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  1. Whilst you’ve constructed a good application, my worries lie in past endeavours where you’ve achieved a staff position and left fairly soon after, you’ve never really stuck around as a staff member for a fairly long time. Usually when you get bored of your ingame role, you’ll leave and then soon after leave staff, who’s to say this won’t occur again? There’s multiple people at the moment applying for trial moderator who are stand out applicants, why do you think you you’ll be better given your past track record? best of luck
  2. anakin would have became more powerful than sidious if he never became robot man, that’s why palpatine purposely restricted his suit
  3. Hello all, Myself and @Stooge have decided to do a a giveaway for 2 Jedi slots. This will allow 2 players who currently don't hold a Jedi slot to be able to receive one and play with it's benefits. Giveaway Conditions - Names will be entered into a randomly generated website/wheel. - The wheel or generator will be used/spun two times. - Only enter your name if you either don't have a Jedi slot or the person you're nominating doesn't have a Jedi slot. - Names entered in the comments will only be entered into the generator or wheel once, to keep things fair. - Giveaway will be closed and drawn on 21/09/2020. - If one of the winners is deemed inactive within a short period of obtaining it, the slot will be revoked and opened up to the person who is next in line. Format: Name: Steam Profile Link In-game Name: Why do you want it: Best of luck to everyone who enters!
  4. the lore of null arc is so fucking cool, i wish in the show instead of bad batch it was null
  5. Gateway Gaming | Donation Terms of Service _________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Donations CAN NOT be refunded, swapped or exchanged under any circumstance. Donations are not purchases, you are donating to the server and in return gifted an in-game reward. Donations do not provide any form of protection or exemption from in-character of out-of-character punishments, such as bans or being kicked from a regiment. In the case that a donation is applicable to a particular regiment and the donating player is kicked from the regiment, the donation reward is forfeited. (Regimental kicks must be for applicable reasons, and to kick someone out of their donation, a Senior Admin + must approve the validity of the kick.) Donations may not be carried over to another regiment or for another applicable donatable option unless specific permission from an Executive Staff has been granted. _________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ If these terms of service are broken, you will face being server banned or community banned.
  6. Gateway Gaming Clone Wars RP | Custom Model Info This will inform you on how to correctly donate for a custom model. _________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ When you are first thinking of getting a custom playermodel made for the server, make sure you do the following; Bring a design to executive/management staff. Await approval from executive/management staff. Once approved you may take the approved design to one of our designated model makers. You can reach out to them through our discord by getting the discord tag "Player Model Commissions" or on the forums where you can direct message them. On the model makers completion, before it is uploaded to one of the servers content packs, you will have to donate for the custom model server addition package in our donation store, which can be found here. Once your donation has been finalized, you will receive your model in-game either by a perma-model or by management/executive staff adding a preset for you. If you are getting bulk models added, contact s8n about deals and pricing. _________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ If you don't follow these very simple steps it could result in your model not being added to the server or even you wasting money on a model maker, since they will NOT refund you.
  7. s8n

    🦀 crab

    funniest shit i ever seen on here
  8. welcome to the community boss
  9. whats gonna happen when superman pulls this on vader
  10. welcome to the forums
  11. Hello all, Recently @Linguine and @Aussi have been working hard on pushing out a new weapons update for the server. This update will include things like; - New HD models and sounds - Role specific kits - More clonewars/battlefront focused weapons (no more kotor weapons etc) We’re going to be removing all of our old weapons and adding some new things to the Pointshop ingame. Hope you all enjoy, big thanks to Ling and Aussi. Large server update coming soon btw
  12. solution: don't physgun the map
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