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  1. Disclaimer This thread will contain spoilers for the latest episode of the Disney + original series "The Mandalorian" Chapter 12: The Jedi Share your thoughts on the episode below! Please use the following tags when posting in this thread. [Spoiler] TEXT [/Spoiler]
  2. Imagine not having the self control to just not play that you have to get banned. Hold that L
  3. Have you ever done any Star Wars related work?
  4. over a year later this is still the funniest shit ive ever read bro
  5. curious to see where this episode will fit into the story, hope we get some context next week...
  6. Was a good introduction to the story that’s going to be told throughout the rest of the season, it was obviously just a build up, but they had to do that realistically
  7. this is a chad tutorial, respects
  8. Whilst the playtime factor seems to be an issue, we’re in need of another lua developer pretty badly. I think Relic knows that if he gets the position, a community presence will be required and has even expressed to me that he’s keen to see how things work on Gateway. The decision is up to @Rhinous but I think even Rhino would really appreciate another lua dev to help out.
  9. used to use the mic on the headset but it sucked massive cock so i copped the atr2500x
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