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  1. # ... Entering alias # ... Alias accepted # ... Enter secret # ... Secret enabled # ... Access granted to database GENERAL INFORMATION Full Name: Avensoth von Validus Known Alias’/Nicknames: Avensoth, “Validus” Previous Occupation: Eldest of Senator <Data Expunged> Children Current Occupation: Inquisitorius, Shadow <Data Expunged> Known Languages: Galactic Basic Standard, Binary, Mando'a, High Galactic, Sith Runes Hobbies: Fine arts, Cooking, Murder, Find ways to expand his power Alignment: Chaotic True PSYCHOLOGICAL INFORMATION Mental State: High Functional Insanity Mental Disabilities: High Functionining Borderline Personality Disorder Likes (optional): Cooking, Smiling, Invading people's personal Space, The “picture show”, Liquor, People failing, Electro Swing, Dark Coffee, Post-modern Juke-box, Theater, Singing, Dad Jokes, Any time the stock market crashes, Venison Dislikes (optional): Being interrupted, Being denied a kill, Morallity, Being Touched, Frowning. PHYSICAL INFORMATION/DISABILITIES Physical State: Fit Age: 33 Weight: Lean Build: Slim, tall, lanky, Disabilities: N/A Other notes Written by <Unknwon>: Avensoth deviates from the nature of the dark side users in that he is always smiling and acting politely, he never stops smiling because he believes it showers power and dominance, If a rival where to from, he would see them as week Avensoth is a narcissist, not seeing many people as people if they don't compare to his level, however this does not make him reckless. Despite his powers in the force he is fully aware that there are others that rival him both within and without. For this reason he will take a back foot observing targets first and gauging their power, and being careful around those he cannot guarantee best. This probably comes from his small time with his senator of a father. Avensoth tends to help when asked, only for his own amusement rather than any form of idealism or interpersonal relationship. He hates the concept of cheering on others, but will just to see them fail as there is no better show than the harsh reality of watching someone fail. Avensoth, dispite not being an assassin has shown much interest and seems to have either conviced or manipulated the leader of shadow into being assigned to them. or maybe there is something larger at play I can <this note seems to end without finishing>
  2. # ... Entering alias # ... Alias accepted # ... Enter secret # ... Secret enabled # ... Access granted to Jedi Archives (A quick note is that this was ORIGINALLY made when I was a Master, and now semi-edited for padawan, so some information has been seperated) GENERAL INFORMATION (P.S. Original commisioner of the Chiss Jedi by gonzo and payment for custom moddle back in the day) Full Name: Jlavi'xie'Csapla Known Alias’/Nicknames: Vixie (Her name In Galactic Basic) Previous Occupation: N/A Current Occupation: Padawan Known Languages: Galactic Basic, Binary/Droidspeak, High Galactic, Cheunh, Mando'a (due to running with RC) Hobbies: Tinkering and Invention of all forms of tech, Flying, Using the force to manipulate light Alignment: Chaotic Good PSYCHOLOGICAL INFORMATION Mental State: Jaded yet stable Mental Disabilities: minor personality disorder due to sith rituals Likes: Mental tasks like puzzles, the shade white, Specialised clones, Technology Dislikes: Talking about the loss of her family and her history, irrational hatred of the darkside to the point of inbalence Personality: aggressive yet well thought and reliable, quiet around those she dosnt know PHYSICAL INFORMATION Physical State: Well, no longterm injuries Age: 15 Weight: 55kg Build: Light Disabilities: Extremely mild breathing difficulties, tampered via the force Appearance: White hair red eyes young chiss woman JEDI INFORMATION Rank: Padawan Master (current or previous): Previously Master Geso Currently Knight Ukla Sudime Lightsaber details: A yellow bladed shadow in trainings saber Combat style: Heavily Aggressive BACKSTORY Born into a Chiss noble family, Vixie was unlikely to ever be taken in by the jedi despite her force sensitivity, Yet not everything was as it seems. During the early re-emergence of the chiss empire, her family was one of the first sent out as a diplomatic force, due to the distance their entire noble house was sent on a larger ship, to go out and do diplomatic relations, this unluckily, is what some key factions in the galaxy wanted, and the ship was attacked, and forced to make a emergency landing on a uncivilised world. Vixie was taken from her family from the crash sight by dark side followers, due to her white hair