompanying them. This rule is void if there is currently a lightsaber wielding EC in play (Jedi etc.) The use of force abilities on the Stardestroyer/outposts is prohibited unless in training, this rule is voided if in combat or DEFCON is at III or lower. The use of force abilities you have not been trained in is prohibited. Dueling must be confined to the set dueling area of each map and cannot be orchestrated outside of that area. Jumping into the middle of NPC groupings is prohibited, you are required to move with and support the troopers you are with. If you’re not actively deflecting blaster fire, you are required to extinguish your lightsaber as to minimize casualties. More Sith rules are located on the Inquisitor sheet and in the Inquisitor bunks. ________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ PAC3 Rules Any and all creations with the PAC 3 editor must be roleplay appropriate within the Empire Era and within your characters roleplay limitation, this prohibits additions such as: Sith artifacts, such as lightsabers, holocrons or kyber crystals. Illegal modifications, such as excessive robotic implementation (Robotic Torso, head etc.) Armour that resembles the markings of another regiment. PAC 3 cannot be utilized in a way that bypasses the criteria for donation, such as circumventing the need for donating for a custom model, these infractions include but are not limited to the following; Using PAC 3 to replace a majority of your model. Using PAC 3 to imitate the model of a lore character, both clone or Sith. PAC 3 must be used in a fair manner and in no way utilized in a way that provides an unfair advantage over other players such as: Editing the colour or transparency of your entity. Editing the limb scale of your entity. PAC 3 Cannot be used to add additions to your model that would be otherwise restricted by a rank barrier unless they are of such rank, such as: Kamas Pauldrons Range Finders / Visors. Officer Colours Custom animations must not override or conflict with existing animations within the server, such as; Reload Animations Sith Swing Animations. Any animation that changes the damage registration of a blaster or lightsaber. However, idles animations like cross arms, weapon holding and jumping are permitted. Do not use the PAC 3 camera to access areas you cannot visually see or use such information in roleplay. Custom animations must not be used in a combat setting, such as Sith backflipping in a dueling scenario. ________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Donator Weapons Rules Recon Droid Kit: Don't use the Recon Droid Kit during RP times, briefing, roleplay that you're engaged in, to spy on CG etc. Apply common sense. Do not FailRP Do not kill anyone that is using it, as it breaks their game. Do not fly into restricted areas. Tactical Insertion: Do not place it in restricted areas. Do not FailRP (Placing it somewhere and killing yourself to avoid arrest, placing it somewhere before an event starts and spawning on it during the event, etc). Apply common sense Slappers: Do not slap anyone above your in-game rank. Do not slap anyone without ample reasoning. Do not spam slappers. Continuous breaches of these rules will result in either warns, kicks, or bans from the server, followed by removal of them from your kit. NO REFUNDS WILL BE GIVEN. ________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Glossary RDM [Random Death Match]: The act of killing or attempting to kill a player with no roleplay reasoning behind said act. RDA [Random Arrest]: The act of arresting someone without any roleplay reasoning to carry out the act. Fail Roleplay [FailRP]: Breaking the guidelines of roleplay set to your specific character, for instance, Clones are loyal to the Republic and hence do not act in their own interests by committing acts such as treason unless given proper incentive. Minging: Any act that clearly displays a lack of intent to Roleplay, such as repeatedly trespassing to bait Security into a chase. Microphone Spamming [Mic Spamming]: Using a microphone repeatedly to play loud noises, soundboards or yelling. Metagame: Using an out-of-character source to gain information in-character and using such to your advantage, for example, using either the scoreboard or someone’s above-head information to use in roleplay. New Life Rule [NLR]: Dying In Character and either returning to the roleplay situation instantly or using the information you learned before dying to a clear advantage. NLR timer is set a 5 minutes [300 Seconds] before you can return to the active situation, however, the information you learned in a previous life has no timer and must not be used again. Alternate Accounts: Using a separate account to subvert a ban or avoid any form of retribution for actions committed. PAC 3 [Player Appearance Customiser]: A whitelisted tool in which players can edit their model with props, change their entities size or colour. OOC [Out of Character]: A means of communications or actions that are outside roleplay rules and therefore not governed by them but solely by general rules. OOC chat can be accessed by using the prefix /ooc or // in chat. Comms [Communications]: A form of in-roleplay communication that is governed by both General and Roleplay used, can be accessed by using the prefix /comms in chat. DEFCON [Defense Readiness Condition]: A series of incremental roleplay statuses, displayed in the center-top of the screen, ranging from V-I (Five through to One, with One being the worst.) that indicates the status of that areas combat readiness. PK [Permanent Kill]: A roleplay event, usually orchestrated by RHC and CG where a player’s character is killed in roleplay, meaning that the character ceases to exist, often defaulting the individual to Unassigned Private, eliminating their use of that name and numbers associated. Cannot happen to Lore Characters. [Player Kill]: A roleplay event, usually orchestrated by RHC and CG where a player’s character is killed in roleplay, meaning that the character ceases to exist, eliminating their use of that name and numbers associated. (User maintains rank/regiment) ________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Authored by s8ncaat and Ajax Last Updated 4/05/19
  11. Sith Inquisitors will be ran by @Tacit as the Grand Inquisitor, any questions related to Inquisitors should be directed at him. Upon server launch players who currently hold Jedi on our Clone Wars server will have TWO DAYS to transfer to the Imperial Server free of charge, after that it will cost the standard $75 as per Clone Wars. If you decide to transfer, you will be put at the rank of Initiate. Once you have transferred, YOU CANNOT TRANSFER BACK. The only occasions that you will be able to get your Jedi back on the Clone Wars is if you re-donate for it or the Imperial server shuts down. The way Inquisitors will work will be as follows; Darth Sidious - Found of the Inquisitorius Darth Vader - Leader of the Inquisitorius Grand Inquisitor - Director of Inquisitorius High Inquisitor Inquisitor Acolyte Initiate _________________________________________________ Once you have reached the rank of Inquisitor, you will be given the option to branch out into 3 different sub-sections that focus on different force powers. Assassin - Focuses on stealth and burst. Force Abilities: Force Cloak, Shadowstrike, Force Blind, Advanced Cloak, Force Breach. Marauder - Focuses on melee and aggressive attacks. Force Abilities: Saber Barrier, Rage, Adrenaline, Absorb, Force Slow, Energetic Shell. Sorcerer - Focuses on ranged and force specific attacks. Force Abilities: Saber Throw, Force Stasis, Group Pull, Group Push, Force Choke, Attract, Force Lightning. Prophet of the Dark Side - Focuses on force magic and other heavily rp orientated ordeals. Prophets will be getting a wide range of force abilities, this role will only be achievable for the overachievers of Sith Inquisitors. _________________________________________________ Here is a list of ALL force powers that are included on the server for those who are interested. Courtesy of @Ajax for writing this sheet. Link _________________________________________________ Again, please direct all questions about Sith Inquisitors to @Tacit or myself.
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