symbolising a mark of greatness and her force sensitivity, they saw her as a sign that they where on the right path to the dark side and saw her as a way to rise to power, and so she was initially trained by them for almost a month before she was rescued by the Jedi, almost immediately after a failed attempt of saving the young girl by her parents, which resulted in their death in front of their own daughters eyes by two, synthetically made, red blades. After being taken back to the temple she was quiet for most of his studies, staying at the back off class, and practically acing all of her padawan tests, with one exception, emotional control, thus she was put under the padawanship of two masters, Master Geso and Master Vampiras, both of which has similar difficulties with emotion during their time growing up, she learnt how to better control her anger, and transform it into power, only during the absolute darkest of times, as well as how to transform it into more constructive means in his day to day life, most of his day she spends modifying his lightsaber, constructing it over and over to not only hone her skills in its construction, but with the force as well. Sadly both masters left, Geso into exile for losing control of himself during a dule with Count Tyranus, and Vampiras Killed by Grievous as they followed Greivous and Gunray while Gunray was leaving Geonosis, being one of three Jedi to die that day by the droid Generals hand. Yet her training towards sentinel continued, her skills proving themselves well up to the clone wars true beginnings. During the early days of the clone wars she was deployed alongside republic commando troopers before starting to drift between front line regiments, she misses working with spec-ops forces and wishes to do it again soon. During her time with special forces of the republic she learned the language of the Mandalorians, advanced her sentinel technological skills, with hacking and splicing, even field repairs, learnt how to control her force powers to act in beneficial ways by quickly repositioning her squads around the battlefield along with herself, saving troopers form extreme falls, and leaning how to be a leader behind enemy lines, a skill she didn't even realise she was training was her stealth, easily guiding her squads through enemy patrols that could not be taken out, much to the surprise of LT. Crow's squad. RELATIONSHIPS Dead- Vixie(Mother) Argarian(Twin Brother) Tarbaw(Father) | Death Wish- Unknown Sith Master | Hatred - Dark side users || Disliked - Trandoshans | Untrusted - Hutts | Indifferent - Mandolorians | Acquaintance - Bounty Hunters | Liked - Jedi | Friend- Falconsflight (Her half Brother) Ricneros(Repuiblic Navy, Uncle) | Best Friend |
  3. Wow no mention of me Anyways yeh... my stance on this has already been stated elsewhere and is know by those who are meant to, Had fun with ya mate, keep in touch. Edit: TFW this is probably going to be deleted with little reason, even pointed out the one rule break in it and it was fixed so theres no reason if it is but ehh Cya in S&Box
  4. Hello, It has come to mine and other EMs attenetion that people are complaining about lower tech and whatnot, I assure you this is more out of lack of tools to do otherwise, so to put it short and simple the remedy to this is quite easy, https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=105920435&searchtext=Model+Manipulator Most EMs use it in single player for some NPCs and whatnot, but some things on the server cannot be duped and keep its new molded, if the tool itself was on the server we could do it on the fly and with things that don't hold the duplicated state. This is mostly with entities but some other acceptations happen where NPCs wont T-pose until they are duped. TL;DR Mod allows a new molded to be slapped over even entities allowing us to make events look even more starwarsy
  5. Hey look actual skill to guns +1 plz gib
  6. AvaryAce


    You are in the same boat as ringo, however with allot less effort into the apology, I am willing to forgive but not forget what you have done as both a jedi and a EM, but ide like to see you show that you want to come back. Minor edit: You have been a good community member in the past, and think you should be let back soon. But not right away when this is your best foot forward.
  7. I see you put effort in and addressed the people you actively stressed out with the situation, I personally accept your apology, and you certainly are putting in the work you should in such a appeal. I forgive but I wont forget. This whole thing caused allot more stress than staff should have to deal with in a game.
  8. The point of the roll system atleast to my understanding is so bad thing scan happen organically without it being guaranteed succeeded (when the players are doing it) Or guaranteed to fail (When the EM is doing it) It adds in the chance factor that reality has, the environmental factors that neither the EM or the player would normally take into account, I was simply giving a solution to a problem that is been around since day one of starwars RP itself
  9. You see thats where my whole "you did it but something unexpected happens" would come in, THAT ROOM I know the one, has gunships in it, 1st one fails, and then the gunships activate and the doors open, not by the player but by the gunships to gun the players down
  10. ***Edit*** Ill start off with something that shouldn't be here form the get go, This is a emotional post as this is a passion. Feel free to correct polity but do be warned that I am passionate about the topic This is something I've been wanting to talk about for a while and I think it has reached the point where if it is not addressed It will be gone for good. Comms RP. The thing that was removed due to a very select few people abusing it. The thing some regiments based their training around. The thing quite a lot of people enjoyed doing in events. And most importantly one of the MOST IMPORTANT TOOLS the Event team had in their arsenal to use in events. Players used it to communicate with the EM team, and to be creative with their role play, now we have reached the point where we walk up to a door and see if we 50/50 the system and open the door. Don't get me wrong I was one of the biggest advocate for /roll and still am but, Well let's get down to it Let's start off with /roll The most recent system put in place for EMs, and mostly unused by them. I personally would love to use this more, in combination with something LIKE comms RP or just comms RP, but there are two problems currently here. 1: the system of rolling the 50/50 every clone regiment should have modifiers for certain things and not others, some things should be easier while others harder. Every situation has environmental factors in real life. So why not in game. 2: even if this point was fixed the EMs cant even see the /roll in the first place so how can they act as a EM and do what happens when they pass or fail, the play should not be the one telling the EM if they passed it should be the EM reacting to it if they did. But the event master team cannot see /rolls so even if the system was fixed for more in depth game mechanics It wouldn't matter anyway 3: this will tie in with Comm RP or a replacement, as stated above every situation should have modifiers. But you should need to roleplay the roll, eg “Making sure to check for security systems” would make it so if there was that environmental modifier they wouldn't trigger it. But! It would take more time to do. But again a similar problem pops up. That EMs cannot see /me PS. I would love to do something where your trained in the thing, you fail the roll, you still succeed but something unexpected happens, eg breaching a door, triggered a automated turret system. Hacking a console, droids have been activated nearby ect Onto the Comms [RP] and in a way [speech] Players side first, a player roleplaying, not only the points seen in the /roll part of the post but also just general roleplaying, assisting people doing /roll, and brining a better standard to the server. Say something that would almost always succeed you could simply do comms [RP] and the EM could tell you to /roll if its required, this as well as helping people in task seen in the /roll could speed up the time the RP would need to go on for. Also speaking from experience, a group of 2-3 people roleplaying in comms actually inspired people to roleplay on the server and get involved with the event storylines if there was any going on at the time lore and custom alike. EM side. I'll go right out the gates here and say, It's impossible to read /me while spawning droids. Its as simple as that, people who do RP have their RP ignored because the EM NEVER sees it Its great for ECs so people know why for example the shield went down and are not confused why the blue glowy thing is gone and why is there now droids being spawned on top of me. Explaining parts of the events, or taking hostages. When it comes to speech. Problems removing global RP and global /rol Removal of EM control over events Removal of player interaction Removal of reasons to RP Removal of player and EM motivation to do/participate in RP centeric events Lack of ways for the EM to improvise without confusing the players Solutions? A chat command allowing EMs to hear all text chat globally Edits to the chat commands already allowing EMs to hear /me and /roll globally Overhaul to the /roll system and encouraging people to roleplay alongside it Add back global /roll and comms [RP] P.S. I was planning on making a huge part of the post about how EMs had no say in the adding and removing of systems that affect EVENTS and how the admins were the ones that dictated it mostly because they simply did not like it, and the fact it didn’t affect them. So I put this at the bottom as to not have the post consumed by it.
  11. To my impression form what i heard seeming I have 3 day weekends when it comes to the server I have been around for these changes yet, but from my understanding You were meant to be allowed to use RP for event related things.... How in gods name am I meant to know if someone blew up my objective if im spawning droids for the 2nd group of people held up in outpost number 759, And im saying this as a generalist statement as a EM not personal statement as EM, How am I meant to know what regiment to keep an eye on if they die or not because they are escorting a high value object such as stolen data.... Like I understand the change but I thought EVENT RELATED RP was allowed... is it not? I thought it was remove irreverent and keep relevant. I thought I'd give my thoughts on the change because I know it aint gonna go well in my events coming up for the reasons stated above. Also #savethenavy
  12. The EXACT REASON why stated in the post
  13. TFW everyone remember EOD but noone remembers ARF
  14. Can confirm that I cannot touch these...
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